((i realized i forgot to share more comic dubs! >< these are so cool as always <3
the VAs are in the video’s description~))


here it is a continuation for the russian roulette comic and the knife game comic called “no more games part 1″ yeah there is a part 2 but i’ll post it after a week ….. yep……i’ll be on a vacation so don’t expect anything after a week soooo…..i hope you enjoy it :)

read the knife game http://youmnamito.tumblr.com/post/146134335031/i-made-another-comic-and-its-a-horrortale-comic

read the russian roulette http://youmnamito.tumblr.com/post/146929592306/here-is-a-sequal-to-the-knife-game

horrortale belongs to @sour-apple-studios


A gift for @underfart-snas (a.k.a. @sans-vanille) ‘cuz these AUs are amazing X333

Top drawing is Vivaldi and Verdanda being adorable little twits (What the frick, dude?!? I can’t get outta Babyhell!!!) and last pic is French Vanilla Sans and German Chocolate Frisk. Like, finally, these two sickos smooched. Vanille, you sick dweeb. That took long XPPPP

Hope you like it, senpai! You’re awesome!!~


P.S. If you got a prob with this ship, that’s fine. Blackmail the “sans x frisk” tag. Besides, I won’t post much Frans anyway (Babyhell, doh… Expect a few more sketches about them :3). And I don’t think Frans is going make an appearance in any of my comics. But if you want to unfollow me because of one post, be my guest. You’ll miss out the fun.

Just let me ship what I like and mind your own business. If you have any opinions against some ships, please keep it to yourself. I’ll respect your opinions. You respect mine. No hate on you guys :333

Let’s all just have fun here, okay? ^u^

i-am-the-grey-god  asked:

Aren't you getting tired of underale?

Not really.

Once I’m into something I’ll be obsessed for a long time.

I’ve met wonderful people here, yeah it’s sad to see some leave but hey, that’s life ya know?

Plus I have a story to tell, fanfiction to write.
Yeh I do get a lil discouraged sometimes but I always find a way to get back up and dig into it again.

Undertale helped me become stronger.

More merciful

More patient.

It’ll always take a special place in my heart.