Prayer Request for my Priest!

My former associate pastor, who’s now a pastor at another parish, is having a minor surgery tomorrow(8/23/16). He has a deviated septum and an underdeveloped sinus cavity. Basically a lot of sinus problems.

If you could please please please say a prayer for him. He’s quite nervous even though it’s just a minor operation. The recovery could be painful. He’s like a brother to me, and a very dear friend. I trust in the power of the Catholic Tumblr community. You guys rock.


All Ishihime shippers can say to support the idea that their ship should have happened is:

- ishida shouldn’t have ended up alone

- ishida should have made a family

- he should have ended up with orihime bc he was nice to her

- he deserves to be happy

All ishihime args come down to is ishida. Ishidas happiness, what ishida deserves, what (apparently) HIS journey was about. There’s nothing whatsoever to do with orihime. Nothing at. all.

Ishihime is a painfully underdeveloped ship, and has nothing on ichihime. It doesn’t have a fraction of the development, the narrative focus, the mutual desire to protect and grow stronger for the other. There is no basis for ishihime to have happened above ichihime other than “ishida deserved to end up with orihime” and yet the shippers are confused when people are disgusted at the Nice Guy ™ narrative

the game was fun! but like lmao wtf @ the story

anonymous asked:

Ichihimes don't have a right to be angry over anything anymore, because your underdeveloped ship became canon, even if you didn't deserve it. How come you still complain about anything? Are you not satisfied enough? Take your orange baby and stfu.

I’m sorry but are you salty anon??? UNDERDEVELOPED???? Let’s look up that definition shall we? 

not fully developed.

Nah, I mean if you anon would have read Kubo’s original work you would have seen the original pairing (Pilot chapter), the couple he meant from the beginning. Fuck even R/ukia shipped that shit, and still did in CANON

Yeah we deserved it, I and Kubo and other I/chiHime shippers can’t help it you saw what you wanted for so long. I don’t complain, I am sick and tired of IR’s acting like babies…and whining and saying things like “O/rihime got what she wanted, a husband that doesn’t appreciate her (which is utter bullshit) and she’s a housewife??11!?” (she is more than a housewife), being misogynistic, nasty, petty babies. Saying things like “Kubo’s a retard” using slurs on Kubo, O/rihime, I/chiHime and I/chiHime fans. Oh and burning merch, LIKE WOW, grow up please.

I will take my ORANGE BABY and won’t shut up, WE ARE CANON! WE DID IT! 

(my orange baby)


I just…

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im on mobile but spoilers

i really liked it but Some Nitpicks (aside from. the obvious):

-beetle really needed to look more like a beetle imo? his design was great except for his face being a regular human face that annoyed me
-if he didnt look like a guy in a bug costume it would have felt less like a human guy in a bug costume was hitting on a very not anthropomorphic monkey which was in fact creepy and weird and awkward
-they really did not need to get together for the whole secretly his parents thing to work and it was awkward bc see above points
-not a nitpick i love monkeymom i love her sm
-moon king shouldve showed up more than twice he felt a little underdeveloped
-regina spektor????? why????? theres also no japanese people who can sing i guess
-i complained but george takei saying oh my for no reason was great actually
-I Love Monkey Mom I Love Her So Much
-theres not a single animation error in this film weve reached puppet hyperrealism and im losing my fucking shit
-these arent even nitpicks anymore i should sleep

Since Laika is like a weird axolotl thing her eyes are kinda underdeveloped and she cant see very well (like having clear Tupperware over ur face is what her vision would be like)

She wears contacts but they’re different colors and she doesn’t even realize it omg…they’re usually mismatched too
so her eye colors change a lot and its not a “SHE HAS RAINBOW EYES THAT CHANGE WITH HER MOOD!!!??” its just… She doesn’t even kno omg

Shes ok with it tho she just jokes around like “What was that? I didnt hear what u said because I cant fuckign see”

Why Aren't Our Nations Better Off?

African nations have had independence for so so many years: Why aren’t our nations better off? That is the question Nadia Zeine asked on twitter a couple of days ago. It is question I have often tried to answer. Off the top of my head, I can think of these five reasons; Leadership, Followership, Aid, Corruption, Neocolonialism and Religion.

