• Someone:Your chromosome determine your gender!
  • Me:People with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome appear outwardly to be what is traditionally seen as female as well as a vagina that is two inches deep however they do not have a uterus, instead they have testis, some don't grow or have very little pubic and/or underarm hair, don't have a large adams apple meaning their voice won't be deep, and they have XY chromosomes, but are seen by doctors as female so they are told to check 'female' on forms

I finished Simplicity 3878! I used the version on the left: 

It took a lot of adjusting; I ended up just removing those underarm panels that had given me so much trouble, and the dress looks WAY better for it. I’m in love with the pointy collar. 

I used a heavy orange polka-dot cotton that will look Halloween af when the time comes and still stand up to a stiff breeze. Plus big white buttons. For my next iteration, I’m going to scrap the underarm panel entirely and see how that turns out. 

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I struggle with really bad skin problems. I get these huge pimples on my underarms, inner thighs and butt. It's so hard to love my body when all I see are these big huge pimples that hurt like hell. :(

I get pimples on my inner thighs too, but they’re not often painful. I feel you. Do you use baby powder on the parts where you chafe? I know irritation can worse the breakouts.

The River Crossing

It’s hard to get a fox into a boat
without someone’s feelings getting hurt:
a tail stepped on, the grapes are also underfoot–
and a goose onshore about to walk away…

Take 2: the goose is tied, a cord
around its neck connected to the bow.
The fox is writhing underarm,
the grapes are nearly given up as gone.

One step, and a tail turns electric underfoot,
sudden yowling fire while
sinking in accidental wine.
One step before the fox leapt
and left behind a handful of bright fur

and there’s blood in the water,
stains on my heels,
and a single fist of fire in my grasp.

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1st I'd drag my nails down softly from your wrists all the way down your arm before stopping right before reaching your underarm. Just as you think I'm about to dig into your hollows I move up, repeating the motion until you're writhing beneath me, breathless giggles escaping your mouth. You're just dying of anticipation. I wiggle my fingers over your stomach, causing you to let out a squeal. Then, I really start tickling, digging in, squeezing, stroking, and pinching all over your helpless body