Just thinking about how Ron rolls his eyes when his mother forces food on Harry because she thinks he’s underfed…
Ron’s only known Harry skinny and probably thinks he’s just a skinny kid but Molly’s an adult and she can see that he’s a little too skinny and short for a healthy teenage boy
And then she finds out he’s been abused for his whole life and ouch my heart molly Weasley what a saint of a witch

Some Disney discourse bc I’m still v out of it from drugs this morning ~

I was watching tangled with a couple kids last night and all of a sudden, halfway through the movie, it struck me that Rapunzel’s short dress isn’t a fashion statement. It’s literally just too small. The sleeves are too short, the hem is too short, it’d probably be too tight on her if Rapunzel didn’t look practically underfed. Gothel was neglectful. Which should come as no surprise but I’m surprised it took me 6 years to figure that out.

Judging by the 200+ notes on my last post of Gaufread I guess people maybe??? kinda like the character?? I’m still trying to nail down exactly how I want them to look but here’s some various Facts no one asked for

-their ”skin” is made up of a network of interlocking flat fronds. The underside of each is covered in small fibers that secrete a sticky, sweet-smelling mucilage that can immobilize and digest small prey (realistically nothing bigger than insects or maybe a mouse). Think sundew plants but just…. so many…. all at once…
Generally these fronds are inactive and tight against Gaufread’s body. They’re not prehensile so much as reactionary, and will pull up to attract prey if Gaufread is expecially underfed or physically exhausted.

-eats meat exclusively. Usually cooked. Teeth are smallish but they are sharp.

-despite their fairly subdued outward demeanor, they’re actually quite energetic and able to hyper-focus on a task almost obsessively. They can power through several days or work/travel/etc. without any significant food or rest. They’re really only at their most sluggish immediately before and after a meal.

-ostensibly a member of the Nightmare Court by merit of having willfully rejected Ventari’s teachings, but they’re not sworn to any particular court. More often they’re simply contracted to train hounds, cultivate husks and turret/mortar plants, and tend nightmare pods.

-will straight up bait dreamers into debates over Ventari’s tenets. Gaufread has zero interest in corrupting or converting anyone, but they’re morbidly entertained by The Discourse™.

-their own personal passion is a nursery where they breed and cultivate carnivorous and parasitic plants. They’ve experimented with nightmare corruption and mordrem influence, and would very much like to see if and how bloodstone corruption uniquely effects plant matter.
They have very little stake in any of Tyria’s various conflicts that might inspire them to weaponize any of their knowledge, but they are absolutely not above selling information or the specimens themselves for the right price.

-pronouns are a non-issue. I’ll mostly use they/them just for consistency’s sake but Gaufread couldn’t care less what you call them.

((@ everyone who thought Gaufread looked kind and trustworthy: sorry….))

can u even imagine what it must have been like for harry his first day of classes & he’s 11 years old & he’s spent the entirety of his growing up being told he’s stupid, and not being allowed to be curious or even ask question & never 1ce having a single friend & then being suddenly uprooted & expected to deal with this whole new life & then it’s his first day & his first classes & his professor, a grown fucking man, asks this small, underfed, anxious child a trick question he obviously will not know the answer to with the soul purpose of embarrassing him in front of his peers/potential friends (which, I say again, Harry has Never Had!) & certainly reaffirming the years of abuse Harry has endured all to shame him for inheriting a fame he doesn’t even understand or want!! like that’s just! day 1! & this shit continues for Years! & Harry still forgives this man enough to pass his name along to Harry’s own child like ?? how do people justify Snape? how does anyone hate Harry James Potter?

Chinese soldiers cross the Yalu River into Korea after entering the Korean War. After entering the war in late 1950, Chinese troops took on much of the burden of fighting US, South Korean, and other UN soldiers. Often ill-equipped and underfed in the brutal Korean winters, the Chinese suffered terrible casualties.

For-Profit Prisons: 8 Statistics That Show the Problems !

