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HELLO FRIends, my Sunday started at 4.30am with a huge electrical storm and thunder so loud it made the windows rattle and rain so heavy the drainage couldn’t cope and it flooded back up through my entire flat bringing its friends Dirt and Smell with it, we mopped for hours in ankle-deep water and everything at floor height is wet, even the kids’ bedding got wet and it’s still raining so I can’t dry anything and we’ve just given up and are watching Netflix & eating chocolate cake at 11am, how’s YOUR day going?


Underground Carpark by Roberto Braam
Via Flickr:
Multi-storey car park Ossemarkt-Groningen, The Netherlands.

“Go Back!” (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: The one where the reader gets hurt in the big fight scene and Bucky has to leave her behind. 

Warning/s: A bit of swearing and contains Civil War spoilers.

After recruiting Scott Lang in the underground parking lot, Steve had told everyone to suit up. (Y/N) grabbed her guns and knives from the blue vintage vehicle she, Steve, Bucky, and Sam used. As she was reloading her weapons, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked over her shoulder and saw Bucky standing there. 

“Hey.” He said. 


(Y/N) placed her guns on the holsters tied around her waist and knives in her pockets. She tied her hair up in a ponytail as she turned to face him. "What is it?” she asked. 

“I - uh….” Bucky shook his head and cleared his throat. “You sure you’re ready for this?” he asked. 

(Y/N) nodded her head. “Yeah. I’ve been doing things like this all my life. Well, this is a new experience for me since it’s Avenger versus Avenger but, what else is new?” she said, chuckling. 

Bucky chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair. “Yeah, well, I just never thought you’d be the type to, you know, do stuff like this.” he said.

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow and an amused smirk came upon her features. She tilted her head to the side. “Well, what type do you want me to be?” she asked, looking at him innocently. 

Bucky stared at her with wide eyes and opened his mouth to speak but he was cut off by Clint’s voice. 

“Hey you two, you can flirt later when we get to our main destination.” He called out, exchanging smirks with everyone except Scott (who looked confused at everything). 

(Y/N) saw Bucky’s cheeks turn slightly pink. She chuckled and shook her head. She patted his shoulder before joining the others. 

When they arrived in the airport, Steve ordered everyone to stay hidden at first. He knew that Tony is here. (Y/N) stayed with Clint and Wanda, Bucky and Sam were in the building, Steve was down there talking to Tony. 

“We found it.” Sam said through the earpiece. “A quinjet in Hangar Five. North Runway.”

(Y/N) glanced at Clint and nodded. He aimed and shot his arrow right through the web that stuck Steve’s wrists together. 

“Come on.” Clint said as the three of them stood up and ran to the exit. When they got to the exit, they saw the others caught up in a fight. 

Suddenly, explosions came from their right side and blocked their way. Clint, Wanda, and (Y/N) stopped and watched as Tony flew and hovered in front of them. 

“Wanda, I think you hurt Vision’s feelings.” Tony said to the Maximoff. 

“You locked me in my room.” She told him. 

“Okay first, that seems to be an exaggeration. Second, I did it to protect you.” He explained. Wanda tilted her head to the side as a response. 

Tony looked at Clint. “Hey Clint.” he greeted. 

“Hey man." 

"Clearly retirement doesn’t suit you. You tired shooting golf?" 

"Well I played 18. Shot 18. Just can’t seem to miss.” Clint said before shooting Tony. 

(Y/N) glanced at the building where Sam and Bucky are. “Hey, I’m going to help Sam and Buck. Wanda has this one handled.” she said and gave her friend a nod. “See you two later. And Tony?” she called out. 


"Karaoke night is still on, right?" 

Tony made a sound of amusement. "It depends whether this fight is going to end well or not.” he said. 

(Y/N) smirked and ran to the building where Sam and Bucky are. When she got there, she saw the place a mess. She ran towards the railings and saw Sam and Bucky on the ground with webs on their bodies. 

“Woah fellas,” she said as she jumped down. “What happened here?" 

Sam and Bucky both exchanged looks before sighing. "Just get us out of here, please.” Sam said and gestured to the webs. 

When she freed them, an explosion came from outside. She glanced at the window and wolf-whistled. “Damn.” she muttered watching as Steve and Scott run from the scene. 

“Come on, let’s go.” Bucky said as he gently squeezed her arm. The three of them exited the building and saw Steve, Scott, Wanda, and Clint running to the hangar and joined them. As the neared the hangar, they stopped when someone had drawn a line in front of them. 

“Captain Rogers,” the Vision said, making them all look up at him. “I know you believe what you’re doing is right. But for the collective bullet, you must surrender now." 

Tony, Nat, T'Challa, Rhodey, and the guy wearing a red suit with a spider logo on it joined the Vision’s side, standing across the other team’s way. 

"What do we do, Cap?" 

Steve looked at all of them, "We fight.”

“This isn’t going to end well.” Nat muttered as both teams charged towards each other. 

