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The Secret (13)

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“Where are we going Mummy?” Zoe asked again for what felt like the hundredth time since you picked her up from school. With a glance at your rear-view mirror, you could see her swinging her legs excitedly. Unlike you, Zoe loved surprises but was rather impatient for them.

Following the sat-nav, you made a quick left off the main road into a more residential area. All around you were a number of tall apartment buildings, fairly new and modern. “I don’t technically know,” you replied covertly, laughing at her frown. Clearly she didn’t approve of your vagueness.

With another quick glance, you smiled at your daughter staring wide-eyed out the window, taking everything in with her child-like curiosity. “Look there’s a park,” she squealed excitedly, pressing her face up against the glass as you slowly drove past a filled playground. “Is that a swimming pool?” you heard her exclaim behind you as you turned down another road.

You have arrived at your destination.”

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❝ That’s my lady. ❞

Plot: You’ve been distant from yoongi and he finds out the reason it’s because you recently became an underground dancer. 

Pairing: YoongixReader

Words count: 1,5k+

For anon, I hope you like it! M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Once again you had to give up time with Yoongi and you felt incredibly guilty about that.  

He was trying hard to be more present despite his schedules and you couldn’t make time for him. It seemed as if the situation was reversed.  

But you worked so hard to become part of that group that to waste the opportunity was the last thing you wanted.  

“Are you okay Y/N?”  

“Yes, Jisoo.. Let’s keep trying, the competition is between a few days and we have no time to lose. ” You settled the matter with a weary smile and the music started again.  

Your muscles were pleading you to stop, but you didn’t have any intention to listen to your body.  

You would have won that competition of underground dance, at all costs.  

~ ~

The silence of your apartment was a relief after hours and hours of loud music and yelling.  

You were feeling your feet sore for too many hours of practice, your arms looked like jelly and your legs almost struggled to hold.  

The bathroom was your main direction but the fatigue won completely on you; making you collapse on the couch. Your little dog Kira, Yoongi’s gift for your birthday just passed, ran on the couch and settled on your breasts beginning to lick your face, welcoming you with joy.  

“Hey, little girl. I’ve missed you, you know? ” You whispered, starting to caress her soft coat; “Have you been good? I’m sure cutie.. Now you mom sleep a little, huh! ”  

Your voice went to fade and sleep got the better of you, while the little Kira continued to lick your face looking for attention she did not have netted.  

The little dog was not alone in wanting attention, Yoongi left the kitchen shortly after and he watched while you slept blissfully on the couch, with your shoes on and a veil of sweat to wet your forehead.  

He approached you, trying in every way to not wake you up, taking off your shoes and taking the blanket from the couch.  

“What are you hiding, Y/N?” He murmured placing the blanket on you; “You’re always more distant and it worries me. And why the heck you’re all sweaty. ” He added, perceiving at that time of the sweat on your skin.  

Intrigued he recovered your purse and a folded leaflet bad came in part from the hinge.  

And was watching it carefully that each piece of the puzzle in his mind found the right place.  

~ ~

The voice of the leader was attracting the attention and the agitation was literally eating you alive. Your first competition and all eyes of those present seemed to be probing your soul.  

What you didn’t know is that Yoongi was hiding in the shadows, watching you, not knowing what to expect. Once he has found the flyer of the competition he had started to bother you less and you couldn’t figure it out, but you had so many thoughts on your mind that you were worried a lot.  

You felt a horrible girlfriend and were promised that once won that competition, you would have devoted whole days to your grumpy boyfriend.  

“Y/N, are you ready?”  

“I am always ready, sunbae.” Your sigh made him raise an eyebrow; you knew that you seem scared in appearance; “Really Sunbae, I’m fine.”  

“I hope for you if we lose we’re out of the competition.”  

You nodded while remaining silent. You wanted that Yoongi was there, but you didn’t have time to tell him anything. Maybe you were even afraid that he would not approve even if several times he had been the first to say to chase your dreams.  

“Ready?” The leader asked again, looking at you and while infusing somehow the calm needed to take the stage.  

The music echoed in the underground car park where he was holding the competition, it was not illegal but secrecy was something fundamental, and now your body responded to the music, starting to remember every single effort made in those weeks.  

You wouldn’t ruin anything, you would win.  

