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no, he just likes sleeping with his eyes open while sitting up

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I really like your Villain!Deku HC!!! Can you do more, maybe NSFW ones. or anything really :3

(Trust me, I got more where that came from! Here! Have a formal banquet AU!)

  • Though Deku doesn’t normally go out a lot, he does attend formal events if it comes down to attendance being mandatory. These sorts of formal events are underground villain banquets, where villains from all across the globe visit to show off their accomplishments along with recruiting any young villains in training.
    • Quite honestly, the only reason Deku attends despite not wanting to, is because of the drinks and the women who would show off what sort of power they and their villain guilds hold. Deku isn’t much of a ladies man, but he does have the suave confidence to seduce any sort of information he can out of them.
      • The sort of information he asks for is what sort of power certain villains in other guilds have, and their locations. The reason for this, is so he could later destroy or experiment on them in the future. It’s all for the…’notes’.
  • The way he seduces women is fairly easy to him. He always keeps his confidence in check and watches his words carefully while also ‘thin slicing’ any sort of happenings around them that could’ve lead them to villainy. He finds it a bore how the reason is something he considers ‘petty’.
    • “I can see it in your eyes…you had issues in your past before running away from home my lady…” *grows a tiny, charming smile* “I can’t imagine how someone as lovely as you could live through so much pain…your mother dying in a hospital after you were born, and your father being a horrible man…tainting you and your beauty with his awful infection called his touch…” *takes her hand and gives her knuckles a soft kiss* “A beauty..no…a gem like you should be loved by the world…”
      • Meanwhile in Deku’s head: ‘Tch. What a fucking easy out.’
  • Though he does hold respect towards women, he dislikes women who are weak minded, has no resolve, or is weak in physical strength. The personality he could give less of a shit about.
    • To the ladies who had dealt with their fair share of his charm, they call him “The Devil in Angel’s Clothing”.
  • Deku is a hell of a lot smarter than when he was a hero in training. In fact, he considers himself more clever and daring. After all, before anything happens, he’s always one step ahead, and even takes the time to sort through anything he’s missed before taking any rash chances.
    • Deku’s quite the gambler. He treats life like a game, and choices like a gamble where he places his bets.
      • He even gambled several times during his stay in the Villain banquets and he wins every single time. His secret? He cheats and rigs it. It still amazes him how they’ve never caught him or even considered that the villains who play could rig the system of each game.
  • It’s a bit of a rarity for Deku to find a lady he considers ‘special’, but when he does, he wants to spend every second with her for the rest of the night.
    • It’s extremely rare for Deku to lead a woman away to spend a one night stand with her. Mainly because he doesn’t want to raise a future villain that holds his genetics.
  • There are moments in the banquet where you can sing up on stage, perform your talents that no one acknowledged, show off your powers, and even slow dance on the dance floor. It’s a way of showcasing yourself to help you gain more recognition throughout the world.
    • Deku always take these chances whenever he feels is necessary. And whenever he has gained enough confidence. At one point, he saw a few villains showing off their talents, so whenever he feels it, he may as well take part in it.
      • He mostly just stays on the dance floor dancing with women who accepts his offered invitation. His swift and slow moves and his gentle holds on them are what helps him get the information so much easier than using just his words and confidence alone. Put those four things together, and he instantly has them melting in his arms.
  • He sells out the information he learned to his league as soon as they leave. And boy, does it feel so good to stab em in the back. Especially when it comes to breaking promises to the women he seduced.


The major label music video debut of Japanese chiptune artist TORIENA. TORIENA has long been a regular performer at underground Harajuku-related events and parties.

毛利藤四郎(もうりとうしろう)のキャラクターデザインを担当いただきました、猫缶まっしぐら氏より描き下ろしイラストを頂きました!なお、毛利藤四郎が手に入るイベント『地下に眠る千両箱』は8月8日(火)13:59までとなります△△ #刀剣乱舞 #とうらぶ

Mouri Toushirou’s debut memorial illustraion by Nekokan Masshigura, his character designer! He can still be obtained from the Underground Treasure Chest event until 8/8, 1:59PM JST!

