Failed new Underdog pitch

DISCLAIMER: Not our characters (except for the added ones) and it is NOT going to be a show! At least as far as we know. This was our third time putting together a pitch for DreamWorks TV. The first pitch was Metamorphosis, but decided to try to make a comic of it instead. A second one we tried was a preschool based show, but didn’t fit in the lineup. All we’ll just say is that it had a Coming to America like story, with Underdog becoming the next Alpha Canis Major to his home on Sirius. Friendships, villains, and adventures ensue. Kind of cheesy. There was an old dusty feel no one could shake off from the existing properties of Classic Media, and we understood. Overall, we learned, and we’re still trying out some more ideas. Don’t be afraid to show your stuff to people, an don’t give up! You never know! Did some of these last year. Yeah, that title is cheesy as heck too. Haha! Part 1 for now. @cazarts did the coloring, and we did the lines and characters. Kind of rushed on the lines too. Haha

For the last image, Vixa Beta was a Cruella Deville, fox-esque being who ruled Sirius B, and has had a rivalry with the neighboring star Sirius (A) and its ruler. Kicked off her own planet, now home to space criminals, she would make up a team called team V.I.R.G.O. To get the only ruler she wants to conquer, she had to go to Earth to catch UD. Better written in a PDF document than this. Heh. This idea is loosely based off the myths involving the paradox between the Teumessian fox, destined to never be caught, and Laelaps, a dog who could catches everything it chased.

“Through all the struggles I face and the pain I embrace, now I’ve become something more than you. You think you’re stronger than me. You think I fight for the weak. But we are ten times the strength of you.”


  • <b><b></b> what a girl says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> seogoong has been demoted to underdog who doesn't even do anything why does stardom ent kick one of their main singers of topp dogg to a sub unit that only promotes in foreign countries and literally have no other purpose so far he is far too talented to be slept on he should be doing solos this is why I have trust issues<p/><p/>
160111 Do Kyungsoo, Park Sodam, Park Chulmin confirmed for Underdog

EXO member and actor Do Kyungsoo has taken on the lead role for the animation Underdog (Oh Seongyoon, Lee Chunbaek), planned for release in 2017. This feature-length film will follow dogs chased and forced out by humans, and the discovery of personal identity and freedom as they search for a ‘humanless place’ to keep their way of life, another meaningful piece for Korean animation’s history.

Do Kyungsoo is recognized for his acting through roles in the drama IOIL, the film Cart, and the yet-to-premier Unforgettable and Brother. Park Sodam has become a part of Chungmuro’s major-league after her performances in the drama Because It’s the First Time, and the films Veteran, Sado, and The Priests. Underdog is receiving attention for being the first foray into voice-acting for these two recognized actors.  

Do Kyungsoo will take on the role of Moongchi from the main group of wandering dogs, while Park Sodam will take on Bammie (Night) from an opposite group of feral dogs. Park Chulmin will take on Jjangah, the wanderers’ leader, and the three are preparing to captivate the public through their separate charms.

Moongchi’s life turns on its head when he is separated from his owner one morning. He is unable to accept it until he receives the help of a group of wanderers and starts life as an abandoned dog. He cannot understand the coldness of humans towards the abandoned, but after discovering the wild dogs, he comes to terms with his identity and leads the search for a ‘humanless place’.

Bammie is a member of the feral dogs who had escaped from a dog farm and holds a hostility to humans. Although she comes into conflict with Moongchi, who cannot forget his life as a pet, nobody watches out for him more than her. Jjangah is the leader of the wanderers, who had lost his owner when their home had been demolished and hides his yearning to live as a pet in the comfort of humans.

Recording for Underdog starts in January 2016, and it is planned for release in the summer of 2017.

source: naver, tenasia | translation: fydk