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Curious to your thoughts on the fact that lots of folks like the queer representation in Life is Strange, but how on the flip side the game queerbaits pretty heavily, has a pretty egregious example of Bury Your Gays and you only get the chance to have another kiss with Chloe in ther game's arguably worst ending, and how the other ending is pretty underdeveloped. Not trying to sound accusatory, just curious on your take :)

I could talk about this all day, really. Life is Strange is such a fascinating example of how things can be simultaneously positive and negative. To me, the key issue stems from two things:

Firstly, there’s so little queer representation in games and wider media, meaning that queer folks (including myself!) are likely to latch onto what is avaliable, even if it’s full of problems like Life is Strange is.

Secondly, the episodic nature of the game means that we kind of went from “minor queer subtext” to “confirmed queer plotline!” to “ew, bad tropes” over the space of several months. That gave people a lot of time to get invested in the characters and, really, invent fanon that is way better than what Episode 5 (in particular) gave us. That, plus the fact that the canon characters are so relatable and easy to get invested in anyway, means that people have good reason to be invested in them.

I think that the LiS fandom is actually really good at discussing the issues within the representation (likely because with a high proportion of queer fans, we’re more likely to be cognisant of these issues) whilst also enjoying the representation and other aspects of the story.

The other thing that I would mention is that, whilst everything else you mention is absolutely a problem, I don’t feel like the game queerbaits. You can’t really get around the fact that Max and Chloe (and Rachel, I think?) are all canonically queer regardless of your choices.

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yeees so glad rueshimaxcochlea arc is finally over too!! i didnt hate it but i was also disappointed w how some things turned out (esp how underdeveloped tatara and houji ended up being). what were ur issues w it storytelling wise?

Thanks for the ask!

Well, what I am going to write is my personal opinion and not something definite, so there’s that. :’D

Cochlea arc was fine I guess, even though I have my opinion as to why I didn’t like some things, but they are minimal. I don’t have much to complain there and not only because Furuta was included. :’D 

The switch to Rueshima was fine. The plot itself wasn’t really bad, in my opinion at least, but I felt like Rueshima was a big contrast in writing. I know that Tokyo Ghoul can be also categorized as shounen, that’s why I do understand why Ishida did what he did, but this time, subjectively speaking, I just didn’t like that part. I know, this is a rather poor argument because it is entirely subjective, but that’s just how I feel. I don’t mind that if it happens one time or maybe two times, but I felt like I read Mortal Combat and not really Tokyo Ghoul at that point. It would have been great if some deeper dialogues were included between most fight scenes. 

In regards to Tatara and Houji, there was some kind of deep dialogue there, don’t get me wrong, but Tatara held such a great grude towards Houji and he always flinched in anger when we saw him, it was kind of odd seeing Tatara… restrained almost. But maybe Ishida, as some other tumblr user stated, just wanted to show that a long held grudge won’t achieve anything in the end. True, true, but even if take that into account, I think the biggest dissappointment was in the lack of characterization. We know next to nothing about Tatara. Yes, we do know that he was in Chi She Lian, that Houji eradicated this organisation and that Tatara moved to Japan after that. But what happened between those incidents? If Tatara was some random background character, I would have grudgingly accpeted that, but Tatara was a central character, even if he wasn’t connected to Kaneki that much, to uber protagonist. I can’t say much about Houji strangely. I think his views about this whole issue were pretty clear sadly. He didn’t view what he did as deplorable but as a necessary evil and completely tossed Tatara’s feelings aside. That was Houji’s narrative. It’s not what I wanted, but it is perfectly fine writing. My expectations were just a bit unrealistic when it came to Houji :’)

But yeah, we see it with Roma and Nishiki as well. Sure, that they fight was inevitable I guess, nothing wrong with that yet again, but I think the biggest dissappointment of this fight was the aftermath. Ishida… just left it like this. It would have been perfectly fine if Ishida just spent one more chapter (yes, I am happy that Fufu is back, but I could have waited one more chapter, I think…) to somehow to expand this opportunity he had with Roma and Nishiki. Sure, they don’t have any kind of relationship, that is, but it would have been great to get to know her because let’s be honest, Roma appears not that often and when she does, she is in full Junko mode, it would have been nice if we just got know her a little more, it was done with Uta and Nico, so why not Roma?.

