“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 


Leo is usually the one to make Takumi flustered, but sometimes Takumi catches him off guard (▰˘v˘▰) 

Just wanted to draw Leo being the big tomato he really is. Also RIP TAKUMI.

(Base on one of Takumi’s english My Castle lines. Reposted from my FE twitter!)

agenderraskel  asked:

What do you think of JARVIS? Can he get inside your arm? Has he ever done so? Are you ever concerned about him taking over the world?

i like jarvis. hes everything nickel science fiction novels promised back when i was a kid.

 jarvis–and anyone else for that matter–cant get inside my arm because my arm has no ability to transmit or receive data, except for an internal data port under the armor plates which has to be accessed with a unique cable. so if you can get at it and you have the necessary equipment you can mess with my arm, but it’s impossible to hack while im out doing stuff. 

not that tony or i told anyone that for the first few months. i managed to knock steves glass out of his hands four times, throw things at clint six times, and smack sam upside the head twice before they realized that my arm was not being remotely controlled by ‘the evil Dr Dextrous.’ 

im not concerned about jarvis taking over the world because probably hed be a lot better at keeping things running smoothly that current management. jarvis has managed to keep tony stark mostly alive without actually having hands for like. several decades now. which probably qualifies him for sainthood, or at least a really nice retirement package. i figure after all that chaos managing a few billion non-geniuses without access to flying tanks is basically a cakewalk. 

but since jarvis has more sense than–well. basically any avenger–he knows that taking over the world would be way more stress than its worth.
jarvis is smart like that.

#ok i wanna talk about bellamy blake in this scene #look at his little smile #and his shock #the time it took to process and accept that someone #THANKED HIM #bellamy blake cannot believe that someone thanked him #cause he never once in his life got that #he thought it was his responsibility #to take care of his sister #of his people #and he gave #and he gave #and he gave #till there was nothing left #and never expected anything #and here comes clarke #who always sees him #and she thanks him #and do you see his face #he is trying to accept this thanks #cause he thinks he doesn’t deserve it #BUT MAYBE FOR A MOMENT THERE #for just a tiny moment #bellamy blake thought he deserved it #cause for once he managed to keep someone alive #this smol, fierce, as broken as he is girl #that always manages to get under his armor

Vladimir Nabokov, teaching his students how to read Kafka, pointed out to them that the insect into which Gregor Samsa is transformed is in fact a winged beetle, an insect that carries its wings under its armored back, and that if Gregor had only discovered them, he would have been able to escape. And then Nabokov added: ‘Many a Dick and a Jane grow up like Gregor, unaware that they too have wings and can fly.
—  Vladimir Nabokov on Kafka’s Metamorphosis

I love how in the first Avengers, Steve basically asks Tony what would he be without ‘suit’. Tony’s response is, of course, “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.”

Essentially, under the armor, he had more armor. Things to hide behind long before he was ever trapped in a cave with a box of scraps. He hid behind his intellect, his money, his intimacy issues, and his need to be useful to hide that broken little boy from the big bad world. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a dragon age inquisition romanced companions reacting to holding their child with the inquisitor for the first time? This account is probably my favorite on tumblr 😂

Mod Katalyna has returned from being AWOL to bring you her aesthetic: Parents of the Inquisition!(I wasn’t AWOL on purpose, I’m sorry! Life happened.)

Josephine: She’s an utter wreck, her hair a mess, her clothes in disarray, tears streaming down her face, her entire carefully contrived appearance ruined. Yet she’s completely still, only the tears that continuously fall down her face moving as she stares with almost childlike wonder down at her own child. This baby the most precious treasure she’s ever handled, worth more than her entire family’s fortune, and she knows that she’d give up everything she has to make sure this child, her child, is safe and happy. She looks up at her lover to hope that they share her awe at this little being that is now theirs.

