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Research: Work done by Stephen Walter, another artist who work on London Map and also an inspiration because this piece of his work contains so much detail but yet still serve the purpose of able to guide people as the map.

Commissioned for the London Transport Museum’s 2012 Mind the Map exhibition, Stephen Walter’s map depicts the Tube lines, sewers, tunnels, and underground paths that make up London’s underground.

His Greatest Steal (Part 14)

Authors Note: Hey guys! Look what I finally did! It only took 12 cups of coffee, 1 Netflix payment failure, and 2 lovely asks from you guys! Not bad eh?             

Yeah, I’m kidding. It was bad. This took waaaaaaaay too long to finish, and I really struggled with getting back into writing it, even though I love the story and love reading the tags and comments you guys leave. I really really appreciate the following this series got, and thank you for the messages! I did start to feel like giving up on this a few weeks ago, but you guys helped me get back on track. So as a reward, here is part 14! I’m sorry if it’s a bit off, but I tried and the next part will be better. Theres maybe 2 more parts after this? I’ve done most of the last part so I only really have to write one part for it to be finished in writing, and I’m starting that part as soon as I post this one. So assuming I don’t get too lazy with it, you’ll hopefully have the whole thing within the week.

Anyways, time we got back to the story, so here it is! Thanks for reading!!!

You knew where Rafe would be heading, so you didn’t waste any time as you started jogging through the jungle, hoping for to run into Shoreline and steal a car to get you there faster.

Apparently the world didn’t feel sorry for you though as you found no sign of anyone for miles, which was not helping your bad mood.  If Sam led Rafe to the treasure, he’d outlive his usefulness and be dead before you arrived.
Tempting as killing Sam sounded after the stunt he’d pulled, you knew you might forgive him in time… Which would be hard to do if Rafe put a bullet in his skull. So you kept on, trying not to think about the heat and how exhausted you were. You could get some sleep in a room with an AC once you and your friends were safely off the island- You didn’t even care about the treasure anymore.   

Eventually you heard voices ahead and slowed down, trying to control your breathing as you crept closer to the sounds, praying whoever it was had some sort of transportation.

Peering through the trees, you breathed a sigh of relief. There was only two Shoreliners, and they had a jet ski- Even better than a car.

Carefully you clicked the safety off your gun and moved forward, keeping your eyes on the men ahead, ready should one of them notice you. Your caution was unnecessary however, as you managed to sneak up and take both of them out quietly, stealing their radios and throwing their weapons into the water before speeding off on their jetski, heading upstream towards New Devon.

Progress was much faster on water, and for a moment you actually thought you stood a chance of catching up to the others. Naturally, your luck didn’t hold and you only managed a few miles before your progress was impeded by a waterfall. Slowing, you looked for another way round, but upon finding nothing, you sighed and headed for the shore. You were gonna have to climb again…

Looking up at the climb that awaited you, you allowed yourself a second to regret not staying with Nate and Elena. Knowing them, they’d probably found a boat or plane and we’re already in New Devon.

Sighing deeply at the thought, you began your ascent.

It was hard going- your wet shoes slipping around and your sweaty hands making it hard to grip, but you made it half way and stopped to catch your breath, perching on a small outcrop of rock.
From there you could see how far you’d came, and you knew it had to be close now…

Allowing that thought to spur you on, you continued your climb, finally making it to the top in one piece and almost laughing when you saw that you were practically at the front gate.

You weren’t the only one though. Shoreline were there, but there was no sign of Rafe or Sam. The men you saw were probably just a precaution against you and Nate, so staying out of sight, you made the count.

There was far too many for you to take on alone, so you’d have to try and sneak by them undetected.
You were just about to try when your radio buzzed and someone was speaking into it. Nadine.

“All right boys, we’ve found an underground path, and it seems to be leading us back out of the town… I have a feeling I know where it leads, so meet us by that mountain, and search for a ship… Oh and if you see the other Drake or the girl, shoot them on sight.”
She finished talking and you rolled your eyes as you heard the cars starting up behind you.

“Fuck you too, Nadine,” You breathed, switching the radio off and watching them.

As you expected, one Jeep stayed behind to keep and eye out, and you smirked as you realised how easy it was going to be to rescue Sam. Steal the Jeep and drive back to the creepy mountain, hopefully meeting up with the others on the way.

