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This Nail Polish Detects Roofies

Sure, nail polish is all kinds of wonderful—but a nail polish that warns you if your drink is spiked with a date-rape drug? Now that’s batshit amazing.

An undergrad chemistry startup out of N.C. State University, Undercover Colors, is the group behind the new socially conscious project. The formula, once completed, will change colors when it comes into contact with the offensive drugs. So all you’d have to do is dip a manicured finger into your drink to protect yourself against a sexual predator.

According to the Washington Post, there were 3,900 allegations of sex offenses on college campuses in 2012—and that number itself rose 50 percent over a period of three years. While the problem is clearly far-reaching and complex, we’re a fan of anything that helps women protect themselves and brings awareness to the issue. When makeup and social activism come together, it’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? [Via Triangle Business Journal]

There's a nail polish that changes color when it detects date rape drugs!

Holy shit. It’s called Undercover Colors.

‘With our nail polish, any woman will be empowered to discreetly ensure her safety by simply stirring her drink with her finger. If her nail polish changes color, she’ll know that something is wrong,’ according to the official Facebook page.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2732144/Will-nail-polish-stop-sexual-assault-Male-science-students-develop-manicure-changes-color-exposed-date-rape-drugs.html#ixzz3BNXtAIwl 

My thoughts on: Undercover Colors

To those who criticize the need for the Undercover Colors nail  polish because “women should not be burdened with such”…

The fuck is wrong with you?

People literally have went out of their way to create an AMAZING product to help PROTECT women against rape… and you have the audacity to shoot it down because “women should not be held accountable”!? 

Look, it would be amazing if we could lecture and slap the wrist of every bad person out there. However, the reality is that it is not possible. There will always be evil scum in the world. There will be no amount movements or change that will convince assholes not to be assholes.

You can not tell a shark “Bad boy!”, while swimming in open water. You can not wander into a battlefield, and expect the homicidal zealot to not cut your head off. You can’t leave the safe open, and tell a neurotic thief not to steal.

Murderers will  murder. Thieves will commit theft. Rapists will continue to rape.

You take weapons from everyone, and you disarm only the innocent. 

Reality is harsh, but it is stuff like this that can make it easier.



I have no shame so why not share torobaroba‘s really old 5 minute doodles from a couple of years ago I colored! And the drawing I did for an ask meme a month ago. 

Like I said no shame whatsoever 

Wereables contra la agresión a mujeres

Hace pocos días veíamos un viral de una mujer que sufria diferentes tipos de acoso durante mientras que paseaba por Nueva York. El acoso a la mujer es una triste realidad que se vive en todo el mundo y es el principal motor de inventos como los siguientes:

El sujetador SHE, la laca de uñas que cambia de color cuando detecta la presencia de drogas en la bebida creada por la empresa Undercover Colors o el Siren Ring,  un anillo que emite un sonido ensordecedor si su portadora lo activa en caso de estar sufriendo una agresión, son las invenciones más recientes para intentar evitar este tipo de agresiones.

On Undercover Colors:

Don’t criticize these men for coming up with a product to attempt to help keep women safe.

Though you may feel that their efforts are misplaced, (and I don’t totally disagree with that statement,) their efforts are noble. I’m seeing a TON of backlash towards these men for creating a “victim-blaming” situation, but I do not see it that way at all. I have not read anything from this company saying that all women SHOULD wear this, that this will DEFINITELY prevent all date rape, or that if a woman does NOT swirl her finger in her drink, it is her fault that she was attacked. Anyone who does see it that way should take a step back.

4 young men decided that they would try to create a tool that may, in some situations, potentially, alert a female that she is in danger. Should we need to do that? No, absolutely not. It is deplorable. I find it extremely upsetting that when I am walking into my parking garage at night, I walk with my keys in my hand, because I can use them as a weapon should I be attacked. It definitely sucks that when I am at a party, even among very close friends, I still feel the need to keep my mixers separate from everyone else’s, in order to protect myself from a potential drugging.

But I do these things. Does taking these precautions against a potential attack make me a victim-blamer? I think not. You may disagree, but I feel that these steps are necessary to make me feel better. I am always thinking about and looking for tools to protect myself against a potential assault. And I personally would be very pleased to have more options to do that.