~ ~

Your group had defeated the first group, something that made you particularly proud and now you should have been battling with another to gain access to the semifinals. Your gaze continued to wander in the huge crowds and inside you were hoping, even though you knew it was impossible, to see Yoongi’s gummy smile.  

Your group began to dance, you and two other girls had been joining at the third bar when a familiar voice spread anywhere and made all completely stop.

“Why did you stop? I want to see you dance, you were doing so well. ” The voice said and you weren’t the only one to know her. You became almost afraid it was just a figment of your imagination, but your friend erased all doubt.  

“This is Suga’s voice.” She muttered upset.  

“Then I’m not the only one to hear it..”  

“I WANT TO SEE YOU DANCE, CMON’!” He yelled again, with his pick-ups English, making you smile like a child in front of the candy.  

He was there, he was there and every fear you felt in those weeks vanished altogether. You would dance for him and after you would apologize for the bad girlfriend who you were.  

Finally, the music began again and your group was ready for action, starting to dance following the choreography to perfection.  

The victory was yours, you were more than confident.  

~ ~

“WE WON, WE WON, YEAAAH. WE’LL GO TO SEMIFINALS!!! ” JeuYoo shrieked, hugged you and making you laugh. She was a little girl but her enthusiasm was always welcome. “Y/N, WE WOOOOOOOON. BUT NOW I WANT TO SEE SUGA. WHERE IS SUGA. DID YOU HEAR THAT, WHERE IS HE!!! ”  

“Don’t ask me.” You muttered, ignoring her request; “Go to find him, if I find his I’ll send you a text!”  

“RUN!” And she ran really, making you sigh of relief.  

You did not tell anyone about being Yoongi’s girlfriend, you did not want favoritism or they took advantage of his fame to win the competition.  

More than yourself, it was always Yoongi’s sake that you cared.  

“I thought you’d get tired of me.” A voice behind you murmured, making you turn and running towards the dark corner where it had arrived.  

Your boyfriend was waiting for you with his gummy smile on his face and a small Freesia in his hand, your favorite flower.  

In his simplicity, he always managed to surprise you. You were throwing your arms around his neck, freezing in remember you were completely sweating soup and perhaps not very fragrant.  

“Why don’t you hold me??”  

“I’m all sweaty Yoongi …”  

“Who the fuck cares, come here.” He exclaimed almost blew for your response, lapping your shoulders with one arm. “It isn’t a bit of sweat to get me away, silly girl.” He added into your ear, provoking yet another smile.  

You hid into his arms while he started to brush your back with his other hand, slipping his fingers along your spine just like you loved. He knew you so well that sometimes scared you.  

“I’m sorry Yoongi…”  

“Now that I know you don’t want to leave me, I feel better.”  

“LEAVE YOU? Pabo… I’d be a fool to leave you. ” You felt almost offended by his thoughts, but you couldn’t blame him. You heaved your gaze and bit his cheek gently, causing him to rotate his eyes pretending to be disgusted.  

“You’re damn good Y/N, you know that? I’m used to Jimin, Jungkook-ah and Hobi.. but I’ve never seen anyone dance like you danced you tonight. ”  His compliments made you blush, forcing you to hide your face against his neck again. Two of his fingers were under your chin, lifting your face and letting your eyes met. Your eyes were talking without that they need to be accompanied by words.  

“I’m proud of you, Y/N”.  

“You don’t know how much this counts for me, Yoongi.”  

“Now we go home, take a shower and then I’ll see what to do with you.”  

“What do you mean…?” You asked, not understanding what he meant.  

“Oh… Now that I’ve seen you dancing you couldn’t think you get away with it. I need a sexy dancer for my next solo videos. ”  

“Yoongi… NO WAY ” You shouted and he tapped your mouth with his open hand, giving you a killer gaze.  

“I’m not. Everyone needs to know how much you’re fucking good, Y/N ”.

Suspect: Part 2

Pairing: Reader x Bucky (not yet)
Word Count: 1.8K
Warnings: Swearing

A/N: Still set during CA:TWS. I’m actually super proud of my writing here

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1

A pulsating headache had been bugging you the last few hours, and you couldn’t be more happy that the clock had finally hit 5pm. Closing down your laptop, you start gathering your belongings and stuffing them into your bag. Grabbing your phone, you let out an annoyed sigh as it starts glitching.

