underground land

Elidyr’s Sojourn
9x12, watercolor and pencil

The tradition of fairies in the Vale of Neath goes a long way back. In his Journey Through Wales (ca. 1191), Gerald of Wales tells the following story, set around Neath and Swansea:

‘The priest Elidyr always maintained that it was he who was the person concerned. When he was a young innocent only twelve years old and learning to read, he ran away one day and hid under the hollow bank of some river or other, for he had had more than enough of the harsh discipline… meted out by his teacher… Two days passed and there he still lay hidden, with nothing at all to eat. Then two tiny men appeared, no bigger than pigmies. “If you will come away with us,” they said,“we will take you to a land where all is playtime and pleasure.”’

So, they led him through an underground tunnel to a beautiful land of meadows and rivers, where the days were dark because the sun did not shine, and the nights pitch-black, for there was neither moon nor stars.

The people there were very tiny, but perfectly formed, fair in complexion, the men with flowing hair. They had horses about as big as greyhounds, and never ate meat nor fish, but lived on junkets. More than anything in the world they hated lies. Elidyr was brought before their king, who handed him over to his son, a child like himself, and they would play together with a golden ball. Elidyr would often return to the upper world to visit his mother, and was never hindered. But one day she asked him to bring back some of the fairies’ gold, and he stole the golden ball. He ran home with it to his mother by his usual route, hotly pursued by the fairies. He tripped over the threshhold, and and as he fell the ball slipped from his hand. The little men at his heels snatched it up, and as they passed Elidyr they spat at him and shouted, “Thief, traitor, false mortal!” The boy was red with shame for what he had done, but was ultimately unable to relocate the entrance to the underground passage. He searched for a year along the overhanging banks of the river, he never found it again.

The boy later became a priest, and whenever the Bishop asked him about the tale, Elidyr would burst into tears. He could still remember the language of the fairies, and when the Bishop related it to Gerald of Wales, he responded that it reminded him of Greek.

If Elidyr was lying to cover his truancy, he was spinning a traditional yarn which he knew could be believed. The underground land of the fairies is found in other early fairytales in Britain as well as Ireland, where the fairies inhabit the sidh or barrow - suggesting that fairies owe at least part of their origin to a cult of the dead.

Faeries - writing research help

Hey guys! Grim here. 

This post will be on the Aes Sidhe (sidhe is pronounced like shee), fairies or fae. Every writer writes the fae their own way, but some research and background information never hurt anyone. Remember that research is your bread and butter, folks.  

Again, i would like to apologies for typos that will undoubtedly slip past me - the post is likely to be filled with red lines because of the faerie names and Irish words and my keyboard is obstinate on the best of days. (Seriously, if MS word can recognize some of the idiosyncrasies of the Hiberno-dialect, why can’t chrome? It has declared war on the letter s and made me doubt my spelling.)

(Also I am not going to rant about how a certain suethor made blood drinking creatures who more resemble the fae folk than actual vampires, but i will say for you to do your research and change the name of your supernatural creature if they match another creature more than the one you have named them after.)


What is a faerie?

Fairy, or faerie, is the term for a group of supernatural creatures who are said to be “neither in God’s nor the devil’s service” - that is, neither good nor evil. They are completely outside of religion - it does not interest them, and in certain cases the fae will leave someone alone if they ask for blessings from whatever deity or deities they worship.

Some say that faeries are the children of angels and demons, or that they are fallen angels who were indecisive during the fall and as such, were shown mercy. Before Christianity came to Ireland it was said that the fae were the Tuatha Dé Danann who had been driven underground by the Milesians - those who the Irish are now descended from. Still yet others claim that faeries escort the souls of the dead to heaven, while themselves being barred from it, or that they are themselves dead souls undergoing penance for past actions before they may be admitted to heaven.