Bad Boy!Yoongi

Okay before I start this I just want to say the mv fucked me up so hardcore rn man I can’t but the song is so amazing and I’m so in love with it everything from the raps to the vocals to the chorus to everything but here’s some bad boy!Yoongi (also thank you to my friend for helping inspire this)

  • This edition of the bad boy AU is not one, not two but three AUs in one (bad boy, high school and boyfriend) so please enjoy this post of feels bc bad boy!Yoongi hurts me
  • Picture time
  • Is forever in baggy shirts but wears black skinny jeans 24/7 
  • Definitely has an eyebrow piercing also has a lip piercing (spider bites) and a septum piercing
  • He has this tattoo on his collarbone that just barely peeks out of his shirt and no one knows what it says except for you
  • He’s actually pretty tatted up tbh
  • He has a sleeve on his left arm and like most people figured he just added random things to fill up space but he actually planned it all out
  • Each and every little tattoo has a meaning and there’s a reason it’s in that specific spot and it’s so very carefully thought out
  • One of my friends and I were discussing bad boy!Yoongi and she mentioned his green hair now I can’t picture it any other way
  • Side note you helped him dye it
  • He literally calls you at three in the morning and just says “come out”
  • He takes you to his house and pulls you into the bathroom and hands you the hair dye
  • Honestly it’s not your first time dying it, you’ve always been the one he went to help him dye his hair so at this point you two are pros
  • When he shows up at school the next day, he has this mint colored hair and he does pull it off amazingly
  • Like everyday after school he waits for you outside bc he’s your ride home
  • And that day, he’s just leaned up against the wall with his freshly dyed hair and his leather jacket thrown over one of his shoulders and he already has his sunglasses in place and he has people staring at him bc it’s a v v nice look
  • And you finally come out of class to see him there and you notice the small crowd around him that’s trying to look subtle bc the last thing you wanna do is bother Min Yoongi
  • But when he sees you he gives you that gummy smile he reserves just for you and he just walks over and throws his arm over your shoulders and walks out and basically everyone is staring at you two bc wow
  • No one at school really knows how you two got together they just knew anyone who hurt you or tried to flirt with you dealt with Yoongi
  • Everyone knew if they wanted to get to you they had to get through him and six other boys and no one really wanted to do that so you were never bothered
  • There is this one time though some guy gets cocky enough to ask you out right in front of Yoongi
  • At first everyone’s silent bc did this kid really just do that and the only thing Yoongi does is tilt his head
  • His grip on you tightens and he just glares at the boy and honestly the look makes you a lil intimidated too
  • “You have three seconds to get yourself out of my sight unless you want us to have a little talk out back. It’s really your choice.”
  • You’ve never seen someone run so fast
  • But actually the entire relationship happened pretty quickly
  • Yoongi actually had this huge crush on you but he’d never tell anyone that except literally all of the members know bc Yoongi is not a subtle man
  • He never really speaks to you besides the few times you two have bumped into each other
  • But one day, you’re sat on the steps in front of the school and you’d had a really bad day like you’d failed a test, you’d been late to a class, you’d forgotten your wallet at home so you couldn’t buy lunch and now your car wouldn’t start
  • You don’t even realize anyone is there since school ended a solid hour ago and most of the people have left so you just start crying out of frustration bc you live a good 15 minutes away from the school and that’s by car and now you have to wait for your parents to get off of work and that’s not happening anytime soon
  • But after a few minutes of crying you see someone’s shadow and you peek out to see Yoongi stood next to you
  • His normal glare is gone and instead he has this look of concern and he just holds out his hand
  • You’re still a bit ??? bc you didn’t even know his real name (he always went by Suga and no one really knew his actual name) but you still took his hand and let him pull you up
  • He just leads you over to his motorcycle and hands you the helmet but before you put it on he wipes your tears away and his touch is so much more gentle than you’d expected and his hands are actually really warm
  • He pulls out his phone and his earphones and hands them to you and he sets up this lil playlist and tells you to listen to it on the ride bc it’ll help calm you down
  • You get onto the bike with him and he tells you to hold on tight and he makes sure you’re comfortable before he starts it up
  • You actually find the ride really relaxing
  • The music does really help and you quickly forget you were ever upset and the wind is adding into the calming effect
  • When he does stop all you hear are people cheering and someone rapping
  • He took you to an underground rap event bc that’s always where he went when he wanted to get away
  • You just look around really amazed by all of it and you feel his hand slip into yours but he’s refusing to look at you or acknowledge it really
  • He leads you to the front and you’re still in awe of the crowd and the fact that you’re holding hands with the “coldest man in Daegu”
  • You notice that’s everyone’s greeting him with really excited eyes and asking if he’ll be performing tonight and he keeps saying he’s just there to watch tonight and they get so disappointed
  • You get curious and ask him if he raps bc these people obviously know him
  • Before he can even answer, one of his members, the one you recognize as Namjoon, just shoves him to the front and tosses him a microphone
  • He literally has no choice bc now everyone’s cheering and yelling his name and you just smile at him bc now you’re really curious
  • He starts rapping and you’re just like w o w okay
  • He looks so at home in front of the crowd and the way he raps is breathtaking and that awed look returns to your eyes but this time it’s directed at him and it honestly only boosts his confidence and he definitely throws you a few smirks
  • When he gets off stage, he just goes straight over to you 
  • You tell him he was pretty good bc you’re trying to be casual and act like you weren’t blown away and he’s just like “pretty good? That’s not what your reaction said”
  • You just roll your eyes but both of you know you were really impressed and you two stay there for the rest of the night just listening to the different rappers
  • At one point, the night breeze sends a lil shiver down your spine but Yoongi notices and just really subtly takes off his jacket and places it over your shoulders
  • You just have to smile to yourself bc he’s doing that thing where he pretends he didn’t do something really cute bc he’s lowkey embarrassed by it but you do whisper a quiet “thank you” into his ear
  • By the time he takes you home, you’re laughing louder than you ever have and he has the widest grin on his face bc he finds your laugh adorable
  • He really doesn’t want you to go and he’s leaned against his motorcycle refusing to let go of your hand
  • You’re just laughing and you finally let him pull you back and he just gives you that lil gummy smile and his arms go around your waist
  • He just really casually kisses you, as if it was something you two did every day but you don’t mind at all bc it cuts any hint of awkwardness
  • When you open your eyes you just see him giving you this really fond look and you never once thought you’d seen the man that glared at anyone within five feet give anyone such a soft look
  • You’re both just smiling like idiots at that point and you step back bc it’s time to go unfortunately
  •  "I’ll see you later Suga"
  • “You can call me Yoongi”

