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what's the type of music you usually listen to

LMFAO lots of people probably wonder what music i listen to bc i said lots of shit is not my type. well yeah ill write some stuff down! i listen to everything but also im rly picky which is a fucking horrible mix trust me. okay so

majid jordan - move together (goddd i found this today only and its so beautiful im addicted. majid jordan has an incredible voice)

crystal castles - violent dreams [sidewalks and skeletons remix] (this remix…is heavenly….holy shit please listen to it. its so breathtaking. well many people probably wont like it bc this is a bit different but yeah just putting it out there)

jay z (ft frank ocean) - no church in the wild (an amazing song man)

CHOI SAM - 뭐라카노 (JUST DO YOURSELF A FAVOR MAN. GOD THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW dhfdhfdf its a female korean underground rapper she is rly raw and the beat ….made me fall from my fucking bed)

ariana grande - into you - dangerous 80s (tronicbox remix) ((this remix is so wonderful and chill))

plvtinum - come my way (im ADDICTED to this song)

ABRA - bounty (ALL HER SONGS!!!!! BEAUTIFUL. i think some people might find her music rly weird but i rly loveeee this.)

abra - u go i go

abra - come 4 me

XO - U & I ft. shay lia

wimme nah - kaytranada (its upbeat and energetic and i loveee it so much!!!!)

the neighbourhood - a little death (their BEST song)

the neighbourhood - wires

the neighbourhood - female robbery

the neighbourhood - lurk

dean - pour up

dean - put my hands on you

kieran alleyne - runnin low

kid ink - show me

majid jordan ft drake - my love

dumbfoundead - friendly fire

half of partynextdoors shit tbh shsdhfhdsh

chet faker - talk is cheap (ta-ku remix)

jazzyfact - always awake

banks - brain, warm water, waiting game

baby bash - suga suga

just every fucking song from like 2009-2012 trust me

futuristic - i guess ill smoke

waldo - poison (EXTREMELY UNDERRATED and rly short sadly :(…)

j.cole - work out, wet dream

asap rocky - peso, purple kisses, goldie, everything dude

tyler the creator - jamba. it got boring to me but its still iconic man

ok that was all i got from my soundcloud playlist. now on my laptop & phone….

drake - pound cake

jeremih - fuck you all the time (shlohmo remix)

this is a german rap song but ill still put it here …. azet x zuna x kash - kartell

hello venus - wiggle wiggle

luxury - azealia banks (fucking amazing song)

sophia grace - best friends (I SWEAR I LOVE THIS)

lol boys - changes (shlohmo remix) (didnt listen to this in a whilleeeee man i found this in 2013 dshhshd)

exo - one and only, my lady, transformer, white noise, let out the beast, the star, two moons

hex cougar - internet crush

rihanna - man down, numb, rude boy

bts - we on

basecamp - ATSW (pleaseeeee give this a listen its fucking amazing)

xxyyxx - fields

justin bieber - as long as you love me, love me like you do, lolly

crim3s - stay ugly, salt (this is witchhouse shit so like yeah)

crystal castles - kerosene, transgender

marina and the diamonds - radioactive!!!!, power and control, teen idle, e.v.o.l, oh no (YES i was into marina and the diamonds once)

lana del rey - ride, blue jeans, diet mountain dew

bones - water

coldplay - magic (….this is my emo song. i wanna cuddle w ten to this. i remember when i listened to this and all i thought of was pcy……ssdfdfhs)

jhene aiko - the worst

mac demarco - chamber of reflection

clc - meow meow

MNEK x disclosure - white noise (XYconstant remix)

timbaland - the way i are

wonder girls - candle, i feel you, gone

primary ft choa - dont be shy

ob obrien - hazelton trump

theres soooo much more but yeah here this is the type of shit i listen to