underappreciated men

I don’t even have just one “son” anymore. Now it’s more like “a medium sized army of jilted, underappreciated grown ass men that I need to wrap in blankets and shield from the world.”

underappreciated boy things

be prepared okay i’m a sinner

  • big/sticky-out ears. why is it hot?????
  • big/veiny hands. just fuck me right up
  • ARM!!!VEINS!!!
  • adam’s apples jesus fucking christ
  • c.o.l.l.a.r.b.o.n.e.s.
  • Thighs™
  • detached earlobes tbh 
  • sharp as hell jawlines are gr8 but softer ones? FUCK.
  • the v-line. punch me in the face 
  • muscular backs, like when they’re moving oh wow holy shit
  • big and thick eyebrows. SO important
  • like when their nose crinkles u feel
  • a nice mouth??? can’t explain but everyone just knows when a boy has a nice mouth there’s no facts it’s just a feeling
  • dimples, dimples, DIMPLES, DIMPLES
  • bigger noses, like a “proud” nose, shit
  • neck veins fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

it can’t just be me right???


The two policemen from Gravity Falls has to be one of the most underappreciated gay relationships I know of.

They aren’t the perfect young teens most people think of when they hear ‘gay boys’. They are two not particularly attractive full grown men in a happy biracial relationship

These two are a more accurate representation of what most gay relationships are really like than the cookie cutter image projected in the media.


MORE favourite dead not-American actors: an Advent Calendar

Day 12: Cary Grant

It’s incredibly hard to think of anything to say about Cary that hasn’t been said a million times, but one thing about him, which I find always interesting, is that the idea of Cary Grant - you know, suave, charming, unruffleable, amused by the world - is only one part of him, and one side of his acting, and the roles he plays. It’s got a lot to do with Hitchcock, of course, 1950s Hitch in particular, as well as a lot of those later-career roles (Charade, Indiscreet). And that Cary is awesome, obviously, but oh I do like the other Carys as well. 

There’s screwball Cary, of course, overwhelmed by Kate H, squawking through Arsenic and Old Lace, trading jibes and zingers with Rosalind Russell. But inbetween these two extremes there are a lot of enjoyable and interesting variations. The trouble with Cary is that he makes the suave and the screwball look so easy, and it’s a short leap to then think, well, he’s not really acting that much is he? He’s just being Cary Grant. 

But he is acting, and what’s more, he’s damn good. Comic acting is as much - if not more of - a skill than dramatic acting. Timing, lightness of touch, underplaying - all of these things count a great deal. And he’s adept at mixing comedy into his dramas, and vice versa - look at The Bishop’s Wife or Talk of the Town (both ace, watch those); and of course look at the other Hitch films, the 1940s ones. Really, look at them, because they’re terrific. Cary is pretty much always a joy to watch, but there’s a real sense of something greater, more interesting, in those films. 

Favourite Role: Johnny Case in Holiday (1938) which is my fave of the Grant/Hepburn films (seriously, why isn’t is as well feted as Bringing Up Baby or The Philadelphia Story?) - it manages to be a philosophical, anti-materialistic romantic comedy that is a constant delight. It has an awesome cast (shout out esp to Lew Ayres as the adorable Neddy) and a corker of a script, and is not afraid to think, as well as entertain. 

Another good place to start: if you ignore the studio-enforced ending, then Suspicion (1941) is one of the best roles and performances of Cary’s career. Who better than Cary to play the most charming of sociopaths? None, that’s who. Plus Joan Fontaine (*heart eyes*) and a wonderful Nigel Bruce. It’s tainted by the ending, and so never quite makes the list of top HItch films, but it’s terrific. (Notorious, of course, is also all round terrific, but I always rec that.) Also Indiscreet (1958) which re-teams him with Ingrid Bergman for a sassy, snappy, adult romantic comedy. Some of Cary’s later roles are a bit squicky, as he’s the romantic lead still to an increasingly younger female co-star. But Ingrid is his age, and his equal, and of course fucking amazing, and it’s a joy of a film. 

r-for-real  asked:

Seriously agree that NTs women are sooo underappreciated. But why? Don't "men" usually complain that women are too emotional and/or irrational?

Yes. Usually it’s the men that are logical and the women that are emotional.

Also keep in mind that there are other derogatory insults aimed at women apart from being “irrational angry emotional freaks” that are associated with personality traits. (e.g. the promiscuous slut, the dominant bitch, etc.)

The ideal image of a woman is the 1950′s housewife: sweet, caring, diligent, down-to-earth, and submissive. Think ESFJ. Now let’s make the middle two letters the opposite. There’s the ENTJ, dominant, no-nonsense, diligent, logical, and strategic. While there are similarities, the ENTJ is more likely to be branded as a bitch than the ESFJ. Why? I suppose it’s because ENTJs and other NT women don’t conform to what society constitutes as “the ideal woman”. Society wants to market what they consider right. It’s obvious that they would stamp out any anomalies. As for the men, most will willingly follow society’s word. And then there are the few.

- Avallia

P.S. Quoting Tumblr user madsmikklsen, “I love how men mock women for being overmotional and then lose their shit over a team losing an over-glorified game of fetch.”

Confession: I can’t be bothered with black men anymore. Aside from the fact that they routinely publicly shame black women on social media, stay silent when we are the victims of racism, and blame us for the violence we endure by their own hands, far too many have this attitude like black women are legit beneath them. And it’s tiring. I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone that feels that way, and I don’t feel any black woman should have to put up with it. BLACK WOMEN: WE CAN DO BETTER FOR OURSELVES.
I was out for ice cream yesterday with my new man, and for the first time I really realized how much people watch us. There was the most adorable natural haired brown skinned cutie working the counter giving us the eye. I thought maybe she was gonna be snotty, but when she called out our order and I came up to grab it she gave me the cutest grin and told me she liked my top. Later while we were sitting down she kept eyeing us and grinning, it really was cute the way she kept watching us. It made me realize though, you just don’t really see women who look like us (the girl and myself) with anything but a black man, or maybe on rare occasions a white man. I kind of think maybe I was putting ideas in her head! So this is for all my brown and dark skinned ladies: if you’re tired of being underappreciated realize that men outside our race find us beautiful. Understand that men outside the race actually appreciate our deep tones for what they are; beautiful and divine. Realize that black and white are far from your only options. Black love is a beautiful thing, but so is black and brown love and all other combinations for that matter where the love is mutually reciprocated. Until black men learn how to return the love we as black women show them, why shouldn’t we explore our options? I’m not advocating for or against any one type of love, I just feel like it’s our time black women. The world is waking up to our magic, while our black male counterparts stay sleeping on it. We don’t owe black men ourselves, we need to start thinking about us and what makes us happy.