Whatever the truth, the fae now live underground in a land where time does not pass as it does on the surface - three short days underground could equal three centuries above, a few hours could be a century. (It does seem to fluctuate a bit) 

The faerie court

Each faerie household contains a king, a queen and a fool. King Fionvarra rules over all western faeries alongside his queen, Oonagh (I suspect this may be an Anglicization as Úna is far more common/correct in Irish, much like how the second “n” got added to Conor when it started being used outside of Ireland. Yes google, I am sure that Conor is the correct spelling, you’re the one in the wrong here so stop bloody highlighting it!!!! My apologies for that rant, I am bad with computers. Now let us return to our scheduled posting.)

The fool, or amadan (fool, male only, there’s a separate word for female fool, Oisean. An “i” gets added before the “n” in both cases to make a plural. the spelling amadawn is another Anglicization.) stays within the faerie borders except for June. for that month, he wanders about in mortal lands wild and half naked, dashing mortal wits out. Yes, you read that correctly, he essentially goes about hitting people with whatever is on hand and in the process reduces their IQ by a considerable amount. Worse still, there is no cure. 


It is a mostly forgotten fact that only male children are stolen from the cradle. Females are stolen closer to adulthood, essentially being chosen to become a faerie chief’s lover for seven years, at which point they will be returned as a withered hag. Sometimes the fae will take an adult of either gender, usually to perform some task for them or to marry a chief or queen. In the former case, if they complete the task, the fae will allow them to return, rich and successful beyond their dreams. A human taken to nurse a sick faerie might return as a world renowned doctor, for example. 

In any case, the fae leave behind a substitute encased in a glamour charm. this could be anything from a log to a dying faerie child to a human who was stolen and has now grown old (the fae like humans to die among their own when the time comes), who will soon grow ill and die.

A number of brutal “cures” were used to force the fae to return the original child, including using foxglove to “burn the entrails out of the faerie”. Of course, in all cases, this was just an innocent child being tortured to death - do not try this at home, or any other such “cure”. if you really feel the need to test someone for faerieness, WAIT UNTIL THEY CAN EAT PROPERLY and give them some jam and bread. When they eat it you will know that your fears are completely unfounded. The fae cannot stomach human food of any description. There is no reason to hurt an innocent child.

I do not think anyone would actually do such a thing, but one must cover their own back, yes? 

It was also believed possible for one to enter the faerie fort and take back the child, provided they had not drank three times of the er, enchanted milk. Yes, i just balked at putting the word starting with b in there, purely because of the whole enchanted milk thing. Yeesh. Excuse me… I need the brain bleach.

Much better. Where was I? Ah, yes.

In the case of a stolen wife her husband could attack the faeries when they are abroad and rescue her that way, or by taking the impostor’s girdle, burning it and burying the pin from it.

The Leprechaun and the Cluricaun

Leprechauns make shoes. They are not caricatures of the Irish. please stop using them as such. They wear grey coats, a leather apron, and a red hat for a bit of colour. They are foul-mouthed and generally disagreeable. They guard faerie treasure, and each leprechaun’s entrusted horde is marked by a rainbow. if found and caught, a leprechaun will tell a mortal where the treasure is, but as soon as they get a chance they will thwart the would be thief. In one case a man marked the tree one such rove was buried under with a red cloth. He made the leprechaun swear not to touch the cloth or the treasure while he left to get a shovel, and when he returned every tree in the forest had a red cloth tied ‘round it.

Clurichauns are either close cousins of the leprechauns or simply extremely drunken leprechauns on a spree. either way, the leprechauns deny any association to the cluricauns. cluricauns look exactly like leprechauns save a reddish nose - potentially the result of too much alcohol - and clothing.

The Fear Dearg

A near relation to the leprechaun who enjoys mischief making. Nothing amuses him more than mortal terror. One should say “Ná déan magadh fúm” or “Do not mock me” when encountering a fear dearg to prevent oneself becoming part of some cruel trick or game. strangely enough, the fear dearg show not malice, but favour through their tricks - if thy trick you, you have something they want to see. They might terrorize a modest musician into giving them a performance, for example. 

