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I don’t know where to begin with this, so I’ll just jump right into it. Below the cut is a screenshot of a fic posted today in the Voltron tag. 

[Image description: Screenshot from the mobile ao3 page, taken on my phone. It includes the title of the fic, the author, the added tags, and the author’s summary of the fic.]

(Trigger warnings: Pedophilia, sh@ladin content, unhealthy relationships, sexual content (described in the fic’s tags), underage sex, statutory rape of a toddler)

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L: She wore those apple bottom Jeansss boots with da fur~

K: With the fur!

L: The whole club was looking at

K: Voltron!

L: AyY! 

L: She hit the floorr

K: Next thing you knoww

L: Shawty got 

L/K: Low low low low~!!!

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I noticed that a lot of people call Sebastian/Ciel pedophilia. And people fo it to MANY ships that have one that is under the age of 18. People need to do their god damned reserch. This is an image i took that is hightlighted with age of consent from different years.
It shows that Ciel is of age to consent if he sees fit.
I read somewhere black butler was ment to be a yaoi romance between ciel and Sebastian.
Because of the era the manga is set in Ciel is of age and can consent to Sebastians advances.

It wasnt until the 20th century that you had to be 16 or over for sexual relations and 18 for intercourse with someone older.

Back over 100 years ago children as young as 10 were married as the primary goal of a human was to have children and once a girl got her first period she was not a child but now a woman.

Yes in our day and age it is wrong to prey on children. Yes i dont like people who sexualise and abuse children.

But for FICTIONAL characters in the appropriate ERA. It is perfectly fine. As it is FICTIONAL and is doing no harm but shipping characters people love together.

Some fans dont like sexualised ships. Relationships is not about sex. It is about love.

And once againm these are FICTIONAL characters. People made with pen, paper and words on a page. Not real life humans.

So dont call a sebaciel fan ‘sick’ or 'a pedophile’ and this goes for other ships from other anime like any attack on titan ship with Levi in it. ((Seriously people hating rivamika or ereri because one is younger then 18. Grow up.))

A relationSHIP is not based on sex, or the age of consent in MODERN day earth. But in a FICTIONAL reality.

If this is seen a lot i know i will get a huge about of hate. But some love from those who get hated for their ships.

Thank you AND GOOD DAY!


There has been a lot of arguing about shipping in many fandoms recently, about charactes’s ages. People accuse others for pedophilia/supporting pedophilia if they ship “minors”.

So let’s make some thing clear using Yuri on Ice!!! as an example. Since “YOU CAN’T SHIP OTAYURI BC YURI IS A CHILD!!!” is a thing rn, I’d like to tell y'all that in the series litetally only one character is living with US laws and he’s 19 yo.
It’s so frustrating to see fanfics tagged “underage drinking” when the characters are 18-years old Europeans (in many European countries it’s legal to drink alcohol in age 16, sometimes 18).

So here’s a little something about age of consent in Russia and Kazakhstan. (In Japan the age is even lower and more complicated with all the social rules…) Yes, Yuri was 15 in the beginning of the anime, thus a minor. But 15 years olds ARE ABLE TO FEEL ROMANTIC FEELINGS. They can feel sexual desire too. They can date someone older, like 18yo, WITHOUT HAVING SEX. Heck, people can be in a relationship without having sex at all. This law exists to protect minors,not because 15yo are less feeling creatures.

Atm Yuri and Otabek are at ages that are acceptable, they can date each other and have sex if they want.

The same thing with Voltron. 5 teenagers are fighting scary af aliens in space war, based on 80’s children’s show and the thing fandom is worried about is if THE MINORS ARE HAVING SEX!? There aren’t even confirmed ages other than that the paladins are all teenagers. And Allura and Coran are like thousands of years old?
They’re also living in fictional space.

Please don’t attack other fans over fictional characters. Especially if it’s something about laws (in other countries as well in your own, in this case please do research).

tumblr 2014 aesthetic:

-kinphobia is real ! 
-“tell me if there are any doubles of me im komaeda and i wanna tell fake komaedas to kill themselves!”
-tagging every single image with anybody with eyes in it as scopophobia 
- “Levi kicked Eren in the face to PROTECT HIM!”
- “please tag underage ships uwu keep survivors safe!”
- that weird piss fetish that somehow spanned the entire yowapeda fandom
- dmmd is gay representation



for #eddsworld : ASK YOURSELF, WOULD EDD BE PROUD OF HIS TAG BEING BOMBARDED WITH PORN? answer is no. THERE ARE CHILDREN. STOP. There is a tag called Sinsworld for nsfw

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Will you please do Matt and Dan for the ship post please! I adore your writing and posts. I refresh your page like every half hour to see if you posted anything new <3 <3 <3

you giant sweetheart what the heck of COURSE I can do danmatt for you <3


who is more likely to hurt the other?

i rlly… can’t imagine a scenario in which they’d hurt each other being as healthy as they are when we meet them in tfc but for argument’s sake it might be matt?? their relationship comes from a place of slow gorgeous trust and mutual respect but matt had to unlearn some bad habits that might have done some damage early in their relationship (the various consequences of drugs and being a physically intimidating dude when dan has every right to be wary of physically intimidating dudes and also wanting to be with and protect dan when she’s so capable herself) 

who is emotionally stronger?

