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Mary knew Dean wasn't straight ever since he, five-year-old at the moment, came home and informed that he had a serious matter to talk about with her. "I love Cas," Dean said. "His eyes are pretty, mommy, and he always lets me have a bite of his sandwich, and he smiles when I call him cute, and I gave him those blue flowers that are in your garden (they are blue just like his eyes!) and he kissed my cheek and mommy, I wanna marry him." When Dean comes out to her years later, she's not surprised.

mary and dean is my weakness omg ok

"Mom, I’m—I’m dating Cas."

At the counter, Mary stills. Dean freezes too.

She suddenly whirls around, narrowing her eyes. Dean winces, waiting for the fireworks. 

"What day is it?"

He blinks. What?

"W-what?" He stutters out. 

"What day is it?" Mary asks again, calmly wiping her hands on a towel. "The fifth, right?" 

"Um…" Dean counts in his head, utterly bewildered. "Yeah?"

"Okay." Mary smiles, turning back to the counter. "Three months exactly then." 

Dean stares at her, completely confused. 

Three months from what?

He had rehearsed this conversation in his mind so many times, but of all the possible reactions he had come up with responses to, that definitely wasn’t one of them.

He sighs.


"So when are you going to have him over for dinner?"

Dean blanks again. 

"I mean, I know Cas is over here practically every other day, but now we can do it properly." She brings the apples over to the cutting board and starts slicing them into neat little chunks, smiling slightly. "Sam can interrogate him and I can ask all those embarrassing questions and—"

"Mom," Dean blurts. "Why aren’t you freaking out?"

Mary pauses, looking up. “Hmm?”

Dean wrings his hands, avoiding her eyes.

"Cas’s parents totally freaked out, so why aren’t you freaking out?”  

Mary frowns.

"They did? Hmm. Maybe I should have a talk with them—"


What, Dean?” She turns to him, planting her hands on her hips. “Do you want me to freak out?” 

Oh no. She’s putting on the Mom Voice, which means Dean is ten seconds away from crumpling. Dammit.

"No, I just—"

He fumbles for the words. Mary watches him, an eyebrow raised.

"You just…" He swallows. 

"Don’t seem surprised," he finishes lamely.

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Meanwhile, in Heaven:

John Winchester, Mary Winchester, Bobby Singer, Bill Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Joanna Beth “Jo” Harvelle, Ash “Dr. Badass”, Pamela Barnes, Gadreel, Gabriel, Samandriel “Alfie”, and Balthazar; are all in the Roadhouse, (Ash’s Heaven).

They Watch the Winchesters, facepalm repetitively, bet on what will happen next, and most importantly… They ship Destiel till the point that they puke rainbows. They even throw sparkle confetti and blast love songs every time Dean and Cas stare at each other for more than five seconds, stand within each others personal space without pointing it out, and every time they touch.

Gabe makes a big deal out of it. He is sure to over-stuff everyone with sweets, throws parties, and decorate the Roadhouse with loads of Destiel banners, photographs (that they convinced Crowley to take in secret), and fanart (most of which Gabe made himself). They also read and write Destiel Fanfiction, since Ash hacked Heaven, they now have wifi.

important OTP things to consider

- who stays up late at night no read and who sleeps with their head on their lap
- who has the more complicated Starbucks order
- who wants kids and how many
- who looks best in a tux/ gown
- who despises the other’s favorite food
- who is the dog person and who is the cat person
- who feeds the ducks at the park
- who cries over the aspca commercials
- who has the motherly instincts
- who laughs too much
- who is the worst cook
- who watches too much TV

if u see a post about potential ways to make dean’s bisexuality canon and your response is “but i’d hate this because cas isn’t involved :(((” then u can bibbity bop the fuck on out of here