“Great,” you sarcastically mumble to yourself as you grab your coat and bag,

“What is?” Dale’s voice sounds from beside you,

“My phone,” you sigh out, “It’s fucking up. Now I’m going to have to go by the Apple Store on my way home,”

Dale gives you a look of pity, “Well, not to be the barer of more bad news, but you can’t rush off yet, Chief wants us in the conference room. Emergency meeting,”

“What about?” you ask as your brows furrow.

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Zootopia/Robin Hood fan fiction TAKE A STAND ch.24 Salut d’amour

(AN/ Hi Folks it’s Garouge / Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reviewed and reblogged the last chapter. Not going to lie folks, I cried a lot writing this one so get your tissues ready. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…..)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link… www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/24/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 24- Salut d’amour

It was just after 9am when Nick and Judy pulled into the parking lot of the storage locker place on the outskirts of Savannah central, Nick switched off the engine and the both of them got out of the audi convertible and scanned their surroundings to make sure they weren’t being spied upon. “Which locker did Skye said we need to go to?” Nick asked, sounding serious.

“86.” Judy replied, noticing the were stood in the 50 to 60s area. The duo followed the numbers to their desired location, most of these lockers were made with very large mammals in mind like Giraffes and Rhinos making Nick and Judy appear tiny, they finally reached locker 86 and Judy knocked twice on the metal shutter, almost instantly the small mammal sized hatch on the door opened with Jack beckoning them in.

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The Meme and His Tutor

Part 9: The First Time Time Jungkook Was Called BunBun

Recommended Song: If by GOT7

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Two days after you arrive in Korea Jungkook takes you on a day out. A day of laughter, surprises and heart-stopping moments.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 8484

Length: 9/?

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#2 - What went wrong?

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(I kinda got carried away with this chapter oops lol)


Monday, 5th June 2017

Jasmine: Why don’t you just go surprise him at the office? Bring him food or something? Or a slap to his face haha.

You: I already went past his office and asked the receptionist. She said he went out and wasn’t sure when he’ll be back. I also told her not to let him know I was there.

Hallie: Why? 

You: I don’t know… Anyway can we talk about something else? 

Once brunch was over the three of you headed to the mall for some shopping. This was a good distraction from everything so you used the time to really put a dent in your wallet. You didn’t care. 

You girls shopped until closing time and bid each other farewell. You had so many shopping bags in both your hands. You bought several dresses, tops, jeans, perfumes, make-up, new hand bag and a new pair of shoes. You even bought Jay a few dress shirts that you think would look good on him. See. This is the thing with you no matter how angry, upset you are with Jay -  you always care about him. 

While you wait for the next available bus back to your apartment you decided to message Jay:

Went shopping today and bought you something :) What do you want for dinner?

The moment you sent the text a car pulled up at the bus stop. You take a few steps back and saw the window bring rolled down. You hope the person in the car wouldn’t jump out and kidnap you. The man in the car wore a black face mask. Oh shit, you thought. You turn and walk a few steps away from the car before you heard you name. 

Man: Hey [Y/N], it’s me. Where are you going? 

You turned your head back and still couldn’t figure who it was so you continued walking away. He called out again and this time the car honk went off. You were thinking what the hell is this guy’s problem. You stop in your track and try to figure who this guy was. He got out the car and walked up to you. 

You: Errr who are you?

He pulled the face mask off. 

You: Omg. Gray! The hell is wrong with you?

Gray: With me? The hell is wrong with YOU? Why were you ignoring me? 

You:  I didn’t know who you were. Next time, put that mask down first. Geez. 

Gray: Alright, noted for next time. Need a ride? I don’t think the bus will be coming any time soon. 

You: Really? Ok. I’m just going back home. 

Gray took your shopping bags from your hands and put them in the boot of the car. You didn’t realise how red your hands were from carrying the bags. You rubbed them together and went to sit in the passenger side of Gray’s car. Gray turned to you and noticed that you’re rubbing your hands together.

Gray: You know if I get a parking ticket, it’s your fault. 

You didn’t respond to his joke. 

Gray: Did all the shopping cure whatever you’re feeling hm?

You didn’t answer straight away but looked at him and turned back to the road. You wanted to tell him what has been going on. To you, Gray was like a big brother. He always knew what to say and what you’re thinking. 

When you first started seeing Jay, he introduced you to Gray first. Gray was the one who “pressured” Jay into dating you. He knew you were perfect for Jay because both of you complimented each other so well. Jay and you balance each other. No matter how tipped the scales are, both of you would either give in or sacrifice whatever it is too make sure the scales are balance again.