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Are the carolinas going to be affected? Around what area, I haven't heard anything but I'm worried.

Unfortunately it’s still too early to say anything definitive about where it’s going to make landfall on the east coast. Here are some models I pulled from accuweather and weather underground

In any event, folks who live anywhere in the southeast should be getting prepared for the storm and coming up with an emergency plan just in case.

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Can I get some random cuteness with SF Paps and his s/o at a fair please and thank you? 😊

He loves it!!  Generally he dislikes going out and about; the stares make him profoundly uncomfortable and they’re more or less unavoidable, him being a nearly seven foot tall skeleton monster and all.  That usually doesn’t keep him from going on dates, he’s not letting his antisocial ass keep you from having a fun time, and it’s worth it to spend time with you anyway.  But the fair?  The fair is something he can get into.  Wildly unhealthy food, fun rides and games, a fairly chill environment, he’s down.

It isn’t often he feels like he can show off.  The sketchbook he showed you a while ago, filled with beautiful drawings, he was too embarrassed and nervous about to have any real pride in.  But cheating on the carnival games and handing you a giant stuffed animal- well, that just makes him feel all warm inside.  He juggles the balls at skeeball, pops the balloons with darts without even looking, every horseshoe is hooked clean as can be on the pole.  All with a lazy lopsided grin.  His Papyrus is showing for once.  Praise him, pat his head, he is a good boy.

