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When the bell rang, John took the chance to escape from the classroom and head to lunch. It was funny how his job could sometimes excite him beyond reason, while it bored him to near-death at other points. This time, it was definitely the latter.

The halls were brimming with students, but he managed to get through them without losing a limb or two. It was an on-going joke between the teachers; if one didn’t show up within the same minute they used to do, one had to have been lost to the masses.

In the cafeteria, it was - surprisingly - not as busy, and John didn’t have to wait in line for hours. With a short nod to his colleagues, he scooped up a tray, and approached the blonde dinner lady, whom he’d never talked much to. She was fairly new, and he just hadn’t had the time. Which was regrettable, because he didn’t not want to speak with her. So maybe this was the time to do so.

“Two bananas, please. Just the bananas,” he began, just as he always did. It was quite amazing how he never got tired of those. “So,” he quickly scanned her name tag, “Rose.” The name paired with the blonde locks sticking out of the hairnet sparked something in the back of John’s mind. Recognition. He tried to push the feeling away, though, because there was no way he had met her before. She probably just reminded him of someone he once knew. “How d’you like it here?” he asked with a friendly grin.

A short flash of light was reflected in the glass between them, and John was momentarily distracted as he turned to find the source of the light. The glass door to the cafeteria had just been opened, apparently, and in walked Emma Winter, the French teacher. John had to remind himself not to stare, which had become a horrible habit of his. She was beautiful. And smart and sweet and friendly and… And he sounded like a female thirteen-year-old, who fancied her classmate.

Forcing his attention to return to the dinner lady, Rose, he awaited her answer. He also added, “John Smith, physics.”

              “Have you felt yourself change over your 6-year PhD program?”

“When I started, I was a lot greener…as in inexperienced. I came to know much more about research and statistics–the meat and bones of science. I went to University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for undergrad, but for graduate school, I chose Notre Dame because it’s one of the only places where my research would be possible, thanks to UNDERC (University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center).”

            “What got you started in your research?”

“I grew up around forests in Wisconsin, where deer hunting is very common. One day, I noticed: there are no saplings on the ground. And I wondered why that was. This was around the same time wolves were reintroduced to the Great Lakes area. I put two and two together and became more and more interested in wolves’ effect on biodiversity.”


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*is sitting at the head of a table within the Howling Oak next to Mia and a laptop displaying a Skype call with Genn stuck in the tree on camera* Since we couldn’t get my father out of the tree before the meeting started he’s joining us via live feed. I hope that won’t be a problem for anyone. 

*rustles through the papers in her hands* Okay so first order of business: the Forsaken. One of them recently caused me great upset and offence and we Worgen agree that this cannot go unpunished. *looks around the table at everyone* I’ll be brief. We want to destroy the Undercity. Thoughts? 

Ages ago, someone asked me for my thoughts on character ages, and seeing as the localization seems to be following my headcanon with surprising accuracy (“the adult that you technically are”), I figure it was high time to finish this draft up and post it, because I’ve always looked at her like that.

I think Elise considers the following things to be true:

  • Being an adult is scary and dangerous. Adults may have to kill people they love. She’s surprised to hear of the history of fratricide between her siblings when Leon talks about it, but doesn’t reject the idea with the vehemence that someone who truly considered such a thing unbelievable would – she has some innate understanding of brutality (is it a coincidence she’s the only Nohr sibling in a non combat class?). Recall that she’s been exposed to the court of Nohr and the undercity teeming with lowlives; she is less sheltered than Kamui is. 
  • Her family’s happiness is more important than her life. I don’t think this one is arguable; it’s very directly demonstrated, and the fact that she seems to honestly believe Marx would be able to move on from killing her says a lot about how important she thinks she is to him. Her Kamui support is also consistent with this. 
  • Her siblings are at their happiest playing with her. Elise can’t possibly miss that her siblings tend to be very serious people in their daily lives (her Harold support is even directly about getting Marx to smile). Camilla flat out tells her that her optimism and cheer will be what saves Nohr. She’s the only sibling who visits Kamui on such a regular basis. She knows that her brightness has value to them.

And so, with all of those facts, is it so unbelievable that a ~16 year old could prefer to talk of becoming a woman in dreamy, hypothetical terms? That she’d eschew war councils for tag? That she’d keep herself to childish activities over the harsh adulthood of Nohr?

I don’t think that Elise actively lies about anything, but she’s deeply internalized these things and it causes her to shy away from the idea of true adulthood and independence. It’s much safer to play and dream, and it makes her siblings happier, too – why change?