underground lair

Things the Phantom of the Opera does in the play:

  • Sings
  • Composes an opera
  • Kills a few guys

Things the Phantom of the Opera does in the book:

  • Sings
  • Composes an opera
  • Kills a lot of guys
  • Invents ventriloquism
  • Masters the art of illusions and sleight-of-hand
  • Carries out a series of political assassinations in Persia
  • Builds two (2) palaces so renowned for their beautiful and ingenious architecture, his clients attempt to murder him
  • Builds robots
  • Builds an underground lair with a torture chamber as elaborate as anything in the Saw movies
  • Uses a lasso to strangle anyone who discovers his identity
How deep underground is the lair, anyway?

I always thought it was right under the surface, because of the light that shines into the dojo. 

lol… Donnie’s cute little flailing limbs…
Anyway, I figured it was the sunlight from above that made the tree grow in the dojo.

In this scene it must have been moonlight… the scene takes place at night (after Karai tells April she believes Splinter is her father, which at the time was a lie). 

We even see the roof of the dojo a little bit in “The Power Inside Her” and it looks like a grate. (This scene’s a little confusing as there are scenes that take place on the surface before and after it, and it’s dark out… so… that light…?)

And then of course there’s the thingy in the common room that turned out to be a periscope of some kind. It just kinda makes you think they’re right below the streets. I mean sure, it could be a really long periscope, but… I dunno. I just thought the lair was right under the surface this whole time.

But then they showed this at the beginning of “The Power Inside Her.”

It looks like it goes surface, sewer, subway tunnel, place with water pipe, then lair.
It’s like they’re 4 stories below the surface. That’s way farther down than I thought… especially since I though the abandoned subway tunnel was just outside the lair.
So now I don’t know what to believe. Maybe they just did this intro because it was the 100th episode and it looked cool. 

Lazytown Animorphs AU

AKA “The Suffering”

I screamed at @defectivevorta for a couple hours about Animorphs and this is the result. Lets take a story about kids fighting a brutal war and make them even younger for maximum suffering!! 8D

All of the Adults in Lazytown are Controlled. Milford, Bessie and Robbie (and the unseen parents) surrendered themselves to the Yeerks on the condition that the children would remain safe and free. Robbie is controlled by a Visser who uses Robbie’s underground lair for experiments and testing Earthen animals as viable Host bodies.

Then one day Iprottaalfurin (in place of Elfangor), crashes nearby and the kids find him first. He warns them of the Yeerk invasion taking place and gives them the power to Morph and protect themselves. He accomplishes this through the power/technology of his crystal which he then entrusts to Stephanie. He sends the kids away before Robbie and his legion of Animal Controllers arrive to finish Iprott off.

The kids each take a cat & kitten as their first Morph and use that form to break into Robbie’s lair where he’s holding various animals. From here, they can start properly fighting back.

Sportacus ends up crashing his ship and is rescued by the kids (He’s Ax). He’s very concerned about how young the kids are and wants to do all he can to protect them, but knows that they’re involved and not fighting could just as easily mean death for them as fighting.

After the kids become Animorphs and Robbie starts targeting them, the Real Robbie starts fighting back for control hard (like how Visser 3 was constantly at war with his Andalite host). In one moment during a confrontation with Sportacus the real Robbie manages to break free for a moment just to growl out at Sportacus that he better protect those damn brats or he’ll have him to reckon with as well. Robbie blames Iprott and Sport for the kids being in danger, because before they showed up everything was handled. They were F I N E.

None of the Controlled adults are aware of the kids new status in this war aside from Robbie. The Yeerk controlling him has a hard enough time suppressing the Real Robbie once he decides to go after the kids. So he keeps all of the others in the dark so that he doesn’t have an open rebellion on his hands by breaking the bargain the Hosts struck.

Stephanie is a mix between Jake and Cassie. She’s the leader, but is very compassionate. She wants to make things right and save everyone…but soon realizes that’s not always possible

Trixie is a mix between Rachel and Marco. She’s still prone to mischief and sarcasm but also has a darker side.

