Laziness should be defined by a lack of empathy. If you lack empathy enough to not be deeply concerned with the material wellbeing, safety, and health of your community, you’re a lazy sack of shit.

New rule: If you have never lived under the federal poverty line, been homeless, chronically ill, or lived malnourished (or undernourished) for extended periods, you are not qualified to have an informed opinion on poverty or poor people.

Even if these did apply to you but don’t any longer, if you still call poor people lazy you have to go back to the starting line and start over because you’re too much of a narcissist to realize you were fortunate where others weren’t.

If I got a quarter for every antis who posts in the tag telling shippers/fans to kill themselves, choke, get raped, abused, assaulted, vomit; that the shippers/fans are disgusting, ugly, homophobic, rape-apologists, abuse-apologists, fetishizers, pedophiles, racists–

God, maybe I and my mother wouldn’t be under the poverty line anymore, and we could actually donate to credible charities, organizations, homeless shelters– places that are actually trying to make a change in the world for the better good! And try to help people who are struggling in the world!

Unlike antis, who don’t post anything critical, rarely have any evidence or facts on their side, who erase and even harass and shame LGBT members, mentally ill, disabled, survivors of abuse/rape/csa, and of certain ethnicities/races because those people don’t support their toxic agenda and opinion, and spend their time being hateful and miserable on the internet.

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Perhaps this question has been asked before and if so, I apologize! I've recently got into Witchcraft but have found out that this is not a lifestyle for the poor. A majority of crystals and herbs I find are expensive on Etsy, or I get tricked and think I found a cheap one only to find the shipping is $4~ Do you know where I may find witchcraft or fairy type items for someone working on a minimum wage? :) Thanks!

I live under my country’s poverty line as well, so I understand the feeling, but unfortunately I can’t be much of a help - I am not from the States, so I am not familiar with the most affordable American crystal vendors, and for me four dollar shipping for anything is a small miracle, as I’m located in Northern Europe. I shop online a lot, but mostly on Etsy. 
I personally believe there are many ways to practise witchcraft and/or paganism without spending a lot, or any money - there are also a lot of resources dedicated to this topic, so you might get lucky with browsing “witchcraft on a budget” tag here on Tumblr, googling or trying some of these blogs:

Good luck! You might find some helpful links in the comments of this post as well.

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If you could do your top surgery differently would you? I'm having trouble saving and everytime I make good progress on saving I have to use it for bills for other medical expenses or just adult life.

If I could do it again, it would be that I didn’t go through insurance and waited to pay any bills till I applied for the financial assistance my hospital offered to make it all cost $0.

Be sure to ask if your hospital has a program like that.

The program mine had was if you were 200% under the government poverty line, your bill was waived 100% and paid for by charity.

I went to Dr.Mast in Gainesville, FL. UF Health Shands Hospital is where I had my surgery done.

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you said in a previous stream that you celebrate your birthday on Halloween does that mean that your birthday is not on Halloween

You’re actually the only person who has asked me about that and it makes me extremely happy that I get to answer it. I was actually born in February but due to the fact that I grew up extremely poor {right under the poverty line} my mama rarely had enough money for celebration due to buying gifts for Christmas so she would usually get a small gift and on Halloween when she had money due to “Haunt Season” she would throw a HUGE “birthday” celebration for my sister and I, and that is the reason why I still celebrate my birthday on Halloween.

hey team i’m announcing my new lifestyle festival ‘Emancipaytion’

Tickets are 50k for an ‘immersive lifestyle retreat in a private eastern european castle’. 

When you arrive you are locked in a dungeon with a copy of ‘Capital’ and you aren’t allowed to leave until you vow to redistribute all your family’s wealth and assets to people living under the poverty line in Michigan and Ohio. 

We fly the victims of your profit driven exploitation in from around the world for daily struggle sessions.

Also we might get jamie xx to perform (fingers crossed) !!!

I was tagged by @malecs-warofhearts, thank you! ♡

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better!!

