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This is in regard to your Garnet ask about Room for Ruby: What made Garnet so afraid of Blue Diamond's return, to the point of letting Greg get kidnapped, to now just shrugging and laughing off Navy making off with the Homeworld ship? Is it because one threat was immediate and the other is more unknown?

I think it works on two levels. The first level is the threat level, and the second is the personal experience.

Something that I hinted at in this post, I feel that there’s always been a double standard when regarding threats from Homeworld. For instance, Lapis was never seen as a threat until she actually started flinging people around and taking up the entire ocean. As Pearl said, “I had no idea the gem in that mirror had so much power.” And after that, the gems exhausted themselves looking for her at the bottom of the ocean; both things were not easy feats. 

Similarly, the Diamonds are known threats, and Garnet and Pearl started panicking when mention of them was made. Peridot, during her time as an unknown gem, was treated with as much suspicion in Warp Tour, but Peridot, as she grew more desperate and “dorkier,” was shrugged off as well. 

Recall Friend Ship, when they managed to snag only her foot, and Garnet also told Steven to let her go. It’s a very different attitude from that of the Garnet who relentlessly pursued all leads to her at first. To the Crystal Gems Rubies are “low level” threats by virtue of their being Rubies. And as I mention in the linked post, it’s the very same boxing-in that they accuse Homeworld of unfairly doing. And that’s precisely how the Rubies, and Navy in this episode, were able to pull the rug out from under their feet.

I’d say the second factor would be experience. Garnet and Pearl are terrified of the Diamonds. They’re terrified of anything resembling the war. It has hurt them and traumatised them deeply. Hearing that Blue Diamond was back would have dredged up a lot of feelings they were purposely keeping inside. As such they tend to overestimate what the Diamonds are capable of. Recall that they believe the Diamonds are monolithic emotionless beings, when we’ve seen quite clearly it’s not the case.

The Crystal Gems don’t have as negative memories associated with the Rubies, and I think it’s a factor that causes them to underestimate the Rubies as a threat.

Stop Underestimating Children and Teenagers

Everyone thinks adults are the smartest, and most mature, and know everything about the world. That’s not even true all the time. There are kids and teenagers smarter than adults. Heck. They can even outsmart adults. Stop saying kids don’t know anything and thinking they don’t know anything about what’s going on in this world. A majority of children and teenagers know that the world isn’t puppies and rainbows. Younger people can make as many differences as a grown up. It really makes me upset to see that people don’t have faith in the younger generation and their minds and what they could actually do for the world in the future. They may be silly and goof off sometimes, but that’s just for fun. There are adults who act like kids. So not all adults are mature and smart and perfect.

Some days I enjoy sitting back and watching people underestimate the extent of my understanding of a situation, playing my hand close to the chest for future benefit.

Other days it just annoys the living piss out of me, especially when their lack of understanding is going to impede my forward progress.

Don't ever underestimate the angry side of a pisces. They put up with ALOT. When they finally snap it is bottled up anger letting loose. Let me tell you it is not pretty they know just the right words to really hurt you. They are not afraid to say nasty things to make you feel the way you made them feel. You might be in shock because they usually are empathetic and kind but can become ruthless and cold when angry. Yes they are sweet but there is also a very sour side.