Gray: Hellooo? Earth to the Big Boss.

You: Sorry. Um yeah, shopping was good.

Gray could tell you weren’t in the mood to talk so he turned up the radio. The drive back to your apartment was longer than usual because of all the roadworks. You kept checking for Jay’s reply but still had no answer. You wanted to call him but with Gray being here, it would’ve been hard.

Gray: So what’s for dinner?

You: I don’t know. I asked Jay but he hasn’t replied. Probably gonna have take out. Can’t be bother cooking at this time.

Gray: I thought you hate take out?

You: I don’t hate it just prefer home cooked meals. By the way, have you seen Jay today? Or spoken to him?

Gray: Yeah it was rehearsals all day today but I left early because my head was hurting. You haven’t seen him?

You: No, I haven’t. We spoke for a lil bit this morning. Rehearsals all day? Wow no wonder your head hurts. Anyway I went by the office and the receptionist said he was out. So I left. He probably went out to eat or something. 

Gray: You came by? When?

You: Around 11.

It was nearly 7pm when you got to your apartment. You hand the apartment card to Gray so that he can swipe it to enter the underground car park. Gray then parked the car in the allocated spot. He turned off the engine and went to the boot to grab your bags. You went to grab them off him but he pulled away.

Gray: I got it. Just press the elevator button.

You unlock your apartment’s door and the lights weren’t on. Jay wasn’t home. Gray put the bags in the living room.

You: Want anything to drink? I would offer food but there isn’t any. Sorry. 

Gray: Water is fine. Um I haven’t had dinner yet. Do you want me to order take out. I could go get it. Waiting for it to be delivered would take too long. 

You went to check your phone and saw that Jay finally replied to you 20 minutes ago:

On my way home and I bought dinner. See you soon baby.

You: Well it’s good to know Jay is alive. He’s on the way back and he bought dinner. Join us?

You opened the fridge and grab a water bottle for Gray and handed it to him. 

Gray: Thanks. I would love too but I don’t feel like being a third wheel tonight. I’ll just buy something on the way back.

You: Thanks so much, Gray. I owe you one.

Gray finished his water and started to walk out. Just as he was putting on his shoes the door opened. Jay was standing in the doorway. You weren’t close to him but you could see his tiredness from his eyes.

Jay: Oh hey man.

Gray simply nodded.

You: Hi to you too, babe. What did you get?

You walked to grab the take out from him and gave him a peck on the lips. You could taste and smell alcohol. He had been drinking. You then headed to the kitchen and start setting up.

Jay: Got your fav from that ramen store. There’s dessert in there too - Ice cream and Tiramisu.

Gray: Alright, I’m gonna go. Bye [Y/N].

You called out from the kitchen, “Bye and thanks again!”.

Jay: See you too, man. I’ll be at the office around lunch time. Simon, Loco and Pumkin will be coming in early. Oh and I left the notes you gave me on your desk. 

Before Gray walked out, he leaned into Jay and making sure you weren’t standing nearby.

Gray: You told us you were going out for lunch with [Y/N] today but she stopped by the office around 11. Front desk told her you weren’t in and [Y/N] said she hasn’t seen you all day. What’s going on, man?

Jay was speechless. He didn’t know you stopped by the office. He figured you must have told front desk to not let him know that you came by.

You: [calling from the kitchen] Jay! Come and eat now otherwise I’ll eat it all!

Gray: You better not be doing what I think you’re doing.

Then Gray left without saying another word.

When the day met the Night - Part Two, Chapter Twenty

Hours later I was sitting up in the hospital bed, with the monitor on listening to the baby. It’s heart rate was thumping along loudly and it was moving and kicking madly. Zack had been in and given me the once over, assuring me that everything was fine. Despite my ordeal, all my vitals were okay and he was happy for me to go home once the police had finished talking to me. I watched as Jared stood with two of the officers outside the room talking to him, he nodded as they spoke, frowning at whatever it was they were telling him. Every now and then he would glance over at me giving me a reassuring smile. They had been in and questioned me already, I had told them exactly what had happened, giving them every possible detail I could. I had felt Jared tense when I recounted how she had grabbed me and pushed me and slapped me across the face. I wanted answers but the officer told me that they hadn’t finished questioning them so I would have to wait until at least tomorrow before they could give me more information. He came back in and kissed my forehead, “wanna go home?” he asked grinning. I nodded, “yes please” and quickly got out of bed and ready to leave. “The car is down in the underground car park, but when we drive out, well, just so you know, there’s a few cameras and reporters” he said quietly, brushing a strand of hair off my face. I sighed in frustration but nodded. As we emerged from the car park, I prepared for the worst as the reporters started running towards the car. Thankfully the windows were tinted and Jared took off quickly so all in all, they didn’t get very much.