A - Age: 18
B - Birthplace: Singapore 🇸🇬
C - Current time: 5:44 pm
D - Drink you last had: Water
E - Easiest person to talk to: My squad (too bad we only speak over whatsapp)
F - Favourite song: Charlie Brown by Coldplay
G - Grossest memory: Digging through a trash can to find bread tags. I was at a camp that simulated what it was like to live under the poverty line and we needed those bread tags to “buy” cardboard boxes to sleep on at night.
H - Horror yes or horror no: Fuck no. The furthest I’ve gone is a Tim Burton film.
I - In love?: With people that are totally out of my league.
J - Jealous of people?: I don’t like to admit it but yes. I get jealous really easily.
K - Killed someone?: Not capable of that and I don’t think I ever will be.
L - Love at first sight or should I walk by again: Love at first sight is bullshit. Sorry.
M - Middle name: Don’t have one.
N - Number of siblings: 1 older sister
O - One wish: To be satisfied at death with the life I’ve lived
P - Person you called last: My dad
Q - Question you’re always asked: Probably “hello?”
R - Reason to smile: Music
S - Song you sang last: Hard Times - Paramore
T - Time you woke up: 7:30am
U - Underwear color: black
V - Vacation: I really wanna go to Glastonbury or to see the Northern Lights.
W - Worst habit: There’s too many to pick. Maybe laziness.
X - X-rays: Wot
Y - Your favourite food: I love Japanese food but my go-to when I have no appetite is san low hor fun (fried noodles in white gravy with fish slices)
Z - Zodiac sign: Taurus

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Oh thank fucking goodness I finally got some phone business done after trying to contact the person for 3 days.

Also since it relates to it I may as well elaborate: I finally got the financial means to out and get new glasses frames. As I went to get my prescription from my files I found out I’m long overdue an appointment to have my eyes checked again. In Canadaland a lot of medical stuff is covered directly by our magical government but eye care is not among that. If you live under the poverty line like I do because I’m disabled and suck you can get your eyes examination mostly covered but you have to call a social worker about it. Thus I was trying to contact my social worker to help me out with that.

So yeah come the 12th of this month I will see my eye doctor so I can get a damn piece of paper so I can finally have a set of glasses that are legitimately men’s frames rather than some “unisex” bullshit. I’m out about being trans to most people irl these days so there’s no reason to use androgynous cosmetic things in hope people don’t pick up on the gender stuff.

A little introduction

After bills on my income level I’m left with an average of $6 a day, that’s not just food money, that’s money for emergency expenses, clothes, cleaning supplies, fun, socializing, hobbies, AND food. Sounds minimal but I’ve lived off less! I’ve been under the poverty line my entire adult life, so I’ve gathered a bit of advice over the years. This blog is for people who aren’t vegan due to the assumption that they can’t afford it. This blog is also for vegans who want a less repetitive diet but don’t know how to budget it. This blog may or may not be helpful to poor vegans with children, I can’t say, I have no kids. I try to keep poor healthy and not boring. This blog is proof that you can get an all-inclusive vegan diet on any budget, if you can afford food you can afford eating vegan.

I’m so fucking sick of people discrediting veganism by saying it’s classist and only rich white people can do it. Oh okay so I guess I, a person of color who lives well under the poverty line and DOES buy all of my food off of my 189 dollars a month food stamps, just doesn’t fucking exist. Fuck off the face of the earth and stop erasing us poor vegans, because I’m getting sick and fucking tired of this.

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thoughts on universal basic income?

I get a lot of questions about this topic, so I can tell that there’s a palpable interest in it. I’m not opposed to the idea, but I do have three major concerns. First, a “universal basic income” describes a number of different policies, some of which I think are much better than others. The literal definition of just providing every American with a lump sum of money every year is a bad idea, because you’re going to wind up giving massive amounts of money to people who don’t need their income supplemented at all. I’d be more in support of focusing a guaranteed basic income on those up to, say, 150% of the poverty line.

Second, the matter of cost. Any large basic income system is going to cost a lot of money. That’s why I’m most open to proposals to replace our existing welfare system with a guaranteed basic income instead of just adding one on to the existing welfare system. Existing welfare spending + additional appropriations will likely be enough to create a solid GBI (I do the math below!).

That leads into problem number three, which is that part of the reason our existing welfare system is such a scattered patchwork of programs is that a lot of them address specific purposes. Replacing them with a GBI would make the whole think a lot more efficient, easier for recipients to navigate properly (thus making it far more likely that they’ll receive their full benefits), and less prone to abuse and fraud; but it would also loose the benefit of a lot of the specific targeting that our current system has. As such, I think it would be smart to have a guaranteed basic income for adults that provides larger amounts of funding for those with the lowest income, the disabled (including the blind and deaf), the elderly, and those in low-income rural areas. Then, have a universal basic income for children (going to parents as long as they’re still in the picture), with additional weights for income, disability, and the very young. These programs would exist in tandem with Social Security (which serves the purpose of retirement security along with basic income security), meaning that the welfare system would include a guaranteed income for those 0-18, 18-death, and 65-death. 

I decided to do the math on this. Below is some loose estimates and guesstimates on what what I’m describing might look like.