Solas: He’s stunned for long moments, no racing thoughts or brilliant plans or anything at all going through his mind. There is nothing but the tiny bundle in his arms, half his, half his lover’s, all its own entity. Finally, a thought crystalizes: if anything in this world is real, it’s this child, my child. Eyes that reflect his own stare up at him, as if the little babe is thinking the same thing. And he knows in that instant that this child is worth risking everything for, even his duty.

Cullen: He holds his baby as if one wrong move could make it shatter, and his lover laughs as they rearrange his hands into a more natural position. But they don’t understand; this child is everything. With his first glimpse, Cullen was lost. This family is his and no one will ever threaten it. And he needs so badly to be a good father to his child, their child. He would give this baby the moons if that was what it took.

Sera: She holds the baby like an old pro but blinks down at the bundle in her arms as if she has no idea what it is. For long moments, she and the baby simply stare at each other, trying to figure each other out. Suddenly, Sera grins, then laughs. “I am gonna teach you the very best pranks, yeah?” she informs the child. Nefarious plots involving Cullen’s training dummy are already hatching. Yet even as she plans mischief, she holds the child, now hers, closer to her chest, protectively. Nobody ever messes with what’s hers.

Dorian: “Well, I, uh… How lovely,” he finally manages to say after holding the child awkwardly for a few long moments. He’s not really sure about this. It’s… it’s a baby. It’s messy and loud and awkward and helpless. Yet then the child giggles and reached stubby little arms out to him, and he’s lost. He knows he has lots of long, messy, loud, awkward, helpless nights ahead of him. But at least his amatus will be there so neither of them will ever get too overwhelmed. They’ll figure it out together.

Blackwall: He’s already got two dozen toys made by the time he holds his child for the first time. He’s prepared to battle the whole world for his baby. He’s done everything he can to be ready, but he’s still completely overwhelmed when he feels the little bundle of life in his arms for the first time. He cries happy tears when the baby pulls on his beard and pulls the other half of his family close by his side, needing to share this moment. Nothing could have ever prepared him for this.

Cassandra: She’s crying and laughing and her warrior persona has completely dissolved into the soft romantic her lover always knew was under her armor. She’s trying to sing through her tears and mostly failing, but she’s gently rocking her child and already promising it all the love she can give. She has her doubts about her abilities as a mother, but she’s going to give it everything she’s got, and her lover will be right there with her through it all. It’s all a little too perfect to believe, but she doesn’t care. It’s hers.

Iron Bull: Whoa, okay, weird. This is weird. He’d never actually thought he’d be raising a kid. If he did have any kids, he’d never have spent any time with them or even really knew about them if he hadn’t become Tal-Vashoth. And he really can’t regret that decision now, with a little bundle way too small for his big arms nestled against his chest. It’s weird but it’s also weirdly right. And he likes the idea of teaching his kid to slay dragons even as he protects them from the world- and the world from them. This could be good, and he knows his kadan will be there for every moment, and that makes it perfect.

Bonus! Because I know we have Krem fans:

Krem: Well, he’d decided to take it all in stride, but the second he laid eyes on his baby he knew that wasn’t an option anymore. Then he held the little squirming bundle and he realized he simultaneously knew exactly what to do and knew nothing at all. He was going to protect this little kid with everything in him, and he was going to hope his lover could help with the rest, because, shit, what do you even do with a kid? He held his child and rocked them gently and he knew he’d figure it all out somehow. Together with his lover, they’d figure it out.


A Reference Guide to Identify The Various Breeds of Gun People


-1911 People - 

>See .45 or Die! People<

“Because they don’t make a .46" 

"Back to back world war champs.”

“I’d never carry some cheap plastic gun.”

More likely to be older possibly obese.

Oddly enough, most likely to misuse the term “cocked and locked”

“Feel that trigger pull MMMMMMMM" 

"If you can’t do the job with 7 rounds you don’t need a gun.”

1911s can jam but THEIRS has NEVER ONCE failed in any way.

Most likely to use the term “Tack driver" 

"I fired a glock once, it literally jammed every shot then fell apart in my hands then raped my daughter.”

