“borrow the moonlight until it is through, and know i’ll be here holding you”

naruhina wicked au! the headcanon that naruto and hinata sing to/with eachother gave me an excuse to draw them in my favourite musical har har har. i adore this scene and duet so much and it kinda suits them perfectly so give it a listen here <3 

i find you in song lyrics
and rainy nights like tonight
and i see you on city streets
lit up in twinkly christmas lights

and i hear your name in the wind
feel your fingers in the breeze
your hands are tangled in my hair again
i see your smile in the crescent moon
and your eyes in green sweaters
green like the trees

you’re the shakiness of my breath
the weakness in my knees
you’re the skip of my heartbeat
the song stuck in my head
our sweat stained sheets pressed on my bed

some nights i find you everywhere
but i just stick to loving your memory
it’s better for me to stay away
than fall under the spells of your melody

you’re the words to my favorite songs
but i know how they always end
so i don’t dare sing along

you’re the fire in my chest
and smoke in my lungs
the gun in my hand
push when it came to shove

you were everything
and now you’re everywhere
but i won’t tell you
won’t speak to you
won’t show you that i still care
some thoughts, my dear
are best left unshared

—  our love was heaven but it wasn’t worth your hell – mh

UNDER YOUR SPELL: a one hour indie mix about longing for someone. 

[1. Columbia - Local Natives | 2. Siberia (Acoustic) - Lights feat. Max Kerman | 3. Angels - The xx | 4. Chemical Dizzy - The Casket Girls | 5. Black Creme - HRVRD | 6. Feel Real - Deptford Goth | 7. Under Your Spell - Desire | 8. A Real Hero - College feat. Electric Youth | 9. Babe - Evenings | 10. …And Counting - Lights | 11. On The Safest Ledge - Copeland | 12. I Can’t Find You - SolarSolar | 13. Austin, TX - Netherfriends | 14. Black Widow - Superhumanoids | 15. Sleepwalking - The Casket Girls | 17. Child I Will Hurt You - Crystal Castles]