I was exhausted by the time we got home. Bluebell was peacefully sleeping. I gave her a soft kiss, grateful that she was safe and I was here with her. Though it was late everyone had stayed up waiting for us, wanting to make sure I was okay. Many hugs and kisses later, it was just the four of us there, Shannon and Constance were going to stay the night with us. We sat and talked for a while as Jared explained to his mom briefly what had happened. I didn’t join in on the conversation, but I was comforted by their low voices around me. My eyes were closing when I felt Jared shake me gently, “cmon let’s go up” he said. “I’m so tired” I murmured, taking the last few steps to our room. He helped me sit on the bed, “it’s what they gave you, Zack said it would make you sleepy, just to help you relax” he said. I nodded remembering him telling me that would happen. “Well hop into bed and just go to sleep” he said. “No no, I need to have a shower, please, I want to wash it all away” I said standing up, swaying. “I’ll help you, hang on” he said quickly, walking me to the bathroom and helped me, or pretty much stripped me off. “Throw them away, I never want to see those clothes again” I said turning away from the pile. “Sure” he said gently. He let go of me and I quickly grabbed the sink to steady myself. “I’ll get in with you, you’re too drowsy I’m worried you might fall” he said. “Okay” I murmured. Five minutes later we were both in the shower. He washed my hair, gently massaging my scalp then rinsing it out. “Come back towards me again” he said, I leaned into him, my eyes closed. He turned me around so my back was leaning against his body. He had body wash in his hands and began rubbing it over my shoulders, down over my hips and bum, slowly, gently. It was bliss having his hands on me, relieving the tension. “Put your hands on the wall while I wash the rest” he murmured, I did as he asked and he ran his hands slowly up and down my calves and thighs, down between my legs slowly lingering, softly moving, going over the same places. My center was throbbing slowly, as I felt desire starting to pool there for the first time in ages. It felt like forever since we had been together and I felt an overwhelming need to be with him. I wanted to feel him next to me, inside me I needed to connect with him on a physical level. I let out a small involuntary moan. “What’s wrong?” he said gently, “I … nothing” I whispered He stood back up pulling me back against him. His hands slid down my arms and back across my breasts. I heard him exhale softly when my nipples became hard as his hands ran over them. He ran them over and around my belly, his hands coming to a stop hoping to feel some kicks. “It’s asleep” I said yawning, “probably tired just like it’s mom” he chuckled. He took hold of my hand and bought my wrist up to his lips, kissing the red marks. “This must hurt” he said, I nodded slowly. He took the other one and kissed it as well. “It will go away” he said, I knew he meant not only the red marks, but the whole ordeal. I nodded again “there, you’re clean” he said, his voice soft. “Thank you” I murmured sleepily, I could feel him, he had grown hard against my bum. I heard the softest of groans escape his throat. “Jared, I want …” I started to whisper but stopped myself. “What? What is it? I’ll get you anything you want” he said quickly. I turned around to lean my head against his chest. “I want you” I said sighing. I heard a low chuckle, “I want you too baby, but you’re exhausted and so am I, right now we need to get out or you’ll get cold” he said, reluctantly I let go. He helped me dry off and then got me a clean tank top and knickers, patiently helping me putting them on. I lay back and he pulled the covers up over me. With slowly closing eyes I watched as his tall lean body moved gracefully around the room, he leaned against the window sill looking out into the darkness, I heard him sigh as he stepped back pulling the curtains shut. He turned and grabbed his clothes, he threw off his towel and pulled some pajama pants on. He looked over at me and as our eyes locked, he gave me a small smile, I sighed softly, I had missed the sight of his beautiful naked body. I was on the verge of sleep when I felt the bed dip beside me and he got in. As soon as he moved over next to me, I turned to look at him, forcing myself to stay awake and talk to him. “I love you, I don’t care what happened, I don’t want to leave, I was going to come home and tell you that I wasn’t going to leave” I whispered sleepily, I felt him stroke my cheek. “It’s okay, I had a feeling that’s what you were going to do when you sent me that text, right after you left” he said, leaning in and brushing his lips against mine. “But I never got a chance to say it and when I thought I was going to die, I kept thinking, we never made up, I never … ” I couldn’t finish, a small sob escaping me. He tightened his hold on me, “baby, it’s okay, don’t worry about that now, you’re here, you’re okay and we’re together, that’s all that matters, now go to sleep, you’re exhausted” he said. “I love you” I said closing my eyes and turning over. As I drifted off I felt his arm gently slip over my waist and around to my belly and he moved close to my body pressing up against me. “I love you too” he whispered in my ear. I sighed, content.