He loves the rides.  After the events Underground, you wouldn’t think the adrenaline rush from a roller-coaster would do much for him.  But this is a nice, safe way for him to get his kicks, to get a rush without the actual danger inherent in simply living in a Fell verse.  If he had blood it would be pumping, and he likes the wind on his face, the subtle hint of vertigo when he goes upside down.  His favorite one is the pirate ship. 

And of course the food is a plus.  Elephant ears, snowcones, pretzels, blooming onions, cotton candy, popcorn, funnel cake, onion rings, caramel apples, fries, corn dogs; Puppy stuffs his face.  Not as good as Muffet’s, obviously, but damn good.  He dabs a bit of powdered sugar on your nose and laughs, leaning back on his elbows.  He seems less tense than he ever does in public, light glistening on his golden fang as his head tilts just so, his smile loose.  The piano wire tenseness of his shoulders untaught; he can finally breath.

There’s only one ride which rivals his love for the pirate ship.  The ferris wheel, once the sky goes dark enough for the lights to get turned on.  Now the whole fair is glowing, you both can see it from the very top.  He yawns, stretching his legs as far as they can go, and his arms too- looping one around your shoulder.  God, what a dork.  He shoots you a wink, pulling you close and nuzzling into the top of your head.  He seems happy.  “heh… yeah.  i am.  i had a great time today.  wanna know the best part?”  I wonder what it could be.  Is it me?  “pfft, nah.  it was that ship ride.  man, i seriously thought i was gonna fall out for a second there.  did ya see that shit?  haha… fine fine, it was you.”  He runs his fingers through your hair, tucking your head under his chin with a satisfied sigh.  On top of the ferris wheel it feels like a whole other world.  This whole day feels perfect, crystallized, an impossibly happy event.  He holds onto it, thinking back to it even years later, taking this shining memory out and feeling it like a smooth and familiar stone in his hand.  “i wish every day could be like this.”


Abandoned (mostly) bomb shelter - Beijing.

During the Cold War, the largest bomb shelter in the world was commissioned beneath the streets of Beijing. Intended to house 6 million people, they not only wanted their citizens to survive a nuclear attack, they wanted to thrive and survive underground if such an event happened.

The tunnels were never finished and a recent explorer found an entrance and discovered a map down there (second photo).
While walking through, he flicked a lightswitch and discovered that the whole place still had electricity running right through it.

Finally, he stumbled upon a homeless family who had set up home down there and even had a fully functioning kitchen (last photo).

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Can you list your characters in order of dick size? (Just kidding, you don't have to answer. I was totally kidding. Please don't answer! I just wanted to send at least one stupid question before the end of the Q&A)

Okay, okay, I won’t answer.  Instead, please enjoy these Patreon sketches of the gang shopping for groceries. :)

look at my butternut squash.  look at it!

And that officially ends the Q&A!  Thank you to everyone who participated!  Now that I’m caught up, I’ve re-opened my ask box for whatever other casual questions or comments you may have.  And you can also reach me @bob-artist as usual.

you know that Trope™ where there’s two characters undercover and they have to Kiss to Stay Hidden? well that’s how i headcannon anton and larrikin’s first kiss to be. 

of course, it’s initiated by larrikin. 

i.e: they’re at a Super Secret underground villain mage Event and they wander away from the main party for their mission, and someone is coming their way and really, what excuse can they have to be here? … but this spot is real secluded and real shady,

 and so larrikin in a moment of 18th century gayness decides a perfect cover. and poor anton is just shocked and frozen when larrikin wraps his arms around his neck and kisses him just as footsteps round the corner, and when anton catches on      he kisses back only to ensure their cover is intact of course. no other reason. 

( he punches larrikin later. it takes a while for him to stop jumping whenever larrikin is around )

Tentative release date:
AUGUST 5TH OF 2016 at 10:00 am (EST)

Lenght: 2 weeks of daily activities

-Underale roleplayers only-


After fighting alongside Frisk to defend the world of the UNDERGROUND and the world above, the VIRTUOUS SOULS who had lost their lives at the claws of ASGORE had disappeared, never to be seen again . Some drifted away, some are floating in the void, and some had remade their lives one way or another.