As the teams collided, the fight began. Wanda and the guy with the red suit, Nat and (Y/N), Steve and Tony, Bucky and T'Challa, Rhodey and Sam, Vision and Clint. 

(Y/N) twisted and kicked and punched while Nat countered back. After some time, (Y/N) had the upperhand and tackled Nat on the ground. 

“Hey,” Nat said. “We’re still friends, right? Girls’ night-out is still on?" 

(Y/N) chuckled and nodded. "Yes, of course.” she said. 

The fight continued for a long time. Clint had helped (Y/N) push Nat off her and dealt with the red-head. “Thanks, Clint.” (Y/N) said and patted his shoulder. 

(Y/N) saw T'Challa and Bucky fighting. The Black Panther had kicked him hard, making him slam to one of the airport cargoes. 

“Bucky!” She yelled before charging towards the panther and swung and kicked him hard away from the ex-soldier. She ran towards Bucky and knelt beside him. 

“You okay?” she said as she helped him up. 

Bucky grunted. “Peachy." 

Steve and the guy with the red suit fought, Sam and Tony flew above while fighting. 

"Hey Clint, could you get him off me?” Sam said. 

Clint smirked and aimed the arrow with Scott on it. “Buckled in?” he asked. 

“Yeah, no, I’m good. I’m good, Arrow guy. Let’s go. Let’s go!” Scott said, before Clint released the arrow. 

Punches and kicks and tackles were thrown during the fight. (Y/N) knew there are going to be bruises all over her but she didn’t care about that now. 

“Go, Buck.” she said to Bucky. He nodded and joined Steve. Sam, Clint, Steve, and Bucky all discussed the plan while the other two distracted the others. 

“I got something kind of big.” Scott said through the earpiece. “But I can’t hold it very long. On my signal, run like hell. And if I tear myself in half, don’t come back.”

Bucky looked at Steve in disbelief. “He’s gonna tear himself in half?" 

"You sure about this, Scott?" 

"I do it all the time. I mean, once. In a lab. But I passed out.”

Everything was quiet for a while when suddenly, a giant figure had appeared out of nowhere. All of them stared upon, gaping at the sight. It was Scott. And he’s big. 

(Y/N) wolf-whistled and chuckled. “That is awesome!” she cheered. 

“Holy shit!" 


“Way to go, Tic Tac!" 

"Give me back my Rhodey.”

Tony, Rhodey, the guy with the red suit, T'Challa, and Vision tried to take down the giant Scott Lang. Sam, Clint, and (Y/N) came to help the Ant-Man. Clint shot arrows to slow down the Black Panther, (Y/N) tried to shoot down Rhodey and the guy with the red suit, while Sam flew around to help Scott.

“Jeez Scott, be careful.” (Y/N) said as she dodged the explosion that came beside her.

“Sorry.” he said. “Something just flew in me!”

The guy with the red suit shot webs to Scott and swung around him, using the webs as a rope to restrain the Ant-Man. Tony and Rhodey flew around to help him. They both punched Scott on the head, making him fall down on the ground. 

“Yes! That was awesome! Oomf!” The guy said and had accidentally bumped onto Scott’s hand, making him fly towards the ground, and bumping against (Y/N) who was coming to Scott’s aid. Due to the large impact, she flew towards the cargoes and slammed her back against it. 

She grunted and breathed heavily, opening her eyes. She watched as Scott drop down on the ground and Tony and Rhodey flying away. 

“Oh shit!” someone said beside her. It was the guy with the red suit. He jogged towards her and knelt down. He grabbed her hands and lifted it up slightly. At first she was confused as to why he was acting like this but when she glanced down, she knew the answer. 

There was a sharp object in one of the cargoes and when she was thrown against it, she got impaled at the side of her stomach. She sighed and leaned her head back on the boxes, grimacing as she now felt the stinging pain. 

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” The guy said. She raised an eyebrow when she realized that this guy had a young and boyish voice. “I’m gonna get you out of here, alright? Shit." 

Tony flew down behind them. "Kid, you alright? - Oh jeez, (Y/N)! What happened?” he said and knelt down beside her.

“It’s my fault, Mr. Stark. I’m so sorry.” The guy apologized. 

(Y/N) waved them both off. “It’s fine.” she croaked out, grimacing. “I just impaled myself. No biggie.” she said, sarcastically. 

Tony held her arm. “Come on, let’s get you out of here.” he said as he tried to pull her up. (Y/N) screamed in pain. “Okay, maybe not yet." 

(Y/N) breathed in and out, heavily. She shook her head. "It’s okay. It’s okay. I can pull myself out.” she breathed out. “Just give me a sec." 

She waited for a few seconds, preparing herself. She grasped Tony’s hands and counted one to three before attempted to push herself off the object that had stabbed her. As she did this, she let out a painful scream. Tony winced but didn’t say anything. 

”(Y/N)?! (Y/N), why are you screaming?! What happened?“ Bucky said through the earpiece. 

(Y/N) ignored Bucky calling out for her through the earpiece and continued pushing herself off, screaming in pain as she did so. When she successfully did so, she dropped down to her knees and coughed out the blood. The guy next to Tony knelt down beside her and rubbed her back comfortingly. 