We haven’t been too lucky with the leaders we have had in the past 3 decades or so. We have had very ignorant, selfish and greedy leaders who have done nothing but robbed our nations of their wealth and signed contracts primary school children wouldn’t even sign. Development can come when we have strong development-oriented leaders who are interested in the welfare and development performance rather than vague policies, nepotism and ethnic divisions.

I have maintained that ’in as much as we have a leadership crises in Africa, I believe we have a followership crises as well.’ We have followers who don’t analyse or pay attention to the real issues and vote accordingly; we have sycophants who only seek their well-being and not that of the state. Followers have failed to criticise leaders constructively and vote the right people into power. Followers have been more interested in what they get rather than what nation.

Aid, Aid and more Aid. I am just one chapter deep in Dambisa Moyo’s Dead Aid but I share her views on aid; Aid has been and continues to be, an unmitigated political, economic and humanitarian disaster for most parts of the developing world. Aid has done nothing but led to the underdevelopment of our continent. Aid has been seen as a end rather than a means to an end. Governments have become lazy because of aid. We have become too dependant on aid that we have failed to generate the money we need for development. This is one area we can learn from China. China in its economic transformation sought foreign aid as a supplement to national resources and as a means to acquire know-how and management skills. The opposite is true with Africa. Governments after governments boast how much aid they were able to secure. This has to change!

Corruption continues to be one of the reasons for our underdevelopment. Although we have some good examples in Botswana, Cape Verde, Seychelles and Mauritius, African countries continues to be in most corrupt nations. I have always said we don’t punish corruption enough in Africa. We live in countries where corrupt public servants are ‘asked to proceed on leave.’ How do you deal with corruption in a state like that? The only way to deal with corruption is not true fruitless education drives we have seen around the continent but to give out stiffer punishments.

Before the end of the cold war, Africa was the ground for the proxy wars; Mozambique, Angola which have caused tremendous damage to their economies. Neocolonialism continues to be a problem for the continent. Today, it has taken economic dimensions through unfair trade practices.

It is my view that every society which is over-religious or over superstitious will always remain underdevelopment. Our being over-religion and over-superstitious has affected the development of our continent. We take religion too seriously. We would do whatever the pastor, imam or priestess says even if it’s wrong. We rely too much on religion to solve our problems. Religion won’t! I believe in religion but I think religion comes in where science can’t provide an explanation.

Africa’s future is up to Africans. The earlier we take our destiny into our hands and correct these wrongs, the better.

Marxist thought has been built up based on quite another vision, that of the permanent transformation of the fundamental structures of societies, which is always historical.

In this framework - that of historical materialism - capitalism is historical, has had a beginning and will have an end. Accepting this principle, the nature of this historical capitalism should be the object of continual reflection, which is not always the case in the ranks of the ‘historical Marxisms’ (that is, Marxism as interpreted by those who claim it). Certainly one can accept the very general idea that capitalism constitutes a necessary stage, preparing conditions for socialism - a more advanced stage of human civilisation. But this idea is too general and insufficient precisely because it reduces 'capitalism - necessary stage’ to actually existing historical capitalism. 

I shall sum up my reflections on this question in the following points to be developed over subsequent pages:

• Accumulation through dispossession is a permanent feature in the history of capitalism. 

• Historical capitalism is, therefore, imperialist by nature at all stages of its development, in the sense that it polarises owing to the inherent effect of the laws that govern it.

• From this it follows that this capitalism cannot become the unavoidable stage for the peoples of the peripheries of the historical capitalist system. Therefore, this stage is not necessary to create, here as elsewhere (in the centres of the system), the conditions for overtaking it by socialism. Development and underdevelopment are the two inseparable sides of the historical capitalist coin. 

• This historical capitalism is itself inseparable from the European conquest of the world. It is inseparable from the Eurocentric ideology which is, by definition, a non-universal form of civilisation. 

• Other forms of response to the need for accelerated accumulation (compared with the rhythms of the accumulation of the ancient epochs of civilisation) - a necessary premise for the socialism of the future - would have been possible. This can be discussed. But these forms, perhaps more visible in an embryonic way elsewhere than in the Europe of the transition to capitalism (in China, among others), have not been implemented because they have been crushed by the European conquest. 