They will attach themselves to certain houses and will expect a certain treatment, such as food and drink being left out when the household goes to bed.

The fear dearg is good natured and will bring good luck to his targets. (How is natured not a word asdfghjkl!)

Merrows and Silkies

Male merrows will sit by the sea in any weather, scanning for brandy that has been lost with a wrecked ship. Female merrows find them repulsive and instead seek to tease mortal men. Both genders wear a cap and have webbed fingers.

If a fisherman manages to take a female merrow’s cap, she will forget her life in the sea. The fishermen inevitable fail to destroy or adequately hide the cap, and once found, the female merrow will try it on and remember her life in the sea.

Silkies are seals by day and humans by night. They will obey anyone who holds their seal skin, which they shed every evening and leave on the sand. If they marry a human who then becomes lost at sea, they will sing from the cliffs to guide their spouse home.


Banshees are not the causes of death, merely a harbinger. Banshees will attach themselves to an old family (descended from the Milesians) ans will wail upon the death of a family member. They are exclusively female and can be found washing the shirts of those not long for this world. Banshees love their families and will exult at their great deeds and good fortunes, following them to distant lands and attending their funerals unseen.

The Dullahan

Sometimes seen in the company of the banshee, the dullahan appears where a mortal dies. He drives a black carriage with six headless horses and gathers the souls of the dead. He strikes any living being to see him blind.

The Lianhan Shee

The Lianhan Shee, or love faerie, seeks the love and dominion over mortal men. There is only one Lianhan Shee, and she is more a force than anything, for all faeries who love are said to become one with her and to the mortal man who longs for her she is the only one. No one has ever described the Lianhan Shee. She insists upon her lovers entering Tír na nÓg (land of the young).


There are many other types of faerie, but this post is getting long, so i’m going to stop here.

I hope this post helps with writing inspiration/research!


She walked screaming out of the white smoke, a black-clad goddess of death, exuding aggressive sex. Her eyes held just a tinge of threat. Her nails, phallic daggers of implied violence. Waist shrunken to a ghastly circumference, her eyebrows archly painted, her long black hair swirling behind and around her, she shocked, titillated, angered, obsessed.

She called herself Vampira.

She introduced every show with a scream, a bloodcurdling extrusion that had to issue out of some cavern too big, dark, and lonely to live inside her impossible 36-17-36 figure. She screamed and looked directly at the camera, a goth Garbo who seized the eye of the audience, refusing to become a simple object of their regard. She seduced them with the offer of a night of B-movies, horror and sci-fi fare, mostly execrable, but seasoned with her spicy sweetness and her undertone of aggression that radiated underneath heavy white pancake make-up.

Nobody could turn off the TV. It was 1954.

Maila Nurmi screamed in a postwar America of chilling optimism, everyday repressions, and awkward silences. She was the child of Finnish immigrants, a runaway in the 30’s who worked as an actor, a model for softcore men’s magazines, and a burlesque dancer. She had a taste for the macabre that led her to delve into the sediment of midcentury America until it yielded its dark treasures. A pin-up model who found herself turned into the 50’s American middle class housewife, she refashioned herself to escape the confines of cultural expectation.

Nurmi had explored the tangled underside of the country since the mid-1940s; an underground gothic land lived beneath the sun- lit world of postwar America. As a young runaway, she performed in a New York horror/burlesque show known as “Spook Scandals” that had called for her to rise out of a coffin and scream. There she had begun to craft the character of Vampira, thinking about how the sexy and the horrific could intertwine, a dance between Eros and Thanatos.

“Dig Me, Vampira” was like nothing that had yet appeared in television’s brief existence. Premiering on April 30, 1954, it became an instant hit in the Los Angeles area. Then things exploded. *****

Vampira quickly reached a larger audience through a Life magazine photo shoot. She appeared on Red Skelton’s popular show alongside Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugosi. She hung out with James Dean and his entourage at Googie’s Restaurant, one of the few late night spots in 1950s Hollywood. She became part of “the night watch,” aspiring actors and directors that hovered around Dean, the strange and beautiful boy from Indiana who had yet to reach superstardom in East of Eden.

