As you set of on an adventure of a lifetime all that I can say is I am so so proud of you. You have worked your butt off to get where you are today & I know for a fact that you’re going to kill it in America! Make sure you don’t have too much fun over there #under21 😜 I love you to the moon & back but you already know that! be safe & know that I’ll be missing you like crazy 💕

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Underage Problems

The day I turn 21 my goal is to meet the nearest RPDR queen because lord knows they’ll be at a 21 and up club. But until then can we discuss why gay bars keep the age limit at 21 when they have guest stars? Like sure I get the whole insurance thing but I’m coming to see drag queens not get arrested for underage consumption. These girls are here today because clubs let them in young, do you understand that? And I know a certain club that didn’t quite get the turn out their guests deserved, I bet some 18-20 year olds could have helped out. Heck I pay extra at college for being under, I’ll pay more than that for a show!