• Natsu:you ever just look at your girl and wonder how she's even still with you
  • Gray:yup. Juvia has been with me through thick and thin. Made me a better person
  • Gajeel:levy saved my life
  • Jellal:I don't even need to explain why I love her
  • Natsu:it's amazing how one person can change your outlook on life
  • Gray:Natsu why are you going Gajeel 2.0 on us
  • Gajeel:YEAH only I can be the deep and sentimental one
  • Natsu:that's what happens when you're in love
  • Girls:*behind the door*
  • Lucy:whipped
  • Erza:in check
  • Levy:wrapped
  • Juvia:under control

The Strokes - UNDER CONTROL Live @ Madison Square Garden NYC

aka the prettiest thing you’ll ever see