Ratings for the Vampira show shot through the roof in the year to come and Nurmi seemed on the verge of major stardom. But KABC cancelled her contract around the time of the death of James Dean. Despite her popularity, Vampira had spun a web of controversy that entangled her and the station. FCC warnings, a lawsuit by a starlet who thought her career had been ruined by the image of Vampira, and, finally, the end of Nurmi’s marriage to Dean Frank Reisner, a blow to the station’s public relations campaign that had attempted to portray her as a normal housewife who liked to play dress-up as a bit of “horrific whimsy.” Dean’s death, or at least the bizarre rumors that surrounded Nurmi in the aftermath of it, represented the final straw.

By the late 1950s her television career was over; she lived with her mother while receiving unemployment benefits. She appeared in the Ed Wood directed Plan 9 from Outer Space that, while later a cult hit, barely had any audience at all in the first years of its existence. True and lasting stardom never came calling again. By the 1960s, Nurmi supported herself as a tile contractor. Stories, patently untrue, circulated of roles in pornographic films. She became a figure of local legend in West Hollywood, part of a cast of peculiar characters who’d once been famous and now were not.

Vampira disappeared. But she thrived in the cultural underground. Maila Nurmi hung out with the punk/metal band the Misfits in the 80s at places like West Hollywood Vinyl Fetish. She also worked on a book she never finished, a memoir of underside of a 50s Hollywood that stayed up late nights at Googies Restaurant, popped pills, and lived off the warm glow of stardom it stalked.

She died, alone, in 2008.

Perhaps this is all that we need know of her story. Perhaps it’s more or less all that can be known. It’s true that her influence has spread far and wide. There may not be a horror convention where her visage doesn’t influence the tattooed seductress cos-players, not a horror host who doesn’t owe something to her camp humor, no mistress of the night anywhere whose ultimate origin point can’t be traced to this runaway, this late night comedian.

Vampira borrowed from many of the ghosts that haunted American culture, elements never before brought together with the kind of sexual energy and threatening cultural pose that Vampira adopted. She described her character as a monster crafted out of the elements of American history, the terrors of the great depression, and the postwar style of the Beats. She raises questions about everything we think we know about the American fifties.

Excerpted from Vampira: Dark Goddess of Horror. Copyright 2014 by W. Scott Poole. Published by Soft Skull Press. All rights reserved. Photos: Collection of the Author

This has been a long time coming, but here is the first character profile! Starting with good ol’ goat dad. However, if you have not read the comic yet or are thinking about it, I recommend starting here. This profile will contain some mild spoilers up to the current arc. Sections labeled TO BE UNLOCKED will be fleshed out as the comic progresses. So, without further ado…

Asgore Dreemurr
Also Known As: Santa, Mr. Claus, Fluffybuns, Asgorgeous (thanks, Frisk), “Dad”
Age: Ancient
Species: Boss Monster
Gender: Male
Occupation: Ruins Guardian, Gardener, host of weekly tea gatherings, and often times babysitter for all the little Ruins monsters. He is also the former king, though this is known only to the oldest Ruins residents, and it it is not something he particularly likes to talk about.
Themes: Stay Determined! + Reprise / Regret

Personality: Asgore is many things. Jolly, friendly, always eager to lend a helping hand. He loves to take long walks through the Ruins, mingling with the residents, offering smiles and company and lending an open ear to any monsters in distress. He’s the type who seeks to inspire hope. Who loves to lift people up. To make every individual feel like they matter. To that end, he’s taken the maintenance of the Ruins quite seriously, planting gardens to liven up the otherwise drab brick interior. He’s removed spikes from all the puzzles for the safety of the resident children, has allowed and encouraged the incorporation of more modern conveniences, such as a community television in the long corridor, and left pillows beneath the cracked floor puzzles to soften the landings.