-Glock People -

Mac people of the gun world

“They just work.”

“Its not plastic its POLYMER!" 

Has a lot of passionate opinions about the arguably minor changes from one generation to another

"They never break." 

"Muh capacity" 

"Workhorse of the gun world”

“The arc is NOT ridiculously exaggerated just re-train yourself to automatically correct down it’s not that hard!”

“Its beautiful because it works”

“Well it fits MY hand just fine”

“Its not blocky!" 

"This is your safety!” >wiggles finger in your face like an asshole. 

- Kimber People -

Vegans of the gun world, will strut into any firearms conversation and proudly announce they own a Kimber Pro Raptor II and then wait silently expecting lowly peasants to applaud. 

Steers every conversation toward their Kimber

Fails to understand why not everyone can drop 1400 dollars on a handgun

Will get confused and personally offended if you don’t like Kimber

Self convinced that the outrageous price they paid is proof their gun is better. 

Most likely to be caught in a circle jerk with other Kimber owners.

- LC9/380/P  Owners -

Bought the first gun that the forum they found on google told them to. 

Wants to protect themselves but thinks guns are kind of scary, so they picked the most non-exciting gun with no sharp corners and like 12 safeties.

“Its all I need”

“My brother-in-law has one and he really liked his.." 

"Its for me and my wife to share”

“Why would I need a holster? Can’t I just put it in my purse?”

“Is the thing supposed to stay back like that?" 

"How do I get the clip out?" 

"I’d like to purchase this gun please… and a box of those really mean killing bullets for killing people in case I need to kill someone.”

- Hi Point Owners -

Most likely to have neck tattoos. 

“Ey yo, where like yo cheapest guns at?" 

"So how exactly does this ”background check" work?“

"EY BABEY come fill out this form for me!" 

"This bullshit I can’t believe I got denied!”

- Desert Eagle People -

Most likely to reference Call of Duty

“Can I see the Desert Eagle?”
>Are you 21?

“Most stopping power of any gun!”

Did not realize Desert Eagles were this massive in real life.

Can not wait to tell the rest of his middle school friends about the real Desert Eagle he saw.

- Revolver People -

Expresses bizarre distrust for semi-automatic handguns despite overwhelming evidence otherwise. 

Most likely elderly

Most likely to pull his own loaded .38 from his pocket for comparison then become offended when you ask to unload it first. 

Thinks NAA minis are a reasonable carry gun, does not understand why anyone would disagree. 

Assures you he can nail a tin can from 500 yards away with his Single Six despite his obviously severe palsy shake.

Will go into detail about what he paid for every gun 60 years ago. 

- M9 / 92FS People -

“Its the gun the military uses!" 

Most likely to be incorrectly wearing mismatched army surplus clothing.

"What if you get jumped by 15 people?" 

Will tell you its the gun he carried in the service but strangely fail to recall what unit he was with. 

Most likely to be open carrying KaBar on his tan MCMAP belt. 

- FNH People - 

Most likely wearing oakleys and a slightly too tight under armor shirt.

Uses the word "Tactical” at every opportunity.

Everything must be Coyote Tan

Is conviced that Chris Costa video he saw most of makes makes him an operator. 

Most likely to spend most of his range time taking cool action shots for facebook. 

Has strong opinions about 5.11 pants. 

Minimum of one Paracord Bracelet 

Will regularly scan right to left, just like that video told him.

Will run imaginary pistol drills with every gun you let him see, to demonstrate to you that he must really  know what he’s doing.

- Sig Sauer People -

>See Kimber People<

“The de-cocker is NOT a useless feature!”

Muh Quality Control 

Muh Resale Value

Thinks the high price is completely reasonable. 

“I really only needed one mag anyway.”

Will justify a P220 but thinks 1911s are too heavy.

“Yes I really NEED the Scorpion finish. 