Dan tbh she took care of her gd self for so long, and her level of composure and confidence is the last few pages of a longer novel that we only get snippets of. She spent years supporting herself, and supporting ungrateful ass cathy, dancing for money and taking no shit, like the world flipped her off and she broke its fingers

matt is strong but he is tender and he still expects better from the world

who is physically stronger?

okay like I GUESS it’s matt but it’s a close ass thing 

you know that scene from that disney short where this massive dude beats everyone in arm wrestling w/o breaking a sweat, and then his gf kisses him and he gets so distracted that she slams his beefy arm down and wins? yeah that’s danmatt

who is more likely to break a bone? 

im gonna say dan bc I feel like she would play so hard that someone would break her nose or smth and she would sniff the blood back up into her face and keep playing. Like she’s such an unrelenting captain…. she would

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

mmmm i think dan could do some damage if she were trying hard enough. She’ll ream someone out if they’ve done something wrong (again,, captain) bc she doesn’t spare feelings when she thinks they could learn something instead. but man it rlly gets to matt. he kind of has a history of not feeling quite good enough 

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

if dan knows she was harsh she’ll make things right, like she has the most sharply accurate moral compass ever designed. Usually though – it’s matt, because he wants to make sure dan knows that she doesn’t have to hold everything together on her own. she deserves better and matt tries every day to be better

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

dan is not a nursemaid she kicks ass & doesn’t take care of it but if u don’t think she gasps and grabs matt’s face and turns it towards the light and dabs too hard at his bruises ur wrong!!! (i don’t know if matt could take care of dan’s injuries bc he would be shaking too hard)

who is in constant need of comfort? 

along the same vein as emotional strength, matt has some delicate memories that try to get in the way of his life while dan keeps hers a little more tightly bound? that being said like. they both help each other to work through their pasts and calm each other down w soothing hair stroking at 3 am tbqh they’re just so healthy. what the hell

who gets more jealous? 

matt lmaoooo like sure dan will put a hand in matt’s back pocket if things get dicey at the club but matt knows how fuckin hot his gf is, and like he trusts her to the end of the earth but men are gross, and he knows this, and if they try shit he will grit his teeth so hard his jaw cracks (he ain’t intervening tho, he knows dan could rip off a dick if need be)

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

it’s not realistic

who will propose? 

technically I also wrote this in the bg of my andreil proposal fic here –

but i could see it going either way? imagine how honoured to death matt would be if dan proposed…….. like imagine the tears……….. the pda

let’s just say if matt takes too long u can bet on dan stepping in and buying her damn self a ring

who has the most difficult parents?

ok first of all I want u to know I reread dan’s backstory for this and I cried.. hard

i don’t actually remember what the deal is with dan’s parents after all that but I do know her aunt cathy can choke and that dan “asked her to be her mother” and that shit absolutely did not work out

from the shape of dan’s life pre-foxes it looks like her parents were absent (dead? i don’t?? remember?) and Matt’s parents are difficult, but his mom tries hard and he loves her sm

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

son it’s mutual, every time. they’re affectionate bastards for real, once they’re in they’re in deep (i can’t describe how many tackle hugs take place….. it’s in the thousands)

who comes up for the other all the time? 

they’re THAT couple who you can’t even separate in your head like they’re dan&matt. full stop. they’re all about that nonstop togetherness and talking about each other so…….. 

who hogs the blankets? 

again matt piles up the blankets and tries to make his gf as comfy as possible and dan is secretly so in love w the feeling of being surrounded and supported so she lets him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

who gets more sad? 

fucking……….. it’s always both

dan is so fucking grateful for what she has, for the father and team and love that she found all on her own. but she still remembers the dozens of skipped meals and the sound of her aunt getting fucked half a trailer away and the sting of having to grow up faster than she could physically grow, and the sick sweep of eyes all over her, and the underestimation on top of underestimation

matt’s never going to be completely over the way years of his life are a blur from the drugs, and his father didn’t really care what the fuck he got into, like 

the sad never goes away

who is better at cheering the other up? 