There was only a handful of men left behind so if you took them down quietly, you knew you’d have less problems.

But you were exhausted. Your whole body was aching, and you weren’t sure how much longer you could keep going. These Men were well rested and strong. If you slipped up, you’d be dead before Sam could find the treasure, and then you wouldn’t be able to save his ass. Though if you took too long, you’d have the same problem. So you sighed and did another quick headcount, figuring your odds were as good as they were likely to get, you rolled out of cover and headed for the sole jeep, almost half way there when one of the mercs noticed you. Knowing it was going to get violent, you wasted no more time and started firing in their direction as you sprinted for the jeep.

Bullets flew overhead, but you made it into the jeep in one piece, slamming the car into drive and putting your foot down. More bullets hit the back of the jeep, but then you were out of range and relaxed a little, not slowing down as you hoped to catch up to the others and take some of them out, or at least know what they were going to do. They wouldn’t be looking for you in a Shoreline jeep, so you’d likely not have any problems, so long as no one looked too closely at you.

That’s how it worked in your head at least. But you’d forgotten about the radio. They probably knew you were on your way before you were out of shooting range, which was how you never saw the ambush coming, the RPG blowing you off the side of the cliff before you even saw the other jeep.

You managed a short scream before your head hit the windscreen and the world went black.

Her face. God the way she’d looked at me… I fucked up. God I fucked up so bad…
It was hard to concentrate on anything he was supposed to be doing, as his head was filled with you. The way you’d looked at him… It was what he deserved, and he knew that. But that didn’t make him feel any better. Especially when you’d only just began to look at him in the same way as you had before, and some of your light had returned. But what had he expected? That you’d find out about his lie and just accept it? No. He knew the fairytale would come to an end. Maybe for real this time.

Sam was so preoccupied with thoughts of you that he almost forgot where he was walking. Until Rafe grabbed the back of his shirt that was, pulling him back to himself, and away from the switch he’d almost stood on.

Yanking himself free, he shot Rafe a dirty look and walked on, stepping over the floor switch. Amused, Rafe chuckled.

“Still angry, Samuel? Don’t you think that’s a little childish? After all, you were the one who betrayed me. And after everything I did for you too.”

Sam ignored him and kept going. They’d been walking through the dark for a while, and the whole time, Sam had been worried about you and Nate. Had you survived the fall? Was Nate ok? Where would you go?

He knew Shoreline were looking for you. Rafe wanted to take you alive, but Nadine did not, and after the trouble the three of you had caused them, Rafe agreed.

Still, he found some comfort knowing that you and Nate were together. His little brother would look out for you and keep a cool head, so you’d be fine as long as you stayed with him.

And maybe if you all made it off the island alive, you might find a way to forgive him… Maybe.

But first, he had to get away from his captors… There was plenty of traps, but it wasn’t worth the risk until he knew the way out.

He was just about to call back to Rafe when he heard a radio come to life and someone speak into it, sounding smug.
“We located the girl, Ma'am. She stole one of our jeeps after taking some of our men out…”
Sam whirled around, grinning at the thought, and the look of mild annoyance on Rafe and Nadines faces.

“And..?” Nadine pressed, looking ready to throttle the nearest bystander at the news. Sam was just about to make a comment when the voice came through again.

“Dead,” he confirmed. “We shot her off a cliff and she went over the waterfall in the car. No possible way she survived.”
Sam felt like he’d had a hole punched through his chest as he heard what they said over the radio. Y/N was… Dead?
As the words hit him, he staggered forward slightly, his hands braced on his knees as he tried to remember how to breathe.

“Y/N,” he gasped, unable to think of anything else. “Shit, Y/N. Y/N, Y/N…” He trailed off as a fresh wave of grief hit him and he went down, no longer caring about any switches he might activate. He didn’t care about who saw him either as tears trickled from his eyes and his head fell forward, between his knees.
It’s my fault. Y/N, it was all my fault. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. He thought as he sat there, numb to the world around him, and content to stay that way. Rafe had other ideas though and clicked at two mercs who hauled Sam to his feet, holding him there while Rafe approached.

Still Sam couldn’t bring himself to care, staring at the ground, seeing nothing but you. Panicking as he realised how few memories he had of you. He’d been gone for so long, and now you’d never get to make up for the lost time. You were gone, and never coming back.

