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Perhaps this question has been asked before and if so, I apologize! I've recently got into Witchcraft but have found out that this is not a lifestyle for the poor. A majority of crystals and herbs I find are expensive on Etsy, or I get tricked and think I found a cheap one only to find the shipping is $4~ Do you know where I may find witchcraft or fairy type items for someone working on a minimum wage? :) Thanks!

I live under my country’s poverty line as well, so I understand the feeling, but unfortunately I can’t be much of a help - I am not from the States, so I am not familiar with the most affordable American crystal vendors, and for me four dollar shipping for anything is a small miracle, as I’m located in Northern Europe. I shop online a lot, but mostly on Etsy. 
I personally believe there are many ways to practise witchcraft and/or paganism without spending a lot, or any money - there are also a lot of resources dedicated to this topic, so you might get lucky with browsing “witchcraft on a budget” tag here on Tumblr, googling or trying some of these blogs:

Good luck! You might find some helpful links in the comments of this post as well.

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(1/2) "Jews are so privileged and rich" while half a million Jews in NYC alone are under the poverty line. Anyway some reasons: tzedakah which encourages giving low (or no) interest loans within the community, our culture which values education highly, there are more (like how we weren't redlined out of the housing market after WWII like other minorities). Jews have been working with money for generations, since our sources of income were extremely limited.

(2/2) And because Christians were barred from moneylending, we did it. But you know, no one likes their creditor. (Again, there are more reasons and if one day you’ll want to stop being anti Semitic asshole and educate yourself and stop misgendering people on purpose, google has a lot of information). You can sit and read The Protocols of The Elders of Zion for all we care, it’s almost Pesach and we need to hunt for Christian children’s blood to bake Matzos, so we don’t have time for this bs.

^^ this is a real good comprehensive answer like actually

Congratulations on getting a job and graduating! And congrats on deciding to try veg again!

Here’s my very unofficial guide to cheap veg living :)

Money tips:

1. One of the biggest keys I think is buying in bulk. Bulk beans, rice, and wheat berries (or barley/farro/etc) are great bases for a lot of delicious not-boring meals. (Especially ones you can make in bulk and store for later meals like wheat salad or stir fry)

2. Good, inexpensive, and healthy protein options are whole grains, eggs, beans, and tofu. I especially like garbanzo beans (chickpeas). Learning to cook good-tasting tofu takes practice, but can be done. I basically just cut it into cubes and fry it in oil until it’s golden-brown. You can also marinade it like you would meat before you do this!

3. If you can, shop from Asian and Hispanic markets. They are usually half (or less) the price of your average grocery store and have tons of delicious spices, sauces, and veggies. The Asian place I shop at has everything from Chinese and Korean food to Indian and Thai food, plus really cheap humane eggs that come from the owner’s backyard-roaming chickens.

4. Eat seasonal produce as much as you can. This is where people feel like vegetarian/vegan diets get expensive, but they don’t have to be. Avoid getting spring/summer fruits in the dead of winter, and stick with dark leafy greens, winter gourds/squashes, and tomatoes while it’s still cold.

5. When you do shop at a regular grocery store, always buy the store brand over the name brand. There’s usually no difference and it’ll save you so much. Also, if you have one, Aldi’s is a magical wonderful grocery store full of cheap produce/other necessities.

Try and make sure any pastas you buy are whole grain, as they have a good deal of your daily protein needs. We also have a smoothie aficionado in the apartment, and he uses either peanut butter or protein powder to give it that extra kick. If you like bananas, there’s not much better than a peanut butter banana smoothie with some chocolate syrup/ hot chocolate packs in it. It’s healthy and tastes like dessert. Regular nuts have good protein in them too but can get pretty expensive, so I just keep peanut butter around. Nutritional yeast is also pretty fantastic. A little goes a long way and it’s packed with protein, iron, and other nutrients. Tastes cheesy.

