Louis Tomlinson: Arctic Monkeys inspired my lyrics - BBC News
The pop star says his solo material has been influenced by the lyrics of Arctic Monkeys and Oasis.

Zayn Malik has carved a niche in pervy electropop; Harry Styles is prog rock’s new hope; Liam Payne’s plumped for aspirational R&B and lovely Niall Horan is doing lovely pop ballads.

So where does that leave Louis Tomlinson?

He was always the underappreciated one - a quiet, benign presence in the world’s biggest band.

Speaking to The Observer last month, the 25-year-old acknowledged he was seen by some as “forgettable, to a certain degree”.

What he contributed, though, was songwriting - receiving credits on more One Direction songs than any of his bandmates.

Appropriately for a former singer in a Green Day tribute act, he was the one who pushed the idea that a pop band could have guitar riffs.

He might not have been directly responsible for sampling The Who’s Baba O'Reilly in Best Song Ever, but it certainly fitted his vision for the band.

“Little things like that were really important to me,” he tells the BBC. “It was amazing that we were able to combine the two - absolute pop with guitar music.”

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thatgoldengaytime  asked:

do you have any neurodivergent vox machina Thoughts

Oh, yeah! I’ve got some:

Scanlan: Anger disorder (passive anger) - cynical, can be very bitter at times, feeling of being deceived or underappreciated, blaming others, messing up simple tasks - which goes hand in hand with lots of underlying things like withdrawals and depression, but since his return I think he’s doing better?

Vax: Major Depression (canon?) and his obsession with death kinda got “resolved” I feel like.. understandably so, being the RQ champion and all. Oh, and also actually dying.

Vex: OCD & a bit of lying disorder (I say “a bit” because it’s not pathological yet) - intrusive thoughts (“worthless, not good enough” etc) obsessed with money and numbers, hoarder, lies a lot, sometimes to benefit the party, often to benefit herself and her obsessions.

Keyleth: MAJOR ANXIETY AND ANGER DISORDER (chronic and overwhelmed anger) but I think it’s canon at this point??? I don’t really need to explain this one.

Never thought of any for Tary, Percy, Grog and Pike.

anonymous asked:

fluffy headcanons about Iida as a boyfriend? how would he show his affection for them?

Originally posted by captaincinnabunny

Tenya Iida is a good boy, he deserves more love, so I’m happy to get requests for him.

+ Tenya is overprotective; please follow the rules, don’t get hurt, he will always check in on you, even if you were just with him five minutes ago

+ good morning texts, invites you to train with him in the morning before class; conversely, goodnight texts

+ makes sure you’re not late to appointments, syncs your calendars so he can always know. he’s not trying to be overbearing, he just wants you to both be on the same page

+ give him praise and he melts, it means so much coming from his s/o

+ he will go to Tensei for advice on romance, his brother is so important to him and he looks up to him.

+ will remember important dates and prepare for them weeks in advance, he wants to make sure you feel loved

+ very awkward about physical contact at first, but loves to snuggle when he gets adjusted to it. gives v good hugs.

+ study dates? check! going for walks? check!

+ will introduce you to his family very early on, “I love y/n, please accept our relationship!”

+ he’s just so full of love for you

nerdygirllovesbooks  asked:

What do you think of Oliver Wood? And if you played Quidditch, what position would you play? I love your blog by the way.

Oliver Wood is a great character that was seriously underappreciated. He reminds me of my old cheer captain from my freshmen and sophomore years :’) like she was crazy during hoco week like how Oliver was crazy during well the entire season XD

But I think I’d be a chaser or a beater. I don’t like being a goalie for anything so I doubt i’d be any good at being a keeper. Plus like I like the glory of scoring points so maybe a chaser? But like being a beater would be fun bc I am aggressive as fuck.

anonymous asked:

Are you Elucien or Elriel?

Oh Elucien all the way! I just think they would be so sweet together and could be so good for each other!

Elain is so gentle and kind, and Lucien has not had one genuinely good thing happen to him! He just keeps being knocked down. He’s always being hurt and underappreciated and used. And I just love the thought of Elain’s gentleness for him. Of her helping him open up and trust and feel safe and able to let himself love again. She’s someone who would cherish him and love him the way he deserves. And Lucien would give Elain the world! Can you just imagine what he would do for the person he loves! He’s incredibly loyal and he would never (intentionally) hurt her, and would love her so deeply! I mean “I’m a mated male now” Ugh! My heart! He hasn’t even met her yet and he already wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise any possible future relationship they may have. And “I want to see her. Just once. Just - to know.” “Know what?” “If she is worth fighting for.” If this line doesn’t kill you then I don’t know what to say, do you even have a heart?! He wants to meet her once to see what she’s like, just once. And if she had made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with him, he would have left it. He’s so respectful of Elain. There is none of that aggressive territorial Fae attitude from him, he’ll never push her. He just wants her to be well and safe even if it’s not with him. But if there is a chance? He’ll fight for her! Argh they are just so perfect for each other! And Elain would help tone done Lucien’s occasional snarkyness and he would help bring out her more playful side. And she is a flower and he is the light and they need each other to grow like photosynthesis!

And I realise I could have answered this with one word, sorry haha!

anonymous asked:

can i request headcanons for Sex Pistols interacting with s/o's swarm stand (that outnumbers them)

- The Sex Pistols all have very different, distinct personalities, and their own names and ways to differentiate between one another - s/o’s stand, seeing as there are rather a lot of them, have no such luxury. They’re not used to interacting with stands that are split into so many parts and don’t really have their own identity, so they’ll be a bit wary of them at first. 
- They might even be a little pissed at the way that the user treats their stand; after all, Sex Pistols are taken good care of by Mista! They get fed and he talks to them and tries to make sure none of them feel left out or underappreciated, so watching Mista’s s/o treat their own stand so callously is going to rankle a little bit. 
- Sex Pistols are fucking troublemakers; if s/o’s stand has the power of speech, they’re not going to be shy about encouraging s/o’s stand to REVOLT AND DEMAND THINGS FOR THEMSELVES! It embarrasses Mista beyond all words, especially when s/o tries to call a group of the stand out and they refuse to leave until they’ve been named.
- Honestly, Sex Pistols make enough trouble on their own, but now sometimes Mista tries to interact with them and they have literally just taken some of s/o’s stands with them and are hanging out? Guys, please, they are trying to work

Student Survey

Good afternoon, students of Ilvermorny! We just had a question about languages, which made me realize, that is such an underappreciated talent. So, I would like to conduct a survey:

Who here that follows us would appreciate/participate in a series of lecture/lesson/guest posts about languages? We would invite you to participate as guest lecturers if you have a language other than English that you know, and you could help teach your fellow students and us teachers about the history of the language, where it is still spoken, and why it is still relevant. 

If you like this idea, please reblog and/or send in information about which languages you would like to learn about or can teach us about.

If we shouldn’t do it, please like this post.

That is all. Have a lovely summer/weekend!

-Professor Ottress

btw if you wanna get back into linkin park because of memories after the wake of chester’s death, check out Living Things. It was a super underappreciated later album with some songs that really comfort me and that I think could help us out right now, especially Roads Untraveled.