10 Books Recommended by President Barack Obama

Last year President Barack Obama shared with WIRED magazine a list of 10 books he highly recommends. These are the books. (Click the links for descriptions.) 

- The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln
- Parting the Waters: America in the King Years 1954-63 by Taylor Branch
- The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York by Robert A. Caro
- The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin
- Andy Grove: The Life and Times of an American by Richard S. Tedlow
- Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari
- Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
- In Dubious Battle by John Steinbeck
- Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity by Katherine Boo
- The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert

Have your read any of these? What are you thoughts on this list? 



UNDERCITIES is magic in the subway station. It’s monsters on top of skyscrapers. It’s adventure right at your front door. It’s an urban fantasy anthology that features short story fiction from eleven talented LGBTQ+ authors and authors of color.

More than anything, UNDERCITIES looks for stories that weave the magic of urban fantasy together with positive interpretations of race and queer sexuality. Fantasy is not homogenous; it is as diverse and imaginative and real as the LGBTQ+ authors and authors of color who create it. It is a place where anything can happen—and why not make it a space where everyone and anyone can overcome obstacles, win battles, and experience happenings beyond their wildest dreams?

Literature has always been a place where reality meets the fantastical. UNDERCITIES intends to reflect that. The stories presented in UNDERCITIES are reflections of our world as they could and should be; they combine the impossible daring of magic with the experiences of the people with whom we share the world and put the voices of LGBTQ+ creators and creators of color at the forefront of these narratives. Each short story presented in UNDERCITIES presents a different point of view and a different experience—and each of these stories is as diverse and incredible as the authors who created them.



Star Wars Locations ✹

Coruscant Underworld

The Coruscant underworld, also called the lower levels or undercity, were the levels underneath the surface structures of the planet Coruscant.

the underworld was a world of its own, with hundreds of levels built on top of each other. Undercity dwellers often had to breathe toxic fumes from millennia of urbanizations. sunlight did not reach the lower levels leaving them in a perpetual state of darkness illuminated only by artificial lights and advertisement holograms.

The underworld, containing a vast population of the poor and criminal, was a dark and violent place. There were numerous establishments for entertainment and criminal activity alike. Those who wanted to disappear to hide from the authorities or to conduct illegal transactions could blend in despite the presence of the underworld police, a division of the Coruscant Security Force.

some DA things that make me emotional
  • Iron Bull protecting Krem when he didn’t even know him at the time, losing an eye in the process and not once ever blaming Krem or making him feel guilty for that loss. 
  • just Iron Bull’s fierce protection of Krem in general. And how adamantly he corrects the inquisitor if they use the wrong pronouns. 
  • Zevran begging the warden for his life when he didn’t even want it and then later telling the warden that whatever he hoped to find by leaving Antiva, that he’s found it. The warden, romanced or not, helped give Zevran the will to live
  • the fact that when he was younger Zevran ran off to try and join a Dalish clan. He tried to get away from the Crows and never wanted anything to do with that life despite how he excelled at it
  • If the warden tells Zevran it sounds like he’s been through a lot he says: “They’re just old scars and nothing more you’ll see, ignore them as I do and perhaps they’ll go away” dude that breaks me every. single. time.
  • Varric having such a big heart that it pisses him off. He doesn’t make a good spymaster because he worries too much about his spies, their well-being and their families’ well-being 
  • Varric paying off the gangs in the undercity to protect Anders and also making sure Merrill was safe and always found her way home
  • Leliana mentioning in Inquisition that the warden is the only person she truly trusts
  • how Varric, Dorian and Iron Bull pretty much take Cole under their wing and try to help him to be more human. They actually try and understand him before they judge him
  • Cole telling Bull how he’s made things easier for Krem. ie. “The armor is right but the body isn’t. You make it better”
  • did i mention tamlen


I decided that this should coincide with marking a milestone as well (this was so labour intensive to make dhsjfh and it’s not that good). 

WE’RE NOW UP TO 117 FOLLOWERS, and honestly, I’m so glad that you all like this bad idea of a blog I had at 2PM yesterday.

Arthas should definitely not be there.

UNDERCITIES: A Short Story Anthology (that focuses on queer narratives in an urban fantasy setting, featuring queer and POC creators) from @dirtybirdspress has met its funding goal on Kickstarter, but there’s still time left to pledge and get some rewards! As a congratulations (and high-key excitement to be able to read these stories), here’s some fanart of Halima, the sphinx cutie from @grootiepie‘s short story, “Riddle Me This.” If you can, please spread the word and support these creators and enjoy the fantastic fruits of their labors!


After just a few hiccups in production, UNDERCITIES has safely arrived at our editor’s house! These books are absolutely beautiful and next steps will be to start packing up Kickstarter rewards, so sit tight!

Because it has been asked a few times: We will have extra copies for sale after fulfillment is complete. We were ordering extras for our contributors and to use in approaching indie booksellers regardless, but we definitely ordered at a higher quantity than people purchased through the Kickstarter. Notice of that sale will go up in a few weeks.

Thank you to everyone for your patience in this process!


Snoopy Swaggy performance in Hongdae cluf FF on the 2nd of Feb.
cr: Myminnieah/ @inezmin

istheroomstretching  asked:

Some forsaken will seek out the area where their beloved childhood pets are buried and bring the bones back to undercity to be reanimated. Undeath is less shitty if you get to play with spot after 20 years of being separated.

Confirmed. If Arthas got to bring his horse back, why can’t everyone else? 

To try out my new building designs in context, I decided to do a fresh take on a scene I drew a little more than a year ago (the original panel is the 2nd row, 2nd from the left of this color script.) Candle visits the Undercity for the first time! 

It was a fun challenge. Maybe I’ll revisit some more of those panels.