Mallow Castle, County Cork, Ireland

Mallow Castle is a 33-acre site composed of gardens and parkland on which three buildings sit: the remains of a 16th-century fortified house (pictured above), a 19th-century mansion to the north, and the ruins of a 13th-century castle to the east. The fortified house is a long rectangular three-storey building, with two polygonal towers on the north-west and south-west corners. It is early Jacobean in style, featuring high gables, stepped battlements, and mullioned windows. The wings of the house project from the center of the south and north walls, with the entrance in the north wing. The design of the house was to provide a field of fire around it entirely.

The 16th-century  fortified house is believed to have been built by Sir Thomas Norreys before his death in 1599. Following his death, his niece Elizabeth and her husband Sir John Jephson inherited the house, with their family remaining in Mallow for almost 400 years. It was placed under siege by Richard Butler, Lord Mountgarret, in 1642 during the Irish Confederate Wars and did not fall. It was captured in 1645 by James Tuchet, Lord Castlehaven. The house was badly damaged by fire during the Williamite War and subsequently abandoned by the Jephsons. The Jephsons built the new mansion house on the site of the older castle’s stable block.


Black Butler: Book of Circus is coming out on Blu-ray/DVD this Tuesday and we’re stoked!

It has been a while since Season 1 aired and Book of Circus follows the manga, so we wanted to share our favorite characters and moments from Season 1. What are some of your favorite moments?

Get the new season here: http://funi.to/1qKAKQa

Bonus: Everyone’s favorite scene under the cut ;)

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Ringdoll is going to attend Wonder Festival in Chiba(Japan)on Feb.19th,2017.Ringdoll Sebastian and Ciel from Black Butler(under modification)duly authorized by ANIPLEX,and Kylin from Daomu Biji authorized by China Reading will be displayed there,as well as Ringdoll new quantity-limited the Red King and other classical dolls. The Black Butler series is only for China area. This time just for exhibition.
Wonder Festival:
2017年2月19日(日曜日) 10:00~17:00
幕張メッセ 国際展示場 1~8ホール
〒261-8550 千葉県千葉市美浜区中瀬2-1

On Feb.18th(the day before),the second Ringdoll Fan Meeting will be held in Tokyo and its limited edition Sol Sleepy head will be available on the spot(the link to website:http://ringdoll.com/goods.php?id=671).For more details about the fan meeting and how to participate:http://ringdoll.com/article.php?id=348

pls contact:sales@ringdoll.com

Gotham Preference - How You Spend Christmas Together

Author’s Note: I know it’s like November but I really love Christmas and tend to get into the holiday spirit way too early haha! Also, these are all Christmas (as said in the title) since that’s what I celebrate and have first hand knowledge of celebrating, but I do have some one shots and preferences planned for other holidays (some of them not for Gotham). 

Another note, none of the gifs are mine! If these or any other gifs used in posts that this message are in are yours, please tell me and I will source them!

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My second gemsona prompt from @gemsonaresources !!! I actually really like this whole prompt thing, its a good time.

My prompt was for a Medusa Quartz “creates ice, has a square jaw line, serves as a butler for an aristocratic gem, and has a habit of snorting or sniffing.”

[For those who cant see the info text:

Pronouns: She/They.

Weapon: Rapier.

Talent: Can create ice.

Personality: distant, observant, calculating, easily amused.

Background: Served as a butler under a high level White Court aristocrat, acquainted with Creedite. Eventually is sent away to the Andromeda Galaxy with her.

Extra: Dance style is similar to the traditional waltz. Adept at shapeshifting. About as tall as the average Amethyst. Dislikes Yellow Court gems.]

On Reflection

Varric has something to say. For an anon who requested “loud so everyone can hear” on the “how you say I love you” meme.

“I love you,” Varric said. His reflection grimaced back at him.

“I’m in love with you,” he tried again. His reflection looked embarrassed for him, a light flush riding his cheekbones.

“Ridiculous,” Varric mumbled.

Leaning forward, Varric crooked up his mouth, and took stock of himself in the mirror. He smoothed his fingers over the newest grey streak at his temple. The laugh lines at the corners of his eyes that seemed a bit deeper. His fingers traced the sharp line of his nose, break and all. Then the line of his jaw, the five o’clock shadow there hours early. Grey glinted there, too.

“Getting old, Tethras,” he said to the mirror, which didn’t argue.

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ooc.  ‘eyo!!  i’m shizu here with an old muse,  rachel phantomhive  from kuroshitsuji  (  black butler  ),  previously under the url @viduxm​.  please like or reblog  (  reblog preferred  )  if you’re interested c;
         -  she’s the epitome of elegance  
&  grace.
         -  but also a huge child w/ a heart of mischief.
         -  she believes that aDVENTURE IS OUT THERE.
         -  probably will drag u places b/c of it. 

         -  she’s the type of person who hides what she really thinks.
         -  so though she feels broken outside,  she would hide it for
             those around her :_)


Season 6: Thomas and Jimmy are together. The Crawleys don’t need an under-butler anymore and Carson is pleased to remind Thomas of it everyday, but so what? him and Jimmy have been making inquires for a while now. In the meantime, they enjoy playing with the children and every single moment the family is away. The Carsons just married and Carson wants to retire. Thomas is offered the butler position. Too bad, it’s too late: “So now you and His Lordship remembered I’m skilled enough to take your place, Mr. Carson? Well, I’m sorry, but I have better plans for my life.” And so they leave the abbey, and service.

Snake at work
  • Sebastian: Snake, do the thing.
  • Snake: *does the thing*
  • Sebastian: You- you just did the thing!
  • Snake: Yes, we did, says Oscar.
  • Sebastian: You did the thing without breaking anything or tripping or embarrassing me.
  • Snake: It wasn't that hard?
  • Sebastian: Amazing! Employee of the year! You are a role model for the staff!
  • Snake: Uh...
  • Sebastian: That's it. You're promoted! Under butler!