Day 3: getting protective.

Hey guys!
I want to announce, that sadly I won’t be able to continue this challenge! It’s really fun and I really like doing those tasks, but now I have very important stuff to do, that I need to change my focus to immediately!  Maybe I will do the rest of those tasks in October. But I will make them just as drawings for each task. In other words I won’t finish in time. Thanks to the Kustard team for this lovely challenge! I saw so much cool artists! And one more thing guys, you can do this! Thank you so much! I love you all! ☆⌒ヽ(*‘、^*)chu

Ok so I missed day 1 and 2 of Kustard week but aaaa aaa a a a  a a a a a.

Day 3: Getting Protective

Had to get in there and get this one done. Big bara man is p protective. I would have loved to have had time to draw the flip side. But yea. 

Here is the week’s lineup

art © caramel-kitten-lion 2018

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I, uh, decided to join in on the kustard week(?) stuff. I combined days 1 + 3, so its’ “First Date” and “Getting protective”

pairing: uf!sans x sans

tags: anxiety, sanscest obv lol, stretch shows up and is a bit of a butt but doesn’t actually do anything too bad, the “cherry” version of red


Cherry was anxious.

That wasn’t new, really. He was almost always anxious, but this was the first time that the prospect of hanging out with Sans made him nervous.

Sans was usually a source of comfort- his seemingly forever unruffled attitude, hilarious jokes, and soft words never failed to ease Cherry’s worries. And it was for those reasons, (plus many, many more), that Cherry’s slight crush developed into something far more. One may assume that constantly hanging out with ones’ crush would make them anxious, and it did occasionally, but he’d been beyond certain that Sans would never return those feelings. Cherry was so confident in his assumptions, that he never worried about the possibilities of being rejected, or found as disgusting, because he never planned on letting his crush slip. He could be quite “tight-lipped” (heh) when he wanted to be.

It had been a complete shock when Sans had confessed.

Cherry had gawked at him for an embarrassingly long amount of time before he stuttered out an even more embarrassing confession that it was mutual, and then one thing led to another and now he was here. Standing outside of the Tale brothers’ home, attempting to gather the will to knock, so that the two could go out on their first date. 

The longer he hesitated, the harder he doubted that this, that sans liking him back, was real. The more he doubted, the more the nauseating anxiety threatened to overwhelm him. But he trusted that Sans would never hurt him in such a manner, and it was this trust that led to him to eventually knocking on the door.

Papyrus yanked the door open only seconds afterwards, as he always did, giving Cherry a beaming grin. 

“ Howdy Cherry!” Papyrus welcomed, stepping aside to allow him in, “ It Only Took You Twenty Three Minutes And 34 Seconds To Knock This Time! That Is A Whole Minute Less Than Last Time!" 

He flushed brighter at that piece of information as he followed him in, anxiety further growing at the sight of Stretch reclined on the couch. And judging by the sounds from the kitchen, Blue was over too. He… hadn’t really expected the Underswap brothers to be over, but perhaps it wasn’t all that surprising, considering how often Blue and Papyrus hung out. 

” Feel Free To Make Yourself At Home! The Lazy Bones Should Be Down In A Minute Or So.“ 

With those words, Papyrus returned to the kitchen to help with whatever it was Blue was doing. Cherry shifted anxiously, quietly hoping that Sans would be down soon. Now, Cherry had no real issues with Stretch. They were close friends, actually. It was just… Stretch found it funny to tease others. Usually he could handle it fine, but with how nervous he felt… he knew he’d take whatever was said far too seriously. 

Despite his hopes, Stretch snickered at him in clear amusement. 

” Geeze, you’re so red. no wonder you’re called ‘cherry’“ 

At the comment, his skull felt ever hotter, embarrassment stinging in his soul. Stars, why did he have to be so pathetically sensitive? Stretch wasn’t even saying anything mean and he already felt like crying. 

” Goin’ on a date, huh? why’re you so-“ 

Surprisingly, Stretch cut himself off. The chill of familiar magic was the first indicator of Sans’ presence, the comforting hand on Cherry’s shoulder was the second. Sans stared the other down, grin tense, singular eyelight glowering- he didn’t speak, but he sure as hell didn’t have to. The taller skeleton offered a shaky grin, before he glanced away with a nearly squeaked out apology. 

It was moments like these that reminded him of how lucky he was that Sans was on his side. 

When Cherry turned to face Sans, the dark look vanished in an instant, replaced with that ever-so-soft grin that never failed to make his soul flutter.

” you ready?“ 

” I, um, y-yep" 

Sans’s grin grew wider as he offered his hand, “c'mon then." 

As Cherry took his hand, he was certain that his skull resembled his namesake- it certainly felt that way, at least. Within seconds the scenery changed from the Tale brothers’ living room to the stunning sight of this 'verses Waterfalls, the only lighting being the luminescence of nearby plants. 

And as the two wandered through Waterfalls hand-in-hand, all the anxiety Cherry had built worrying about this date slowly ebbed away, to the point he forgot he’d been worried about it at all.


After a couple of days of working on this, I’m finally done and I can say I don’t regret a thing XD

This was based off of this scene from “The Lion King”!! I was also inspired by @the-red-matter with this amazing comic that they made!! But instead I used @lunnar-chan ‘s Empireverse because I absolutely adore this AU and the designs s o m u c h !!!!!

I had a lot of fun making this and I really hope you enjoy it!!! Have an amazing day!! <3 <3

Empireverse - @lunnar-chan

Ink - @myebi

Dream - @jokublog

Underswap Sans - Community 

Error - @loverofpiggies

Underfell Sans - Community