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Under Attack - Kara Danvers x Reader (Supergirl)

Prompt: “Kara has lost her powers again in fight with the last alive Metallo - which was the goal for Lilian Luthor (she get out of jail), because without he Supergirl Cadmus attack the city with ease - they want to once and for all purge it from aliens. Reader goes for Kara to CatCo because she is afraid for her, when the Cadmus attacks area nearby - Reader is really badly hurt (bleeding out), and while spending last moments, trapped with Kara under the building - she begs Kara to save herself” - anon

- I kinda got a bit carried away and then it got sad maybe but just imagine it’s all fine afterwards and ur fine and join the supersquad or something , enjoy!!! (and sorry it took me so long to actually update it!)

*not my gif*

Originally posted by juliawickers

You raced to the CatCo building, terrified to find your girlfriend already injured or worse. You had been at home when the news started featuring what you knew to be the Cadmus attacks on Supergirl. As soon as the news story began you were up and in your car, Kara being the first person on your mind. Just the thought of losing her made you feel ill and so without thinking you pushed down further on the gas pedal, desperate to get their as fast as possible. 

On arrival, you parked in the car park underneath the building, fumbling to get your door open in order to clamber out. You ran over to the elevator, hoping it wouldn’t take forever to reach you. To your surprise it opened on your arrival and out ran a flustered Kara.  

“Kara, Cadmus… you need to get out of here.” You panted out, still not having recovered from the rush you were in.

“I-I know, I’m going somewhere safe now.” You took some time to take in her appearance. She had bags under her eyes, her hair was all out of place and for the first time in so long she looked vulnerable. She seemed ready to break any minute now and you felt the need to just wrap your arms around her in order to protect her. 

“Are you sure?” You asked, walking with her as she went to walk through the underground car park and to the exit. “You can come back to mine.” 

“No, I have another place.” She dismissed you, continuing to stride on as you faltered slightly at the blunt delivery of her words. She must have noticed the lack of your presence next to her so she stopped too, looking over her shoulder to see where you were and guilt flashed over her face. “Sorry, I would love to come with you, I just – I have somewhere I really need to be. And I have to go meet my sister and-“

“No, yeah, that’s fine.” You nodded in understanding, knowing it was a scary time for everyone right now.

Kara slowly started to approach you and a faint blush covered her cheeks, making you feel smug that you got to call her yours. “But, hey, I’d love to come over to yours at some point. Maybe when this is all over? We can do something?” She suggested,

“Yeah, definitely.” You nodded. “But for now, you need to get somewhere safe.” You managed to remind yourself of the task at hand. You had somehow forgotten the perilous danger that was facing you; you were distracted by pretty girls way too easily. 

“Yes, okay, thank you.” Kara sighed and smiled reassuringly at you. “Everything will be fine, I’ll see you soon? Now you, get home safely. Okay?” You nodded and she mirrored you before rushing forward to kiss you. Knowing you could have stayed there for hours, you forced yourself to pull away and smiled. She grinned back in return and you knew, had you the chance, that you’d quite happily make out right now. Instead you gently pushed her to go, waving bye as she left and blowing an air kiss.

You smiled to yourself as you walked over to your car and went to unlock it when there was a loud booming noise and you blacked out, falling to the ground.

There was a loud ringing sound in your ears, followed by the booming of your heartbeat, then followed by the wailing sound of car alarms. Your eyesight was bleary and when you lifted your left hand to your forehead you could hardly make it out. Once the sound in your ears had softened slightly you could make out the faint noise of multiple voices shouting over each other. And as you fully regained your senses, not only could you see and hear properly but you could also feel a wave of pain suddenly wash over you - that last sensation wasn’t so great.