She slowly looked up and saw him without the mask. He looked like he was in late teens. "What’s your name, kid?” she asked, weakly clutching her wound. 

“Peter Parker.” he said, smiling politely at her. “Also known as Peter. Peter Parker." 

(Y/N) chuckled weakly and coughed. She slowly stood up and stumbled. "Hey Tony,” she said. “Thanks." 

Tony nodded and wrapped an arm around her. "Come on, let’s get you to the medic.” he said. While the three of them started walking, (Y/N) felt lightheaded and vision started to blur out. She dropped to the ground and heard voices around her. The last thing she saw was Tony and Peter tending to her before she completely blacked out. 

“(Y/N)?! (Y/N)!” Bucky yelled before the signal was completely lost. He slammed his metal fist on the wall. “Shit. Steve, we have to go back. (Y/N) is in trouble.” he told him. 

“Buck, as much as I want to go back, we can’t. We have to proceed with the plan.” Steve told him. 

“Steve!” Bucky yelled. 

“Buck, calm down. (Y/N)’s a fighter. I’m sure she’s gonna be fine.” Steve said, reassuring him. “I know her." 

"The hell you do!” Bucky yelled and stood up from his seat. Steve sighed and turned on the auto pilot. He stood up and faced his friend. “We have to go back. She could die! I -" 

"She won’t!” Steve cut him off. Bucky glared at him. “She won’t. I’m sorry Buck. I really want to go back and check on her. But we have to go.” he said. 

The two stared down at each other before Bucky broke it. He turned away and cursed in a foreign language. Steve heavily sighed and looked at him.

“She’s going to be okay. Don’t lose faith.” he told him before returning back to his seat, turning the auto pilot off. 

Bucky sat back down to one of the chairs and placed his head on his hands. “Please be okay.” he whispered to himself.

Author’s note: Okay, this is definitely going to have a part 2. I hope you all like it!


     The ever-present chill of the bunker’s cavernous garage hit you like a wall as you entered the subterranean room. You rubbed your hands up and down your arms as you walked past car after car - all of them old, all of them in an unfortunate state of disuse. All except one. You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face as you walked towards the sleek black car near the entrance of the underground parking lot, and the handsome man leaning over her engine. You watched as Dean’s muscles flexed which each movement of his powerful arms, watched as he made adjustments, every action more confident than the last.

     “Lookin’ good,” you said as you snuck up behind your boyfriend, allowing your eyes to flick to his exposed, grease-stained biceps. Dean turned to look at you. You grinned. “And I’m not just talking about the car.”

     Dean dropped the wrench he’d been using into his tool box and wiped off his hands, then closed the hood of the car and took a step towards you. “Okay then,” he wrapped his arms around your waist, “then what are you talking about?”

     You ran your hands along his abs and up his chest, threading your fingers through his short hair when you reached it. Then you pushed yourself up onto your tippy toes and whispered, “You,” against his mouth.

     Dean responded immediately by tracing his fingers along your body and holding you flush with him, his lips moving slowly and methodically against your own. You deepened the kiss when Dean made a low noise in the back of his throat, perfectly in time to him lifting you off the ground and urging you to wrap your legs around his waist, an action you eagerly obliged.

     You held onto Dean’s broad shoulders as he carried you towards the Impala, shivering slightly when your mostly bare legs made contact with the car’s cool metal hood. “Are you cold?” Dean asked breathlessly, pulling his lips away from yours only long enough to get the words out.

     You shook your head and used your legs to pull him closer, making the space between the two of you virtually non-existent, then tipped your head back as Dean’s mouth strayed from your own and made its way down your neck. “Just a little.”

     “Well then,” Dean’s low voice rumbled against your throat as he spoke, “I guess I’ll have to warm you up.”

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Zootopia/Robin Hood Fan Fiction: Take a Stand by CreweFox (AKA Garouge Faux)

(Author’s note/ So this is chapter 1 of my Zootopia/Robin hood fanfic called take a stand. There is only zootopia characters in this first chapter plus a few other disney cameos but I wanted to give you guys a preview. I still have to finish my steven universe fic first then I can dedicate all my attention to this, please enjoy and offer your opinion!!!!)

Chapter 1- Honesty

“Ugh, I thought that shift would never end.” Judy groaned as she pulled into the underground parking lot of ZPD’s precinct 1.

“Do my ears deceive me? But did officer fluff just say she disliked serving the mammals of Zootopia?” Her partner, the ever charming Nick Wilde, teased from the passenger seat “For shame, Carrots, for shame.”

“Very funny Nick,” Judy brushed off as she parked the squad car “but even you have to admit today’s patrol was boring, actually this last week has been a complete snore.”

“It just means the ZPD is good at it’s job, I mean aren’t you always saying we should make the world a better place. News flash Carrots; it’s a better place.” Nick replied, taking off his aviator sunglasses and tucking them into his breast pocket.

“Yeah but I miss the buzz of chasing after a crook or looking for clues.” Judy responded, switching off the engine.