These men are not making any grand claims about creating the “solution” for rape. The most obvious and necessary “solution” would be to teach rapists/assaulters/the general population that sexual violence is not okay. If a product such as this prevents even ONE assault, for me, that is worth it.

Take a step back and see it for what it is- 4 young adult men made a decision to create a product that may protect women.

I feel that we’re getting dangerously close to being SO critical and so judgmental about how individuals talk about rape and assault, that we risk eliminating the potential for discussion altogether. We can’t alienate people from trying to help, even if their efforts are somewhat uninformed.

Date-rape Prevention "Undercover Colors"

Hey, guys, I don’t know where I saw this so my apologies if it’s a post ripoff.
Anyways, I found out about an experimental product called Undercover Colors. It’s in development right now and the idea is a line of nail polish + other cosmetics that will change color when they come in contact with various date rape drugs. You can find a Facebook group under the same name. Just wanted to let you all know that it’s out there so either give them support or keep an eye out for it in the future.
Have a great day.

Male entitlement that physically makes me sick

Y'all have heard about the nail polish that supposedly detects Roofies present in a drink? Okay. Great. New question. Have you seen one comment thread in which the majority of commenters are women? Have you seen one comment thread in which men are not systematically preaching their views on the subject over and over again, continuously dismissing the opinions of women commenters? No? Me either.

Here’s an idea. What if a product designed to protect WOMEN from rape, an issue largely affecting WOMEN, actually had WOMEN as its largest base of commenters? 

Here’s the thing, men. I know this is probably already making you angry. Similarly to how white people believe their opinion is always valid and welcome when discussing issues that primarily people of color face, but as most people of color would tell you themselves if you just shut up and listened, IT’S NOT AUTOMATICALLY WELCOME OR VALID. Especially when there are plenty of people of color whose opinions are actually backed by experience, rather than just ideology. 

Because here’s the thing. Men, will any of you ever use this nail polish product? NOW I CAN ALREADY HEAR YOUR ENTITLED ARGUMENT. “But men get raped too!!!” Okay. That’s true. But do you think many men who are potential victims of rape will wear this product to protect themselves? Would you ever wear it yourself? No? Wouldn’t you agree the mass majority of people wearing this product will be women? It was also designed for women, right? Okay then.

So. Here’s why your male opinion on this product made for women and used almost entirely by women doesn’t matter to me as a woman (no matter how “logical” or “informed” you believe it to be):

1. You will never use this product to protect yourself from rape. This product was not intended for you to use. It was intended for ME to use. And all these other women commenters. So I’m going to weigh in my opinion about 1) the usefulness of this product 2) the practicality of this product 3) the morality of this product 3) the potential benefits of this product 4) the potential consequences of this product. All of this will be backed by my 23 years of experience living as a woman and is inherently more valuable than your 23 years of never living as a woman.

2. No matter what your opinion is, I guarantee you some woman, somewhere, shares it. Your insight is not some gift to this conversation that your unique and amazing intellect came up with. So guess what? I would rather hear a woman voice that opinion. Why? Because a woman may actually use this product someday, and even if you share the same opinion, I would rather debate with her about the logistics of her argument compared with actual use, instead of with a guy who can “assume” what he would do in an instance of date rape, how it would feel, how he would respond to victim blaming, etc, all in a completely hypothetical context because, AGAIN, A SITUATION WILL NEVER OCCUR IN WHICH YOU WOULD HAVE THOUGHT TO USE THIS PRODUCT OR SOCIETY AT LARGE WILL BLAME YOU FOR NOT HAVING USED THIS PRODUCT.

3. Although what I previously said stands, that your opinion is shared by some woman, somewhere…However, based on the comment threads I’ve seen, male opinion on this subject is largely the same. Men believe this is a good product, and although they may kind of sort of understand the argument that this product contributes to rape culture as opposed to challenges it, they still think this product is a good idea.

Now, here’s the thing, there is some really great difference of opinion among women in this conversation. There is very little diversity among men’s opinions. It is largely the opinion that I stated above.

