under the sun


♫♪ Michael Weatherly • Under The Sun


Q: Where did the idea for the song “Under the Sun” come from?

Michael: This song, “Under the Sun” from the soundtrack was a melody that I came up with a long time ago and some words that I re-wrote over the summer and…it had a little bit to do with..De Pablo leaving the show and.. it also had a lot to do with..my daughter Olivia and it had to do with…some existential..questions? You know..
I had a moment, where I…it took me a minute to load the information and I’m like “oh yeah I’m the guy who was born in New York in July in 1968…” [..] but..for a moment I was this empty vessel, I was just this ..‘thing’ alive on a bed for the moment..and so the video has lots of other things in it besides just the…departure of a friend from a work environment.


Michael Weatherly’s “Under The Sun” - Unplugged