You couldn’t help but let out a whimper of pain, which soon transformed into a yelp when you tried to move. “Y/N!?” You heard Kara’s voice above everyone else. “Y/N, where are you?” You were so relieved to see her alive and well as she scrambled over some fallen debris in order to find you. She hadn’t seen you yet and another voice that you couldn’t recognise stopped her, making her turn around.

“Kara, we need to get you out of here before Cadmus hit again. You’re already vulnerable; you are not doing yourself any favours. We’ll make sure the emergency services find Y/N and get her the best attention we possib-“ He instructed but when Kara had had enough she advanced on him, cutting him off as she spoke with a sharp tone in a way that you had never heard before.

“No, J’onn. I’m not leaving her just to be found.” She took a shaky breath and continued with a much softer approach. “Please. We need to find Y/N. Where is she? Just to know she is okay, J’onn, please.”

His silence presumably meant he had given in, knowing that the Kara was distraught and needed some comfort in knowing you were ok. You couldn’t make out much in your daze but your eyes managed to catch on to some movement as Kara crossed back over the fallen debris and this time she seemed to at least walk in the right direction towards you.

Her eyes finally landed on you and she let out a gasp, hand flying up to her mouth as tears started to brim her eyes. “Kara.” You tried to speak as loudly as you possibly could but the attempt brought a trickle of liquid up your throat, causing you to try to cough it up. You had no idea of the extent to which you were injured but judging by the sheer pain it was probably a lot. “Kara, you need to get out of here. It’s dangerous.”

“I’m not leaving you, Y/N.” She shook her head. “I didn’t think… I didn’t know this would happen. I’m so sorry.”

“No, don’t be sorry. This isn’t your fault. You couldn’t do anything to stop it.” You comforted her, reaching out for her hand. 

“Maybe I can’t go back and stop it from happening, but I can help you now. Just wait. I’ll get you out of here.” Kara kissed your forehead gently and stood up, striding over to the block of rubble that had fallen on your leg. She went to lift it but was then confused when she couldn’t, finding herself too weak. A frown made its way onto her face before she kicked the block in anger. “Stupid, stupid!” She yelled, now resorting to punching it. You so wanted to be able to walk over to her and comfort her but you hardly had the energy to move your hand.

“No, stop. Stop! You can’t do anything, Kara. You’re drained of any power. Which is why we need to get you back to headquarters where we can get you some help.” Alex finally intervened. She had hardly ever seen her sister so worked up. Kara’s anger had escalated until she ended up collapsed in a sobbing heap next to you

“Alex. Help her. I need her to be okay.” Kara’s pleads were choked by her sobs, tears streaming down her face. She had no interest in whatever her sister was talking about, only you. And even in such a dangerous situation, you still couldn’t help but feel a flutter in your stomach at the idea that Kara actually, truly, lovingly cared for you. “If I can’t do anything then you’ve got to help, please.” The sight made you start to well up and the realisation of your situation dawned on you.

“Kara you need to go.” You finally croaked out, noticing the paramedics coming in behind her. “I’m sure I’ll be fine.” You made your best attempt to smile despite the pain you were in. “I will be fine.”


“Go. Stop being my superhero and go get yourself feeling better. I love you.” You tried to smile. “I’ll see you later.” You insisted, your breath hitching at your throat as you didn’t know how true your last words were. Nevertheless, Kara dropped her defensive stance in defeat and Alex took this as the perfect opportunity to drag her away. 

Whilst Kara tried to resist with shouts and punches and kicks, it was a futile effort without her powers and Alex easily took her. Before you knew it they were gone.

You let go of the breath you were holding and tears rolled down your cheeks as you replayed Kara shouts of protest. What really scared you was that you didn’t know whether you would get to see her again, and being so tired and drained of energy didn’t help with your emotions. 

You tried to stay awake for as long as you could, replaying memories of all kinds of memories of your months with You finally gave in when an oxygen mask was spread over your mouth and nose and you felt your eyelids grow heavy, succumbing you to darkness.

Unforgettable Birthday [REQUEST]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! At least I hope it’s still your birthday :D I had work today and haven’t been feeling well but you were my first requester so I made sure I finished this for you. I hope you like it, it’s very long so most of it is under ‘keep reading’. HAVE AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY! SENDING YOU LOTS OF LOVE :D

Jade xo

“Happy birthday cupcake!” Baekhyun cried as you opened your front door.

