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I feel a little apprehensive to post this but damn, I’m tired of Poland during WWII being mentioned only in the context of “Hitler invaded it first” (which is not technically accurate anyway).


  • during WWII, around 6 000 000 Polish people were killed, over 3 000 000 of it were Jewish. The vast majority were civilians. To give you the perspective on those numbers, 35 000 000 people lived in Poland before the war. That means that over 22% of all Polish people were killed in WWII.
  • The first actual report of the scope of Holocaust was conducted by the Polish Underground State. Jan Karski gathered a detailed account of the mass murders that were being committed and presented it to the Allies on the West as early as 1942, asking for help. USA and UK did nothing.
  • (by the way, while giving Jan Karski posthumously the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Barack Obama used the very loaded phrase “Polish concentration camps” - which were, you know Nazi Germany concentration camps where Polish citizens were killed. Not to rag on Obama personally but this goes to show what’s the general American attitude towards this)
  • Speaking of the Polish Underground State - did you know that it was the biggest resistance movement under the Nazi Germany? And it was an actual underground state, with underground cabinet, diplomatic channels, education, judiciary system, the press, etc. There was a branch called “Żegota” that provided help for Jewish people in gettos and accomodated their hiding on the “Aryan side”. (You should consider that in Poland only the punishment for helping Jewish people was death).
  • Don’t forget too that Hitler first offered Poland a deal and the Polish response was “We in Poland don’t know the notion of peace at any cost. There is only one thing in the lives of people, nations and states which is priceless: that thing is honor”.
  • (that probably wasn’t very smart but you have to admit it’s pretty badass)
  • Subsequently, both Nazi Germany and USSR invaded Poland while France and Britain (who formally “declared war” on Germany) did nothing.
  • Also don’t forget that Polish Underground State was forced to work with Stalin even though USSR invaded Poland and committed terrible war crimes. For our troubles, we got sold to the Soviets after WWII. By the way, NKWD (secret police) was actively arresting Polish freedom fighters and Jewish people even BEFORE the war was done (sometimes those “freed” from the concertration camps were transferred directly to the Soviet prisons). USA knew about this.

There’s more but I wrote this off the top of my head and I’m tired.

American followers, be aware of this.

The FilmStruck Podcast: Darren Aronofsky
The FilmStruck Podcast: Darren Aronofsky

The FilmStruck Podcast is here! On this first edition host Alicia Malone speaks with Mother! director Darren Aronofsky who discusses how he came to film, his influences like Luis Buñuel, Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee and Jim Jarmusch, video stores, growing up in Brooklyn, and how he focuses on characters and emotions when telling stories.

Malone also talks with TCM Underground programmer and FilmStruck Content Manager Millie De Chirico, who discusses how she A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (’71) at a young age and discusses new FilmStruck themes like Jim Henson: Playing With Reality.

Progress Update - July 2017

A while back, I was writing an update, and I stubbed the update number with “XX” to be filled in once I looked up which update number I was on. I then forgot to edit that part in, which is why I’ve been moving forward with “Update XX”, “Update XY”, etc. Since last update was “ZZ”, it’s no longer possible to use this naming scheme. I’ll be moving forward with the more sensible Month and Year to number the updates.

Here’s last month’s notable progress:

World Map

World Map’s extremities are done. By that, I mean the edges of the world have been laid down. There is still the matter of filling in its inner details - some areas will be added organically as I traverse the map myself. The world map currently stretches an impressive 152 x 182 tiles. Which equates to a mighty 28,210 tiles! That’s a LOT of clicking. I lost count of how many hours went into it, but there were some days where the only work I did was tile the world map. Quite tedious! Luckily, there are shortcuts I can employ - copy and pasting for one.


Chapter 3’s dungeons are still in progress. Currently, I’ve finished the major plot points of the underground water channel and the jail break portions, and am now about to embark on recreating the infamous Tower level. Rest assured, I’ve heard of the public’s displeasure for the Tower level - it is being heavily redesigned. All dungeons are in fact. For now, here’s a preview of the WIP ambush fight that occurs at the end of the jail portion of the dungeon.