The devastation on Sam’s face even had Rafe hesitating for a moment, truely understanding what he’d come to realise over the last two years. Sam had loved you. It was more than just flirting, and a bit of a chase. He was well and truely in love with you, and your death was going to break him.

But Rafe couldn’t have that. A broken Samuel was of no use to him, so he’d have to fix him, and quickly, the only way he knew would work. He had to make him angry.

Gesturing for the two men to let Sam go, Rafe stepped closer, his usual smirk in place as he approached, ignoring Sam’s faint mumbling.

“You really did love her… Didn’t you?”  He drawled, tapping his fingers on his leg as he looked down at where Sam was slumped on his knees, nothing of the cocky Drake he’d come to know. He’d need to work hard to get him back. “I can see the appeal. I truly can. That girl was a heart breaker. She broke my heart, and she broke yours… Are you really sure you want to be wasting your tears on that kind of girl? I mean, is she really worth it all?”

He knew he’d caught Sam’s attention now as he’d stopped mumbling, so he’d only have to press a little harder to find Sam again. Maybe time to change tactics a little.

“Though I guess you wouldn’t even know… It’s sad really. You’ve known her since you were kids, and yet you never told her how you felt? It’s pathetic! But do you want to know something? While you were rotting in prison, I was with Y/N. It was me who took her out and bought her nice things. I was the one who told her that I loved her. And at the end of the day, she’d come back to my bed, and believe me when I say, it wasn’t your name on her lips. All because you didn’t sack up then. So how about you stop being so pathetic, accept that you never were and never will be good enough for her, and help me find the damn treasure…”

Something had sparked a reaction as Sam went completely still for a moment before raising his head and slowly getting to his feet. Rafe smirked and clapped once as he took a step back. “There we go, Samuel! On your feet. Now let’s go find so-”

Sam’s fist making contact with his jaw shut him up, and took him by surprise enough that he went stumbling backwards into Nadine, giving Sam the opportunity to run, which he did, without hesitation. The others chased him, but he had the element of surprise, and had seen things they hadn’t known to look for, avoiding the traps they so clumsily ran into. Explosions and gunfire sounded behind him, but he just kept running, seeing the end of the tunnel ahead and knew he’d have a better chance of escaping if he could get out of there fast enough.

The pain in his chest was almost crippling, but he knew if you were there you’d be mad at him if he gave up, so he pushed on, launching his body out of the cave as more gunfire sounded and the wall beside his head got peppered with bullets. Swearing, he covered his head and kept running, hearing more gunfire outside, somewhere to his left.

It took him longer than it should have to realise that they weren’t all firing at him, but he didn’t have time to stop and look, so hit the beach running, seeing that he was surrounded. The grief made him somewhat reckless, so when he saw the armed man ahead of him, he barely hesitated before tackling him to the ground, knocking him out quickly and stealing his weapon.

Now that he was armed, the others weren’t as willing to come so close, so he took cover in a ship and regained his breath, finally risking a look at where the other gunfire was coming from. He saw Nate jump down onto another ship, tackling a guy from the air. He was just about to go offer his aid when he saw the woman jump down first. For a moment his heart stopped and he was filled with hope that Rafe had somehow been lying and he’d been set up. But then he got a good look at the woman and felt his heart shatter all over again. It wasn’t you. It was Elena. You truly were gone.

He felt like he was having a panic attack as the realisation hit him all over again and he gasped for breath, feeling like his own body was betraying him, not allowing enough air into his lungs while his heart rate increased enough that it was all he could hear over the rushing sound in his ears. He knew he had to move though, or he really wouldn’t be breathing when Shoreline caught up, so he ran and jumped for a rope ladder hanging from the ledge ahead of him, hauling himself up and pulling the ladder up after him. There was no men behind him, just the few between him and the others, so he took up position and tried to steady his breathing before standing and taking out any others.

Nate and Elena had spotted him and made their way to his position, just reaching him when the ship was suddenly blown up and the three of them went crashing into a lower level. Sam was too numb to know if he was hurt or not, but he was still alive and so were the others, so he grabbed them and pulled them with him as they sprinted for cover.

He thought they might have made it, but then Nate was flying backwards into the water, trapped in a sinking ship.