Once a year, he even ventures beyond the Ruins, disguised as Santa Claus, to deliver gifts to the world beyond.

You’d look at him and assume he’s the happiest guy in the Underground, with the way he giddily invites monsters into his home for weekly tea gatherings, surrounds himself with droves of excited monster children, and always carries out even the most tiresome tasks with a smile. Most Ruins residents see him as patient, kind, and a figure to aspire to…

Asgore couldn’t disagree more.

In truth, he’s a deeply burdened monster. He harbors an immense guilt, having retreated to the Ruins out of shame. His hands are not clean, and he knows it, and the reason he pours so much effort into making the Ruins life more bearable is not only out of a genuine desire to aid his fellow monsters, but out of hope that it might help him atone for his transgressions.

He does not begrudge Toriel, for it was he who declared war on humanity and he who could not even commit to his plans. But even now, roughly a century after the fact, the guilt still weighs on his conscience, amplified due to the knowledge that every human who has left his care may well have died… or forgotten about him. He’d sooner hope for the latter, for after all this time, his rage toward humanity has faded. He does not wish for war. He does not wish for suffering.

All he seeks now is peace… and hope.

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After they returned home, Michelle Obama waited until the house grew quiet. Checking over her shoulder, she presses a hidden button in her study. A secret passageway opens up, revealing a pole descending down into the underground. Sliding down, she lands firmly on her feet, multiple displays lighting up with the number “11″ displayed on the screen.

She smiles. With her job as the first lady complete, she’s now ready to take on her position as Hero 11.


WIRES // Chapter Nineteen: We’ll Always Have Summer

“Kidnappings, sexual harassment claims, liquor-soaked masked balls, and underground societies landing prized pupils in the ICU. Sound like the plot of a CW teen TV show? For us, the mishaps are nothing more than a normal day at school. In the wake of a dramatic final semester, it’s a wonder that Briar House hasn’t closed its doors for good. Who do we have to thank for our new curfews, ruler-strict regulations, and security guards? None other than billionaire tyrant Chuck Bass and the self-crowned queen of campus, Blair Waldorf. The two raised havoc upon the student body last year, Waldorf’s arrival like the detonation of Bass’s awaiting bomb. Though most of us think expulsion is called for before the two set the rest of the school on fire, it’s no surprise that Waldorf, Bass, and their entitled Scooby gang played the victims, funded another science wing, and landed reentry to an academy that we used to call home. Time will only tell what they have in store for their senior year, and if we’ll all survive it before they’re gone for good. Try what they will, but this student will be holding them all accountable. This is William Kincaid with The Briar Thorn.” Read here.

the zeros

requested by anonymous

AU in which youre part of the zeros, and you meet 10k, and things go exactly where you think they will

The first time you meet him you it’s with a gun pressed to his head. He has his own digging into your temple, both of you in a silent standoff, neither dropping their weapon.
“Don’t make me pull the trigger.” You warn. He doesn’t say anything, his own fingers tightening around his gun.
It seems that neither of you are going to walk away.
Then the bomb blows you off your feet.
You land flat on your back, the world buzzing around you, breath knocked out of you. You cough the blood out of your mouth, rolling onto your stomach, trying to get your bearings. You see the boy with the gun sprawled a few feet away from you, a Z in a white coat slinking towards him, moving differently than any other Z you’ve ever seen. You pull your aching body to your feet, and reach for your machete, gripping it in your hand. You move right behind the boy, lifting the blade. The Z stops, staring at you for a moment, before turning and running away.
You don’t know why you save the boy. You just know that you can’t let him die.

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Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 15: Caves and Underground

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.”

I won’t rant for too long, but there are a couple things I want to say before I start my fifteenth biome post. One, I always feel like a thank you isn’t enough, but I honestly and genuinely love you all. I have had a really, REALLY rough couple of weeks, and seeing people still liking/reblogging my biome posts while life got trying for me actually made it all a lot easier to bear. Thank you, followers. Secondly, I recently decided to create an alter-ego for myself as Professor Spruce. I mentioned in a previous post I will be referring to myself as Prof. Spruce, who specializes in Pokémon ecology and evolution. I’m really excited for the rest of summer as I plan on spending a lot more time working on posts and whatnot.