they’re both so good at this honestly read any scene where neil is struggling in the books and danmatt will be there and they won’t leave until neil is like. tucked in.

matt’s better at really vicious honest protectiveness, too earnest to even try to ignore, and dan’s really good at fierce kindness & revenge promises & taking ppl’s minds off of things

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

dan will take any opportunity to slap sense into someone, next

who is more streetwise?

oh absolutely dan

matt is super aware! of the world! and he’s no stranger to seedy parties and back alley brawls tbH but dan had a job at a strip club at the age of like 16 paying bills and taking care of business she SAW shit

and she’s out here killing it and still managing to be well liked and honing her talent! an icon on the streets & on the court

who is more wise?

this is a tough one?? idk man they’re both smart they both have experience and they’re efficient as fuck

if u remember when neil was struggling w his course load and they immediately swooped in like ‘u…. idiot…….. u ever heard of scheduling’ and fixed it for him?? school is their bitch

who’s the shyest? 

???? neither????? they adopt friends at first sight bro

who boasts about the other more? 

they’re both constantly flushed with fuckin pride about each other but matt’s the sort of guy who says ‘that’s my girl’ unironically. she’s captain straight out of high school! she’s the best dancer he’s ever seen! the kindest person! the toughest! the stars are always in his eyes I s2g

who sits on who’s lap? 

i mean canonically dan is in matt’s but I bet you matt would sit with his legs flung over dan’s lap and his head tucked into her neck 

Admit It

Anon Prompt: “Hi, can you do one where Juggie gets really jealous of best friend Y/N because she always goes out but she is just doing it on purpose? Because she likes him? Then they admit their feelings.”

Word Count: 2.2k

Tags: Underage drinking, borderline underage alcoholism, underage sex, smut, porn with plot, swearing. I know you said smut or fluff but there’s going to be smut and angst

A/N: I just wanted to say that I’m really thankful for the kind messages from everyone and for the followers who have been so patient with me. I’m sorry it’s been so long. I’ve also never written heterosexual smut before, so sorry if it sucks!! Smut is in the read more, so don’t read if you’re uncomfortable with smut and non asexual jughead 

Originally posted by bettytail

The people around me cheer as I furiously chug the beer, I’m in a race against Reggie Mantle.
Loser must buy the winner a life time supply of Pop’s whenever they want.

Half of the party seems to be cheering me on, whilst the other cheers for Reggie’s victory; from the corner of my eye, I look over at Reggie who at the wrong time, sucks in air and ends up choking, he spits beer everywhere.
I finish mine and crush the can triumphantly; I smile at Reggie who is wiping beer of his face.

“Good game, Mantle.” I laugh, holding my hand out.

“I can’t believe I lost to a girl.” He huffs, shaking my hand.

“Didn’t you get the memo, Reggie? Chauvinism is dead.” Jughead says, wrapping his arm around me.

“Hey Juggie!” I giggle, the alcohol is going to my head, so is the loud thrum of the music.

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You're a minor. Wouldn't that be kind of inappropriate for anyone to try and be your cg?

I’ve been trying to answer this question for a while, but every time I type something, it just doesn’t sound right. So, I guess I’ll just answer to the best of my ability.

I am a minor, yes… So, I’m responsible enough to date people who are my age (give or take a year). It’s sad that I have to be the mature one on Tumblr sometimes when it comes to reminding legal adults to stay away from me if they are after something that isn’t innocent, platonic friendship (even then it’s kinda sketchy, I’m just a kid?? You’re an adult?? Wyddd)

Keeping in mind that I only date people my age, you must also understand that my little space//age regression is the furthest thing from being k/inky, for me at least. It is not something I plan to make sexual in the future, as it something I use to cope. And while that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m sex repulsed/ace, it just means that I keep the two things separate.

I have removed myself from using k/ink terms such as d/d/l/g and have shifted to using underage friendly/sfw terms such as cglre and liltot.

So, no. It would not be inappropriate for a 16 year old girl to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend (of the same age), that takes on the role of a carer. I really don’t see the problem. Hit me back of you have any more concerns x

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Isn't it very telling how most otayuri shippers are straight adult women in their 20-somethings and how most anti-otayuri people are LGBT and around the same ages as the characters concerned?