INB4 Butthurt fanboys

The Rock Has Become the Next Athlete to Disown Under Armour CEO's Pro-Trump Comments
Kevin Plank's words were "divisive and lacking in perspective," Dwayne Johnson wrote.
By Joseph Hincks

The last paragraph of this article is: 

Last year, various outlets reported that “The Rock” was considering making a bid for president in 2020. Some suggested he could win.


Common Clothes

Some Context: Our players had gone to the store for the first time. We’re not 100% how armor works in d&d since were all new to this and have a fresh Dm, and they really didn’t expect it to come into play what would happen to our players common clothes after they got armor, specifically when our half orc fighter tried to sell them.

Half-Orc (OOC): Can I sell my common clothes?

DM: Uh… well like, you wont have any clothes on under your leather armor. I dont think that would….be very comfortable. Also im not sure the armor will cover all of you.

Half-Orc (OOC): Oh yeah, I gue-

DM: Aren’t you scared of swamp ass? I’m dead serious I’ll make you roll for swamp ass if you sell them.

I don’t know who thought picking a fight with these two was a good idea, but seeing as Papyrus was involved, they’re probably locked in a shed right now thinking about what they’ve done

he’s just angry because they broke his battle body

I started drawing this hoping to answer questions like “what does Undyne look like with her hair down” and “how adorably scrawny is Paps really under that armor, being nothing but bones and all”, but I think I created more questions than I answered

how much magic does a monster have to use before they need to be patched up manually instead of healing themselves with magic

why does a skeleton get bruises and why are they orange

how do bruises even work re: magic beings who have no blood

how does Undyne pull off being beautiful and perfect always

where is the fine line between taking artistic liberties with a fictional race that just so happen to look like human skeletons, and just giving biology the finger, and additionally, will local biologists let me live to see another day in case it has been crossed

we just don’t know

buttonfanatic  asked:

The repercussions of lance running out of his meds in space? Both the physical (withdrawals) and mental effects (Can be for whatever you headcanon him with or want to write but the two that come to mind is depression or adhd)

Prompt:The repercussions of lance running out of his meds in space? Both the physical (withdrawals) and mental effects (Can be for whatever you headcanon him with or want to write but the two that come to mind is depression or adhd)

A/N: Alright, real excited for this one. One thing I’d like to establish beforehand. This is before the season two Langst and really, more like the build up to the insecurities we see Lance display. He feels pretty unimportant, and useless after this  but is still able to keep it under control. As time goes on though, (and he’s still not getting medical care) things are definitely going to snowball into what we’ve seen.
Threw in some training whump too. Also since Hunk is the unproblematic fav, he’s really gonna help Lance out.
Finally, I bet the pacing of this is going to be all frigged up, so I’m sorry in advance :(

Lance was lucky that he’d even held out for so long.

It a week after him and the other paladins had left earth before he’d completely run out of pills, and it was two days after that when his downward spiral began.

At first, there’d only been a loneliness. Small reminders that he couldn’t go home. Lance felt saddened by this, but pushed through. Then
came the irritability, not only with small inconveniences like stubbing his toe but also the regular actions of his teammates. Suddenly, Keith and his temper was just too much. Pidge’s genius brain became an annoying reminder of all that Lance wasn’t and Hunk’s careful but close nature became smothering.

Lance would do anything to just get some alone time.

The next day however, was no relief. In the early hours of the morning, Coran’s voice echoed through the hallways loudly, waking everyone, even the mice. The Altean effectively reminded the humans of the ship that training would take place on the deck and not in the official training room. Which everyone had already known!

Quiznack, Lance did not want to get up. There was a persistent pulsing between Lance’s blue eyes, one that he’d fallen asleep with, but now it seemed to be more of a pressure that extended to the sides of Lance’s head from his temple and ears to his jaw.

Would anyone even care if he skipped?

No, they’d be more irritated than anything else then they’d come looking for him, and realize!what was going on. That was a conversation Lance was insistent on not having.

Reluctantly, Lance pushed himself from his wall bed thing. He was quick to don his under armor and skipped his daily skincare routine. He’d be probably be late if he put it on, so instead he moved straight to the deck of the ship.