Stingy is the Tobias of the group. He has trouble letting go and is very generally unsatisfied with his life. He ends up getting trapped in his Razerback form very early on and has to hide out in the forest outside of Lazytown along with Sportacus.

Pixel is another that is like Marco. Pixel’s main Morph is a Goshawk. He’s the eye in the sky who hangs back from the action a bit but swoops in with the last minute saves.

Ziggy is the youngest by far and at first they try their best to keep him out of things. His Morphs are all innocuous things - a kitten, squirrel, Kría - all things that you would see every day and not think twice about. It makes him very good for stealth. Ziggy is also unknowingly the son of Iprott, thus Sportacus’ nephew. When this revelation comes about Sport gets even more protective of the youngest member of their group. Ziggy still really looks up to Sport and wants to be a Hero like him.

Sportacus is an Andalite who had been apprenticed to his older brother Iprottaalfurin  during the war. He’s technically a trained warrior but is still very much young blood when it comes to war. Still, as the only adult in this situation not controlled by the Yeerks he strives to try to find a way to end this and keep these kids and their Controlled families safe. Like Ax and Elfangor, his human form is an amalgam of human DNA he’s collected in order to have an individual appearance


Stephanie - An Adult Cat for stealth and a Lynx for Fighting

Trixie - Raccoon for stealth, (Polar?) Bear for fighting

Pixel - Goshawk for stealth (and sometimes fighting), Icelandic Horse for fighting

Stingy - Razerback Pig (Nothlit)

Ziggy - Kitten, squirrel, Kría


Glanni. About midway through Glanni rolls into town and accidentally comes across the Crystal (which due to some situation or another the kids had lost at some point). At first he tries selling it (Shiny glowing rock? Must be worth a lot!) which catches both the attention of the kids and the Yeerks. Since he had come in contact with the crystal he gained the ability to morph as well and the kids try to recruit him to their side. This goes horribly as Glanni starts abusing his morphing ability and plays both sides to his advantage. In the end he completely shatters the trust the kids had put into him, which was devastating because they thought they had found another adult they could trust.

Ah, Batman, how great of you to help out the Scooby gang! Let’s go find the underground lair!





anonymous asked:

I feel like you'd be the guy to go to for whatever memory cyberdrug is popular in Future Neo-Funkytown

welcome to my repo-esque underground sewer lair

“Erik, when I said I liked flowers, I didn’t mean go and buy a whole store!”

I have been reading the Leroux Phantom book recently for the first time, and one of the things that surprised me most was that instead of having a candelabra-goth-lair underground, Erik had a room filled with fricking flowers! And it got my friend and I’s imagination started. 

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alixiecivet replied to your post: i had a dream that i saw peridot 18 years after…

Is living underground with lizard people ever a minor detail

well i think the biggest detail was the fact that to get to her underground lair you had to enter a parrot store, climb up through the parrot’s tree house thing (which is better sized for parrots), crawl across a parrot ladder, and make your way to the secret back door of the store

then from there the door opens into a cellar filled with many tunnels, and supposedly its very easy to get lost and lost of people died getting lost and shit??

but i made my way through and luckily found peridot’s lizard people cove

she had her limb enhancers back so she was doing good for herself

A newly acquired roll of golden coins rested within his pocket, gifted by a reaper’s touch. Contract concluded, the Wraith was beginning his descent from Continental steps, pursuing a new target residing in the confinement of satan’s underground lair. The Russian knew hellfire; it resided in his wake whilst lapped at others heels. The flame enveloped, engulfed impending casualties which stood before his desired Colosseum. In the surrounding area of the Continental, it was not uncommon to hear a unison of mobile chimes. At times, his screen would act as a mirror with sinister motives, and pixelate his features as the notifications commenced. But today the display was a foreign face– soon to be obliterated by his actions. “Not a bad offer for their head.” he mused aloud.

the funniest thing about the institute using synth crows to watch your every move up on the surface is that at some point your dickhead kid has to realise that his parent is more interested in building intricate turret systems, having a phenomenal amount of great gay sex and becoming a melon farming trade baron than they are in finding and visiting his boring underground nerd lair.