As private prisons become the norm in the United States, it’s time society takes a look at the institution and asks, “Are prisons really being used as rehabilitation/deterrence for crime, or have private interests started attaching price tags to lawbreakers’ heads and exploited their incarceration for profit?”

Here are several key statistics that paint an ugly, troubling picture of the for-profit prison system in America:

500% Increase The biggest private prison owner in America, The Corrections Corporation of America, has seen its profits increase

by more than 500% in the past 20 years

. Moreover, the business’ growth shows no sign of stopping, having already approached 48 states to take over government-run prisons. 10-60 Pounds Lighter

One way for-profit prisons to minimize costs is by skimping on provisions, including food. A psychiatrist who investigated a privately run prison in Mississippi found that the inmates were severely underfed and looked “almost emaciated.” During their incarceration, prisoners dropped anywhere from 10 to 60 pounds.

Source ~ care2.com

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It's not TMI Tuesday, but I really wanted ask Inheritance Gold and Belle a question: Honestly, when you have seen eacother again after all these years, have any of you thought about how the other one might look like under their clothes these days? I hear hate sex can be good.

(Oh my god, feel free to ask whatever and whenever you want!!!!!) 

Gold: She looks… thin. Underfed. I imagine that appearance would only be heightened were she to undress, bones showing and so forth. Although that could be the effect of the dirty parka and the rough living, it’d make anyone look like a street-rat. Still, I do wonder if she’s been getting enough to eat. I can’t say the thought of her starving herself due to grief or misery does much for my libido, and while I admit it’s been a while, it hasn’t been long enough for me to forget who she really is behind that pretty face. 

Belle: He always did cut a good figure in an Armani suit, but I was always attracted to his smiles rather than his snarling. The way he looked at me that night, it’s clear nothing has changed for him since the day I left town. And after everything he’s done… I can’t find any desire in me to get close to that man again, emotionally or physically. That man is a terror, and I hate him at least as much as he hates me There’s always been two men living in that body: the man I saw last night, hard and mean and vengeful, who drove me out of town; and the soft, sweet, warm-hearted man I adored. I haven’t seen the man I loved since before I left town, I don’t know if he even exists anymore. If he were to reappear… if some of that softness and feeling were to bleed through… then maybe things could be different. Maybe then I would still feel that pull to him, the electricity that always used to exist between us. But I doubt he’ll let that happen, so we are where we are.

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I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS BUT. Uh. It's vague! But any headcanons about Mello's first few days/weeks @ Wammy's?

Hoo boy 

 -Mello’s first few days at Wammy’s were probably really rough. He came in dirty and a underfed.  He probably got into a lot of scrappy fist fights during the first few days because hey, it’s hard being 6 and only speaking Slovenian in an English-speaking place. It took about a week, but Roger finally found someone willing to come in to translate and help with his English. (It took longer the second and third times after Mello scared them off).

not a poem

The word in ash.

It is a tragedy allowing you to believe the lies you have told yourself.

Truth, so insincere, underfed.

I hardly believe you once existed.

Yesterday,,yesterday,, yesterday.

What is full, what has gone unsaid.

How my hands cannot remember the dreams I once held.

Only that they have been turned away, time and time again.

Now I disappear asking what is wrong with my body?
What isn’t.

With vehemence I have been discarded. I reel in

words, the great performance for ego, a mask

for the deception ingénue.

Her callous charade.


How much, Humility?

I crumble into hard knots.  

=) Hehehehe


Giga Cartoon Witch English Sub


Chilledren English Sub


Okay, so I have the actual video links now xD

In Giga Cartoon Witch, there is a recurring thing in the chorus where there are stars floating up and twirling a bit. Is there a way to do that effect with other images, in other directions?

In Chilledren, at the end there’s a floating…sparkleball(?) onscreen. Is it possible to change its color?

In both, there are 2D images that are manipulated in a 3D-ish way.

Does anyone know of an animation program that can do these things on a budget?

Why do I ask?





