Even though I love my full figure just how it is, sometimes a gal just wants to emulate that bombshell hourglass silhouette. Well thanks to @orchardcorset, I can achieve that! They are comfortable and supportive, and I feel incredibly sexy. Plus my boyfriend just about had a heart attack when I sent him photos! You can also check them out on their website or Facebook: www.orchardcorset.com & www.facebook.com/orchardcorset ♡♡


A couple of my favourite corsetry creations from 2014.


Titania: Clothing by Lyris Design, Photography by Break Free Photography, Hair by Gorejess Designs, Model and MUA: Miss Twisted

Angeline: Clothing by Lyris Design, Photography by Break Free Photography
Model and MUA Angeline Bubsy ~ Model

Yuuko: Clothing and head piece by Lyris Design, Photography by LaFrankie Photography,Make up by Daggers & Lace, Model: Cj Chandler

The Snow Queen: Clothing and accessories by Lyris Design
Photography by Sasha Photographie
Model and HMUA: Angeline Bubsy ~ Model

Nicola: Clothing and headpiece by Lyris Design, Photography by Sasha Photographie, Hair and make up by Gorejess Designs, Model: Eden Archaique

Dark Elsa: Clothing by Lyris Design, Photography by Matchless, Model and HMUA Silhouette d'Amour


Finished part of my accounting homework and ended up online window shopping for corsets again. Today’s theme: SPG-inspired ones. Clearly their black and red color scheme is going on here, but I tried to look specifically for stripes. If I ever came into the money to be able to afford these, I’d love to incorporate one into a fanbot ensemble or something. (Although my accent color of a legit fanbot would probably by purple.) Guess that’s enough dillydallying; it’s time to go do my business writing homework now.