Surprise Visitor [[ Closed Rp W/ bearsuitzim ]]

All was calm within the neighbourhood that which held Zim’s base, the stars glittering softly as they peaked through the smog-grey clouds that loomed across the city. It was as peaceful as the drab neighbourhood could be, a dog barking off in the distance.

There was a sudden flash of light within the sky, and it burned within the distance, the object moving slowly, and then quickly, before suddenly erupting into the atmosphere, whirling towards Zim’s base with horrific speed. The red-hot, coffin sized object smashed right into Zim’s house, dipping through the floor and smashing through some of the underground lair.

The object sizzled loudly, wires sparking loudly from any and most all damages. It was a fairly decent sized object, in fact, big enough to hold an Irken. It even looked like an escape pod, though it was dirty. Any symbol that would indicate where it came from was covered by debris.


the haunting of castle malloy is just so … comfortingly weird to me. i don’t begrudge it anything. i’m here for all of it: the bewilderingly unconcerned bride, the black-eyed third wheel of a love triangle with his land development deals, its insane banshee-child jetpacking through the moors, its Classic Irish Juice Bar, its jetsons-level sheep-shearing technology, the fact that they insist on printing wedding invitations by hand, nancy’s blatant disregard for road safety by driving with a cell phone, those tiny dolls, the giant secret underground rocket scientist lair

everything you could tick off about this game i love with my whole heart. i don’t just tolerate it, i’m like, WOW WHAT A GAME. 

theatre hoe things

Because there is a post for music hoe things and a post for art hoe things so here is a post for theatre hoe things

~there is makeup all over the counter why do powders spill so easily

~my costume shows my underwear but the costume director won’t let me near it with a safety pin

~the tech shop doesnt have enough drill guns WHY ARE THERE NEVER ENOUGH DRILL GUNS

~being an actor and trying to tech

~being a techie and trying to act

~trying to do both

~being a stage manager just in general

~sound board

~light board

~I’m sure this thing is in the prop shop somewhere but this place is an underground cavern dragon’s lair with a bunch of shit everywhere and also i’m afraid to be here by myself

~i want to buy all the shoes in the costume shop *slips costume director 20 bucks*

~something breaks during the dress rehearsal. always

~someone is sick for the dress rehearsal. always

~someone organize the fucking paint i swear to god

~the rehearsal studio is too cold

~the auditorium is too hot

~i like you, director, but also i hate you

~someone please strangle the stage manager

~no one listens to the fly rail operator why does no one ever listen

~there aren’t enough wireless headsets to go around

~i made this piece at a 45 degree angle and this piece at a 45 degree angle so WHY DONT THEY MAKE A 90 DEGREE ANGLE

~someone said the scottish play, didn’t they? DIDNT THEY

~the house is too empty

~the house is too full

~it is opening night and that one guy still doesnt know his lines

~why is intermission only ten minutes long

~where is my fucking prop/shoe/shawl/other prop/other shoe

~quick changes

~you brought snacks but everyone ate them

~mic tape residue tattoos on your neck AND your cheek

~tech/hell week


~i miss you all lets do that show again

~lets never do that show again

“christine what are you afraid of?”

gee raoul…….maybe it’s the creepy masked man who’s been haunting the opera house for years……murdering people…..and stalking and kidnapping me by using echoes of my dead father to lure me in to his underground lair through the two way mirror he has in my dressing room……and using the memory of my dead father as a way to get me to trust him……….. maybe that’s what i’m afraid of…………

Initial Impressions of The Dark Swan's House
  • Me: That's a nice table to do stuff on. Like crafts maybe.
  • Pirates, I dunno just spitballing.
  • Me: Those tasteful countertops seem the appropriate height for...activities.
  • Me: Is that another table I see?
  • Me: Bet that slightly creepy locked door leads to some other surfaces in the underground lair area.
  • Me: What kinda bedroom situation we have up those stairs?
  • Me: Speaking of stairs....