underbust corset

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The day was nice, all was shining in the sky. However, in the forest, there would be a loud crash sound, a flash of light, and along with that the sound of a girl running into a tree, hard. The red head stumbled back, gripping her forehead and cursing in gibberish under her breath. Of course. She had no idea where she had gone, thanks to her watch glitzing out, and she was lost in a forest. She sighed, picking up her hat and dusting it off before replacing it on her head. Multiple necklaces hung around her neck, including a pair of goggles. She wore a white button up shirt with a black underbust corset, and black slacks.She adjusted her brown cloak back to hide her mechanical arm which hissed, releasing steam, and trecked through the forest. Completely lost, and completely annoyed at herself.

“Yeah, nice going Rabbit! Now you’re lost with no idea where you are and I swear to STEAM if anything happens to my stuff while I’m gone I’m going to freaking hurt someone on that ship….”

I recently had the pleasure of doing a ‘make over photo shoot’ with Morgana and am excited to share with you the first photo. I’m modelling the Alecto Underbust Corset, which will soon be available to order in standard sizes! Alecto is made from satin coutil and is super smooth and comfortable. With 32 steel bones + a black busk it’s quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. Subscribe to our VIP list to hear when it becomes available. 

Corset:  Vanyanís
Model:  Lowana O'Shea
Photography © Iberian Black Arts
Lingerie: Kiss Me Deadly

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