Now couldn’t you picture a comment thread in which women dominate the conversation, maybe the conversation is entirely women, and it’s a series of women sharing a diverse set of opinions based on perspectives of women, backed by real experiences of women, through the varying lenses of women of color, able-bodied women, older women, younger women, women in the sex industry, religious women, non-religious women etc.? Perhaps many have their own stories of rape or violence or constant fear of such? Maybe some women have tried similar products to this nail polish and have personal accounts of their experience, weighing the benefits and the faults? 

Now, wouldn’t that conversation be much more fucking relevant than what comment threads actually look like: men systematically disagreeing and invalidating women’s opinions over and over again with loud voices and oppressive tones? And when women don’t agree with a male opinion about a product meant for women that men will never use, men consistently use the defense that women’s visions are somehow obstructed by CRAZY FEMINISM, REVERSE SEXISM, or THE VICTIM MENTALITY. (Hold up, this product is designed for VICTIMS OF RAPE, isn’t it? So my perspective as a potential victim of rape is…not actually valid…? But your perspective as a potential PERPETRATOR of rape is much more valid? Huh?)

Listen man, all and all, your opinions based on “logic”, “common sense”, or “the male perspective”, mean jack diddles to me when I could be hearing a logical and completely sensical argument from a woman’s perspective inherently backed by something that outweighs all of those things; real life experience. The experience of a woman living every day being told to constantly protect herself with yet another precautionary tool to avoid some impending rape sentence, or a woman who has actually had this tragically happen to her and was still blamed afterwards, is eternally more valid than any “logical” male opinion that you think graces this comment thread.

These College Students Are Making A Nail Polish That Changes Color When Exposed To Date-Rape Drugs

A nail polish could soon save your life.

It’s horrifying that women have to defend themselves against date-rape drugs, but hooray for these innovative N.C. State students. Beauty products that can alert you to harm - I want to live in that world.

Way to go, Wolfpack!

Ideas that could change our world

Hi to whoever is reading this. I could have started by presenting my blog but I decided to jump in already and talk to you about something I discoreved yesterday. A group of 4 students at the North Carolina State University is creating a date rape drug-detecting nail polish.

At the moment I read that, I just found the idea totally awesome and had to talk about it. As we learn on their Facebook page, they are “$5,000 from being able to hire another chemist and double [their research and development] efforts! This means half the time to develop [their] first product.” I believe in their project and I think donating, even 10$, is a good idea: they’re young, brilliant, determined and have great ideas. I strongly believe they will succeed, which is why I encourage all of you to donate on their website.

The controversy about this project is all about the fact that women shouldn’t protect themselves from rape: men shouldn’t rape at all…which is true. But then, can we really stop all men from raping? Maybe. In french we say “La défense est la meilleure attaque” which means defense is the best offense. We can’t stop all men from raping but we can protect ourselves as women.

How it works? It’s really easy and simple: the nail polish “changes color when it comes in contact with date rape drugs such as Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB”. You can read more here: it’s not long and you’ll learn more about their goals. Just by that description on that link, I feel their determination.

I wish them the best of luck and a brilliant success!

Nail polish, Undercover Colors, and Hearsay

Ok, I’m going to be a law school nerd for a second. So you know that new company, Undercover Colors? If you don’t, my understanding is that it’s basically a small company working on making nail polish that can detect date-rape drugs, i.e. roofies, by dipping your fingernail (which has the dried nail polish on it) into your drink. The idea is that it will change colors in the presence of said drugs. They’re still in development.  It seems like an interesting idea.  There are apparently variations of this idea already out there, but they have not been made available to the wider public for one reason or another.

Hypo: Assume it’s out on the market and it works. We get a case where a girl used the nail polish on her finger to detect those drugs in her drink. Her nail polish changes to those indicative colors. [Bad things happen, much to her protest.] Fast forward, we’re in court, and prosecution wants to bring this evidence in to prove the defendant intended to have those bad things happened. Defense objects: hearsay, it was offered for the truth of the matter asserted.

So, would it be hearsay? How would we get around that issue? Maybe I should ask my professor? How would this even be “evidenced?”