When Lance had gotten there, he was greeted by the rest of his friends and frighteningly bright surroundings. Keith was also there. He was the first to talk to Lance, setting up their daily banter.

“What? Did you drag your feet or something? Come on, we’ve got to train.” Lance just scowled. He was in no mood to interact with people.

His lack of response definitely set the tone for the room making Allura begin her instruction.

“Alright Paladins,” she said. “I’ve realized that each of you are fairly unaccustomed to planets that have gravities different than earth’s. Today, to give you some experience with alternative conditions, you’ll each be running an obstacle course while Coran periodically readjusts the gravity of the ship.” Allura seemed to wait a moment for a comment but when there was none she continued.

“Shiro, you will go first.”

Shiro nodded dutifully, and moved to the starting line, pushing off and beginning the course when the stopwatch started. He was quick and there’d probably be 4 minutes or so before the next paladin had to begin.

Lance’s brow creased, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get through this course without spilling his goo all over the floor. Or in the air. They were playing with gravity after all.

“Is it the withdrawal?”

Lance jumped. Hunk had come out of nowhere! The teen swiveled to face his friend and almost sized him up before simply saying,

“We aren’t going to talk about that here.”

Hunk frowned. Lance wasn’t usually that hostile with him, or anyone for that matter.

“But it is that, right?”

Lance rolled his pulsating eyes and nodded.

“Do you think you’ll be okay?”

Lance nodded again. He was starting to feel like a friggin’ bobble head.

“Okay man, just let me know if you need to tap out of practice. I’m sure the rest of them will understand.” Hunk said.

Then, without warning came the loud whirring noise the fired up the gravity controls. The effects were not so intense that the paladins were floating, but now, when Shiro would jump from one platform to the other, he lingered in air for a few moments longer.

Lance frowned, this didn’t feel great on his somewhat sensitive stomach but he could push through when his time came.

But, not a moment after Shiro landed from a large jump did the gravity shift again, this time so heavy that everyone, Altean’s included, found themselves fighting the sudden pull toward the floor.

The sudden switch from low to high gravity was no good for Lance and the receding pain ghosting in his shoulders and neck had instantaneously quadrupled. The boy grunted in alarm then pulled away when Hunk tried patting him on the back.

“Don’t touch me!” he hissed.

“Sorry! Sorry man, don’t worry. I won’t again.”

In his head, Hunk checked off irritability on Lance’s list of symptoms along with hypersensitivity. That wasn’t all though, Hunk could tell.

“Is there anything else?” Hunk asked softly.

Lance shook his head and made Hunk frown. Lance was lying but Hunk couldn’t force him to tell him anything, or even get him to tell the others about his medications. It was Lance’s business and Hunk was privileged to even know about it in the first place. He wouldn’t push his luck, especially now while Lance was going through withdrawal.

“Lance, it’s your turn.” time must have passed quicker than the blue paladin thought. He stood, and took a shaky step forward with his wobbly knees.

The timer began before he’d even gotten to the line and from the corner of his eye, Lance saw Allura tapping her foot impatiently. What the hell was her problem?

“What are you doing Lance?” she called.

Lance huffed and ignored her, moving into a jog to a pair of walls. God he wasn’t some parkour expert, how was he supposed to use the walls to get across the gap?

With jerky and rushed movements Lance pushed from wall to wall as quickly as he could, cursing the universe all the while. It wasn’t a long obstacle in the slightest but it dragged out for Lance. When the paladin pushed off the final wall and landed in an unbalanced roll.

Lance rushed up and started to take off again, out of breath.

Now there were high monkey bars to swing to- Lance took a running jump and his hands clasped around the first metal bar then using his momentum to breeze through the first three bars. On the fourth however, the whirring noise rung through the room and Lance felt his hand begin to slip from the bar he was holding onto- his body was being pulled to the floor by the increased gravity, his neck and shoulders pulling against the strain.