Giggling to yourself, you opened the door wider and let him in, along with the big bag of presents he was carrying. While he took his shoes off, you closed the door and ran a hand through your hair, sighing softly. “You promised me no presents. I don’t need anything so you shouldn’t waste your money,” you told him, stepping into his embrace.

He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, his fingertips soft against your skin. “It’s my money and I’ll do what I want with it,” he said, leaning down to kiss you softly. “I wanted to spoil my birthday girl because I love her so much.”

“What am I going to do with you?” you sighed in resignation, shaking your head as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Let me make sure you have an amazing birthday?” Baekhyun asked hopefully, tilting his head to the side in the cute way. He knew how you tease you and make you smile. “Are you ready for an unforgettable birthday?”

You reached up onto your tiptoes to kiss his nose. “If you insist,” you relented, rolling your eyes at home. “Where are we going?” you asked, letting him lead you into your kitchen.

“Damn it! My flowers beat me here,” he joked, nodding to the massive bouquet of roses you had received first thing this morning. Immediately you had put them in beautiful vase your mother had given you and watered them. “I was hoping I could see your face when they arrived.”

“You could have just brought them yourself,” you commented, letting him go to get two bottles of water out of the fridge. “But I loved the flowers so thank you.” You threw him a bottle and closed the fridge.

“Did your roommates wish you happy birthday?” Baekhyun asked, hopping up on the counters.

You went to stand between his legs, wrapping your arms around his waist. “They were gone before I woke up but they left me a card outside my door.” Your roommates weren’t the friendliest of people, they mostly kept to themselves. You’d move out but the rent was so much cheaper than anywhere else, it made more sense to just grit your teeth and deal with it.

“I cleared it with the boys and they said you can stay at the dormitory tonight. Jongin is even going to sleep with Sehun and Chanyeol so we’ll have the whole room to ourselves,” he told you coyly, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

You laughed and snuggled into his chest, taking a deep breath of his aftershave. “I really am going to be spoilt today,” you exclaimed, looking up at him. “So what’s the plan?”

“Well first, you need to actually get out of your pyjamas – it’s nearly 11 o’clock in the morning,” he joked, tilting your chin up with his soft touch. “Then we are going to go and visit some pandas.”

You jumped back in surprise, looking up at him. “Are we really going to the zoo?” Even though you had already been a million times before, your favourite thing to do was go to the zoo and see all the animals. Baekhyun could never come with you though because of his schedule. You had been dying to take him with you one day.

He smirked and took a sip of his water. “We’re really going to the zoo!”

Squealing in excitement, you threw your bottle of water to him and ran into your room to find something to wear. Ten minutes later, you emerged in a pair of faded blue dungarees and one of Baekhyun’s t-shirts that you definitely didn’t steal. “I’m ready!” you exclaimed brightly.

“You may want to open this first,” he said, holding out a prettily wrapped present from his seat on the sofa.

You sighed, still not happy with the fact that he bought you presents. You didn’t want him spending the money he worked so hard for on you. “I told you I didn’t need anything,” you said softly, sitting down next to him. “You shouldn’t have spent your money on me so carelessly.”

“It’s my money and I’ll do what I want with it,” he said, dropping the present in your lap. “Just open it and be happy,” he said with a kiss on your cheek.

Carefully you unwrapped the present and gasped in shock. “Oh Baekhyun,” you sighed, pulling out the dusty pink leather backpack from underneath the paper. “It’s beautiful,” you exclaimed, holding it up.

“Now pack it up because we have to get to the zoo for your next surprise,” Baekhyun explained, smoothing your hair down and kissing you softly.

You cupped his face to savour the kiss before pulling away and running back to your room. Throwing what you thought you would need for the day, you swapped everything from your old bag to your new one. Then you put your arms through and fitted it on your back, admiring it in the mirror. It was too much but you had to admit you loved it. Almost as much as you loved Baekhyun.

Keep reading

‪SOTT comes on as soon as we are parking in the car park. Then we have to get out and I can still hear it blasting. Another car rolls up with a middle aged dude blasting it so the whole underground car park can hear it clearly. ‬Thank you kind sir for letting me listen to the rest of the song before I walked into the shops.