I don’t have any like, statistics to back this but this is definitely the impression I get. It makes me so worried for the LGBT minors who are into that part of the fandom though, because they’re internalizing so many damaging ideas about what’s ok in sex and relationships that these adults are presenting to them as totally normal. Like earlier today tumblr recommended me an nsfw blog run by a minor that heavily featured yurio in sexual situations, generally very unrealistic ones that played up the power dynamic of his being “young and innocent” vs his partner or the viewer of the drawing. It’s massively messed up and the fact that there are adults telling these kids that this stuff is totally ok and won’t affect them in the slightest is just dangerously, willfully ignorant.


tfw you have to be the mom friend™ to your drunk alternative version because said alternative version is gay for another alternative version of you, but that alternative version only cares about taking down the council of your grandpa’s alternative versions.

very connected to THIS THING

i feel like ppl dont capitalize enough on the tension that terumob could have when they actually ARE a couple. this being their tendency to avoid negative emotions and feelings at all costs and to always have a tendency to just say “its fine this is fine everythings fine” even when things arent fine. 

What Are Friends For?

Anon prompt: The reader kisses Archie at a party expecting him to be very cool and chilled about it since he does a lot of kissing but he falls for her and tries to hide his feelings and then Betty and Veronica intervene to get them together somehow but it doesn’t go as planned?

A/N: Oooooooooooooooooooh, Archie out here kissing everyone !!

Word Count: 1.3k

Tags: underage drinking, partying, kissing


It was a well-known fact that Cheryl blossom threw the best parties Riverdale High had the pleasure of seeing.
Everyone left drunk and they were talked about for weeks until someone tried, and failed, to throw a better one.

Cheryl answers the door, looking Betty, Veronica, and myself up and down.

“Alcohol is in the kitchen, don’t touch anything that’s valuable.” She doesn’t smile as she pushes the door open wider for us to enter.

We enter and head towards the kitchen, we pass Kevin and Joaquin; Kevin is introducing Joaquin to the Pussycats.
Archie and Jughead are in the kitchen, opening new cans of beer and drinking from them.

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  • imagine second year kagehina that are in a secret relationship (secret… maybe only from their parents, you’d imagine kagehina not to be the best at keeping it a secret).
  • kageyama is invited to a cousin’s wedding and he can bring a plus one so he brings hinata because why not. his mom thinks they’re ~best friends~ anyway.
  • it’s a huge event and they’re are a lot of people. and while kageyama is chatting with a relative, one of the waiters offers hinata a glass of champagne. and because hinata is a dork and he doesn’t realise it’s an alcoholic beverage, he drinks it all. needless to say, he can’t hold his liquor at all and he gets quite tipsy.
  • tipsy hinata means extra touchy-feely, lovey-dovey dorky dork. he just feel the need to tell everyone how much he LOVES kageyama, he just LOVES him ok? so much! he boyfriend is the best! he is cool and smart and so good at volleyball and he loooooooves him so much!
  • kageyama is “@god: pls send help”, because hinata is saying yelling left and right how much he loves kageyama, and kageyama needs to do damage control before the smol sunshine child completely blows their secret.
  • hinata can barely stay still at the table, his hands keep slipping under, feeling kageyama up. save kageyama oh dear god, because it’s not like he is the best in keeping his cool. his face is as red as a tomato at this point. 
  • “babe, you need to chill.” “BUT I AM CHILL!!! AND I LOVE YOU!!! I’M SO HAPPY YOU’RE MY BO–” “shut up, hinata, anybody can hear!” “BUT I LOVE YOU.” “i know… *whispering* i love you too.”
  • “KAGEYAMA, LET’S KISS.” “we’re in a public space.” “SO?!”
  • kageyama “i can’t resist my boyfriend’s puppy eyes” tobio that spends 20 mins looking for an isolated place and kisses him anyway.
  • I Did Not Sign Up For This: The Rom-Com. 

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Do you recommend any fics like Ninety One Whiskey? I believe you had a post about it and now I can't stop reading it! I'm waiting for the new update so in the meantime, do you know any fics written as beautifully as this one or maybe ones about forbidden love? Thanks!

Ninety One Whiskey is a beautifully written story with great imagery, so check out this ask about cinematic fics.  Please remember, there is a certain degree of YMMV when looking for “fics like”! 

Ahhhhh….Forbidden love fics :)  These fall in a few categories. First, you can find quite a few in the historical tag - many are already on the cinematic rec list, too. 

I. Historical setting (these are particular aching!):

II. Love across species or with a fantasy setting: 

III. Some underage fics keep that UST burning until the younger partner is of age or almost legal. Note - these are not underage pwp fics!

this took me forever, but here’s Nat Stark & Rhodey at MIT c. 1985.  she’s probably complaining about the grad students in her lab.

(I just threw up my hands at the timelines because tony was at mit for undergrad but apparently rhodey was there for grad school??? which is almost impossible with their supposed age gap.  i don’t know.)