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Sarumi DJ: Under the Maidenhair Tree

(No cover photo of this DJ so I use official art instead XD)

Sorry I couldn’t release the Asaisai one on time so I do OneRoom instead, hope you enjoy!

Title: Under the Maidenhair Tree
Artist/Circle: Haruma/OneRoom
Translation: Keik
Summary: Middle school Saruhiko and Misaki’s relaxing afternoon … How Saruhiko noticed his feelings towards Misaki <3 Very short but cute story, I mean, who doesn’t like the innocent cute angelic dorks <3 <3 <3


Access the post here: https://keikcake.wordpress.com/

Hint to unlock post:
OTP name (First letter CAPS) [6]
Height difference between Saruhiko and Misaki [2]
Name of middle school they attended [6]

Girl by the whirlpool is looking for a new fool

Steve, I think, is Native. Or Hispanic. He’s dark like me. My skin ain’t dark, but my hair, my eyes, my attitude, writing, humor, etc., all is.

Steve has a full mustache, tho, which doesn’t say Native. He’s the only one around here which does chaw. Everybody and their dog smokes, but Steve has chaw. We go out and stand under the dead tree and chaw and spit like cowboys or baseball players.

He is a baker by trade, and I can chaw and spit and listen to him forever as he goes on and on about yeast and leavening and how baking in a moist environment is a good thing, as far as chewy and/or crunchy crust goes. I, myself, am a home baker.

He hasn’t offered his particular brand of crazy and I haven’t offered mine and neither of us ask. That would be rude.

But he has chaw and a sense of humor and a brain. His sister, in fact, hooks him up with Copenhagen, and when she comes next week he’s gonna tell her to bring an extra can for me.

What a guy.

Today, as we were standing under the dead tree spitting and cursing, he asked me who my favorite poet was. I told him Dylan Thomas or Bob Dylan, and he said “Girl by the whirlpool is looking for a new fool.”

I grinned at him, my teeth brown and slimy from the chaw. He grinned back, equally as ugly.


It is not unheard
That the moon and sun battle
And bring the nights return
The thoughts inside my head are starting
Spitting venom into my brain
I watch outside my window
To find peace in the pouring rain
But as I look away there is screaming in my head
My head is exploding, all I see is red
But red an be a sign of hope
A sign that I will fight
And bring the voices to a stop
So I can escape the night
It is not unheard
That the moon and sun battle
To bring the days return
I looked my demons in the face
And listened to them talk
Then I took the words they said
And left them to waste
I walked around with the wind pushing me forwards
To never look back at the corners
Where I was wrapped in pretty paper
And stuck under a tree
Just to never be opened and never set free
It is not unheard
That the moon and sun battle
But now for me, it doesn’t matter who wins
Because I fought my demons
And now I can peacefully wait for the sun to rise
Without the voices screaming in my head
So that I can tell myself
“You don’t have to fight these battles, or see red.”

Poem by:xmusicalturtlesx

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Do you have any fics where their relationship is revealed during the battle?

Title: Under the Christmas Tree
Author: cleotheo
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,781
Summary: Despite the war in progress Molly Weasley is determined Christmas will be a good one in Grimmauld Place. However when she gathers the presents and places them under the tree one particular gift reveals a secret about two Order members.

Ad Mortem by Skyselisse - M, WIP - Her name was Hermione Granger. His was Draco Malfoy. Theirs was a bittersweet love story, full with war, constant loss, shed tears, and a forbidden passionate desire. They were each other’s perdition, as they were each other’s salvation. And they would ever be, as they had sworn to Death.

Kiss Me Goodbye By: Twilight to Midnight - M, one-shot - Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, happiness found in tragedy and tragedy born from ecstasy. A life lived beyond the realm of reality. EWE. DMHG.

- Lisa

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Seat Taken! (Kid Eon perhaps? :D)

Likewise send “Seat Taken” for My Muse’s reaction to Your Muse sitting in their lap..

The Ainu was sitting under a tree, a young oak with green leaves singing on the wind. He had his eyes closed, resting his back against the trunk of the tree. As he felt someone sitting on his lap he opened his eyes and saw the Maia.
“Hello,” he said with a warm smile, reaching up to stroke his hair. “How are you today?”