And Ui’s fight with everyone else was just… meh. I think these last chapters were at its weakest. It is great that Ishida included Ui again (after all, he was part of the group), but this was one of the only time where I think that was absolutely, without a doubt, unnencessary. Fighting itself is never really bad, but again, it served no purpose, not even some deeper understanding of him, just how great he can fight. I was also happy to see Shuu again, but wow, I have to be honest, he could have been exluded, at least in this arc. And I hope we get a reasonable explanation as to how Irimi survived Arima while her other comrades had to die. 

Puh, okay I am still not done, anon. As I said, keeping to focus on prowress of characters is genuinely not bad, but I think, considering how many important central characters had to die, it was just bad timing to do it.

And then there’s a complaint that I have that I don’t think is really subjective, so I will just name it. It really dissappointed me that Ishida used these common suspense tactics. If you don’t know what I am referring to, just take a look at some chapters in this arc. I don’t remember the chapter number for that matter, but at the end of the chapter Naki got somehow stabbed and when Miza tried to palpate him when she woke up, he felt to the ground, not moving and seemingly not breathing. This whole thing… was just so off. While I still don’t remember why Naki got stabbed, it served no purpose except us, the readers, to believe that Naki might be dead and we are worried sick. It was the same with Miza. I think she got almost killed by Hanabee, but survived. Not totally unreasonable, but I just am not fond of the “art-thou-dead?” suspense tactics. Every artist can use it, some indeed use it, but Ishida, in my opinion, always wrote good or even great chapters without using said mechanic. I am not blaming him, though, Ishida is a busy man and this whole arc got dragged along for quite some time, I think at one point, even though he might have had a great plan, he was a bit tired of it, too. 

You see, ending the arc just like this, like the previous chapter did, was just… off. It didn’t feel like an ending or some kind of conclusion, it was like he internally said to himself “meh, whatever, this will suffice, let’s move on” and jumped to the opening for the next arc. As I said, I really don’t blame him at all, I fully understand any reason for that matter, because keeping the suspense and the plot in an arc that is so long, I doesn’t surprise me what he did. And it’s okay. At least for me it is.

But of course there were good things, too. The Mutsuki arc was perfectly fine, I guess the Akira/Seidou/Amon love triangle arc was okay, too, I just don’t have any strong feelings for all of those three, so for me it wasn’t personally as exciting, the Kanou labortory… well, it was somewhat okay. There were good parts in it, like flashbacks, we got to know some of Kanou’s many wrongdoings and a bit of himself, too. But I somehow just expected more of this laboratory arc. I can’t exactly pinpoint what I didn’t like about it, but I guess it has yet to do with Kurona’s fight with the experiments. As I already said, that one time where it happened it was perfectly understandable, but that fight just got dragged along for so long. And my god, Shikorae, he is yet another issue. As I said, him being there at all has it’s reasons of course, but he acted solely as the comic relief in the laboratory. Ishida could have used those panels for a better dialogue and I am not saying this because I dislike Rio (I mean his whole story is quite intriguing), but because he served next to zero purpose. And Nishiki… I might be less harsh on his appearance, but yeah, I feel like his appearance, along with Shuu’s and Irimi’s apperance was just… hm, well, random? Sure, Kurona needed help, but only because the fight was dragged over and over again. It felt like… argh, gosh, I might be bashed for this, but I just have to say it: It felt like included those people because he didn’t really know what to write anymore. The arc could have been perfeclty fine without those three and I am saying this as a Shuu and Irimi hardcore fan (but it would have been great if Ishida used this oppurtunity to include Kimi already in those chapters).

It is over, and I am glad for that. Now Ishida can shift his creativity and motivation into the new arc, hopefully a bit shorter, especially for himself. 

Parents have this twisted belief that anyone under the age of about twenty simply can’t know what love is, like the age to love is assessed in the same way the law assesses the legal age to drink. They think that the ‘emotional growth’ of a teenager’s mind is too underdeveloped to understand love, to know if it’s ‘real’ or not.
That’s completely asinine.
The truth is that adults love in different ways, not the only way.
Why Aren't Our Nations Better Off?

African nations have had independence for so so many years: Why aren’t our nations better off? That is the question Nadia Zeine asked on twitter a couple of days ago. It is question I have often tried to answer. Off the top of my head, I can think of these five reasons; Leadership, Followership, Aid, Corruption, Neocolonialism and Religion.

We haven’t been too lucky with the leaders we have had in the past 3 decades or so. We have had very ignorant, selfish and greedy leaders who have done nothing but robbed our nations of their wealth and signed contracts primary school children wouldn’t even sign. Development can come when we have strong development-oriented leaders who are interested in the welfare and development performance rather than vague policies, nepotism and ethnic divisions.

