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Arthur is not a coworker that you would want. His coffee breaks take over 80% of his workday and none of his coworkers know how or why. 

(Some continuation on this comic and how Ryan continued on being undercover very professionally.)


Dear followers/readers,

Remember that Sterek AU for ‘Fast & Furious’ that I’ve talked about on more than one occasion? The one with Dom!Derek (no pun intended), Brian! Stiles and the rest of the crew? Undercover cop falling for the big bad criminal he’s supposed to bring in? Yeah, that one.

That one is happening this summer… on my Patreon.

Most of you probably know about Patreon already, but in case you don’t—I’m quite new to it myself—it’s a site for content creators where you’re unable to view their news feed unless you pay a small fee, which in my case will be $1 per chapter. Simple as that.

I never planned on making any profit on writing fan fic, but here’s the thing: it’s either this, or I gotta find a full-time job for the rest of the summer, which means I won’t be writing anything at all. And I’m a small town girl so believe me when I say jobs are hard to find. I’m just a poor student, and I desperately need money right now. Other than my non-existent job situation, I’m also fighting a nasty battle with my PTSD these days.

I won’t ask you to donate, but I will do this; write fic for money and—because I’m ZainClaw—make a bunch of manips + soundtrack for it.

By doing this, I’ll have a chance to spend the majority of my summer writing, which otherwise would be impossible, because I can’t afford to prioritize something that’s not helping me pay the bills. 

I put so much effort and time into writing fics, time that I could’ve spent writing on an original story, because I do aspire to become a published author one day. But I love writing Sterek, and I love sharing my writing with y’all, and this specific AU is something I’ve wanted to do for nearly six months now, but I honestly don’t think it’ll ever happen without a little help from you guys. Economically.

And this is just for this specific fic. I do not in any way plan on keeping this up for my other projects in the future. I just applied for a writing school—even sent in Sterek fics as part of my application—where I’ll hopefully go this fall and be financially stable again so I can go back to writing on my free time just as I always have. This is just for the summer.

I really hope y’all can understand where I’m coming from. The last thing I want is to upset my loyal readers, but please try understand why I want to try this. I’m planning on kicking this off as soon as my classes end and have the first chapter posted June 12th (mark your calendars!) and then every Friday after that, for ten whole weeks.

If this doesn’t work out, if I don’t get enough readers, then I’ll have to drop this whole project, probably for good, and do whatever I can to earn a little money some other way this summer. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever have the chance to write another multi-chaptered fic like MAM again. I am very excited for this fic, and hope y’all will be, too!

Please help me writing Sterek fic for you this summer possible.

More info and FAQ will come later on. Thank you :)



Laura Nala, Sanjii, and Kira killin’ it!


Undercover Crew! (Laura Nala, Lil Sam, Kira, Sanjii, and Junbox)