Moving onto the actual biome post, it will focus on caves and underground. I originally had intended to focus on the underground and cave biome together separately, however I decided to combine them because although technically speaking they are quite different, many of the species I have already touched up on are burrowing species. (Sandshrew, Rattatat, etc.) I figured instead of having to touch up on some already mentioned burrowing rodent Pokémon, it might make more sense just consider everything that spends most of its life either underground, or in a cave.

I don’t really have a map because realistically if a certain species tends to create dens for itself to sleep in or hibernate in then it will live somewhere on land. The underground biome literally covers (almost) all the land mass on the globe.

As I’m sure you can imagine, many cave-dwelling animals in real life are often colourless, and have very limited vision. Some are completely blind if they never have to leave the light-ridden depths of caves and tunnels. Species that live only in caves are referred to as troglobites, and species that spend most or some of their life in caves are trogoloxenes or troglophiles respectively. There are also many different kinds of caves, different regions in a cave, and many different temperatures in caves. Much more than a rocky hole in a Cliffside, caves serve as a home for many interesting species. I was also going to focus on spiritual Pokémon that have some kind of relation with tombs and burials as tombs can be considered “underground,” but I think I’m going to save that for a different day.

Let’s get started!

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Thoughts on LoS (Warning! Spoilers)

Oh my god… Lord of Shadows was amazing. I think I might even like it better than Lady Midnight. Anyways, here are some thoughts and concerns about it.

> I love how we got to learn more about Diana in the book. In the first book she was looking pretty shady but now I understand more about her and LOVE her (not that I didn’t before obviously). 

> This book brought to my attention that Shadowhunters don’t use mundane medicine which was something I never really thought about before. + the fact that they’re arrested if they do is sort of ridiculous.

> Also, this book confirmed that Ty is on the autism spectrum which was something that I suspected right off the bat from City of Heavenly Fire because he exhibits a lot of the same characteristics my brother (who has autism does). Ty is pretty high functioning though so he’s probably low on the spectrum. I really love that Cassandra Clare always has such diverse characters. This is one of the only YA fantasy books I’ve read so far in which there is a character on the spectrum.

> Okay so Zara… I hate this bitch. Every single word that came out of her mouth made me want to kick her in the face. UGGHH “Can you do out laundry?” go die, Zara, please. I just about lost it when she started talking about Alec and Magnus I was like ummmmm no sorry you’ve crossed the line by about five miles. She is just such a disgusting bigot and I hate her and Ughhh.

> When I realized Jon Cartright was there I was so Happy! I was like yay Jon Cartright! Also, they mentioned Marisol. However, then he had to go and get his head chopped off and I was like nooooooooo! 

> I loved learning more about Kit and seeing his relationship with Ty form! + When he met Jace that was awesome. 

> At the beginning when Clary said she was going to die I was like UMMMMMMMMM what… no

> I also loved learning more about Gwyn! In the first book, I just thought he was a malicious, no mercy guy but he’s actually really sweet. I love that he has a relationship with Diana now.

> Malcom comes back (like we all knew he would) but, Annabel kills him once he raises her from the dead. lol. 

>RIP Arthur

>This Parabatai curse thing… how long does it take to be activated? I mean really, they can’t keep this up for long.

