Bones is an American rapper who is popular in the underground rap scene. He was born as Elmo Kennedy O'Connor in California.

He’s known for his fast pace in releasing music, and his certain style of music. He’s often compared to Yung Lean, whose music is described it as cloud rap, which includes slower pace/ethereal beats, with sincere and emotional rapping. However, Bones argues he does not make cloud rap, but rather a completely different style that is all his own. Which is why when his music is downloaded, it’s put into a genre labeled “Sesh” (Bones also has a clothing line; TeamSESH).

He gained popularity when he released his tape TeenWitch, the cover of the album is pictured above. The album focuses on the Columbine school shooting, as well as some events that lead to it. He attempts to get inside the brains and understand the psychology of the two teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who killed 13 people, although planned to kill many more, before the two boys took their own lives. It has 17 tracks on it. Although in many songs he is speaking from Dylan’s point of view, and in other songs Eric’s, he also shows a point of view from the victims and the parents, with perspectives from classmates, families, and the public. 

Some song titles include; BombsInTheLunchroom, Klebold, FearTheNobodies, TheCafeteria, and LibrarySuicide.

Lyrics & description of the songs here, and listen to the full album here.