“NATE!” He and Elena yelled together, both twitching forward as they debated jumping in after him. Upon seeing how fast the ship was sinking, Sam grabbed Elena’s wrist and pulled her back. “He’s going to be fine. He’ll get out of it, but we need to get out of here too…”

Elena’s face clearly showed her hatred of leaving Nate behind, but she’d been on enough adventures with her husband to know that Sam was probably right about him. So she went without a fight.

The two of them fought through the remainder of the Shoreline mercs, hearing an explosion ahead and running towards it, knowing that was the easiest way to find Nate. As they got closer, Sam heard the sound of his brother talking to Sully, and slowed down, leaving Elena run ahead. Now that the fighting was over, he had time to think about things he’d rather not. Not only that, but when he saw the others, he’d have to break the news to them about you. He’d have to say it aloud, and for some reason that made it more real to him.

Still, he knew even if he didn’t tell them, they’d just ask about you, or go to find you, so he clenched his shaking hands into fists and rounded the pillar, seeing the three of them look up at him. Before Sam could even say anything, Nate knew something was wrong, and automatically reached for his gun.

“Sam?.. What is it?” He asked cautiously, looking around for any danger.

For some reason that was funny to the elder Drake and he chuckled without humour, waving his brother off. “It’s not that… It’s…” He didn’t know what to say. How could he tell his baby brother that you were gone? How could he make him feel the same as he did? It wasn’t fair. Nate watched him struggle with words for a moment before Sam finally gasped one word through his pain. “Y/N.”

A flicker of relief went across Nate’s face as he misread Sam’s pain as worry, and he shook his head. “She split off from us and came to find you. She’s fine-”

Unable to hear the words that he knew weren’t true, Sam grabbed his head and shouted. “No!” Cutting his brother off, mid sentence.

Nate frowned, looking confused, but Elena knew and her hand went to her mouth as her eyes went wide. “Oh god,” she whispered, tears gathering in her eyes.

Nate turned to her, confusedly looking between his wife and his brother while Sully also figured it out, staying silent as he worked through his emotions alone. “Lena? What are you… Sam, what’s going on-” He stopped as he finally understood what he was trying to deny. “No. NO! She’s fine… She went to look for you, she’s not- No,” he babbled, shaking his head as he struggled to process what he found out.

Sam felt his heart break all over again, but he was unable to offer any words of comfort to his brother as he watched his denial turn to anger as he turned and kicked a crate behind him, hard enough that it shattered into the wall and took some of the bricks out with it. Then he yelled as he fell to his knees, the brief fight leaving him as Elena rushed to comfort him, wrapping her arms around his shoulder as he found his own words. “It was my fault. I got her back into this… It’s all my fault…”

Sam watched his brother in silence, aware that Y/N’s death had nothing to do with Nate at all. All the blame lay with himself. Himself and Shoreline…. And someone had to pay.

A new calm settled over the elder Drake brother as he realised exactly what he was going to do. You’d been taken from him by the same sonsofbitches that had been hunting him and his family for months. But he was done being hunted now.

He’d take the fight to them.

He looked up at the monstrous mountain behind him and knew exactly where he’d find not only the treasure, but Nadine and Rafe too. In that instant his mind was made up, even if it meant the end of him too. He was going into that mountain to take them down… Every last one of them.

Finally! I present to you:
My Undertale AU test page :’)
(It doesn’t have a name yet, so if you have any ideas, tell me!)

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Fisk Jubilee Singers

The Fisk Jubilee Singers are an African-American a cappella ensemble, consisting of students at Fisk University. The first group was organized in 1871 to tour and raise funds for college. Their early repertoire consisted mostly of traditional spirituals, but included some Stephen Foster songs. The original group toured along the Underground Railroad path in the United States, as well as performing in England and Europe. Later nineteenth-century groups also toured in Europe.

In 2002 the Library of Congress honored their 1909 recording of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” by adding it in the United States National Recording Registry. In 2008 they were awarded a National Medal of Arts.


anonymous asked:

I hope this makes it in time! Have each of the Straw Hat crew fall for a S/O who is a villain and a total tsundere!

(Sorry if I messed this up…It’s long as well and there’s some cursing. [Maybe? It took like 3 days because of writer’s block])

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Post-Thor 2 Headcanon part 2

Thor walks the streets of London. He learns to use the Underground, he strolls the paths through Regent’s Park and walks the Strand and the walkways along the edge of Thames. He rides the London Eye and learns the lay of the land of this new city. Jane and Darcy accompany him sometimes. Jane is often busy with her work at the University of London, where she is a guest lecturer, and Thor takes great pleasure in joining her on campus, listening to her lessons and talking with her students.