“Well you’ve jinxed us now.” Nick sighed playfully as he unfastened his seatbelt and got out of the car.

“Oh really?” Judy smirked dubiously as she hopped down from her specially elevated seat.

“Just you watch sweetheart; come Monday morning Bogo’s gonna’ swamp us with a mountain of case files.” Nick smiled, walking towards the stairs with his shorter partner following beside him.

“That sounds like heaven.” Judy said with a hopeful voice.

Nick let out a little chuckle before saying “You and me have very different ideas of heaven Carrots.”

It had just been over a year since Nick had graduated the academy and already he had become an integral part of precinct 1. Nick was a joker and a trickster but he had a big heart, he was never too busy to help a fellow officer. He had the charms and intelligence that fresh rookies looked up to and street wise experience cops respected; Judy was absolutely right when she said Nick would make a good cop. Judy’s mind wandered as they made their way up the concrete stairwell up to the ground floor Has it already been a year? Wow; where did the time go? Oh yeah now I remember; working, exercising and hanging out with Nick…but just hanging out Judy glanced up at Nick briefly as her mind continued it’s wandering Stop it Judy, he’s your best friend and your partner, don’t screw it up. Besides you don’t even now that he’s into interspecies dating and even he is, is he into me?

She was brought back out of her thoughts when Nick asked “So are you coming out with me and Clawhauser for a drink?”

“Sorry but I’ve already got plans, it’s Francine’s bachelorette party tonight.” Judy replied with a little flicker of excitement in her voice.

“Oh yeah I remember you saying, how many of you are going again?” Nick asked, as they made their way their through the main lobby.

“Nine of us from the precinct and her two sisters, we’re hitting the clubs downtown, should be a good night.” Judy answered, smiling.

“Just go easy on the booze will ya’? You can be a little crazy on a big night out.” Nick cautioned.

“Pfft, when have I ever gone crazy whilst I was out partying?” Judy scoffed.

“Clawhauser’s birthday last month.” Nick reminded dryly.

“That was one time.” Judy played down.

“New Years Eve.” Nick pointed out.

“Everyone else was drunk to.” Judy made an excuse, the skin on the inside ears blushing slightly.

“The night I graduated from the academy.” Nick added with a grin.

“Well…Ok I admit I can go a little overboard.” Judy reluctantly admitted.

“Just promise me you’ll eat something before you go hitting the vodka,” Nick said, noticing the night shift cop was at the front desk, meaning Clawhauser was probably in the locker room “and drink a bottle of water between every three drinks.”

“Yes Dad.” Judy replied jokingly. “Say you doing anything tomorrow? We could catch a movie?”

“Maybe in the evening, I got to go see someone in the daytime.” Nick answered.

“Anyone I know?” Judy asked, a little curious.

“Nah you wouldn’t know her.” Nick replied absentmindedly.

Her? Judy thought with a little pang of jealousy hitting her in the stomach “Oh.” She sounded as she stopped in her tracks.

Nick turned and noticed the strange look on his best friend’s face for a few seconds and was about to say something when an excited shrill of “Judy!” could be heard across from the precinct lobby, the pair turned to see a gleeful lioness officer jogging over to them.

“Hey Nala.” Judy greeted, glad of the feline’s interruption in the awkward moment.

“Me and the girls are getting ready to prank Francine in the locker room, you coming?” The giddy Lioness asked, Nala Priderock had graduated with Nick and had been assigned to Francine as her partner, the 28 year old was competitive and a trickster like Nick so when she heard Francine was getting hitched she had been concocting schemes to prank her partner with.

“Sure,” Judy replied before turning to Nick and saying “I’ll text you tomorrow.”

As Judy made her way to the female locker room Nick shouted after his partner “Remember Carrots; food before booze.” He got no response as Judy and Nala entered their locker room, Nick let out a worried sigh and made his way to the male locker room What was with that look she gave me? Nick thought as he opened the door to the locker room Did I say something to tick her off? But his train of thought was broken as he came to his locker to see Benjamin Clawhauser on the bench beside the lockers with his head in his paws quietly sobbing. “Spots?” Nick asked, his voice concerned whilst making his way over to his friend.

Clawhauser looked up from his paws with big watery eyes and sniffed “Nick?”

“What happened?” Nick asked in a soothing tone, he really was worried; he had never seen the ever happy cheetah so upset before.

“It’s nothing.” Clawhauser tried to brush off, wiping away his tears.

“You can’t kid a kidder, Benny my boy.” Nick called on the fib.

Clawhauser gave a defeated grunt before saying “Fine I’ll tell you but first I need drink.”


Twenty minutes later Nick and Clawhauser were sat at the bar of the ‘Champion’ pub, a sports pub not far from the precinct that was a favoured watering hole for Zootopia’s finest. Clawhauser and Nick were out of their uniforms and in their usual duds; the cheetah dressed in a black t shirt and jeans whilst the fox was in his trademark green Hawaiian shirt, purple striped tie and beige trousers. It was only 7pm so the place wasn’t lively yet, the only other people in the bar was the owner Gina ‘Gompers’ Ramirez, a goat with brown fur and too many ear piercings and her faithful bouncer William ‘Waddles’ Pines, a tough looking pig was hanging around by the door texting on his phone.

