undercover || downtime

Day 3 of McHanzo Week: Downtime // Undecover 

Mix of both themes for this entry: Ye olde “posing as a couple in suburbia” undercover mission, and downtime after a long day of having to deal with lemon squares and soccer moms. They’re very tired. But hey at least they get to act like a sappy married couple 

edit: forgot to mention it but this is inspired by the fic “Good Fences Make Good Neighbours”, it’s on Ao3!

Mchanzo Week– Day 3 Undercover | Downtime

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O.S.A.S.S. - Obligatory Secret Agent Security Sunglasses.

Yeesh I had a lot of trouble getting this one together and, honestly, I’m still not satisfied with it. Below the cut is one with just the straight lighting that I like a lot better. 

Please do not repost to other sites and do not remove the captions! Thanks!

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McHanzo Week 2017 - Day 3
Undercover || Downtime

“McCree! Get back under the box! I swear, if you blow your cover and get caught, I will ryuu waga teki wo your ass!”

“D'aww, darlin’, there’s no need to get yer hair bun in a twist. I was just checkin’ my location, is all. Though the fact you’re so worried is touchin’.”


“Love you too, darlin’.”

McHanzo Week - Day 3 “Undercover / Downtime"

When a group in South Korea sells weapons for a third their market value to a rag-tag gang in the southern United States, it raises a red flag for the Shimada crime family. In order to investigate, they send the heir, Hanzo Shimada, to infiltrate and find out why the weapons were sold for so cheap. Getting in was the easy part, but Hanzo finds himself losing grip on the mission when he begins to break the first rule of espionage; Don’t get attatched.

A.K.A the roleplay myself and @salemnevada are in the middle of, featuring a scene where Hanzo sees a meteor shower for the first time and it is magical.

Good fences do make good neighbors.

Ayy, only two hours late to the party, that ain’t too bad. This is from one of my favorite fics ‘Good Fences Make Good Neighbors’ by vandoodle on AO3. I felt like we needed some happy boys. My other submissions were a little sad 

McHanzo Week Day 3 Undercover|Downtime