undercover muggle


gif imagines

newt scamander:

  • imagine being a famous singer (x)
  • imagine a year after newt obliviates you (x)
  • imagine newt confessing to you, but you think it’s a joke (x)
  • imagine being french and saying his name wrong (x)
  • imagine being a famous ballerina (x)
  • imagine being an undercover muggle spy (x)
  • imagine bumping into newt (x)
  • imagine being a surrogate (x)
  • imagine being an exchange student (x)
  • imagine being trapped in a bus (x)
  • imagine being grindlewald’s daughter (x)
  • imagine having an arranged marriage (x)
  • imagine living next to newt (x)
  • imagine being newt’s soulmate and seeing the escape of the beasts (x)
  • imagine having intercourse with newt (x)
  • imagine dying (x)
  • imagine making newt blush (x)
  • imagine getting hurt (x)
  • imagine a soulmate timer au (x)

percival graves:

  • imagine him trying to flirt (x)
  • imagine missing him (x)

credence barebone:

  • imagine handing out leaflets together (x)
  • imagine your child getting lost (x)

(porper)tina goldstein:

  • imagine teasing her (x)


  • imagine cuddling niffler (x)
  • imagine being saved by on of newt’s beasts (x)


  • imagine being wed and then dying (x)
  • imagine going on a road trip (x)
  • imagine having one day left to live (x)
  • imagine being an actress (x)


  • dating newt scamander would include (x)