First, I took the funding 35 federal programs (see a list on pages 11-16 here) and tax benefits (see here) intended to serve as support for low-income citizens; I excluded things like healthcare and education (which are best treated separately), the EITC (which I’d like to see become a wage subsidy), publicly-owned housing, and certain other targeted programs. Then, I combined it with 60% of state spending on welfare, an arbitrary number chosen to reflect states eliminating many of their welfare programs and instead contributing the money to the federal GBI. Then, supplement that number with another $100 billion in additional federal funding. Altogether, that leaves $390.181 billion dollars, or $5,052.39 a year and $421.03 a month for the average person (out of the 77.227 million people under the 150% poverty line threshold, according to the 2014 American Community Survey) receiving the benefit. Again, that average number hides the variations in actual recipient levels depending on things like income, age, disability, and area.

Next, the child benefit. Here, I took funding for 10 federal programs (taken from the report same report linked to above) and tax benefits (see here). Again, I excluded things like education, healthcare, and child care, which I would like to see addressed separately. Unfortunately, I’m unable to find an estimate of what portion of the EITC is given out as a result of a worker’s children, and thus how much revenue would be available for this child benefit if the EITC were to be reformed into a pure wage subsidy, but I guess it’s fairly large, so I just took half of EITC spending and lumped it in here. And, again, I threw in an additional $100 billion of federal funding. That gives us $239.875 billion dollars, or $3,302.38 dollars a year and $275.19 a month for the average child (out of the 72.638 million people under the age of 18, according to the 2014 American Community Survey) receiving the benefit. Again, such an average hides significant variations.

Notes: Because cost estimates used come from different years, not to mention my numerous guesses, these estimates are not exact, and should only be taken as very rough ballpark approximations. All of this is before administrative costs, which will increase the price tag a bit. If you want any of my math or data, feel free to ask.

Summary: Under the situation I propose, a number of U.S. welfare programs (SNAP, SSI, TANF, Section 8 choice vouchers, WIC, etc.) and low-income tax benefits (CTC, Dependent exemption, EITC child benefits, LIHTC, etc.) would be abolished. They would be replaced by two programs. First, a direct cash benefit to anyone 18 or older who is under 150% poverty threshold, with a monthly benefit that averages $421.03 but depends on income, age, disability, and area. Second, a direct cash child benefit for all children, with a monthly benefit that averages $275.19 but depends on income, age, and disability. This would have an annual price tag of $200 billion + administrative costs above current spending levels. Other programs, including Social Security, healthcare, education, childcare, public housing, and part of the EITC will remain unaffected.

I’m undecided on all of this. Again, there are a lot of variables here, and one could make different choices than the ones I did above to arrive at different results. But it is something to think about.

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All the parties have bad points, even Labor! The Tories winning isn't that bad, at least it's not UKIP! David Cameron has done a pretty good job tbh, I'm happy he's PM again

Well that’s good for you if your happy that people will probably literally die from disability allowance cuts and benefit cuts, like they have in the previous five years of tory government. If you’re okay for the super rich to get richer whilst the poor and vulnerable in our society are vilified and are struggling to survive. My mum was a midwife for 30 years, but right now our family is living under the poverty line. My sister is a new mum with a one year old son, looking after him single handedly whilst she also works in the public sector for the social services. Her and my nephew also live under the poverty line despite this. My sister is a working mum and her son was still born into poverty. My uncle has severe complex mental health problems and can’t work, his disability living allowance was cut last year and now he is living on around £50 a week. If you think you can live on that, go ahead and be happy with the tories. Everyone has a story like this. Everyone I know has suffered under the tory government, only the rich benefit from the tories. Sorry, it’s true.

Congratulations on getting a job and graduating! And congrats on deciding to try veg again!

Here’s my very unofficial guide to cheap veg living :)

Money tips:

1. One of the biggest keys I think is buying in bulk. Bulk beans, rice, and wheat berries (or barley/farro/etc) are great bases for a lot of delicious not-boring meals. (Especially ones you can make in bulk and store for later meals like wheat salad or stir fry)

2. Good, inexpensive, and healthy protein options are whole grains, eggs, beans, and tofu. I especially like garbanzo beans (chickpeas). Learning to cook good-tasting tofu takes practice, but can be done. I basically just cut it into cubes and fry it in oil until it’s golden-brown. You can also marinade it like you would meat before you do this!

3. If you can, shop from Asian and Hispanic markets. They are usually half (or less) the price of your average grocery store and have tons of delicious spices, sauces, and veggies. The Asian place I shop at has everything from Chinese and Korean food to Indian and Thai food, plus really cheap humane eggs that come from the owner’s backyard-roaming chickens.