• Thus there is no alternative for human civilisation other than to engage in a construction of socialism, this in turn being based on the strategic concepts that must command the objective results produced by the globalised and polarising expansion of western capitalism/imperialism.

—  Samir Amin, Ending the Crisis of Capitalism or Ending Capitalism?

I keep thinking back to this quote from the novel because of how well it illustrates Kubo knew he was shitting on what he’d written - plot, themes, characters, all of it. This tells us it wasn’t mere laziness or negligence (although it may have been those things too).

I don’t think I could’ve come up with a lamer ending. The final chapters were a mess and the point of this arc made little sense. Yhwach’s motivations weren’t clear (merging the worlds? tf? why?) and the Quincy story was left hanging, but Kubo felt the final arc was the appropriate time to spend years on new, underdeveloped characters for every letter of the alphabet.

Tsubaki wasn’t used or mentioned for ages but now he’s relevant through baby-sitting. What does Orihime do? Uh, helps run the clinic? Is a housewife? We aren’t completely sure. She’s in one page.

Rukia was supposed to have her thoughts on becoming VC shown. Never happened. The female lead had no part in the final battle. I guess a random promotion (in which Ukitake was killed in the process) was a consolation prize to distract us from how badly she was sidelined. “Guys I know she barely did anything but, uhhhh- hey, look! Long hair!!”

Renji doesn’t speak, just stands behind Rukia like a club bouncer. Uryu and Chad get two panels each. Uryu seems isolated from his friends and absorbed with his work. Kenpachi had 3 detailed fights while Uryu got the cliffsnotes version. The final colorspread that caps off his arc features the back of his head. Chad’s job is out of a fanfic.

Does Ichigo do shinigami work anymore? We can assume every now and then, but that this topic wasn’t even a footnote is amazing. What he repeatedly worked for throughout the manga, what he took pride in, what became such a big part of his identity, not mentioned at all. The hero who saved worlds and changed Soul Society is doing something as mundane as running a clinic and we’re left to wonder how much The Deathberry still includes shinigami related things in his life.

Ichigo and Rukia are implied to not have seen each other for years. Think about this for a minute. The person who missed her after 17 months, who had the image of her leaving ingrained in his memory, who Kubo used to draw hanging with Rukia in almost every Christmas/New Years omake, now has the ability to see her but doesn’t. It doesn’t really matter how you viewed the nature of this relationship. If Kubo still had the love for it that he once claimed, he wouldn’t have discarded it.

He ignores it AND YET still couldn’t build his endgame pairings into something that surpassed or even approached it. Apparently it was just enough to ignore it and have IH and RR….standing around each other most of the arc. That was important development I guess?? That was better than the personal, thematic, and poetic resonance IR had from chapter one? Ok.

He couldn’t even be bothered to show the pairings interact in any real way that shows they’ve been couples for years. A ten year timeskip and two kids did the work for him.

This is the amount of effort he put into ending 15 years of story. Plastering the D & S title on a chapter like this was not only sloppy, it was purposely taking the meaning and importance behind something and tossing it in the trash. So much of what he’d written was thrown away and the majority of fans can see it.

People will know when they’ve been fed garbage. And they aren’t going to happily accept it after putting time, energy, and money into something for years - certainly not out of some concept of needing to respect a creator who at the end didn’t care enough to respect his work or his readers.

Bleach ~ ships, characters, big ass plot holes.

Let me hop on this Bleach train wreck ending really fast. I’m going to be speaking as a non shipper because I really enjoyed Bleach for 13 years for its meaning, characters, and action. But I’m reading this ending like Kubo was either drugged or he was replaced. Because what.the.fuck? I want to touch up on several topics so this will be lengthy.


Ichihime and Renruki came out painfully underdeveloped and half assed with that 10 year time skip. Like, Kubo, what? Personally, I don’t care that they became canon, I’m not a shipper, but it’s the WAY they became canon and I know a lot of people have been agreeing on this. I was actually surprised Ichiruki didn’t get endgame. And I see people using that whole “Kubo said they were more than friends but LESS than lovers.” But Ichihime was pretty one sided for a long run so when I see people saying IchiHIme was obviously going to happen, I have to raise an eyebrow. I don’t recall Ichigo showing romantic affection for really any of the female characters. It’s just NOT Ichigo.