All in all our monthly grocery bill for 2 people looks like this:

$1-2 for bulk rice ($9 20lb bag from Walmart that lasts several months for 2 people)
$3-5 for beans
$25 for supplies from the Asian market (2 lb rice noodles, 3 packs tofu, fresh produce, sauces, Indian curry, tea, egg rolls, miso)
$10-15 for cheese
$2 wheat berries. I order these online. You can get $1/lb on Amazon or most other sites. It lasts forever.
$15 on whole wheat pasta (you can get this in bulk too, making it even cheaper)
$12-15 on eggs and almond milk
$25 on other produce/misc

Total: $93-$104

I do spend more on the eggs and milk since they’re backyard eggs and almond milk, so if you’re really strapped for cash that would bring it down probably an extra $5-$10 a month.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions about this set-up/anything else. And best of luck!

A little introduction

After bills on my income level I’m left with an average of $6 a day, that’s not just food money, that’s money for emergency expenses, clothes, cleaning supplies, fun, socializing, hobbies, AND food. Sounds minimal but I’ve lived off less! I’ve been under the poverty line my entire adult life, so I’ve gathered a bit of advice over the years. This blog is for people who aren’t vegan due to the assumption that they can’t afford it. This blog is also for vegans who want a less repetitive diet but don’t know how to budget it. This blog may or may not be helpful to poor vegans with children, I can’t say, I have no kids. I try to keep poor healthy and not boring. This blog is proof that you can get an all-inclusive vegan diet on any budget, if you can afford food you can afford eating vegan.

Vegan = privileged?


Not all vegans their breakfasts cost +$15,-.

I pay for a 0.5 kg bag of oats 35 eurocents and then 1,50 euros for chocolate soymilk.

Cheap vegan food:
1 euro for a kg bananas, 1 euro for a kg apples and 1 euro for a kg pears.
1 kg of rice 0,80 cents, 1 kg of macaroni 0,70 cents, kidney-beans 80 cents for 0.5 kg, must I go on?

I limit ‘special’ products and even under the poverty-line I could manage as a vegan.

Even now I’m just above the poverty-line, I can’t afford buying: avocados, papayas (or other very exotic fruit), expensive mock meat and vegan frozen pizzas. 

And yes, I’m getting all my vitamins and minerals.

People are really calling vegans ableist for pointing out that you can be vegan while poor. And the fact that many poor people are vegan because they’re poor, since animal products are luxury products in most countries.


Hamilton, Iowa
Population: 130

“The median income for a household in the city was $37,083, and the median income for a family was $46,250. Males had a median income of $29,375 versus $30,000 for females. The per capita income for the city was $42,935. There were 5.1% of families and 10.5% of the population living below the poverty line, including 9.1% of under eighteens and 11.1% of those over 64.”

it’s really cute how when poor people have any kind of luxury (non-bulk bought food, tickets to a band or concert they like, a decent phone, a pet, INTERNET) suddenly they aren’t really poor and they’re just trying to get pity points because how could they be poor, they have a nice thing wow?!?

it’s almost like poor people aren’t allowed to have anything nice that might make them happy or be moderately better than the bare fucking minimum because yall hate anyone under the poverty line!!! wow!!! fucking shocking i know!!!

I swear the vast majority of SSI ‘fraud’ is ‘committed’ by perfectly eligible, legitimately disabled people who are bending the rules in order to survive because you literally cannot make ends meet under the SSA’s regulations holy shit.

Oh, hello there. Let’s take a ‘reasonable’ maximum savings amount from the motherfucking 1930s and never fucking update it. Nevermind that it’s not enough to buy first/last months rent and security deposit on an apartment or even a beater car. Also, let’s pay you a monthly stipend that will just barely afford a cheap studio apartment. Oops, now you don’t have money for food! Oh! did I mention that being on SSI in my state makes me fucking ineligible for food stamps, despite the fact that I live under the motherfucking poverty line jesus fucking christ what the fuck?!

*overturns the table and screams*