I have maintained that ’in as much as we have a leadership crises in Africa, I believe we have a followership crises as well.’ We have followers who don’t analyse or pay attention to the real issues and vote accordingly; we have sycophants who only seek their well-being and not that of the state. Followers have failed to criticise leaders constructively and vote the right people into power. Followers have been more interested in what they get rather than what nation.

Aid, Aid and more Aid. I am just one chapter deep in Dambisa Moyo’s Dead Aid but I share her views on aid; Aid has been and continues to be, an unmitigated political, economic and humanitarian disaster for most parts of the developing world. Aid has done nothing but led to the underdevelopment of our continent. Aid has been seen as a end rather than a means to an end. Governments have become lazy because of aid. We have become too dependant on aid that we have failed to generate the money we need for development. This is one area we can learn from China. China in its economic transformation sought foreign aid as a supplement to national resources and as a means to acquire know-how and management skills. The opposite is true with Africa. Governments after governments boast how much aid they were able to secure. This has to change!

Corruption continues to be one of the reasons for our underdevelopment. Although we have some good examples in Botswana, Cape Verde, Seychelles and Mauritius, African countries continues to be in most corrupt nations. I have always said we don’t punish corruption enough in Africa. We live in countries where corrupt public servants are ‘asked to proceed on leave.’ How do you deal with corruption in a state like that? The only way to deal with corruption is not true fruitless education drives we have seen around the continent but to give out stiffer punishments.

Before the end of the cold war, Africa was the ground for the proxy wars; Mozambique, Angola which have caused tremendous damage to their economies. Neocolonialism continues to be a problem for the continent. Today, it has taken economic dimensions through unfair trade practices.

It is my view that every society which is over-religious or over superstitious will always remain underdevelopment. Our being over-religion and over-superstitious has affected the development of our continent. We take religion too seriously. We would do whatever the pastor, imam or priestess says even if it’s wrong. We rely too much on religion to solve our problems. Religion won’t! I believe in religion but I think religion comes in where science can’t provide an explanation.

Africa’s future is up to Africans. The earlier we take our destiny into our hands and correct these wrongs, the better.

Underdeveloped VS Developed

Aries: Savage Vs Warrior

Taurus: Possessive Vs Guardian

Gemini: Gossip Vs Genius

Cancer: Instability Vs empathy

Leo: Narcissism Vs Love

Virgo: Fretful Vs conscientious

Libra: Judgmental Vs Peacekeeping

Scorpio: Invasive Vs Truth Seeking

Sagittarius: Wandering Vs Wisdom

Capricorn: Power Hungry Vs Ambition

Aquarius: Chaotic Vs insightful 

Pisces: Insubstantial Vs Transcendent 


I was not anticipating this movie at all, but old man Logan? Sign me the fuck up. Love the tone of this. 

11/10 for music choice. 

(Having watched this about ten million times today I am even more excited. I am so much more interested in a few well developed characters and a smaller story than a ton of underdeveloped ones with a ‘save the world’ story. I AM SO IN.)

‘In contrast with the surging growth of the countries in our socialist camp and the development taking place, albeit much more slowly, in the majority of the capitalist countries, is the unquestionable fact that a large proportion of the so-called underdeveloped countries are in total stagnation, and that in some of them the rate of economic growth is lower than that of population increase.

‘These characteristics are not fortuitous; they correspond strictly to the nature of the capitalist system in full expansion, which transfers to the dependent countries the most abusive and barefaced forms of exploitation. It must be clearly understood that the only way to solve the questions now besetting mankind is to eliminate completely the exploitation of dependent countries by developed capitalist countries, with all the consequences that this implies.’

—  Che Guevara, 1964. (Taken from How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney)

tyga is like 26 and he left his wife and child to date a 16 year old…..you can be factual and call him ugly all day you can make fun of the fact that he went on rogaine to get his hairline back but there isn’t much funny about the fact he’s in a relationship with someone so mentally underdeveloped than him and he even bragged about having sex with her…..but khole kardashian is mad that amber was stripping since she was 15 because her family was recently evicted and she needed to support her family….hmmm

Marxist thought has been built up based on quite another vision, that of the permanent transformation of the fundamental structures of societies, which is always historical.