“So are you going to tell me what’s eating you Spots?” Nick asked, taking a swig from his pint of pilsner.

“I just had a rough day.” Clawhauser tried to dismiss, nursing his own beer.

“But you love your job on the front desk, what happened? Did a perp say something to you?” Nick asked, trying to figure out what had made he friend so depressed.

“It happened before work, before I even left the house.” Clawhauser sighed before taking a small sip of his drink.

“Come on Benny, you can tell me and if I can help; I will.” Nick offered.

Clawhauser gave a sideways glance with his sad eyes and muttered “I appreciate the offer Nick but I don’t think anyone can help.”

“Try me.” Nick gave a reassuring smile.

Clawhauser knew his friend wasn’t going to drop the issue so he decided to spill the beans after another sigh “I broke up with my boyfriend this morning.”

Nick saw the pain on Clawhauser’s face and replied sincerely “I’m sorry.”

“So am I.” Clawhauser responded before taking glug of beer.

“I mean me and Judy guessed you were dating someone but you never said anything about this guy.” Nick continued.

“Believe me, I wanted to tell you and Judy, I wanted to tell all of my friends and my Dad but I couldn’t” Clawhauser regretted.

“But why?” Nick asked, perplexed.

“This guy wasn’t public about his sexuality, I was his little secret.” Clawhauser replied bitterly.

“Why did you even go out with a guy like that? I mean you’ve always been open about who you are so why’d you date someone who wasn’t even honest with himself?” Nick asked, feeling the urge to punch the guy who hurt his friend.

“Because I had a crush on this guy for two years before we started dating,” Clawhauser answered, ticked off at himself “when we started out I thought I was the luckiest mammal alive and now I feel like the unluckiest.”

“I’m so sorry Benjamin.” Nick apologised.

Clawhauser turned to look at the fox, knowing it was rare for Nick to call anyone by their first name it was always a nickname, Clawhauser cracked his first smile of the day and said “Thanks Nick.”

“So who is this Cheetah?” Nick asked with curiousity.

Clawhauser looked uncomfortable for a moment before answering in a quiet voice “He’s not a Cheetah.”

“Ok.” Nick reacted, not surprised which in turn surprised Clawhauser.

“That doesn’t shock you?” Clawhauser asked, a little confused.

“You’re not the only one who dates people outside their species.” Nick assured with a grin, taking another sip of beer.

“Glad to know I’m not the only one at ZPD, well at least publicly.” Clawhauser commented.

“A-ha! That means your ex boyfriend is a cop.” Nick deduced, smug as ever.

“…Dang it.” Clawhauser grumbled before trying to change the subject “So you’re an ‘Inter’ to huh?”

“What’s an ‘Inter’?” Nick asked, letting Clawhauser play his hand.

“That’s what we call ourselves and the media have taken a shining to the name to. So are you dating some pretty lady that isn’t quite vulpine?” Clawhauser asked with a slightly teasing voice.

“Nah, not at the moment and my last girlfriend was a Fox but that ended very, very badly. But my first few girlfriends weren’t.” Nick commented.

“And you’re open with being an ‘Inter’?” Clawhauser asked.

“Yeah, I saw no reason to hide it. My Mom was cool with it, I got teased by friends for a while but that died down.” Nick explained.

“Does Judy know?” Clawhauser asked further.

“She never asked.” Nick shrugged off.

“Nick.” Clawhauser huffed with disappointment.

“What?” Nick sounded but he knew what the feline was hinting at.

“Don’t you think that’s something you should share with her? I mean if she knows you’re into different species you two could be together.” Clawhauser pointed out.

“And here I was thinking we were talking about you and your mystery ex.” Nick gave a sly smile.

“Stop dodging the topic.” Clawhauser said, sounding serious.

“You first.” Nick rebuffed, the two stared at each other for ten or so seconds before Nick stole a look at the clock above and idea popped into his head “Hey Spot’s see that clock?”

Clawhauser looked up at the clock, that read 7.09 pm and said “What about it?”

“I’ll make you a deal, when the clock hits 7.10 you can ask me whatever you want until 7.15.” Nick offered with his usual charm.

“But?” Clawhauser sounded, knowing there was a catch.

“Then until 7.20 I get ask you anything, ten minutes of honesty. What do you say?” The ex-conman smirked.

Clawhauser weighed up his options as he watched the seconds tick closer and closer to ten past seven before finally submitting “Deal.”

“Ok, shoot. I won’t hold back.” Nick grinned.

“Do you like Judy romantically?” Clawhauser went straight for the juicy question.

Nick predicted he would ask this but still begrudgingly answered “Yes.”

“I knew it!” Clawhauser squealed with delight, finally sounding like his usual joyful self. “WildeHopps has hope!”

“WildeHopps?” Nick queried, signalling Gina to pour them two fresh pints.