Lance fell. His body slammed to the ground with an undignified yelp and suddenly, he couldn’t breath. Lance shuddered and wheezed and gasped for air on the hard tiled(?) floor.

Footsteps wildly raced towards him and Hunk was in his line of vision.

“Lance! Are you okay?” He roughly swiveled to the other paladins.

“I’m taking him to the infirmary!”  Hunk practically shouted.

“Uh.” Keith began flatly. “Don’t you think you’re overreacting?”

Hunk shook his head vehemently. “Lance could have a concussion!”

Lance sat up, “No I do not, Hunk. I can finish the course.”

“Look at him!” Hunk cried. “He’s clearly delirious!”

Shiro gave way while Allura gave a questioning look.

“Are humans really that fragile?” She said while Hunk dragged Lance behind him from the room.

“Not usually.”

When Lance got to the medical bay with Hunk, he was about ready to blow. He had a massive headache, his muscles hurt and cramped no matter what he did and then Hunk was making everything worse by making Lance seem so incompetent. Like he couldn’t even finish a training session.

‘But You couldn’t.’ A voice in the back of Lance’s mind admitted.

“Come on, Allura showed me where a few things are. You can take something for the headache and go to sleep.”

‘You’re in bad shape, Lance.’

Silently, Lance did follow Hunk. He wasn’t all to happy but, maybe the meds could help a little.

A/N: You know what, I’ve been working on this the past few days and I just don’t think that I can write the whole thing in one shot, so there’s this and if you guys want I can write one or two more bits as a continuation of this. Personally I think that that would work better but if you don’t like this then we can just leave it here

If She Never Knew Me (Part 1 of 2)

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: April 21st, 2017 
Warnings: Fluff, non-detailed smut (will place * when it starts and ends)
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
AN: This is going to be a two-parter. 

Bucky’s bit his lower lip as he watched the baseball field ahead of him. His eyes scanned the dugout for that little boy. 

“Now, coming up to bat is Jared (Y/L/N).”

The announcer’s voice spoke over the speaker. Bucky felt his heart swell as he watched (Y/N) on the other side of the field standing to her feet to cheer for her son. He gave a closed mouth smile before letting his eyes flick back to the 10-year-old boy. Jared took a deep breath before turning his ballcap backward, letting his bat rest on his shoulder as he looked over to his mother and giving her thumbs up. Bucky’s fingers played with one another as he watched the boy walk up to the base and take his stance. 

“Come on, buddy, you got this,” Bucky spoke as he felt his heart pound in his chest, just like it always did when he watched Jared’s games. He never missed one, just as he promised the young boy. 

The pitcher rolled the baseball in his hand a few times as he shook his head to the catcher once–twice–before nodding. A lump grew in Bucky’s throat as he watched closely, his eyes flicked over and just like always, (Y/N) was sitting on the edge of her seat. Even from this far, Bucky knew exactly what she was saying. It was the same words she would whisper when her hand would squeeze his. 

“Jared, number #17 on the field, but #1 in my heart. Always a winner in my eyes, relax son, win or lose–you are always my favorite baseball player.” 

Now, her hand is gripping the leg part of her jeans. Bucky forced his eyes away when he saw the pitcher was just about to throw the ball. His eyes followed the ball as his metal hand fisted, “Swing–NOW!” He whispered to himself. Sure enough, the young boy whipped his bat around. The loud hit of the ball meeting the metal bat rang loud, Bucky threw his hands in the air, “That-a-boy!!!” He cheered as (Y/N) screamed and stood to her feet. 

“That’s my boy!!! RUN JARED!!! RUUUNNN!!” 

The little boy took off in full sprint his foot hitting the first base before continuing around to second, “Okay–stop!” Bucky whispered and once again, Jared listened. A proud smile came across his bristled face, “Good job.” He said softly before leaning back against the tree. As he watched the game, Bucky could not help but watch her. The way she cheered and often became vocal toward the refs. A sad smile came across his face at the memories that flooded his mind. With each memory, it made his heart crack more and more…

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