Promo Art

Pirate is also working on a promo art for the game. Hopefully it’s full unveiling can occur with the next update. For now, here are some cool sketches she made during the brainstorming process.

Next Update

Also for next update, I’m aiming to create a trailer! Yes… the next update will be quite packed, which is why it will also be delayed. I expect it to be more than a month away, but less than two months away. Til next time!

License to Science (And Kill)

Title: License to Science (And Kill)
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Action / Humor / Romance
Rating: T

Levihan Week Day 5: Blue


When International criminal organization, TITAN, successfully steals an arsenal of missiles along with their encrypted launch codes, Code Blue is initiated. It up to Agent Levi Ackerman, a spy in a class of his own, and Research scientist Hanji Zoe, the premiere authority on the organization, to halt a global catastrophe in its tracks.

She lowered her glasses, brown eyes blinking over the rims. “Does this mean I have a-” One brow lifted. “License to Science?”

“No. But I do have a License to Kill. Don’t tempt me to use it.”

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Cyptid Sighting: The Bear Lake Monster

Reported to resemble a serpent, but with legs about eighteen inches long on which it marauds along the shoreline.

An 1868 article in the Deseret News announced that, “The Indians have a tradition concerning a strange, serpent-like creature inhabiting the waters of Bear Lake…. This Bear Lake Monster, they now call it, is causing a great deal of excitement up here” and then the author—Joseph C. Rich—went on to relate several sightings of the creature in recent times.The article created a stir in Salt Lake City and within a month “a news staff member… quizzed many Bear Lake people and found hardly a person who doubted it.” (x)

The number of alleged appearances of lake monsters all across northern Utah caused some people to speculate that there was an underground channel connecting the Great Salt Lake and other waterways to Bear Lake. At one point even LDS Church president Brigham Young decided to investigate the claims to find out whether the story was “an honest tale of a serpent, or only a fish story.”

Twenty-six years following his articles and allegations, Joseph C. Rich finally admitted that it had all been a “wonderful first class lie.”


Crayzee Banditt - 5 On It (Instrumental)
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anonymous asked:

About the post you just reblogged about the wards..i think the 24th ward does exist and it's not fiction. I don't know if this is true but the 24th could be the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel, which is obvisously under Tokyo.

I do not know enough about Tokyo to be able to answer this one way or another. :0 You may want to message the op of that post instead.

Emily Andras AMA over at Reddit

Q: How did the whole Lexa situation affect not maybe the shooting (as I believe it was already shot), but the engagement with fans on social media, for example, of WYNONNA EARP?

And second, how do you experience the showrunners world being a female creator and writer and any advice for - ehem, fellow, hopefully - future writers who want to bring more diversity and good writing to Television?

EA:  The Lexa situation didn’t affect the creative of WE as it WAS already shot, but it made me feel happy about certain storytelling choices we’d made. I was aware of the BYG trope, but I was impressed at how passionately that fanbase pushed it into the mainstream media and have started to demand better representation. 

If you are a ‘future’ writer (hell, if you write, you can just say 'writer’ now) who wants to bring more diversity to television, you should surround yourself with diverse writers and mentors. Then if and when you’re lucky enough to be in a position of power to make change, i.e. as a showrunner, you should put your money where your mouth is and hire diversely.

Q: Did you personally choose Melanie Scofrano to be your lead lady? How was the process to find “the” Wynonna? btw she is doing a great job

EA: I did personally choose her, along with my producers, and it might be the smartest decision I ever made. She is doing an amazing job because she is a once-in-a-lifetime performer. We saw over 300 young actresses across the coast, but in the end, there was only Scrofano. And all was right in Purgatory. :)

Q: In your experience writing/producing tv as a raging feminist, what have been some elements (trope-smashing, specific plots, themes, stylistic choices etc.) for which you’ve really had to fight to be included in the final product? Have you faced any backlash or resistance as a result?