But I think a lot of people were taking that saying in a sense that Ichigo and Rukia COULD NEVER be more than that. The way it always came off to me was they are friends, not focusing on a romantic relationship RIGHT NOW, because its irrelevant to the plot, but there were never any exclusions to a possibility of a future for them. I mean I can get RenRuki, their friendship seemed just as close as Ichigo and Rukia and Renji and Rukia were a lot closer before Orihime and Ichigo were.

The fact that both ships seemed to have married and had a kid so close together…was this a competition or something? Plus how do Renji and Rukia even HAVE a kid? I mean I figured that disrupts the balance of humans and souls, no? But I guess thats no longer a concern since Kubo kicked a lot of logic already. 

Honestly ending Bleach with marriage and kids was so cliche and it just didn’t fit the whole message of the manga.


Im trying to go just off the appearance of Ichigo’s son, so i’m going to guess six or seven. That means Ichigo and Orihime would have had to get married and had this kid between 17 and 21, to at least make the 10 year time skip match. It really just sounds like Kubo had them fall into bed or they at least got married at 19 or 20 and had Kazui at 21. And this just really ruined their character development to see where they are now. Ichigo who wanted to be a soul reaper and protect was saddled with a normal family guy life. Not even any news of a profession. I also thought it was funny he still lives at home at 27, but i’m assuming Isshin gave him the house. By the way, where is that guy? And what happened to Hime? I was rooting for the girl to get to live one of her dreams in that five life times speech, have a flower shop or a bakery! That would have been really cute to see. But now she’s just a mom and housewife. And don’t get me wrong theres nothing wrong with that, but for her character, it was a terrible outcome. Kubo set so much up for them and washed it away.

Even in the end, the interactions for both married couples didn’t even come off like they were actually married. PLUS, this didn’t make sense to me, Rukia acts like she hasn’t seen everyone in the span of those ten years, but Ichigo comments that she was supposed to bring her kid “this time.” Even their kids had no idea who they were. I’m going to assume the group got together maybe once or twice in the span of ten years.

The only thing I can say are the kids are pretty adorable. This is why I’m so convinced this ending was forced and just a cop out and a big “FUCK YOU” to SJ. And I understand Kubo had his hand forced to wrap it up, but damn. It didn’t feel like I was reading Bleach.


Because many fans shared this same idea, this will probably be a repeat of what most have read.

Let’s recall what Kubo had intended for his own characters.

Ishida didn’t want to be like his father or become a doctor.

Chad made a promise to his Abuelo that he would use his fists for good and not gain.

Orihime, who I do adore, had such creativity, be dreams, and the courage to go after those things. How can we forget her “Five Life Times” speech?

Ichigo wasn’t happy living a normal life, wanting to live up to his name to protect, and there was even a whole damn arc that highlighted that.

And look what happened.

Chad becomes a famous boxer. Someone said Chad could have been a great pet shop owner since he canonly like cute things.

Ishida becomes a doctor. It’s just plainly obvious that he got a panel just so Kubo could say “looks he’s still here”. Ishida had the BEST character development ever. He want from lonely and distrusting to willing to help and willing to work alongside soul reapers. But now he looks like he detached a little, though its great he’s watching Chad’s match even at work. 

Orihime becomes a house wife. I would have been great if we could see her live one of her dreams instead. Becoming a baker would have went so well with her canon love for food creativity. She was also seriously smart in school, so a teacher would have been great as well. 

Ichigo lives a normal life. The clinic is also still open so I wonder if Ichigo runs it now? I mean if Isshin still lives there then how do they all fit in that house?

Seriously, what happened? It’s like Kubo wiped the slate clean on who these people really are. And where the hell is everyone else?!

Where Isshin, Ryuken, WHERES MY MAN KON, Nel and Grim, Yoruichi, Urahara, etc. Basically everyone feel off the face of the Bleach earth except for our OOC main friends group. And I was TOTALLY hyped to see Byakuya and Rukia have a brother-sister moment congratulating her on becoming a captain.

And fuck, Ukitake is gone. That really got me.


