underbust vest

Finally, after much hemming and hawing and scraping through what passes as my brain box, I present to you a dumpy grumpy space horse turned human Wander sitter.

I gotta be honest, trying to visualize my own Sylvia was hard what with there being a bunch of really cool badass Sylvias out there already. My version ended up less a badass punk and more big boned mountain woman. Once I finally locked onto her shape though, she ended up becoming really fun to draw. Now if only I can draw her without making her default expression a sour scowl…

Her bridle is made up of tattoos and gold piercings, with a black piercing on her nose to mimic her nostrils. Her saddle ended up becoming an underbust vest with the laces mimicking the fringe of her saddle blanket. And it’s kinda hard to see but she’s wearing 2 toed tabi styled sneakers. Yep, two toed shoes exist, believe it or not, and they’re not exclusive to ninjas. Gnarly.

I gave her a bullwhip because she’s shown to use her reins as a lasso/rope and her tail a whip, and the snapper (that’s the stringy bit at the end of the whip) is colored pink to mimic her tail tufts. I like to imagine that she’s an expert in snapping and wrapping with the whip, swinging over chasms, disarming guns, and tripping up bad guys Indy style. I also imagine her past life to be either a zbornak rancher or a hunting/wilderness guide before she ended up meeting Wander.

Tune in next month where I finally put my Sylvia and Wander together for shenanigans. Or, you know, whenever the muse wants to. 

karlyfied-deactivated20160324  asked:

Where do you even clothes!? That corset and leather pants outfit looks super great, where did you buy them? What are your favourite places to shop?

Thank you! I shop all over the place, for real. Half my wardrobe is throwaway garbage from H&M and Forever 21, the other half is stuff I buy at weird goth stores when I travel. Leather pants? H&M. Corset? I don’t even remember, but if you search “underbust vest corset” you get a plethora of options. I got it from the pin-up dress store I used to work for. I really, really like corsets, although I rarely have a reason to wear them.

Some of my favourite clothing/shoe companies:

Don’t even get me STARTED on makeup.

steffluna  asked:

I have a very wide back, and if i were to wear a corset my back fat would pop out alot. What can you suggest? Thank you 💕💕💕

I actually have a bit of a broad back too so I know that pain!

There’s a number of things I can recommend wearing a cupped sports bra with a full back helps such as http://www.dme-direct.com/mcdavid-hexpad-sports-bra but I realize not many ppl find this practical. Note* for everyday I prefer a sports bra. 

You can always wear an underbust support cami http://www.ebay.com/itm/WYOB-Back-Slimming-Tank-Cami-Shapewear-Support-Vest-Underbust-Corset-Size-Large-/111322787129 and this is interchangable with all your bras. I would get it in a size that fits rather than one that will create a reduction.

Below I listed my favorite back workouts :)






hope this helps!