EA: I have always had to fight for the LGBT stuff. Always. Initially nobody wants the pretty girl to be a lesbian. Even if she’s been like that since I started developing her (and I usually have). Nobody thinks there’s an audience. Nobody thinks it’s a real thing. Then it is. And the audience comes because they get it. And I feel triumphant. And happy. I think also 'female’ driven storytelling is still somehow seen as less 'legitimate’ or 'prestigious’ than shows that feature a male anti-hero…in the same way almost any novel written by a female author is decreed 'chitlit’ regardless of content. So I feel like my work is often dismissed as pap regardless of critical adoration or audience success. But here I am, still making TV that I’d watch. And that smells like victory. :) That’s my raging feminist answer and I’m sticking to it.

Q: Was there originally more to the WayHaught barn scene? It seems like it begins in the middle of an interaction.


Q: What is your fav quality about Wynonna? What quality of wynonna do you personally relate to?

EA:  My fave quality about Wynonna is that even though she is such a hot mess with such a dark past and has every reason to give up and give in to simply being 'bad’, she never does. She fights and tries and cares, despite her many mistakes and flaws.  I relate to her torrid love affair with donuts. But she’s much braver than I. :)

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  • Marvel AU: The Assassination of JFK

John Fitzgerald Kennedy had it all: the looks, the charm, the power, the love of the people…but what most of the population didn’t know was why. JFK’s rise to power and subsequent adoration from the common people wasn’t due to luck or chance: he was a mutant. His power lay in the ability to determine a person’s true loyalty by a simple gaze; alternatively, all who looked upon Kennedy were immediately taken by him, like a pheromone he had control of, but somehow absorbed by the eyes, whether near or far. It was an extremely potent gift to have in the world of politics.

Word finally came to HYDRA through one of their many spies working in the White House. The President’s powers put them at great risk: their people could attempt to stay clear, but soon it would become inevitable that Kennedy’s gaze would fall upon one of their agents and then he would just simply know…and all their hard work throughout the ages would be in jeopardy. They would be in jeopardy. The choice was clear: JFK had to be eliminated.

So they sent their best man, the only man for the job: the Winter Soldier.

Back in the States, word also came down through an underground channel of mutants that the President was not only one of them, but also in danger. No one knew how or when it would happen, only that an attempt would be made. It seemed impossible to thwart, but Erik Lehnsherr took it upon himself to keep watch on JFK. He tailed the most powerful man in the America for two weeks, becoming more and more frustrated and desperate, angry exasperation only heightened by his lack of sleep. Finally, the day of the motorcade came and he felt it in his bones: this was it. Erik hastily wandered Dealey Plaza in a frenzy, scanning the immense crowd of people that had gathered in Dallas while subsequently being forcibly shuffled through the multitude. As the limo turned onto Elm Street, Lehnsherr found himself cornered off into the bushes, unable to properly see the car.

That’s when the shots rang out.

Erik tried to divert the bullet without having a clear sight, jumping out from his cover in the attempt, but it wasn’t enough: John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States of America, was dead, assassinated while thousands watched, helpless.

The Winter Soldier had done his job flawlessly, as he always had, and was in and out without the slightest trace of his presence: his existence a mere ghost in time, never to be found.

There was only one man that the public saw heading towards the President, only one man that could be implicated in the crime of the century, one that showed an immense, frightening mastery of any metal within his reach: a man known to only the most dangerous, underground members of society by a single, menacing name:



The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel is the end part of a system which drains floods. The system is composed of 5 underground collection silos (up to 65m x 32m) connected by ~6km of tunnels which culminates in the ‘Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel’ (roughly 180m x 80m x 18m), and discharges up to 200 tons of water per second.

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolitan_Area_Outer_Underground_Discharge_Channel