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Rogue One Nightmares Heacanon

Jyn: She is a child again, waiting in the small cold bunker underground on the farm planet Lah’mu. She hears the knock from above ground telling her it’s time to escape up the rickety ladder. She opens the hatch to find she is on Scarif, at the top of the transmition tower. She notices her hand now holds the file labeled “Stardust”.But before she can transmit the plans to the rebel fleet a familiar voice calls her name from behind. It was Lyra; waiting on the end of the bridge ,holding out her arms. Jyn runs into them,embracing her mother and melting into her. The hug that felt so warm suddenly became cold and hard. Jyn pulls away and Krennic holds her shoulders. “Thank you, Jyn Erso”. Before pushing her back, Krennic holds onto the crystal on Jyns neck. It snaps off into his hands as Jyn falls.

 Cassian: He is leading a rebel fleet in a losing battle against Imperial soldiers.It is at a point where retreat is not an option. Death is evident, and one by one he see’s each of his men fall. Friends, apprentices, his team. Hundreds of men are slaughtered, but no matter what hit he takes he can not join them in their death. It goes on until every soldier is down and he is drowned in the bodies of his fallen allies.

Chirrut: Utter silence fills this dream. There is nothing. No sight, sound, taste, feel, or smell. No force. All senses are taken away from him. Emptiness in it’s purest form. The light Chirrut never gets to see, he no longer gets to feel.

Baze: He is home on Jedha, only the bustling streets are now abandoned and quiet. A cry pulls him to the back of an alley where a young girl is surrounded by Storm Troopers.  She’s sobbing and panicking, utterly terrified of the men crowding her. He see’s a blaster point at the child and tries to run to her, only his legs become heavy and his arms become to weak to pull out his weapon. He falls into the sand and watches the child get dragged away, calling out his name.

Bodhi: He stands on a stage next to Krennic, who has a hand gripped proudly on his shoulder. A crowd made up of thousands troopers and Imperial workers salute and cheer his name. A large medal hangs heavily around his neck and two death stars float ominously in the distance. He turns away from it, not wanting to see, but instead becomes face to face with Darth Vader. Green and Red beams flash. “Well done,Pilot”

K-2SO: Doesn’t sleep

This was dark and sad and someone pls send me happy requests and asks I need fluff in my life.- xan


I want to thank kinkyprincess169 for the inspiration for this story. Again, if any woman have fantasies about being kidnapped and sold into white slavery, message me. Tell me the following:

Your first name
Age(18+ please)
Where you’d like to kidnapped from(a night club, your place of employment, college campus, spring break, the beach, mall, a Craigslist connection, I might trick you into modeling, hitchhiking)
What you’d be wearing
Who you’d like to be sold to(Middle Eastern or Chinese businessmen, a Latin American brothel, an underground bdsm website, Hucow farms where you’ll be a pony or cow slave)

Also if they’re men who have those fantasies about their women, message me as well.


Harliegh was 21 years old. She was 5'4", 120 lbs, nice curves and long dark hair.

One night she went to a club she likes to go to a lot. She dressed in a black silky top that exposed her cleavage and belly button, blue skinny jeans and very high strappy beige colored shoes.

I was there as well and thought she’d be perfect. Normally, she’d be a cocktease but she had a bit too much to drink. I bought her a drink. Despite our considerable age difference, we hit off immediately. As matter of fact she started putting her hand on my inner thigh. Finally I suggested we go back to my place. She agreed. Hook, line and sinker.

As we were going to my place, she unzipped my pants and started sucking my cock. Great cocksucking skills.

We arrived back at my place. I offered her a drink. She was a bit tipsy but was still in the mood for another drink. Obviously the alcohol was impairing her judgment. I fixed her a sex on the beach. She was getting that feeling like she couldn’t keep her hands off me and I was getting horny. All of sudden she started getting dizzy.

“Oh my God, I think definitely had too much. Let me get some air.” She said.

She got up and started to stumble and then fell. And then she was passed out.

“About time” I thought. I had put a roofie in her drink. Then I called my 2 associates, Bruce and Rick.