“Yeah that’s what your shippers call you.” Clawhauser purred, finishing off his pint “Well me and Nala call you two that.”

“So Nala wants me and carrots to hook up to?” Nick was little surprised, the lioness didn’t seem like a romantic.

“Don’t distract me I have more questions,” Clawhauser replied “So why haven’t you asked her out yet?”

“A few reasons,” Nick admitted “I guess the number one reason is I don’t know she’s into other species.”

“And?” Clawhauser pressed, knowing there was more.

“There’s the age gap; I’m thirty three and she’s twenty five.” Nick answered, picturing Judy’s youthful face.

“And yet she’s so more mature than you.” Clawhauser teased. “So what’s the third reason?”

Nick paused and thought about his answer before saying in a vulnerable voice “She’s the best thing in my life, she changed my life…I’m scared that if I make a move she’ll disappear from my life completely or even worse it will be this constant awkward air that hang around us forever.”

“Yeah that would be awful.” Clawhauser sympathised before adding another question “So when did you know? That you liked her?”

“Liked or Loved?” Nick asked back

“You love her!?” Clawhauser gasped, nearly spilling his beer.

“Come on Spots, of course I love Carrots.” Nick tried to calm his friend down, the sudden outburst from the feline caused a puzzled look from Gina behind the bar.

“So when? Come on I need details!” Clawhauser encouraged.

“It was whilst I was at the academy the day before the final exam,” Nick recalled, smiling at the memory “I was in my bunk nervous as hell and too worried to fall asleep that’s when I get a text telling me to look outside my window, I peek outside and there’s officer Fluff in the parking lot. I go out to meet her and she leads me to the obstacle course and we just talked, she calmed my nerves and that was it. I saw her eyes, those purple, no, amethyst eyes look at me with such kindness I never got from anyone outside my family. I always had a crush on Carrots but at that moment I knew I was doomed; I had fallen in love.”

“Awwww.” Clawhauser cooed “But you’re not doomed Nick.”

“I’m in love with my best friend and I’m terrified if I make one move she’ll disappear from my life forever so I reiterate; I’m doomed.” Nick hammered home.

“Judy likes you I mean it’s so clear to see.” Clawhauser reasoned “I mean you fight like a married couple, you talk like best friends, you flirt like first loves, and protect each other like siblings, obviously it’s meant to be.”


Nick gave a frown and replied “You got that from the internet.”


“It doesn’t make it any less true.” Clawhauser grinned.


Nick looked up at the clock and let out a little chuckle when he saw it read 7.15 “Time’s up Spots; time for me to interrogate you.” He sniggered.


The Cheetah let out an audible ‘Humph’ and said “Go on then.” Knowing the first question that was going to come out of Wilde’s mouth.


“Who’s your mystery ex boyfriend?” Nick asked taking hold of his fresh pint that Gina just put in front of him before giving Clawhauser his beer.


“Mason.” Clawhauser said, his voice soaked with sadness.


“Who the heck is Mason?” Nick asked, sipping his beer whilst trying to think of a cop called Mason in the precinct.


“Mason Bogo.” Clawhauser revealed, looking into his drink.


Nick’s eyes grew wide with shock, he spurted the beer he had his mouth all over the bar and barked

with disbelief “The Chief!?”


“Nick what the hell?!” Gina chastised grabbing a washcloth and began to wipe away the spat out beverage “I just cleaned up this place.”


“Sorry Gompers, I just got surprised is all.” Nick apologised and defused before turning back to Clawhauser and harshly whispering “You were dating Bogo?”


“Yeah.” Clawhauser answered in tone which was both shy and woeful.


“He’s gay? He’s Inter?” Nick asked quietly with a shocked voice.


“He’s in the closet.” Clawhauser pointed out the obvious.


“No shit, so why the hell were you with him?” Nick asked wondering why his friend would ever be in a relationship with someone who wasn’t open about their sexuality.


“Because I was in love with him long before we started seeing each other.” Clawhauser let the truth come to light.


“But how? When?” Nick asked in quick succession, hungry for answers.


“Just over a year ago at the Gazelle concert, do you remember seeing me and Mason there?” Bogo asked, his eyes staring into space as he envisioned Bogo and him dancing together.


“Yeah but I thought it was just a coincidence.” Nick figured.


Clawhauser let out a tiny smile before recalling “I was at the front desk back at the precinct, Bogo walked by the front desk and dropped off some case files for me to send down to archives but as flicked through them I found a ticket for the Gazelle concert with a post it note on it saying ‘Dance with me - M.B’, I thought I was dreaming, that night I went to the concert and I spotted him right away, he looked at me and smiled…he smiled Nick, do you know how special that made me feel?”


“You must have felt on top of the world Benny my boy.” Nick guessed, noting the mournful tint in his friend’s voice.


“I was, we both were. We danced through that whole concert and afterward….” Clawhauser drifted off, growing shy.


“And afterward?” Nick pressed.


“We went back to my apartment and we spent the night together.” Clawhauser sheepishly confessed.