We saw no aftermath of the battle with Yhwach. How’s soul society doing after that? Kazui just somehow manages to save the world by sticking his hand in a hole. No celebration or discussion of any kind of the war ending. We’ll never understand what Kisuke meant about leaving it all up to Ichigo and Rukia. There were so many important things even from a while back that just died here.

I will say this last thing pertaining to characters. I feel like Orihime getting Ichigo is like giving a kid chocolate after bedtime. Orihime was a character that represented some great growth. She was perceived as this air headed, naive girl who saw Ichigo as a knight in shining armor. She saw what she wanted to see, but not what was really there. But she grew to show she was capable of so much and that crush grew to love, however I still don’t think she truly understood Ichigo, even now as his wife. Orihime should have gotten to experience heart break, got to face one of life’s lessons and add on to her characters that she is a strong girl who is over being a cry baby. This would have only worked out IF Kubo ended as Ichiruki and Ishihime.


The fandom has me rolling though. Mainly the shipping war. Basically i’m seeing hypocrisy from the Ichihime side and temper tantrums from the IchiRuki side. 

For IchiRuki, I understand. Im not a shipper, but even I was convinced, if Kubo (WHO DECIDED HE DIDNT WANT ROMANCE IN BLEACH BTW) ended with a ship, it would be IchiRuki and Ishihime. But don’t get in the IH faces about it. If they want to gloat and be assholes about it, mind you I’m not generalizing the shippers, then let it be. Ichigo and Rukia’s bond is endless. No other woman could change his world and make the rain go away. 

Funny thing is, the way everything was written, I still convinced this ending was a joke on SJ, not what Kubo originally wanted.

For IchiHime and RenRuki, its all good and well your ship is canon, but rubbing it in people faces is just as immature as some ichiruki’s who are bitching. Lets face it, if the tables were turned, you’d be doing it too. Congrats to your ending. But again, look at the way it was written. If Ichihime and Renruki really were decided end game, it should have been developed more.

Can you guys honestly imagine SJ staff reading the last chapter and,

“That Fucker!” 

Reparations Sought By Caribbean Nations For 'Lingering Legacy Of Atlantic Slave Trade'

MIAMI — Leaders of more than a dozen Caribbean countries are launching a united effort to seek compensation from three European nations for what they say is the lingering legacy of the Atlantic slave trade.

The Caribbean Community, a regional organization that typically focuses on rather dry issues such as economic integration, has taken up the cause of compensation for slavery and the genocide of native peoples and is preparing for what would likely be a drawn-out battle with the governments of Britain, France and the Netherlands.

Caricom, as the organization is known, has enlisted the help of a prominent British human rights law firm and is creating a Reparations Commission to press the issue, said Ralph Gonsalves, the prime minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, who has been leading the effort.

The legacy of slavery includes widespread poverty and the lack of development that characterizes most of the region, Gonsalves said, adding that any settlement should include a formal apology, but contrition alone would not be sufficient.

“The apology is important but that is wholly insufficient,” he said in a phone interview Wednesday with The Associated Press. “We have to have appropriate recompense.”


Glauber Rocha - A Idade da Terra (The Age of the Earth)

Part discussion and part illustration, Rocha’s final film addresses the Western capitalist concept of “underdevelopment,” which ghettoizes the very notion of “third world” identity directly and scathingly. The film depicts the appearance of four “Christs” who serve as avatars for facets of Brazilian identity: a tribal Christ, a black Christ, a leftist guerrilla Christ and a fascist military Christ. Juxtaposed with all of these is a grotesque capitalist caricature who proclaims his omnipotence and who is terrified of the power each Christ represents.

The interplay of Rocha’s avatars does not cohere into a conventional narrative; the film is comprised of sixteen reels, which Rocha intended to be screened in any order whatsoever. This allows Rocha to present his ideas in tableaux that make little concession to audience comprehension, but which instead revel in the beauty of his nation, its rituals and its people. What exposition is called for is spoken directly to the audience in Rocha’s own voice. In place of story, we have concept. In place of character, we have image. In place of a fourth wall, we have the filmmaker engaging in direct address. A Idade da Terra may be the most radical example of cinema as political theater.

Unfortunately, the film has no distribution in the English-speaking world, either in a fixed order or with proper interchangeability. As the beauty of the images above, which portray a kind of creation myth, attests, this needs to be remedied.