under threatening skies

Hartwin Fic: Something Just Like This

They’re walking the streets of Greenwich when it occurs to Eggsy that he is perfectly happy. 

It’s not a thunderbolt of discovery. Nothing like that. More like a quiet revelation, a simple realisation. Halfway back to the bus stop, under skies that threaten rain any moment, and Eggsy can say with absolute honesty that he’s never been so happy before. 

It’s impossible to hide his smile then, and he doesn’t even try. Why should he? He walks along, smiling widely, and when Harry gives him a mildly curious look, he just shrugs. He can’t put it into words, not without sounding like a complete idiot. 

Harry smiles back, a bit tentative, not in on the joke, not quite sure if he should. In his current mood Eggsy finds that caution endearing, and he has a sudden – but mercifully brief – urge to laugh out loud. 

They haven’t even done anything special today. The trip to Greenwich wasn’t planned, but Merlin needed someone to keep an eye on a couple locations that have been earmarked for suspicious activity. A few trackers and some cameras later, the work part of their day was done, and since then he and Harry have just been walking. 

Lunch was a few hours ago. Nothing special, just some sandwiches in a shop, their table in the window so they could watch the street corner Kingsman wants observed. They wandered along with a few tour groups, but Harry flatly refused to pay the entrance fee at the Royal Observatory, so they had turned in a different direction then. 

But longitude knows no restrictions, and so some distance away, Eggsy had found himself standing with one foot each in two different time zones. He had thrown his arms out wide and yelled, “Help, I’m being pulled apart by time and space!”

Harry had smiled indulgently, his eyes alight with amusement behind the Kingsman glasses, holding his Rainmaker just below the curved part of the handle. And when he reached out a hand to pull Eggsy off the Prime Meridian and onto “safety,” Eggsy had held on just a little bit longer than was strictly necessary – and Harry had let him. 

The train back to London leaves in an hour. Plenty of time for them to get the bus to the station, push through the crowd of people, and take their seats. They’ll sit across from each other and Eggsy will discreetly press Harry’s foot with his own, and grin at him. They’ll stop somewhere for dinner, then go home and do the laundry they were supposed to have done yesterday. And at some point Harry will walk past him and give him an absent kiss, and Eggsy will turn toward him and that’ll be it. Chores will be forgotten in the sweet rush of hands and lips and bare skin. 

That’s really it, he thinks. The reason he’s so happy even in a grimy city under glowering skies. Because wherever he is, he has Harry. Someone he can turn to, someone he can kiss. 

That’s all he needs. 

“You seem quite pleased with yourself,” Harry observes. 

Eggsy nods. He’s still smiling like an idiot, but he doesn’t care. “I am." 

"Any reason in particular?” Harry asks. 

Eggsy looks at him, and he doesn’t think he’s ever loved Harry more than he does in this moment. 

“I’ll tell you when we get home,” he promises.  

“We Can” by Frank Moth

Digital Vintage Collage


We will be waiting under threatening skies for that one day when everything will be alright. We will hava a friendly smile when you get there.We Can.




Violet knew that sitting in the snow would probably cause people to ask a lot of questions if they bothered to pay attention. ‘Aren’t you cold? What are you doing? Why are you such a freakish loner you can’t even be a loner inside where you don’t end up with a wet ass?’ being a few examples she could think of. But she’d had to get out. All of the people around me, all of the casual contact was making her twitchy as fuck, and she’d needed to get out before she lost control and started attacking the idiots around her. 

She hadn’t actually spoken to anyone since she’d gotten back to school, avoiding her sort of friends and taking even more circuitous routes to class so she could avoid any of the people who enjoyed making her life miserable. However, even that hadn’t been enough today, so she had escaped outside, under grey skies threatening even more snow, and settled under a tree with her book. The cold was almost nice, and she had stopped feeling it after a little while. So comfortable was she in her loneliness, she didn’t realize anyone was nearby until she heard the large crack of a twig. instantly, she had her shield spell up around her, looking around.