>Also, holy shit that Ash kid that Dru met when she accidentally portaled to that underground Unseelie land place is definitely the Queen’s evil Sebastian love child. hahaha, I knew it right off the bat when the Queen was like “they have someone from my court”. I was like “Your son?”. + pale blonde hair? GREEN EYES? Coincidence? I think not. Also, lol when he said his name was Ash I started laughing because Ash Ketchum hahaha

> Oh my god… that ending!! When Annabel stabbed Robert I was like noooo!!!! That was something I did not see coming. + When Alec came in and saw his dad it was so devastating. Also, where the hell were Isabelle and Simon in this book?  + How will Emma be exiled now that Robert’s dead? Yikes

>Also, Magnus is sick and I’m really scared :( 

> When Emma shattered the mortal sword with Cortana I was like holy shit… However, this means now Diana can be the head of the institute because she can’t be questioned with the mortal sword

> Livvy’s death was so sad. I was sobbing so hard especially when Julian was holding her and telling her to wake up. Also, at that bit at the end where it said that the clock chimed because a few pages before she was telling Ty and Kit that there was a legend that every time it did the gates of heaven opened. Honestly, though she was who I predicted would die. I suspected that one of the Blackthorn children would die and out of all of them, I thought she was most likely. Mostly because we got to see so more of her in this book and I don’t know I just thought it would be her. :P 

Julian’s going to be really messed up in this next book. He’s already pretty dark so I’m scared to see what he becomes… 

Also, Ty will be so devastated too which will be so sad.

I can’t wait for the next book though! I can’t believe it doesn’t come out until 2019 :( Oh my God, I’ll probably be going into college when it comes out… aahhhh!! scary :( 



  • King of the South/Panther King
  • Lazy asshole but very protective of his people




  • Momoi stays at his side 24/7 tbh

  • His s/o keeps him in check and isn’t afraid to kick his ass if he goes overboard with something 

  • Really sneaky, and very strong, but isn’t the best with keeping his attention in one area

  • Kingdom colors: Black, Scarlet, Grey, Maroon.


  • King of the West/Fox King
  • He’s so cheerful and kind to all of his people!!
  • Kasamatsu/Moriyama holds down the fort when Kise is out or patrolling the city.
  • Kasamatsu is literally the only oNE WHO CAN KICK HIS ASS WHILE HE’S ON HIS THRONE
  • Kise found a little fox baby outside of the kingdom and took care of it, and now it’s fully grown and very loyal to him.
  • Sneakier than Aomine, but just as vicious towards his enemies
  • His partner is spoiled mercilessly by Kise, but the love and affection is returned greatly, and people are so happy to see someone who genuinely loves their king.
  • Kingdom colors: Gold, Deep Blue, White, Black.


  • King of the East/Eagle King
  • People are kinda afraid to talk to him because of his cold demeanor but in reality he wants more people to talk to him.. n-not like he’ll admit it though.. nanodayo.
  • Even the little kids of the kingdom say “nanodayo” on a regular basis because of him
  • Takao personally loves riding the eagles.
  • Miyaji or Otsubo usually hold down the fort while Midorima is out.
  • He’s not the best with telling his partner that he loves them, but he makes sure they know by small gestures, and light kisses whenever he can.
  • Kingdom colors: Orange, Beige, White, Silver


  • King of the North/Bear King
  • The children and older people in the kingdom literally love him because no matter how lazy he may seem, he helps out people without giving it much thought.

  • Himuro is usually the one to keep him in check, and of course there are some people who wonder why he isn’t the one that’s king. But he brushes it off and continues to help his purple giant friend <3


  • Surprisingly, it was Okamura who set up Murasakibara and his future s/o.

  • Because it’s colder where his kingdom is, he enjoys cuddling with his partner and staying in bed a lot.

  • Usually keeps his hair in a ponytail when he’s handling work, or in meetings.

  • Very protective of the weak and those who find it hard to protect themselves.