Now, and as thanks for their courageous participation to FIGHT for a better world…

 we present to you CAMP UNDERSOUL, a place where all the PATIENT, BRAVE, INTEGRIOUS, PERSEVERANT, KIND, and JUST SOULS have the chance to rest and, perhaps, have the adventures they were unable to experience in life.

CAMP UNDERSOUL is a Community Event dedicated to all the SOULS blogs within the UNDERTALE ROLEPLAY community.

-All SOULS blogs will be welcome to join in! Even if your Undertale OC does not have a CANON color it can still join given that it posesses the VIRTUOUS SOUL of a human being that fell/lived/lives on the underground.

-This event is for UNDERTALE SOUL RP BLOGS ONLY. The only exception to this rule will be Moderators and other people who will be helping out with the organization of the event.

-This event is for SOULS up to 18 yrs old. It’s for kids predominantly so please keep this in mind! It is also a camp that supersedes the designs of life and death itself, so even if your soul has been dead for, say, 50 years they just need to have been under 18 when they died.

-No NSFW! That includes gore and violence. 

-There also will be no fighting between participants! 

-The LIVE events will occur through a DISCORD server.

-The tag of the event will be #camp undersoul. The tag for mod posts will be #camp undersoul mod.

To join, all participants will need to fill up a form that will be issued through our Camp Administration Sideblog. Please keep your eyes peeled for it!

-Link to the Original CAMP UNDERSOUL Post here-

-Link to the Q&A here-

-Your moderators are:

Mod Seis @seissouls

Mod Solar @sixsmolsouls

Mod Nero @orange-mercyfighter

Questions will be answered by us for the time being. Once the Camp Adminitration Sideblog is up and running, please direct your questions there (you’ll be notified when that happens), thank you~

Monsta X reaction to meeting a foreigner who speaks fluent Korean:


How would MONSTA X react if they met a foreigner and she could speak fluent Korean without an accent?



GIFs aren’t mine~

Originally posted by hairykpoppits


*is happy that he didn’t have to speak in English*

Okay so this boy met you in a club and really wanted to ask you out. He approached you, asking for your number in broken English before you replied back in Korean, which took him by surprise.

“Wait, you speak Korean?”


“…Nice.” *does a little victory dance in his head*

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You’ve recently moved to Korea and your apartment is coincidentally in the same building as the boy’s dorm. Wonho saw you struggling to move a huge box and he rushed over to lend you a hand. After that, you thank him in Korean and asked if he wanted to eat at your place.

“Sure, i’d love that.” If it means we’re going to be a thing soon.

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You were eating out alone at a restaurant and it was really packed. Because of this, your table was shared with an adorable looking guy. Since he loves talking, he’d ask few things about yourself, not realising that you replied to them in Korean. When he finally did though, he’d be quite pleased. It meant that it’s easier for him to get to know you better.

“It’s really nice knowing you. I hope we can hang out together sometime.”

Originally posted by aceyng


The both of you were stuck in elevator together and he thought that it’s only polite to start a conversation with you. He kept asking you things in English until it got to the point where he didn’t know what to say to you anymore, so you said,

“You know, you could’ve just asked me if I could speak in Korean, because I can.”

*let’s out a nervous laugh* “Oh. My bad.”

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The boy kept an eye on you for a while now, when you’ve walked in the party. He didn’t want to approach you at first because he thought it would be hard to communicate with you. But once he heard you talking to your friends in Korean, he’d casually walk up to you and asks you for your number.

“Hey, wanna go on a date?”

Originally posted by swagplusderp


*turns his snapback around when he heard you spitting bars in Korean*

How he met you was interesting. #Gun had asked if he wanted to join him at this underground rap battle event that was held monthly and he agreed. When he saw you came on stage, he’d wonder how you’re going to rap in Korean, before you took him by surprise when you rapped with amazing diction and pronunciation.

*nudges #Gun* “Whoah, who is she?”

“It’s Y/N.”

