underappreciated movie is underappreciated

Is Disney just going to do live actions of all their old films? Because if they are, then they should do the great under appreciated ones like TREASURE PLANET and ATLANTIS. They would be perfect for this modern generation of kids who have never seen the originals. Seriously reblog if you agree.

Underappreciated Character Post: Viktor Krum (Harry Potter)

If there’s one thing I will never understand about the Harry Potter fandom, it’s that there’s such a huge fanbase for Draco Malfoy (and so many Draco x Hermione shippers) and yet so little for Viktor Krum. I blame the movies for reducing Krum to the silent third wheel in a love triangle with Hermione and Ron, and casting Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy.

It’s weird to me because when we consider Krum’s character, he gets a lot less cheering on than he honestly deserves. He is a genius at Quidditch to the point that he was recruited for a national team (and was the star of that team of international champions, mind you) BEFORE HE’D EVEN FINISHED SCHOOL (setting this in perspective: Quidditch is the football, baseball, and soccer of the wizarding universe). Even while balancing playing on the national Quidditch team (which made it to the Quidditch equivalent of the World Cup, and lost only in the very last game of the season) with his studies, he did extremely well in school—he was chosen as one of the delegates from his school to travel to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament (an honor reserved for the cream of the graduating class) and was actually chosen to be his school’s champion, indicating that not only was he a genius in Quidditch but also was extremely gifted academically. Even with that (and with hordes of adoring fans) he never comes across as conceited or self-important—as a matter of fact he comes across very humble and modest, feeling shy to the point that it took him days of visiting the library and working up his courage to ask Hermione out, complimenting the flying skills of Harry (who was not only his rival in the Triwizard Tournament but also, he believed, his rival for Hermione’s attention) and seeming very surprised when Ron asks for his autograph. He grew up surrounded by dark magic (attending a school with a reputation for teaching dark magic rather than just defense, living in the shadow of one of the most infamous dark wizards of all time—Grindlewald—and even being the favorite student of a headmaster who was a known Death Eater) but never turned dark himself, even becoming outraged that somebody (Luna Lovegood’s father at Bill and Fleur’s wedding) was displaying a symbol (the Deathly Hallows symbol) he associated with dark magic. It’s also very well implied that he had very strong feelings for Hermione beyond just a teenage crush—he kept in touch with her over the years even though they were living in different countries and, on some level, he was very well aware that she would never feel as strongly about him as he felt about her. He’s had many chances to prove his real character, and he has: he’s displayed his courage and talent (in the Triwizard Tournament and beyond), he’s shown that he is humble, honest, respectful, and all around a good guy (in his interactions with Harry, Ron, Hermione and Fleur), and he’s shown that he looks beyond surface appearances in more ways than one (rejecting the Dark Arts even though he was practically raised on them, and noticing Hermione and choosing to ask her to the Yule Ball rather than any of his adoring fans—when even Harry and Ron only asked Hermione as a last resort).

He’s brilliant, misunderstood, humble, brave, and good-hearted, and even though he grew up surrounded by darkness, he chose to turn away from it and do what was right. Sound familiar? Yes, it does—it’s everything Draco/Hermione shippers WISH Malfoy was. 

Let’s hear it for underappreciated badasses. Think I’m gonna post more of these…