When we got Tina, she was severely underfed and depressed. She didn’t want to see anyone. Her past owners were ill with Alzheimer’s and had forgotten to feed her and take her on walks.

Now, 13 year old beagle Tina is much happier with a new family to call her own. Today she let me walk her on the beach!

Drabble || You’re the boss, Boss || Faith & Whistler

                     It’s always the wrong time of day when Faith finds herself in Whistler’s company. It’s not long before morning, that darkness that’s so inky you wonder if it’s ever been light. It’s all cut by the television, a shitty table lamp that doesn’t turn off so Faith’s found herself unplugging it from the wall so she can focus on the television set and the buzzing neon light behind Whistler.

      He’s not an imposing demon by any means, and not what most hunters would think of as a visual attached to that word. Whistler’s small, a bit stout but manages always to look underfed in spite of it. Dressed like a mannequin at the Brian Setzer Vacation Emporium. A throwback to some bygone era when men still wore hats and held doors. Standing in the open doorway with the motel parking lot shadowed beyond the artificially broadened shoulders of his suit, leaning on the frame with a sucker in his mouth and all his attention focused on the iPhone in his hands. A new toy, “Little miracles,” he mumbles around the candy, swiping and prodding the touch screen, “You humans, you don’t know how good you got it. Look at this wifi! You don’t get this everywhere, you know.” He’s in green. Like a light sage, almost grey and say what you will about the guy, he’s shit always matches. Like anyone bothers to look at him, anyway.

                                        She doesn’t ask what he means by, ’everywhere’ - where the hell does he live that they don’t have wifi? Faith’s not quite ignoring him. Lying on her stomach at the end of the bed closest to the television, knees bent and feet kicked up and dangling carelessly in the air as she tries to make out what’s being said on the home shopping network. She rests her jaw against her balled-up fist and makes a face at the screen. Never was a good lip reader, “You coming to a point in the near future?.”

      “Geez, are all Slayers so bossy?” he doesn’t answer her question and she knows he won’t.

Usually Whistler’s at her place, or what would be her place if she were paying the rent. A crappy hotel room in the last old building in Vegas, overlooking nothing, doors that open out into hallways instead of parking lot. Hard to escape an enclosed room on a second floor without a fall, which is always on her mind. Somehow, he’s wrangled her to his seedy room at a nameless motel with a neon clover on the sign. He never seems bothered when she makes herself at home but it’s a defense mechanism, she’s waiting for him to be out with what he wants so she can get back to tracking whatever’s stirring up all that trouble in the desert.

                   Whistler has other ideas, “So,” he takes his seat on the bed, careful to not get too close because neither of them are good with people in their personal space. It’s his bed, though, and this shitty room only has one chair that’s currently the home of the Boston Market knockoff he picked up and subsequently forgot to eat, “Salvatore. Saltzman. You got a wrong head about this mission, don’t think I’m a dummy. I see the fast one you’re trying to pull. I’m not a bad guy. Ah, big on matters of the heart, really. But you’re wasting your time, Slayer.”

  She finally pays some attention, slowly rolling onto her back to ignore the television instead of Whistler, “Thought this was his big break? You’re the one who keeps on keepin’ on about his destiny or whatever. So I’m playing a little matchmaker, here, so what? Just finishing what you started, Little Guy.”

        Little Guy. Whistler doesn’t even flinch, the one consequential demon in the game who doesn’t buckle under the weight of his own ego. Just shrugs, instead, “Salvatore, eh he had a purpose, sure, but he’s too far gone. I’m telling you. The last time I interfered this big he killed Saltzman’s wife. Not really right in the head, that guy. I got this other champion all lined up! We don’t need him and I, for one, don’t wanna see Saltzman go the way of the dodo over this. I like the guy. Could be smarter but I like him.”

                           It’s clear Faith’s not impressed by this, having her own ideas about what her boys actually need. Maybe Angel was right, she’s not the girl for the job — she gets invested. Her arms slowly fold behind her head and she shrugs, gently, “You’re the boss, Boss.”