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Sim Dump

-VIERA PAYNE- (pronounced as “Vee-era”)

The sim is a young adult female. EA eyes and skin were used on her in the game. 

***LN, PETS, ST, SP, Seasons, UNI, and IP are recommended.***

All the ccs added to Viera come with her as well since all the ccs were sims3packs. Thanks to creators such as Skysims, Anubis, and a few others for making their ccs.

Her traits as listed: -diva/-flirty/-genius/-irresistible/-schmoozer

Her goal in life is to be a heartbreaker. Her favorite music is songwriter, she loves to eat tri-steak, and her favorite color is red. She is a Sagatarrius. 

Oh, and did I mention that she is a witch?

Viera Payne (sims3pack)

Viera Payne (sim file)


This sim is a bit special compared to the others due to the fact that he was born in the game. He was also a grandson of Beau Merrick. He is a young adult male. EA skin and eyes were used on him. 

***LN, ST, SP, and IP are recommended.*** (Movie stuff pack for genre songs was used too.)

The hair used for this sim happens to be the only CC which was made by Kijiko.

His traits as listed: -brave/-daredevil/-evil/-proper/-genius

His goal in life is to be an emperor of evil. His favorite food to eat are hamburgers. He enjoys listening to genre of epic music. His favorite color is blue and he is a Libra.

One other special factor about him is that he is a vampire.

Maverick Goth (sims3pack)

Maverick Goth (sim file)


This sim wasn’t tweaked around as much from what all of you can see expect for his hair. The color choices of the outfits seem a bit tacky. He a human with no special powers. He is a young adult male. EA skin and eyes were used on him.

***AM, Seasons, and UNI are recommended.***

No ccs were used on this him. Honest. 

His traits as listed: -coward/-genius/-evil/-hates being outdoors/-vegetarian

No goal was chose for him. If he is downloaded, then please choose a life goal choice for him. 

He loves to eat autumn salads, Indie is his favorite music genre, and his favorite color is turquoise. He is a Leo which is the reason behind his name.

Leo The Punk (sims3pack)

Leo The Punk (sim file)

Last of all for this Sim Dump, a self sim was to be made. Thus, a self sim you all shall get. Presenting:

-JENNI HULL (self-sim)-

Hull isn’t the real last name behind this creator, but this creator refuses to give out her real name. If anything, the actual last name is hated. This sim is a young adult female. EA skin and eyes were used.

***WA (possibly), GEN, ST, SP, Seasons, and IP are recommended.***

The creators of the ccs used on this sim were from Butterflysim, Jennisim, Icia, Severinka, and a few others.

Her traits as listed: -artistic/-clumsy or photography/-neurotic/-shy/-socially awkward

Her goal in life is to be a master of art. She loves to eat banana and peanut butter sandwiches, her favorite music genre is Egyptian (The creator forgot to change it. If anything, geek rock music is preferred. Sorry..), and her favorite color is black. She is an Aquarius.

Best of all about this self-sim is that she is a witch. (If only this creator was one in real life…)

Jenni Hull *self-sim*(sims3pack)

Jenni Hull *self-sim*(sim file)

All the cc creators that made some of these sims possible are thanked. 

IMPORTANT: Custard was used for each sims3pack and there were no problems. Each of this sims will either be found in CAS or in the household section. (Most likely in CAS) Please don’t reupload these sims and claim them as your own. Thus, don’t be a prick…. Don’t tamper with sliders on these sims. Don’t change their traits or goals they dream to achieve in life. Oh, and please tag “dat-one-simblr” if this is reblogged.


E D G E   o f   t h e   W O O D S

They chain a dog
to a rusted fence
1, 2, 24 hours
1, 2, 7 days
Devoid it of touch
Bereft it of decency
Leave it under the beating sun.
And then they come back
And tell me:
You are rabid.
I must put you down.

Oh, poor dear.
A rusted fence,
A creaking leash.

Metal is malleable.
One day it will break.
And believe me.

It will break before I do.

- This is not whimper, this is a roar.

[nikka ursula (n.t.)]

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I may question everything else under the sun, but I can rest simply and peacefully in my belief and faith in love. Love everlasting. Deep, sweet, passionate, emotional love. I believe in its existence, but much like snow leopards that wonder the mountains of Asia are known of but rarely seen, I feel the same sentiment with this kind of love that I desire the most. It exists, I know it does. I just don’t know if I’ll ever find it.

actuallysecretlygrantaire asked:

Can we agree that Ewan's hair falling into his eyes when he moves into Soresu is one of the most attractive things on the planet?

Ewan’s hair in any sort of arrangement is glorious. But YEAH. (I always find excuses to draw obi-wan with a few locks falling into his eyes because it be a thing I appreciate. Sonnets should be written about it. Someone should Shakespeare or idk Keats-ify Ewan’s hair). 

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day, you hair so shiny under the sun” kinda thing yknow? *shrugs*


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