underground media

"against mediocrity, against marginalization"

Just read this awesome piece by Aaron Cometbus and it made me feel less alone. I really wish people took underground press -specifically fanzines and zines- more seriously. As Cometbus so brilliantly puts it:

Fanzines have become cult items when they were once part of the bigger conversation and the larger body of literature. They’ve become fetish objects, and, in the process, have come to be undervalued and underestimated even by those who claim to champion them- and by many people who put them out!.. For the person who grew up with fanzines, in the current understanding of the word, fanzines are something personal, something marginal, of interest only to young punks or luddites who worship things small and handmade. They appeal to, and are intended for, a very limited audience. The idea that the average person might be intrigued by something unfamiliar, interesting-looking and cheap, and be willing to give it a try - that idea has been lost.”- Aaron Cometbus, March 2011

A Call To Arms or “against mediocrity, against marginalization.”

FFXIV Blogroll

Ta’khot Tia

After being exiled from the Jackal tribe, for impregnating one of it’s females while still under the status of ‘Tia’, Khot left his life as a tribal Miqo’te behind to walk the path of a spiritual Monk. Trained by his Highlander mentor, who has long since passed, Khot is able to increase his strength far beyond that of a normal Miqo’te’s limitations, through the use of his Chakra.

Ganbataar Khyadaan

The Khyadaan tribe was founded by a powerful wielder of spears named Batzorig, after his previous clan was nearly decimated in battle by the vast Adarkim tribe. It began with one member, and stays a small but powerful tribe, using quality over quantity in it’s warriors. The Khyadaan tribe recruits other Au Ra, both Raen and Xaela into it’s ranks by convincing them that they are more powerful tribe, thus the clan itself is made up of traitors and exiles from a variety of other clans, diversifying the quirks and skills of several clans into one. United in strength, the Khyadaan Clan seeks to fill it’s ranks and clear Othard‘s lands of the Garlean invaders, under the rule of Batzorig’s son Ganbataar. Silent, stoic and serious, Ganbataar struggles to follow in his father’s footsteps as a powerful warlord in the new land of Eorzea.

Selanarus “Fang” Dawnfang

Often drunk, angry, horny or doing something he likely shouldn’t be doing, Fang is the stereotypical bad boy with a heart of gold, only without the heart of gold. Though he lacks common sense sometimes, Fang’s mind works in mysterious but brilliant ways, as shown in the amazing and unique Airships he builds and repairs. Currently he is freelancing his skills to whoever can foot the bill, and is looking for an employer.

Revandal’to Lyehga

A novelist, famous for his romance literature, Revan is a wealthy and charming playboy that has left the typical lifestyle of Keepers of the Moon to make himself more comfortable in one of luxury and glamour. A bit of a hedonist and a weaver of words, Revan uses his skills in linguistics and his impressive vocabulary to flatter and woo attractive women; and sometimes not attractive at all, for he finds beauty in every and anything. Though not all that glitters is gold; Revandal’to hides a dark secret behind honeyed words and playful flirtations, and is not to be taken lightly.