underground channel


Day 4 (3/23): how has the channel impacted your life?! (you can get as personal as you wish)

The channel saved my life.If i didn’t find Jack’s channel then i wouldn’t be in to gaming i wouldn’t have a YouTube channel i wouldn’t be trying to make people smile instead i would be 7 feet underground with out this channel and this community i would have given up a long time ago but Jack stopped that if he knows it or not because of him i am who i am today. And i wouldn’t change a thing.

See you tomorrow.


The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel is the end part of a system which drains floods. The system is composed of 5 underground collection silos (up to 65m x 32m) connected by ~6km of tunnels which culminates in the ‘Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel’ (roughly 180m x 80m x 18m), and discharges up to 200 tons of water per second.

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolitan_Area_Outer_Underground_Discharge_Channel