  • Kingdom colors: Lavender, White, Silver, Deep Violet


  • King of the Land Underground/Wolf King
  • His kingdom isn’t actually underground, it’s just the land with the darkest overcast, though it can be hella bright where his kingdom is!
  • His people are so gentle and happy, and they’re quick to help defend their king, because they know how good of a person he is.
  • Hyuuga keeps everyone in order, Izuki is the party starter, and Kiyoshi just sits back and watches the others with the biggest smile. He also gives Kuroko amazing advice when needed.
  • Kagami is usually the one to patrol the town when Kuroko is busy, and it usually results in him doing little mundane jobs for the people in the kingdom and being paid with food and small goods.
  • Though he is tiny, he has huge wolves for pets, and some guard the gates outside of the kingdom
  • He’s so sweet and loving, he can literally make his partner blush at his smiles, no matter how small they are.
  • Loves his s/o so much, and vows to protect them. He also gives the best hugs okay
  • Kingdom colors: Black, White, Mahogany, Grey


  • King of the Land Aboveground/Lion King [hAHAHAHA SEE WHAT I DID THERE]
  • The brightest kingdom.. like seriously please wear sunglasses if your eyes are sensitive to light bruh.

  • Of course he has lions, who would want a lion ?

  • Feared and Respected by his people, but he means no harm to them, it’s just his aura and his manner of speaking.

  • Mibuchi is his right hand man, okay. They actually make a lot of the decisions when it comes to their economy and treating the people of their town. They also handle foreign affairs with Mayuzumi.

  • Hayama and Nebuya keep the people alive with their antics and their playfulness, it’s amazing.

  • He treats his s/o like the royalty they are, and spoils them without a second thought. The love is returned in abundance, and he can let down his walls around his partner and happily be in their arms.

  • Kingdom colors: Pastel Blue, White, Gold, Teal.

A little warm up today. Stan after a fight. 

Jimmy Page on Andy Warhol & The Velvet Underground in Creem Close Up: Metal Rock ‘N’ Roll magazine 1985:

Creem: Let’s talk about the 60’s. Remember coming down to the Scene Club?

Jimmy Page: That was incredible. Warhol did all these interior decorations with baker’s foil, what you cook turkey’s with…

Creem: Aluminum foil.

Jimmy Page: Yeah, silver paper everywhere, and the Velvet Underground were there. And they were brilliant. We used to go down there. I tell you, it was marvelous to witness them playing. They were fantastic. They were brilliant, every single one of them, from Maureen Tucker, Lou Reed, to John Cale. Every single one of them was brilliant. That really was sort of a band I could always relate to and always will relate to.


Rony’s home and careers

I will try tomorrow to draw Rony’s property in Waterfall. She has a two story house with a basement that’s actually a garden house. Besides having a flower garden behind her home she does own a few lots near her home for cultivation. She studied agriculture in the Underground. Creating artificial suns and seasons to grew different magical herbs, fruits and vegetables that required more magic to grow them. These properties after their harvest she’d give them to other farmers to keep harvesting. Providing food for the Underground. Rony tested the lands and kept record how to grow the crops and gave that information to the Labs.

She didn’t work on this alone as it was also Cyandee, Oni and Darling that worked with her. It’s been 200 years since she started her job. Studying magic that would help create artificial suns and seasons. Keeping the machines on check and making sure they had fuel too. They couldn’t use a fuel that was limited Underground.

It was a lot to work with but her way to contribute to the Underground. She might not had pursued her studies about the souls but did studied about farming. She taken a similar career at the surface now. At least studying for it. Material Engineer. Now she’s trying to work out magical and non magical materials. Which can work together to be used as a product. What uses lower cost of magic and money to create a better material for humans and monsters to use . Or what items can be replaced with the new materials.

She’s gonna live long so she still wants to contribute for monsters and humans now.

xlastdescendentofmu  asked:

Something....or someone fell down into the desolate Underground. They landed in the same spot in which all the fallen humans fell to...And they woke up in the same manner as well. Waking up. "...Huh? Where...Where am I?"

The flowers here where long dead leaving this creature landing an the hard ground. The place seems hollow and the wind blowing up from the hole he felt in wasn’t helping this feeling “you” might had right now.

 If it wasn’t from the light coming from above the place would be entirely dark, as heavy rocks, debris and boulders where covering what seems like to be the remaining of the entrance. How unfortunate, it seems the path is blocked. Or is it that unfortunate? “You could hear far far away screeech of different creatures in the distance, on the surface. What do you do?