undergound rap


Rhyme page 474.

dead presidents take precedence in the residence
of the people under god
the apple pie is in your eye
eblematic of the problems that we symbolize
but still we hide
but still we ride
that merry go round go round
round town bumping the sounds of the night
our voice the iron fist in the fight everlasting
music blasting we eat til we vomit
books on economics written in blood
afro picks the only thing thats above
inner peace outer love
treat white folks like marvin the martian
proceed with caution
heart blacker than a million men marching
but still my fist up
and my eyes open
sippin potion
smoking potent
cosigning the quotient
of unstoppable motion
that is my mind
mired in rhymes
its only a matter of time
before we find out who’s deep
and who is shallower
thoughts sharp like excalibur
aint every snake a rattler
aint every man a battler
so we show em
corner boys speaking one word poems on the block
don’t read between the lines you getting shot
ink blots, hard knocks, a whole lot of hope up in that shoe box
brothers looking at the sun like who’s hot?
it don’t matter who’s not
or what you got
its what you getting
minds don’t change like the setting
we just side betting on rolls
hop in the rolls wood grain
wet like rain cashmere top houdini
need cheese like fettichini
got tigers by they toes like eenie meanie
no wonder they bite
no wonder we fight
caged but smart like mage or sage
with infinite rage a pen and a papyrus page
trying to get laid trying to get paid
trying to get saved.


What I believe is his most underrated (and my personal favorite) song by him

We aint them – Childish Gambino

Part of the Childish Gambino Series