“So what happened? If you both liked each other why did you have to split up?” Nick asked a question he knew would hurt Clawhauser but he needed to know.


Clawhauser let out another loud sigh before elaborating “He always stayed at my place, never at his to avoid the media getting wind of our relationship, it had been like this for year. Secret dates, sneaking off during lunch hour and staying at my place…I was getting sick of it. I wanted Mason to meet my Dad, I told him my Dad was supportive of who I was and wouldn’t care about me dating a buffalo but he didn’t see it the same way.”


“What happened?” Nick asked, needing to know.


“He laughed at me.” Clawhauser whispered letting a tear fall from his eye.


“He did what?!” Nick let out a quiet growl, baring his fangs.


“Mason…Bogo laughed at me, he said that our relationship wasn’t serious that it was just sex, that there was no way he’d ever go public about being with me.” Clawhauser revealed.


Nick was silent for a few seconds, letting the rage burn for a moment before saying in a still but angry voice “That bastard, what happened next?”


“What did you expect to happen I marched over to him and said ‘Either we go public or it’s over’ and then…t-then….” Clawhauser began to choke up with tears.


“Then what?” Nick asked with strange combo of sympathy and simmering anger.


“He threw the spare key I gave him on the kitchen table and left without a word, he just left.” Clawhauser sobbed quietly before taking another glug of the pilsner.


“Benjamin look at me,” Nick instructed, sounding serious, the spotted cat proceeded to look at him and Nick continued “that pile of crap isn’t worth your tears, you are an amazing guy and out there in this crazy city is a man you deserve; not Mason Bogo.”


“But I love him Nick,” Clawhauser choked “it hurts so much.”


“Love’s a two way street Spots, it feels great while you’re driving along but it can hurt like hell when you hit oncoming traffic.” Nick tried to be poetic.


“Not your best analogy.” Clawhauser let out a sad smile.


Nick proceeded to raise his glass and announce “To love; the biggest punch in the gut you can get.”


Clawhauser raised his own pint and gave a woeful grin “To love.”




Nick and Clawhauser had three more pints after that, not enough to be drunk but definitely not safe to drive. Clawhauser caught a cab home, whilst Nick walked back to his bachelor pad getting a cricket burger along the way; the long work day had finally got to him and he decided to brush his teeth and head straight to bed where he slept soundly like a little fox kit….until 5.13 am. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. The unmistakeable sound of his apartment door knocking shocked Nick out of bed, Nick quickly put on his trousers he left lying on the wood flooring rushed out into the hallway to the front door, he looked through the peep hole to see a familiar face, it was Officer Delgato a big burly Lion from the ZPD, Nick remembered he had been assigned to night shift this week. He quickly opened the door to his colleague and asked with yawn “Delgato? What are you doing here?”


“Sorry Wilde,” Delgato opened before looking down “but I can’t throw in her in the drunk tank.” Nick followed the Lion’s gaze and felt a mix of amusement, embarrassment and worry all in one second. Handcuffed to Delgato’s wrist was Judy, her eyes barely open, swaying to and fro, reeking of alcohol, she was dressed in a black skirt with a pink t shirt with the words ‘Francine’s bachelorette entourage!!!’ and to top it off there was a small orange traffic cone placed on her head.


“Heeeeey N-nick, look at me I’m the vodka wiiiiitch!!!” Judy slurred, flaying her hands like she was casting some spell.


“Oh what fresh hell is this?” Nick groaned.  

Nosy oppas

-YG Family chat room-

Seungri: I just saw Chaerin talking to someone in the underground parking lot

Daesung: it looked really secretive

Bom: was it a man?

Daesung: yeah I think it was an idol

Mino: I’m going to look at the cameras!

Bobby: I’ll meet you there

Dara: we shouldn’t invade her privacy like this >.<

Seungri: I think I know who it is

Mino: me too!


Minzy: the unnie that didn’t want to invade her privacy

Dara: >.<

Jiyong: spill it Seungri

Daesung: Bang Yongguk

Jiyong: WHAT

Bobby: they just kissed!

Bom: OMG

TOP: today has been interesting afterall

Daesung: Seungri just separated them

Mino: Jiyong hyung is there too

Bobby: they scared him off

Dara: they would ruin it ._.

CL: you guys are so embarrassing!

Youngbae: how long

CL: 4months

Jiyong: WHAT

Seungri: I think I’m going to faint

Bom: yay lets go to our chat ^^!

Dara: eeeep I’m so happy!!!

-CL, Minzy, Dara, Bom leave chat-

Jinu: our little Chae is all grown up

Sean: yeah at least it wasn’t minzy

Hanbin: or Hayi

TOP: or Bom

Daesung: Erm hyung..

-TOP leaves chat-

Mino: he’s cool I’ve met him before

Jiyong: I’m going to go interrogate him

Jinu: shouldn’t that be mine and Sean’s job?

Daesung: no wonder she’s been so happy lately

Jiyong: you’re right I guess I won’t ruin it for her T.T

Seungri: I’m on it hyungs i’ll do the dirty work ^^

Youngbae: he’s going to embarrass us all..

