underground clothing brand

Hello, my name is Elliott Alexzander.
I am 21 years young.
My life is a bit of a revolving current.
Multiple personalities.

Like most I have had my share of struggles. I wait patiently for more.

Rape. Addiction. Dysphoria. Rejection. Heartbreak. Trust Issues.

Like most I have had my share of triumphs. I wait patiently for more.

Self Confidence. Determination. True Love. Body Positive. Talent.

I’ve been thinking about where to take my life lately. I have options for sure, but I want to make the right decisions. A career in cosmetology seems to be the “practical” way for me, but unfortunately I’m bored. So I have been rethinking my path lately. My website, House of Alexzander is blooming in ways I never thought possible! I continue to find reasonable ways to make a living from home while also being an artist and inspiring the world. Not to mention, everything is going right for me as an artist. From my photos landing onto a talk show in china, to some of my fashion posts turning viral spins through the tumblr universe. House of Alexzander is blooming into something that is capable of really changing things. But this will take all of me, and all my time. I wonder if It is the right thing to do sometimes but I don’t worry. As long as I stay true to what feels right I have faith. Used to I had no faith, but the way that I have been embraced by my followers who send me so much love and kindness, they have given me faith in myself. The faith I need to lead others to enlightenment and inspiration. Challenges like connecting the Gender Variant community together and making our presence known beyond the underground. Dreams of clothing brands that are body positive and tailored for all body types. These are things I know I can do, because I have the support of so many. The risks are becoming more and more apparent of the road I am walking, but the fulfillment has become more and more clear.

Our stories is a project to bring people together. People who can connect with others going trough daily life as gender variant, trans, non binary, body positive, etc. Like myself, we all have struggles and triumphs. Our stories is your way to share your struggles and triumphs with people who will relate to you. This project was created in two days. In a little over a week, House of Alexzander has received 300+ submission and we receive more daily. I think that is amazing, and that’s why I have submitted a story of my own. The story that, you, the one reading this, is now a part of. Xoxo

-Elliott Alexzander