Even though I love my full figure just how it is, sometimes a gal just wants to emulate that bombshell hourglass silhouette. Well thanks to @orchardcorset, I can achieve that! They are comfortable and supportive, and I feel incredibly sexy. Plus my boyfriend just about had a heart attack when I sent him photos! You can also check them out on their website or Facebook: www.orchardcorset.com & www.facebook.com/orchardcorset ♡♡


Finished part of my accounting homework and ended up online window shopping for corsets again. Today’s theme: SPG-inspired ones. Clearly their black and red color scheme is going on here, but I tried to look specifically for stripes. If I ever came into the money to be able to afford these, I’d love to incorporate one into a fanbot ensemble or something. (Although my accent color of a legit fanbot would probably by purple.) Guess that’s enough dillydallying; it’s time to go do my business writing homework now.


It’s been unseasonably warm here in Colorado this week, so I got to dress a little lighter for January!

Here, I’m laced up in my What Katie Did Vamp underbust.  It’s probably my favorite at the moment - just so comfortably while creating an incredible silhouette.  The top is branded with my favorite historic railroad organization (yes, that’s a thing): Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Nickel Plate 765.

If you love big, old machines, you really should take a look: http://fortwaynerailroad.org/

And the suspender skirt?  Just a cheapy from Amazon!


Heidi Goes to Omaha: Day 2

Well, I’m almost two weeks late with this corset OOTD, but it’s still worth sharing. I spent a week in Omaha for business, which allowed me to finally break out my “nice” clothes again.

Top: Heart of Haute
Skirt: Trashy Diva
Corset: Jill Hoverman of ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry

Now that I have a tablet to experiment with (and save my poor wrist when it comes to image editing!), I can share this one I’ve had kicking around for some time. This corset was made for a short-waisted client whose natural waist has more curve on one side. To make the corset as comfortable for her as possible, it was made to accommodate each unique side rather than compress both sides equally. I’m especially fond of this pale blue rose coutil for which I found a satisfying match in blue dupioni silk, which will create a smoother line under clothes than a coutil binding can.


Amber @lovelyratscorsetry tried on my 26" #emmelieunderbust yesterday. I really love how well this #corset fits such a range of bodies and is so smooth and ripple free (no photoshop required!) :) #hourglass #vanyanis #vanyanisengravedbusk #underbust #authenticcorset #blackcorset #luxurycorset The Emmelie Underbust is coming soon to www.vanyanis.net <3


Heidi Goes to Omaha: Day Three

Again, this corset OOTD goes back to a business trip a couple of weeks ago. The top is a simple white shirt paired with this wonderful skirt from Heart of Haute.

I’m wearing the Vamp corset by What Katie Did at about 23.5" measured externally. It was a fantastic and long day, which culminated in a pub being basically overrun by my thirsty colleagues.

These photos before dawn in the weird hotel lighting really do no justice to just how nicely I got to dress myself. It felt good to put together a few outfits that didn’t center solely on steel toed boots.