In this framework - that of historical materialism - capitalism is historical, has had a beginning and will have an end. Accepting this principle, the nature of this historical capitalism should be the object of continual reflection, which is not always the case in the ranks of the ‘historical Marxisms’ (that is, Marxism as interpreted by those who claim it). Certainly one can accept the very general idea that capitalism constitutes a necessary stage, preparing conditions for socialism - a more advanced stage of human civilisation. But this idea is too general and insufficient precisely because it reduces 'capitalism - necessary stage’ to actually existing historical capitalism. 

I shall sum up my reflections on this question in the following points to be developed over subsequent pages:

• Accumulation through dispossession is a permanent feature in the history of capitalism. 

• Historical capitalism is, therefore, imperialist by nature at all stages of its development, in the sense that it polarises owing to the inherent effect of the laws that govern it.

• From this it follows that this capitalism cannot become the unavoidable stage for the peoples of the peripheries of the historical capitalist system. Therefore, this stage is not necessary to create, here as elsewhere (in the centres of the system), the conditions for overtaking it by socialism. Development and underdevelopment are the two inseparable sides of the historical capitalist coin. 

• This historical capitalism is itself inseparable from the European conquest of the world. It is inseparable from the Eurocentric ideology which is, by definition, a non-universal form of civilisation. 

• Other forms of response to the need for accelerated accumulation (compared with the rhythms of the accumulation of the ancient epochs of civilisation) - a necessary premise for the socialism of the future - would have been possible. This can be discussed. But these forms, perhaps more visible in an embryonic way elsewhere than in the Europe of the transition to capitalism (in China, among others), have not been implemented because they have been crushed by the European conquest. 

• Thus there is no alternative for human civilisation other than to engage in a construction of socialism, this in turn being based on the strategic concepts that must command the objective results produced by the globalised and polarising expansion of western capitalism/imperialism.

—  Samir Amin, Ending the Crisis of Capitalism or Ending Capitalism?

Haru was sleeping soundly in his corner of the pen when he felt two hands pick him up. Before he would have minded and at least protest a little, but now he was used to it. Just today, three people had already picked him up wondering if he was the one they’d adopt.

But no. Apparently no wants a furry dragon, even if he did have scales on his underside no one wanted the abomination that resulted from intercourse between a neko and dragon in humanoid form. He’d heard everything from the potential customers about him, namely insults or excuses of why not to choose him. Things like him just being a high maintenance pillow, or being just being a weird caterpillar. Others said his wings were too small, and that they wanted a “cool” and “actual” dragon that was purely reptilian. While his wings were still underdeveloped, just little flaps covered in down feather, that didn’t mean much, just that he was still too young to fly.

Anyways, when he realized that the person who picked him up wasn’t a stranger, but Makoto Tachibana, the caretaker of every dragon here and one of the few humans that were nice to him, he knew this would be different.

“Here Rin, I think this is the one you’re looking for. I’ll even give you some supplies to take care of and feed him if you’d like.”

What I expect to see when going through the oitnb tag:

  • Pennsatucky’s amazing character development and her wonderful friendship with Big Boo
  • Praising the acting of Selenis Leyva and Laverne Cox because they knocked it out of the park
  • Daya’s story finally becoming interesting
  • Poussey and Soso shipping
  • Suzanne and turtle girl shipping
  • Hard hitting truths brought to you by the show e.g. mental illness, sex, different personalities, appearance, self-loathing
  • Red being queen of all that is good and pure
  • Taystee reclaiming her rightful place as the best character
  • Black Cindy’s hilarious and heartwarming conversion
  • More of Suzanne’s sex story ( I need to hear about vaseline man)
  • Mourning the loss of Nicky Nichols
  • Feeling sorry for Morello and happy for Morello
  • Heralding the return of Alex Vause and Lolly
  • Development of minor characters e.g. flaca, chang, soso, norma, leanne
  • Praising the show’s awesome sideplots

What I end up seeing:

  • Boring piper and her boring relationships

if the person you’re dating makes you feel like what you have to say is dumb, cliche, unintelligent, childish, naive or underdeveloped, run. do not waste time with someone who diminishes what you have to say. your voice is not worth their companionship. 


The years spent in isolation have not equipped him with the tools necessary to judge right from wrong. He’s had no context. He’s been completely without guidance. Furthermore, his work - the garden sculptures, hairstyles and so forth - indicate that he’s a highly imaginative… uh… character. It seems clear that his awareness of what we call reality is radically underdeveloped.