underground land

After they returned home, Michelle Obama waited until the house grew quiet. Checking over her shoulder, she presses a hidden button in her study. A secret passageway opens up, revealing a pole descending down into the underground. Sliding down, she lands firmly on her feet, multiple displays lighting up with the number “11″ displayed on the screen.

She smiles. With her job as the first lady complete, she’s now ready to take on her position as Hero 11.

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[* A dark glob falls from the ceiling of the Underground. It lands a good distance away from Gear, but to a point where it is still visible. It begins to reform. A humanoid shape grows from the ground, spikes protruding from the shoulders and down the side of its torso. Some type of black gas emanates from it, rising into the air before disappearing after a short time. It looks like darkness incarnate. It turns to face Gear, with a smile on its face, one yellow eye staring at him.]

“Ew.” Gear quite literally walks away with it repeating ‘ew’ under his breath.

A little warm up today. Stan after a fight. 

In defense of

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                                    ASGORE DREEMURR

Now, we all have an opinion on this character. For some of us, he represents a lonely man who has made mistakes and just wants to see his children and his wife again. For others, he’s the game’s true villain, the beast that Toriel warned you about, the monster that stands between you and your freedom. And for others still, he is all of us. A person that’s just trying to please other people and is trying his best,

To start, let’s examine the game and it’s plot. Frisk, the eighth human child, fall into the Underground, a land of monsters. There, they learn that the monsters are trapped by a barrier and cannot leave without a great cost: human souls. Frisk is warned by Toriel that the King, King Asgore Dreemurr, needs only one more SOUL to open the barrier and will kill them if they leave. However, does he really?

Sure, if you engage in a fight with Asgore, he can kill you. But so can Toriel when you leave. Same as Undyne, Mettaton, and almost every other fightable character. With the exception of Papyrus, who can’t kill you. So if that’s the case, why is Asgore portrayed as such a villain?

Because of the other humans. We are quick to call him a murderer, but really, we don’t know if he was actually the one to kill them. In fact, rarely ever in history does a king do the dirty work. If anything, Undyne is the most likely to have killed the human children, along with the other Royal Guards. In fact, for all we know, it could have been the citizens, who can also engage in battle with you. 

Even if you aren’t convinced that he’s not such a bad guy, I have one more question: Why did he declare another war on humanity after Chara and Asriel died?

He was sad. He was hopeless. As a king, one of the most important things to do is to make sure your kingdom has a future. And for a while, the Underground did. Asriel was born, a heir to the throne. People were pretty pumped. Then Chara came along and it brought more hope and joy. A human child, one that could stand with them when they reached the surface. That’s probably the best it’s ever been in the Underground.

But Chara and Asriel die. Asriel at the hands of humans no less. You can imagine how devastated people must have been. There were no heirs to the throne, the humans still hated them, and now there was no future. If we accept the theory that HP stands for hope and that you fall down without it, people probably started dying left and right. Snowdrake’s mom, Shyren’s sister, and more, just hopeless and soon, dead. 

Maybe out of rage and sorrow, maybe out of not wanting anymore citizens to die, Asgore vowed to get them to the surface by taking the SOULs of any and all humans that fall into the Underground. Maybe it was a bad move, maybe it was for the best, but when you have a (literally) dying kingdom, what other choices do you have?

In the end, Asgore is just a sad, lonely man, probably suffering from PTSD and depression, who made some bad decisions. But that doesn’t make him a bad person, no more than it makes me a bad person or you a bad person or any of us bad people.

where the signs should live

aries: the amazon rainforest bc that’s where your true spirit belongs
taurus: fancy trash dump because there’s a lot for you to hoard there you hoarder
gemini: on tumblr you literally already live there
cancer: in a fridge because you got no chill
leo: on your phone because it’s the only thing that brings you satisfaction
virgo: inside a kleenex box so the tissues can catch ur tears and you can be free of germs
libra: in a tree just because you’re a hipster tbh
scorpio: in the land of the dead, dark like your soul
sagittarius: inside a broken down car because that’s the only thing you stay in
capricorn: in a gym because you sure got a lot of complaining energy you’d use up
aquarius: space you’re an alien duh
pisces: a fucking aquarium i literally only made this post to make this joke