4. Eat seasonal produce as much as you can. This is where people feel like vegetarian/vegan diets get expensive, but they don’t have to be. Avoid getting spring/summer fruits in the dead of winter, and stick with dark leafy greens, winter gourds/squashes, and tomatoes while it’s still cold.

5. When you do shop at a regular grocery store, always buy the store brand over the name brand. There’s usually no difference and it’ll save you so much. Also, if you have one, Aldi’s is a magical wonderful grocery store full of cheap produce/other necessities.

Try and make sure any pastas you buy are whole grain, as they have a good deal of your daily protein needs. We also have a smoothie aficionado in the apartment, and he uses either peanut butter or protein powder to give it that extra kick. If you like bananas, there’s not much better than a peanut butter banana smoothie with some chocolate syrup/ hot chocolate packs in it. It’s healthy and tastes like dessert. Regular nuts have good protein in them too but can get pretty expensive, so I just keep peanut butter around. Nutritional yeast is also pretty fantastic. A little goes a long way and it’s packed with protein, iron, and other nutrients. Tastes cheesy.

All in all our monthly grocery bill for 2 people looks like this:

$1-2 for bulk rice ($9 20lb bag from Walmart that lasts several months for 2 people)
$3-5 for beans
$25 for supplies from the Asian market (2 lb rice noodles, 3 packs tofu, fresh produce, sauces, Indian curry, tea, egg rolls, miso)
$10-15 for cheese
$2 wheat berries. I order these online. You can get $1/lb on Amazon or most other sites. It lasts forever.
$15 on whole wheat pasta (you can get this in bulk too, making it even cheaper)
$12-15 on eggs and almond milk
$25 on other produce/misc

Total: $93-$104

I do spend more on the eggs and milk since they’re backyard eggs and almond milk, so if you’re really strapped for cash that would bring it down probably an extra $5-$10 a month.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions about this set-up/anything else. And best of luck!

it’s really cute how when poor people have any kind of luxury (non-bulk bought food, tickets to a band or concert they like, a decent phone, a pet, INTERNET) suddenly they aren’t really poor and they’re just trying to get pity points because how could they be poor, they have a nice thing wow?!?

it’s almost like poor people aren’t allowed to have anything nice that might make them happy or be moderately better than the bare fucking minimum because yall hate anyone under the poverty line!!! wow!!! fucking shocking i know!!!

i’m going to try to keep this as short as possible because i’m freaking the fuck out

my name is ignis, i’m 18, agender, under the poverty line, and mentally ill

basically, the landlord just called the cops on my dad for elder abuse even though his claim is really invalid and the aftermath of that is tgat we have to move out asap because he’s threatened legal AND physical violence towards all of us before (especially at me) and it’s at a point where it’s just not safe for us to stay

HOWEVER, my family is really really emotionally abusive towards me and it’s really unhealthy for me to stay with them for any longer. i’ve been desperately trying to get a job so that i could become independent of them but i haven’t been able to hold anything down because of my terrible mental state affecting my work (you can guess whats causing that lmao)

with the way things are right now it looks like we’re going to have to pack our shit and get out asap and there’s a huge chance we’ll be moving really far away from the area i’m in right now (orange county), possibly to another state, and for a lot of reasons (health care mostly) that’s really not good for me. i want to try to stay here or get back here as soon as possible, preferably without having to rely on my family any longer because they’ve spent my entire life guilt-tripping me for being dependent on them yet refusing to let me try to become indepdent even when i was a minor

i am really uncomfortable with taking donations, though, for several reasons, so if you do donate then i will code any simple personal theme for you (you can see examples on my theme blog @gukthemes) free of charge. it’s the only thing i can offer right now. if you want to donate please contact me off anon, i’m extremely uncomfortable with sharing my paypal publicly. if you can’t donate please reblog this so that it can get exposure. this might be my last chance to get away from my family for the next several months at least and if i have to start over my therapy i don’t know if i’ll last that long honestly, so it’s really important that i get away from them as soon as possible

thank you and i’m so sorry for asking in the first place, and i hope you have a good day

late capitalism
  • no ethical consumption
  • unsustainable
  • extremely imbalanced allocation of resources
  • minimum wage under the poverty line
  • ruined the end of naruto

hi so i added a donate button to my blog, if you have any extra money, i’d really appreciate it if you could donate to me, i have to pay for my transition and pay for bus fare to get to where i need to be because of an un supportive mother, and i would appreciate it so much if you could donate!!! i live under the poverty line, i can’t afford this on my own. (autoplay warning on my blog)