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There’s an amusement park in Transylvania that’s 400 feet below ground. 

Photos: Shutterstock/RossHelen/RaduBerean

Photo: Cristian Bortes

This converted salt mine in Turda, Romania is one of the world’s oldest, having been mentioned as early as 1075.

Photos: Cristian Bortes / Enrico Strocchi

Photos: Cristian Bortes

The man-made cavern is always 54 degrees with 80% humidity, and is relatively free of allergens and bacteria.

Photos: Cristian Bortes

It was a working mine starting in the 17th century until it became a cheese storage facility and a bomb shelter in 1932.

Photo: someone10x

60 years later, it was transformed into a magical underground amusement park.

Photo: Salina Turda

Photo: someone10x

Visitors can go bowling, ride on a Ferris wheel, row around the indoor lake, or play mini golf, ping pong, and basketball.

Photo: someone10x

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Model & makeup: Pollution (official)
Photographer & retouch: Carmilla

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Photo of the Day: Underground Labyrinth 

Photographer note: These carpet patterns on the walls are not manmade, they are created by nature. These are sylvinite mines in the town of Berezniki. It is a huge underground labyrinth, located at a depth of 400m. The sylvinite ore, which is excavated here, is used for production of potassium fertilizers.

Photo by Viktor Lyagushkin (Lyubertsi, Russian Federation); Berezniki, Russia

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