Originally posted by won-kyun


I don’t think he’ll be like the other members where they’re really happy/excited that you spoke Korean. When you first met him, he’d be casually talking to you in English, before asking if you could speak Korean. When you said yes, he’d nod along and would begin talking to you in a mixture of English and Korean after that.

“So how long have you been living here?”

“Hmm, just a couple of months.”

“Want me to show you around, sometime?”

requests are open again!

Ah yes. It’s that time of year again when this stupid and judgemental meme pops up on my social media or it is sent to me purposely as I post about the fun I’m having at EDC. This meme in particular was obviously made by someone who has never attended Electric Daisy Carnival. It’s right off the bat condescending and insulting.

“Pull me over I have drugs”, such a gross and misinformed stereotype. Drugs are in EVERY SINGLE MUSIC SCENE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Weed and alcohol are still drugs incase you forgot and caffeine is also considered a drug and they are readily available everywhere. Whether some one does them or not is absolutely NONE of your business if it’s not affecting you directly.

“I have shitty taste in music”, no I don’t. I value and appreciate a different form of music that you do not regularly hear being regurgitated over and over again on the radio or whatever Hot Topic tells you to like. EDM is different and there’s nothing like it. Because radio stations wouldn’t play EDM or sell them at record stores, distribution had to go underground and make own shows and events long before social media became the norm. And in the underground concerts and events, the rave culture began, PLUR was created, and has been thriving for 30+ years. And even now, it’s still not welcomed or accepted in the mainstream.

“I make stupid financial decisions” first of all, HAH! I have been going to EDC since 2007 and this weekend is my 10th one. Every year, I can afford my ticket, my travel expenses, and my hotel just fine. You know, having a job and all helps out with that, and I’m pretty sure the other 125,000+ people there have jobs too. “Paying $200 to watch some people press ‘play’” Actually no, djs create their own music and mixes and remixes for every show and during the show as well. They engage with the crowd, set up visuals and designs to play during their sets, and really, truly care about their fans. BTW, EDC tickets are up to $450 for the 3 night event. Sorry you can’t afford to go. Maybe you should have made better financial choices huh?

When I first attended EDC 10 years ago, I knew nothing about EDM or the rave culture, but I’m an open minded person and I don’t judge others until I can experience something for myself first hand. That night was huge game changer for me and I really learned what PLUR was, peace, love, unity, and respect. The rave culture is so amazing, accepting, and non judgemental people I have gotten the pleasure to get to know. I have met some many great people and some of my best friends there. Not once have it ever felt ashamed of being who I am, of my body or gender. Do you want to know who the most judgemental people I have ever met are? Cosplayers. I enjoy cosplaying but I can’t stand most of the people in the scene. They’re clique-y, get over protective of a character that is 'theirs’, body shame on each another, spread rumors about each other, and judge your costume in how accurate it can be all while trying to sell prints because they couldn’t make it as a model the old fashioned way. I have never met people like that in all the years I have been raving. When I run into other Harley Quinns at a rave we run up to each other, hug, dance, trade kandi, and take pictures. There’s no competing over who has the better costume or more followers, it’s straight, pure fun and I can nerd over a character i love with a stranger while listening to a set.
You want to know another post I’ve fact about raves? They are SO MUCH MORE SAFER than attending a bar or club. Not once have it ever felt threatened or unsafe there. I have never been verbally assaulted or groped by a man there like I have at a club because I turned them down. The EDM community is an incredibly respectful group of individuals and help each other out. The police the attend EDC absolutely love working the event. They do a lottery to draw names to see if they can work it. I see cops walking around enjoying themselves and taking pictures and having the attendees come up and dance with them, give them kandi and thank them for working the event.

Bottom line, EDM may not be for you and I respect that and will never shame you for what you like and enjoy, but don’t judge me on what I spend my hard earned money on and music taste, especially if you have never attended before. So while you spend your Sunday night watching reruns or doing chores, I’m going to be dancing with my rave family from dusk til dawn on the Las Vegas Motor speedway and you are always welcomed to join us under the electric sky