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I was at a friend’s birthday in a nightclub which had been booked out and I got completely wasted. In under 5 minutes of meeting some guy, I was in the club bathroom sucking him off and having a quickie. We got told to get out of the bathroom stall by a staff member after a few minutes & it wasn’t until we got out I had found out it was one of my best friends ex-boyfriends from high school who I had heard a lot about but never actually met. Worse yet, the guy had filmed me giving him a blowy without me realising and had already shown half the guys at the party and she found out before I could find her amongst all the people. Whoops lol 


why not to eat animals: “i like them to stay standing up.”

fries > pretty much anything else 👅💦 am I right or am I right guys? 🙈🌿 I would honestly say this is my go to dinner almost every single night. SO BOMB every single time. 😜 just slice up some potatoes (I normally use russet) and sprinkle some nutritional yeast, paprika, onion, and garlic all over those babies 🙌🏽✨ pop them in the oven on 420 degrees for 30-45 minutes, and then bam. dinner with literally under 5 minutes of prep time. 😻😻 don’t fear carbs, you guys. they are your best friends. seriously. especially natural ones like this. your cells need that constant flow of glucose from carbohydrates so that you’ll have the energy to live your happiest + most fulfilled life, ok? ❤️ this photo is a little preview from my ebook I’m currently working on 🔮 it’s going to be FULL of other yummy + nourishing plant based meal ideas and tips for vegan beginners, and so so much more. I cannot wait for you to see it. 🌞🍃 (at Somewhere in Eagle Rock)

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in case some one wants to ever jump into the assassins creed bandwagon, here is a quick but really well made story retelling of all the past games before 3


the present

an annual clock that tells time in seasons



Photographer Richard Renaldi finds a brilliant way to prove it. 



(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjRC_o42_Vw)

Les Misérables in Under 5 Minutes