Even though I love my full figure just how it is, sometimes a gal just wants to emulate that bombshell hourglass silhouette. Well thanks to @orchardcorset, I can achieve that! They are comfortable and supportive, and I feel incredibly sexy. Plus my boyfriend just about had a heart attack when I sent him photos! You can also check them out on their website or Facebook: www.orchardcorset.com & www.facebook.com/orchardcorset ♡♡


Finished part of my accounting homework and ended up online window shopping for corsets again. Today’s theme: SPG-inspired ones. Clearly their black and red color scheme is going on here, but I tried to look specifically for stripes. If I ever came into the money to be able to afford these, I’d love to incorporate one into a fanbot ensemble or something. (Although my accent color of a legit fanbot would probably by purple.) Guess that’s enough dillydallying; it’s time to go do my business writing homework now.


Isabella Corsetry Petite Josephine Corset Review

Size: 20″
Material: Black Satin
Modesty Panel: None by request
Laces: Black flat by request
Owned Since: February 2015

This is by far my favorite of all the corsets I own, because not only is it of fabulous quality, but it fits my body perfectly and has pretty much all the things I look for in an ideal corset.

I have a 20″ black satin Petite Josephine corset. This is the shorter version of the original Josephine by the same corset maker, the Josephine being a full inch longer than this model. This corset is the only one I’ve ever worn that is the perfect length for my not-long but not-short torso. It comes down just far enough at the hips and tummy but also comes up nice and high in the back with a contoured underbust in front.

This corset comes in sizes 20″-32″ (I am already panicking about where to get my next everyday corset when I size down from this one, I think it may be time to go custom!) and a variety of colors and fabrics. It retails for $175 + shipping, bringing the total to over $200, but it was worth every penny. Shipping took over 4 weeks to Canada, so be advised if you are looking for a quick addition to your collection, this isn’t it! They do express shipping but I don’t know how long it takes and it is MUCH more expensive.  I think of this as a “pseudo-custom” corset because it has quite a few options for customization - modesty panel or none, and several options for laces. But more importantly, the measurements of the 20″ Petite Josephine are almost exactly the same as my own measurements in the hips and ribs when the corset is closed. It also has the contoured bottom edge, sharp conical rib shape, and extreme waist-to-hip curve that I would ask for when commissioning a custom corset. It has everything I need! All other specs for sizing can be found on the corset maker’s website.

While many people love ribbon lacing because it’s thinner and easier to hide under clothing, I prefer flat or paracord lacing exclusively. I find that it’s MUCH easier to lace up and manipulate, and the flat laces I ordered with this corset are by far the easiest and strongest I’ve used. When you’re lacing yourself into this corset, the laces don’t “backtrack” or unlace themselves as soon as you let go, which is unique from all of my other corsets.
I also re-lace all my corsets using the Inverted Bunny Ears method to minimize the “venus fold” (back crack!) and make it easier to keep the lacing gap parallel, and lace down farther. You can find videos on how to do this all over Youtube. I have found that it makes all the difference.

This corset is of amazing quality, and feels both lightweight AND heavy duty, if that’s even possible. The fabric is very soft, the construction is immaculate down to the last detail, and it’s durable and sturdy, but has just the right amount of flexibility. I noticed the lovely quality as soon as I took it out of the shipping package, and after several months of steady wear, it’s holding up perfectly, and I know I have many more months of wear to get out of it.

This corset seasoned faster than any of my others, molding perfectly to my body after less than 12-15 hours of continuous wear. It had a beautiful shape even on the first wear and now I have about an inch to go before closing it and the curve has only gotten more intense. I love it!

I highly recommend this corset for someone who prefers an extreme, rigid conical ribcage and an insanely curvy shape. You need a substantial amount of curve in the hips and compressibility in the waist for this corset to work for you. This corset is best for experienced corset-wearers who are willing to spend a little more money for a high quality corset, but aren’t yet ready or can’t yet afford a custom. And of course, if you’re worried that the original Josephine may be too long for you, this is a much better bet! Isabella Corsetry also sells their classic Cincher corset, which is more similar to the shape of the @OrchardCorset CS411, as well as many other models including overbust corsets, corsets with interestingly shaped bottom edges, and a vast number of custom options.