Jiyong: well since I decided to take no part of it the girls can just kill him if he ruins it

Daesung: he’ll die for sure this time

Mithra: someone record it

Washing my mouth of you.
Brushing until my gums bleed.
Sink is a cloud of pink
and my tongue is metal in my mouth.
Brushing until you become 
the open wound, not the salt.

I bit my nails to the tender today.
I took 53 pictures of my lips and
wished I had a stranger to send them to,
a stranger who would recognize them
as ones he once wanted to kiss.

I wonder if anyone has ever wanted to climb
the hill my eyes make when they close.
I wonder if falling in love is bullshit.
If it’s just another store with only one size
or chocolates that go on sale the day after Valentine’s.

I wonder if falling out of love
is not just another way of saying,
‘I’m going to pretend I didn’t think
this was a wonderful idea when he looked at me
like I was first snowfall and I answered with
hands to his cheeks like church bells.’

I forgive myself for you.
This heart is underground parking lot
where all the cars start at once,
a hundred engines rumbling softly like belly laughs.

That is where the laugh is born.
Underground. Between the lungs.
Inside the inside.
That is where I learn to snap my neck to the sky
and be the kind of happy that made you
weak in the first place.

—  Back to Basics | Ramna Safeer
Nights at the Round Table (Olicity, Explicit)

Based on the new pictures of the new Arrow lair we got today, and per the request of ninjawithwifi (and outoftheclosetshipper tagging me!) in this post! (And in honor of National Eat Her to Orgasm Week.)

The table had arrived around 2 a.m. that morning, in pieces, per Oliver’s request. It had been delivered in ridiculously large boxes to the underground parking lot under Palmer Tech once she’d given the delivery guys the go-ahead to come in, the security cameras set on loop. A few hours later, Oliver had started to drag them down, unwilling to even let her touch one to help, until Diggle had arrived. With a quiet huff and a roll of his eyes, he’d pulled his jacket off and started helping, muttering under his breath the entire time about ‘jackasses’ and ‘stoic bastards.’

Despite the tense air radiating between them, Oliver and Diggle fell into a rhythm, the natural rhythm between two people who knew each other, who worked well together, and they had the table put together in no time. The chairs were then brought down, completing another part of the new lair.

The table was gorgeous.

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I can explain|| Ren Fight.

“According to E Entertainment, Riley elms was making a move on our own Broadway star Ridley Windsorgray’s husband. I think there will be fireworks before bedtime.” The woman said as Ben pressed his head to his desk. “What the fucked happened in London?” Max asked and Ben shrugged. “I was doing my job and he hit on me.” He replied as he grabbed his coat and headed out the door. “Its just gossip.” Ben shrugged and Max didn’t looked convinced. Ben walked out the  door and headed down to  the main foyer before his assistant pulled him away. “There are press outside, your car is in the parking lot underground follow me.” Ben couldn’t believe what was going on. He followed his assistant and then climbed  in the car.  As he drove away he was surrounded by the press who followed him until he shook them off. “Shit.” He mumbled and got home to find his brother standing at the door with Lizzie asleep in his arms. “Did you do it?” Flynn asked half curious half annoyed. “What?! how could you even ask me that.” He replied with a hurt expression. “Well we know you Ben, Ridley is busy now he is working and lately he has been telling you off for spoiling him and you have been bored when he hasn’t been home. We can all see the cracks appearing.” Ben shot flynn a look as he took his daughter out of his arms and pulled her close. “Bye Flynn.” He said and closed the door. Ben put Lizzie to bed and then flicked on the tv. Every channel showed the picture. Eventually it got so much for ben he switched of his tv and headed to the balcony. He sat in the cool night air and flicked through his phone. Rich brit dumps Danny zuko.  was one publication followed by another which said. why have a broadway boyfriend when you can have a megastar. Ben frowned and put his phone down. There was no point trying to contact ridley as he was onstage all he could do was wait till he came home.  



China’s first multi-story underground parking lot to start operation

China’s first and deepest underground parking lot is opening to drivers in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, in June.

The 19-story parking lot includes three parts and can accommodate 114 cars. Drivers just need to park their car into a vehicle-lifting equipment, which will then transport the car into its designated parking spot within 30 seconds.

The company that manages the facility said hourly parking rate will cost between 8 to 10 yuan (around 1 to 1.5 US dollars), but it hasn’t been finalized yet.

The multi-story parking will help ease the city’s parking problems, according to experts.

There were 11.22 million automobiles across the province by the end of 2015, according to Zhejiang Traffic Management Bureau. Parking lots as such could make full use of the land resources in downtown areas and create maximum parking spots easing parking problems and traffic congestion in urban areas.

The number of a beast’s parking lot.

Photo by Johannes Glöggler for #MBSocialCar.

[Mercedes-AMG GT S | Combined fuel consumption: 9.6-9.4 l/100 km | CO₂ emissions: 224-219 g/km | http://mb4.me/EfficiencyStatement]