But Thor is a prince and a warrior and he is unused to being idle. He knows he has much to learn about Midgard, it’s history, and it’s cultures. Jane’s mother works at the London Library and takes Thor with her. She shows him the rooms full of books of history and science and culture and Thor’s heart aches with the memory of his brother. Loki, with his insatiable desire for knowledge, would have loved this place. Thor, never one to hesitate, dives into the stacks on a mission to learn.

One day he overhears the chidlren’s librarians talking. They are looking for someone to read stories to the younger children and Thor, intrigued and remembering fondly Volstagg and Gudrun’s brood of hellions, offers his assistance.

After the first few weeks the children’s librarian stops suggesting books for Thor to read because he never sticks to them. The children don’t mind in the least and the reading hour becomes insanely popular, even with the older children. Thor, everyone says, tells the best stories. His stories, related in his deep, resonating tone, are sweeping epics of great battles fought against evil hordes. He tells them stories about the valiant Lady Sif, grim Hogun, dashing Fandral, and kindly Volstagg. Some days he even tells them tales of clever Loki’s mischief.

Many of the children in his audience are immigrants, and the children of immigrants. Many of them are learning English, slowly and arduously, and when they sit down to story hour they are sullen and resentful, expecting to be left in the dark because they don’t understand what is being said. Then imagine their shocked delight when the big, blonde man begins to speak and they understand. The stories come to their ears in the language they know best and they realize it must be magic. Their parents, standing in the back of the room, hear it to and exchange looks of wonder. They keep it to themselves, that the man named Thor can speak and be understood by everyone who hears him.

No one saw. Definitely not. Every hastened step crunches twigs or leaves under Kara’s feet, and somewhere along the line, she stops and lets the bag that was slung over her shoulder fall unceremoniously to the grass. What is there to run from? No one is giving chase. Then why doesn’t it feel safe?

    Because something bad happened. Frustration wells up inside Kara once again, and she lets it out the only way she knows how, leaving the loose bark of a nearby tree cracked under her knuckles.

    She’s never been the most social person in Andalusst, but that doesn’t excuse the guilt and the feelings it brings. The tree suffers another blow, then another. Her hands begin to ache, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Her arm rears back for another blow, intent on splintering the whole tree in half, even if she’s not capable of that. However, an oddly soft grip on Kara’s wrist gives her pause and makes her heart jump. Both feelings she’s not used to.

    “You’ll bleed if you keep doing that,” a smooth, calming voice emanates from behind Kara, “and I’m sure the tree isn’t too happy with it either.”

    Conflicted emotions well up inside Kara as she stands paused, breathing heavily. Is everyone out to control her? No… not Robin. He’s not like that. The dullness of freshly-inflicted pain begins to subside, and Kara winces at the sting in her knuckles that seems to pulse with her heartbeat.

    In the mild daylight, it’s hard not to make out Robin’s appearance. That dark blue cloak that purposefully obscure his upper body, the hood that masks his face when its horizontal zipper is closed, and those blood red eyes, calm and caring despite their aggressive color, that each vibrantly show through the holes in the hood. His pointed fingers stay wrapped gently around Kara’s aching hand, allowing it to slip free whenever she wishes.

    Yet, she remains in his grasp for several moments as she stares forward at the scars she left on the tree. She stands straight, and yet it feels as though there are ten tons of weight on her shoulders. It brings with it an odd sensation. Uncontrollable fear and uncertainty.

    “Robin…” Kara begins, noticing the unusual cracking of her own voice. Something she’d never, ever allow anyone else to hear. “… I did something terrible.”

    The moments of silence that follow speak volumes. Robin’s usual good humor about things isn’t there to comfort Kara, only silence. Yet, he never lets go of her hand. It isn’t an awkward or disappointed silence. He’s listening.

    “… I turned that thing on. The statue. Then it went crazy and started breaking things and trying to kill everybody. I didn’t know it would do that though, I swear..!” In her confession, Kara begins to lose her composure, though she doesn’t allow herself to cry. Never.

    “Why?” Robin asks, very simply and without emotion. He doesn’t dare to interrupt Kara with opinions, cheap anecdotes, or some sort of scolding. It’s her time to speak. That’s what’s always good about him, something few others are ever patient enough to do.

