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We can’t fucking believe there are still 10 designers who will only cast white people

They’re forward-thinking, incredibly talented designers; like Demna Gvasalia from Vetements and Balenciaga, who, in the five collections he’s designed and 206 models he’s employed in his runway shows, has only used one model of color. They’re avant-garde, established artists; like Rei Kawakubo, who hasn’t used a Black model on the runway in over 10 years.

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So there’s this cool group at North Carolina State University formed BY THE STUDENTS to make a nail polish that detects date rape drugs in drinks. It’s supposed to change color when exposed to date rape drugs but here’s the thing: they need donations to actually get this shit done

Look here. This is their donate page. You don’t even have to donate just spread the word. Every bit of money counts and the more put into this research, the better tomorrow we can have. 

Wanna know the coolest thing about the nail polish? Like the absolute coolest? It’s actually clear to start off with. That means you have absolutely to worry about whether or not it matches your outfit. The only time it changes is when exposed to date rape drugs. You can be on a normal date and know that shit’s up because your nails will change color.

But hey, not into nail polish? That’s rad. That’s cool. Here’s another thing for you.

It’s called the pd.id or personal drink id. It’s this pretty cool thing you can carry around with you. It’s battery-operated and, when submerged in the drink, can tell whether or not your drink has been drugged. And, in some cases, can tell you the exact drug.

This device has an indiegogo page going on, but the thing is that the creators have two weeks to meet their goal. To learn more about the pd.id or to donate to help them reach their goal of $50,000 in the two weeks remaining (they have 53% left to earn), go here.

Seriously, guys. These things can help save lives and the thing is that they’re so discrete and portable. Even if you don’t want to donate or don’t want to check it out… at least spread the word.


Original Disney Shows starring People of Color

That’s So Raven (2003) // The Proud Family (2005) // Wizards of Waverly Place (2007) // Sonny With A Chance (2009) // ANT Farm (2011) // American Dragon: Jake Long (2005) // KC Undercover (2015) // Stuck In The Middle (2016)

It’s a shame that Nico Minoru doesn’t use her codename all that often whenever she appears in comics. It’s quite appropriate; Sister Grimm. Writer Brian K. Vaughn created Nico Minoru during his run on the book Runaways, which ended up being quite the hit for Marvel Comics. Nico, and most of her fellow Runaways, were the children of a Supervillian crime ring known as The Pride. Her parents were dark wizards who, like the other members of The Pride, kept secret their child’s legacy. After discovering her parents true alliances, she and the Runaways choose to become vigilantes to redeem their family names. Nico in particularly learns about her magical heritage, and comes into her ability as a leader. The Japanese-American Nico has since become a vigilante, fighting crime on her own, sparsely with the Avengers, but mostly with the Runways. She’ll also be appearing in the upcoming A-Force, apart of the larger Secret Wars event from Marvel Comics.

Required Reading: Runaways, Avengers Arena, Avengers Undercover

The End of an Era

With the arrival of Paper Mario: Color Splash on the Wii U yesterday in North America, the end of the console’s life is fast approaching. Despite that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is still slated for release on the current home console when it arrives next year, Paper Mario: Color Splash is the final Wii U exclusive first-party release from Nintendo. Let’ s take a brief walk down memory lane, and look back on the fonder times of the console.

Despite that the Wii U never hit the soaring heights of success that its predecessor, the Wii, obtained, the system is still full of great games and fun memories. For myself, in particular, it is tied closely to my memories of Satoru Iwata, the late Nintendo President who passed away in July of 2015 after a battle with cancer. I still remember the video pre-launch that showed a white-gloved Mr. Iwata, who proclaimed that he felt a bit like Mario, carefully opening a Wii U system for the first time on video. 

The Wii U arrived with a slow initial release, despite that games were coming, from which it was perhaps unable to recover. Early-life titles such as Nintendoland, Pikmin 3, Lego City: Undercover, Game & Wario, and even New Super Mario Bros. U offered Wii U owners some great fun, and the Deluxe Digital Program, which came alongside every Wii U deluxe set purchased until the end of 2014, offered money back for digital purchases made in the Wii U’s eShop. It is undeniable that the Wii U had some fantastic games, and gave back to players in a very real way. 

The console was a great place for experimentation with new ideas and brought forth three games, in particular, which might have seemed impossible to fans before they were announced. 

Pokken Tournament, a Pokemon fighting game which allowed players to control Pokemon directly in a 3D fighting game, lovingly crafted by the team behind Tekken, is a masterfully executed experiment in new directions for the Pokemon franchise. 

Hyrule Warriors is best described as a game which mixes the best parts of Dynasty Warriors with Hyrule’s biggest and baddest characters. Hyrule Warriors is a hack and slash dream with endless playability and it even utilizes the Wii U Gamepad screen to alleviate splitscreen woes during multiplayer battles. The game later saw a release on the Nintendo 3DS handheld which added even more characters and explorable adventure maps to the fray in both versions! 

Finally, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, which offers fans a taste of Shin Megami Tensei style dungeon crawling RPG action, which is steeped in Fire Emblem characters and references, as well as Japanese Idol culture, providing a massive adventure full of amazing music, fashion, and battling. These titles were all products of Nintendo’s ability to partner with companies in efforts to increase the Wii U’s game library for the sake of their fans. 

The Wii U has had some smashing hits, namely Splatoon and Super Mario Maker, though the life cycle was not without its growing pains and droughts. Paper Mario: Color Splash is, despite the controversial changes in gameplay, a great title, with fantastic visuals, writing, and is a fitting send off for the Wii U.

Despite all of the setbacks and issues the Wii U faced, the console may well go on to be a beloved memory much like the Nintendo GameCube, which also sold poorly when it was current. I will always remember the fun times I shared with my Wii U, and I optimistically look forward to whatever Nintendo has up their sleeve when NX arrives early next year.

“Undercover Colors” Is A New Nail Polish That Detects If Your Drink Has Been Drugged

Materials Science & Engineering undergraduate students Ankesh Madan, Tasso Von Windheim, Tyler Confrey-Maloney, and Stephan Gray are the founders and creators of Undercover Colors, “The First Fashion Company Empowering Women To Prevent Sexual Assault,” and the idea is both impressive and incredibly useful. All you have to do is dip your UC-varnished fingertip in your drink, and if drugs like Rohypnol, Xanax, or GHB are present, your nail color will change.