“She’s ready. I think this one will be worth a lot. Make us a lot of money. And she’s a real cocksucking slut.” I told them.

“How’d you know that?” Asked Bruce.

“She gave a little sample while we were in the car heh heh!”

My partners and I were slavers, selling women into white slavery. In most cases, they’d be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

I took some rope and tied her hands behind her back and then tied her ankles together, then took duct tape to gag her mouth and then I took a hood to place around her head.

Rick and Bruce arrived and put the new slave in the van. I drove my own car to the slave training facility.

About half way their, the slave started to wake up. First thing it noticed was it couldn’t see anything. Then it couldn’t move it hands and ankles and then when it tried to speak, all that came out was “mmmmphh” Then “mmmmphh!!!” A little louder.

“Hey look who’s awake” Rick observed.

“We’re gonna have a lot fun together. At least till your sold.”

“Sold?” Thought the slave. It wasn’t sure at least at that point what it meant. In the meantime, Rick was enjoying groping and fondling the slave.


“Hey I think she’s turned on by this.”

And unfortunately, he was right.

Finally the van arrived at our “state of the art(at least for us) slave training facility. They took it out of the van. We untied its ankles. Bruce and Rick grabbed each arm and dragged it perp walk style although the slave was kicking and screaming.

"Come on bitch” as Rick slapped the slave and grabbed it by its hair dragging it inside.

The slave training facility was an abandoned warehouse that had four floors, three of them underground. This was previously owned by someone back in the 1950’s during the Cold War, who made it a potential fallout shelter.

We took a an elevator down to the bottom floor. When we arrived, we took a scissors to cut its outfit off. What was delightful was no underwear. We then tethered the slave to a metal device and secured its wrists, elbows, below and above its tits, it thighs, calves and ankles and neck. Then we took an inoculation gun and gave her neck a shot. Then I arrived. The slave was horrified to see me.

“You know be careful about your drinking. That’s why we get so many slaves. Their so stupid” I observed.

“Anyway you are now a sex slave. For next few weeks, you are going to receive training. After your training is complete, you will be sold to the highest bidder. You are no longer a human. You have no human rights. You are fucktoy. 2 tits and three holes. For a man, or maybe a woman, to use and abuse for their pleasure. And this is not a typical master/slave relationship. Their are no safe words, no aftercare. How you feel doesn’t matter except how we want you to feel. If any of us want to fuck you, you will bend over. If we want you to suck our cocks, you will open up wide and swallow. And just in case you have any ideas, about trying to get away, you’ve been injected with an implant that’s kind of a shock collar. It can only be removed surgically. I have a remote that controls it. Would you like a demonstration?”


“Come on just a little”


I pushed the button. The slave immediately convulsed.

“Oh it wasn’t that bad. That was actually at its lowest level.”

I removed the gag from the slave and gave it some water. Then I placed a wired butt plug up its ass. Put some nipple clamps on its nips. Then I attached a hitachi wand to its clit. Then I placed a rubber hood on on its head that rendered it gagged and blindfolded. And the only thing the slave could hear was mostly white noise except for a few minutes of its orientation(or disorientation) tape telling the slave pretty much the same thing I told it before. Then I started the hitachi wand. It was on a timer. It would run for about 4 minutes just enough to edge the slave then would shut off for about 4 minutes then repeat the cycle all night long. In the water I gave the slave was laced with a stimulant that would increase her sexual urges and prevent sleep. As part of the slave training, the slave would undergo 72 hours of sleep deprivation. If the slave somehow managed to dose off, their was sensor in the butt plug and nipple clamps that would activate and give them a nice zap. What the slave was a few short hours ago, it wasn’t anymore.


Too be continued

Underground Farm: Michel Roux Jr. Reveals Plans to Supply London With Fresh Produce

Dubbing it a “food revolution” underneath your feet, Zero Carbon Food owners Richard Ballard and Steven Dring have teamed up with two-star Michelin chef Michel Roux Jr. to open their Growing Underground farm later this year in London.

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