    His question seems to echo. Why? “Because…” Kara thinks aloud, “… because I got myself caught up in something I can’t control. Because sometimes bad people get away with things.”

    “Are you a bad person?” Robin asks once more, his tone as unchanging as his grip. Still gentle.

    The question is like a spear to the heart. Kara glances down at the verdant floor beneath her. In an earlier, simpler time, the answer to that question was easily “No.” Now… there’s hesitation. What is the right answer to that question if one can’t just say no?

    “I don’t know…” Kara admits. It isn’t a defeated admission, though. A fire lights in her eyes, and her raised fist clenches with determination in Robin’s hand. “But I know a bad person who’s going to get what’s coming to him eventually, if it’s the last thing I do.”

    The two stand in silence. Kara’s hand slips from Robin’s, calmed and no longer poised to strike. He’d done what he always does and gave her what nobody else seems capable of: someone to talk to just to settle down when things seem at their worst. Kara turns to face him. His mask conceals whatever he must be feeling, but he stares right back at her.

    “What will you do now?” Robin asks, very simply.

    No one needs to be involved any more than necessary. That’s how the whole ordeal has been so far. Yet, how well has it really worked out? The city is marred by the destructive path of the golem, and who knows what Reuben is planning after that. Maybe it is necessary, after all.

    “… I need your help.” Kara turns to Robin, no longer shaken and loathing. He’s always been there for everyone in the guild. There’s no one more fitting. “I’ll tell you everything, but it’s just between us. Don’t involve anyone else, especially not the old man.”


    “Attention: An entrance to the dungeon exists seven miles north of your city’s outskirts.”

    The recitation by the Guardian startles everyone around it with its suddenness. Chell is the first to move in with interest, having been studying the creature for hours on end already. “Is this regarding the dungeon that leads to the desert city you mentioned?”

    “Affirmative.” The Guardian doesn’t even beep or flash its lights, appearing more certain than ever. “The underground path leads under your city and then curves directly toward the desert. Assessment of peril: unknown.”

    “So it could be real dangerous, huh?” Luke joins in, sounding somewhat groggy. It would appear that he had fallen asleep waiting for some sort of development.

    “This is extremely important. We could open up an avenue for travel,” Chell thinks aloud. “Every guild must know of this. We must call out to our new recruits, perhaps even open further recruitment.”

    “Right… uh, then the Hunters gotta know about this too, right?” Luke asks, puzzled. The Hunters have been so oddly detached during this whole deal, like they have something more important to do.

    The Guardian seems unfazed by the lack of full attendance and continues on, “The entrance lies within an ancient, hollowed tree stump. It makes little secret of itself, but it is secluded within a forest of many similar trees blocking it from view.”

    “Then we must search for it at once,” Chell muses. “When we find it, we’ll do everything in our power to navigate to the end of the dungeon.”

    “Sounds fun to me!” Luke hops to his feet and rubs his hands together excitedly. Sometimes, he seems a little too eager. “I’ll go round up the little fishslinger and the rest of our new buddies. I’ll guess the Hunters will figure it out eventually.”

    A dungeon that weaves directly under Andalusst. It’s almost a little unsettling to think that it was there all this time and no one discovered it. There are so many secrets to the world that are hidden not just by the fog, but by lack of knowledge. Perhaps this is another step in the ongoing attempts to learn and know.

    “Guess it’s up to me to make sure it’s all fair here…” a figure whispers to himself as he listens in on it all, blending in with the general public. The jagged-striped Furret, having heard all he needs to hear, turns and walks away from the scene. His ears are all he needs to navigate through the others around him, and he understands his facing well enough to know exactly where he’s going. The Hunters won’t be left out of this discovery.


Illustrated by Sundance, story by Riiko/Luvaci

First part << http://pmdunity.tumblr.com/post/87098807132/from-the-tall-maroon-colored-door-sounds-only-a

Undertale/AU Random Headcanons


So, I’ve been floating around the Undertale tag for a while, checking out all of the cool AUs, and I came up with some headcanons that I’d like to share. In particular, I’ve written about regular Undertale, that one AU where all of the monsters are benders (Avatar), and Underfell.

Normally, I don’t really do stuff like this, but I just posted a 6-part Lesson on Storytelling and a musical piece that I’ve been working on for a month, so I deserve a break, right?



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