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Y’know those creepypasta stories about a strange, underground animated kids TV show that aired at completely random times, where the animation is slightly off, the visuals and audio is really unnerving and all the characters end up dying horribly? 



Made a stand alone post for it cos it’s long and attached to a chain of reblogs and even though nothing Fallout 4 cranks out is polished, I will not stoop to that low. :)

I want to see a trailer for an add on that starts with Kellogg’s voice:,“Did you really think you could get rid of me so easily, popcicle?”

It shows an underground bunker area filled with chimera-type robots. It’s like the Automaton creator went haywire, some gen 1 parts, some Mr Handy, some gen 3. It to look like Sid’s room from Toy Story.

“You can’t imagine the things I have in store for you.”

Add a fancy new revolver. Add a few more traps for the workshop. At this point, fans are excited for more content that’s actually relevant to the main story. Show Sole fiddling with a robot maker. Sneak in a quick peek of what looks like the synth maker in the Institute.

The screen goes black. Kellogg laughs, but it’s distorted. It morphs from Kellogg’s voice to Nick’s. It’s dark and ominous sounding. The audio flickers a bit and turns back into Nick’s real laugh, warm and kind.

“Is there a machine you can’t charm?” He asks the darkness.

Nora laughs seductively and responds: “Not anymore.”

A lighter flicks in the darkness and a cigarette lights up. You assume it’ll be Nick, but see Nora’s red pouty lips, laying across a piano like an old detective novel, with Nick’s tie in her hand. The hand that’s holding the lighter is mechanical, but after a moment, it flickers and turns human.

I want a serious add on that sounds like Tom Clancy Splinter Cell. Desdemona is announcing.

“There is a spy among us.” I want to hear silenced gunfire, I want Nate to garrote someone like it’s fucking Hitman.

“They’ve infiltrated our ranks.” New hairstyles. New costumes. Disguises.

“We’ll need every trick in the book to hunt them down.” Add goofy suction cup shoes that let you walk on walls.

“We can’t afford mercy.” Add a garroting wire as a new weapon.

Show Deacon and Nate in a Lone Wanderer-esque pose. Two silhouettes against the setting sun. Deacon chimes in with, “Well, partner? Let’s get a move on.” He nudges his sunglasses a bit and holds his hand out, beckoning Nate.

I want Nate to hum, amused. He responds, “It’s about time…I’m tired of waiting.” Nate takes Deacon’s hand and holds it, both hands with rings on them.

I want an add on with bot fighting. I want Brotherhood of Steel members to start stealing–or “commandeering”–bots from the field and set up a ring.

Maxson voice over explains, “The Brothers and Sisters need an outlet.” You see a Mr Handy with boxing gloves. It punches out an assaultron.

“A little competition, if you will.” The Automaton bot-maker pops into frame. It shows a ton of more customizing options.

“Being hands on with this technology affords us insight as to how they work.” His voice is testy, as if someone was arguing with him. A gen 1 synth with buzz saws for hands is on top of a sentry bot, trying to carve through the hull. Sparks fly. Soldiers cheer.

“It’s not like they’re people.”

The screen goes black. Suddenly, a spotlight turns on in the ring, and the silhouette of a man is front center, his head facing he floor, shoulders slumped. He’s wearing a battered Brotherhood of Steel cover-all. The soldiers are quiet. Slowly, the man lifts his head. Ex-Paladin Danse stares defiantly at the camera.

Screen goes black once more. You hear Nora’s angry, insubordinate voice respond, “He’s more human than you’ll ever be, Maxson.”

  • Jay Park
  • screw you haters

Specially dedicated to all fcktards who were bashing Jay, sayin’ he can’t rap and ain’t “enough hip hop” to be a judge in SMTM4