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Bullets and Arsenic Ch.1

This fic is for the 5 coffee goal raffle winner @drdrdrdr12! It was originally suppose to be a mini fic, but the prompt they sent in was so inspiring, I’m turning it into a multichapter fanfiction. Anyway, I hope you like it! 

Rating: T 

*Contains swearing

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Summary: Your parents used to be of high ranks in their mafia, but your parents found loopholes and managed to break up the organized crime once and for all and live a normal family life. Many years after your graduation from college you’re still on the radar for information. That became more apparent when you hear quick footsteps behind you and you black out.

You’ve been trained in the art of self defense, drilled to be cunning, resourceful, and intelligent all your life, but you don’t know why. Sure, all those qualities lead to success, but your parents always made it seem crucial that you learn those skills, like it’s a matter of life and death. And for your life, it is. Your parents were professors that taught at a university that you graduated from a few years ago, and handled your education themselves. As a kid, your mother taught you to never, ever, go to Ebott City. Ever. At first, this seemed quite random; Ebott City was all the way on the other side of the country, why would you ever go there in the first place?

But then, a few years after you graduated from college, both of your parents died at the same time. Heart attack and heartbreak, the coroner said, but for some reason, you know that’s not what happened. Your dad was the one who had a heart attack, now that you can believe, but your mother dying from heart break? That doesn’t sound like her at all. She was a strong, feisty woman, who took no shit, and although she loved your father, she wouldn’t have let his death destroy her like that. Something about that doesn’t add up. Even if they were strict on you, you loved your parents and you cannot let this rest, so you hop on a train and traveled to Ebott City, knowing that you’d find your answers there.

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here it is a continuation for the russian roulette comic and the knife game comic called “no more games part 1″ yeah there is a part 2 but i’ll post it after a week ….. yep……i’ll be on a vacation so don’t expect anything after a week soooo…..i hope you enjoy it :)

read the knife game http://youmnamito.tumblr.com/post/146134335031/i-made-another-comic-and-its-a-horrortale-comic

read the russian roulette http://youmnamito.tumblr.com/post/146929592306/here-is-a-sequal-to-the-knife-game

horrortale belongs to @sour-apple-studios


OMG i worked soooo hard on thise one!!! And still not satisfied  with the final version, the timing is not good… but hey, next time i’ll do better ;)

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anonymous asked:

The underfell cast react to melanie martinez (look her up if you don't know who she is, she's a great singer)and their favorite song from her?

I did not know of her, but I looked up some of her songs.  Not my cup of tea, but her voice is nice!  I assume by that ‘cast’ you mean the main group?

Red:  One of his top nicknames for an S/O is Babydoll but she.. eh, it’s just kinda a miss.  He’s more of a rock and rap kinda guy anyway.  But he does like her song Crazy. 

Edge:  This music is too gentle for his tastes overall.  Too… music box-y.  Where is the thrumming base line?!  The guitar solo!? 

Asgore:  Her music isn’t really his cup of tea, but if he had to pick one it would be her cover of Seven Nation Army.  His taste in music goes right from classical music to death metal. 

Toriel:  Dead To Me.  I’m sure I don’t have to explain why.  Break up songs are popular with her.

Alphys:  This is actually along the lines of the music she listens to, though she usually goes with rougher songs.  She prefers Carousel, it reminds her of when she was pining after Undyne.

Undyne:  Not her cup of tea either.  If she had to choose.. Tag You’re It.

Bonus!!  Mad Hatter is totally Chara’s anthem when they’re in an edgy (or rather, edgier) teen phase, and Crybaby for Asriel.


A gift for @underfart-snas (a.k.a. @sans-vanille) ‘cuz these AUs are amazing X333

Top drawing is Vivaldi and Verdanda being adorable little twits (What the frick, dude?!? I can’t get outta Babyhell!!!) and last pic is French Vanilla Sans and German Chocolate Frisk. Like, finally, these two sickos smooched. Vanille, you sick dweeb. That took long XPPPP

Hope you like it, senpai! You’re awesome!!~


P.S. If you got a prob with this ship, that’s fine. Blackmail the “sans x frisk” tag. Besides, I won’t post much Frans anyway (Babyhell, doh… Expect a few more sketches about them :3). And I don’t think Frans is going make an appearance in any of my comics. But if you want to unfollow me because of one post, be my guest. You’ll miss out the fun.

Just let me ship what I like and mind your own business. If you have any opinions against some ships, please keep it to yourself. I’ll respect your opinions. You respect mine. No hate on you guys :333

Let’s all just have fun here, okay? ^u^