underground printing


Summary: Dean Winchester was used as a DNA print for underground organization Manticore. When the well known hunter is also being hunted by the FBI, Manticore takes matters on their own hands. Sending his own clone, X5 4-9-2 a.k.a Alec McDowell. 

Author: deanwinchester-af

Words: 1.1k

Beta: Wifey @waywardlullabies.

Warnings: None really. 

A/N: This is fic is based on this gifset AU/Crossover SPN x Dark Angel. It was so much fun to write and exciting since it’s something new for me. I love lec and I love Dean, I don’t think there was another better way to mix this great characters together. Feedback is always very appreciated it ♥


People thought Manticore extremely created their transgenics from scratch. Little did they know, the underground facility obtained their DNA basics from everyday human beings. Normally, they would get the DNA from nobody’s, people that won’t get into any trouble or live enough. These types of missions weren’t normal for the organization, and neither was sending the target’s own DNA print. Guess they were feeling poetic.

Alec has always been true to his purpose in this organization. Since a young age, Manticore trains them to become soldiers, soon enough transforming them into deathly beings.

“Have you been briefed on your target X5 4-9-4?”

“Yes, sir. Dean Winchester, 31 from Lawrence, Kansas. He was used as a DNA print for Manticore.”

“Good. You leave tomorrow at first light, don’t make us regret sending you back out there.”

“You will not be disappointed of me, sir.”

Alec’s superior nodded his head once before leaving him alone inside the cell. Manticore wasn’t a the typical place someone would call home. The facilities were something in between a military base and jail. And they were more close to a maxim jail. No one walked out of Manticore unless they were assigned on missions, and even so, they were always place killing ships just below their brains to make sure their transgenics came back.

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