under the sky so blue


“i’d never believe you if three years ago you told me we’d be here,” link said.

rhett studied the horizon. “but here we are, under a sky so blue, in malibu.”

jessie was making tacos in the kitchen, christy was just coming down the beach, the boys were off adventuring somewhere, and lilly was sitting in a blue and white beach chair, reading quietly by the ocean. rhett and link stood at the cliffs, gazing out at the waves. 

link put his hands on the wooden fence, one on top of rhett’s. “sometimes i feel like i’m drowning, and you’re there to save me, and i want to thank you with all of my heart.”

rhett leaned in with a fond smile and kissed the top of his head. “it’s a brand new start. a dream come true.” 

and that’s exactly what it was. two years ago, rhett, link, and their wives discovered something that had been true all along: that the four of them worked best as a unit, in every aspect of the relationship. it was weird, at first, to admit to feeling things they never thought they would have, but after a few nights of dinner and wine and no kids, they figured it out. and every night after that, it got a little easier, falling a little more in love. two fathers, two mothers, five children. a big, mythical family, now with no apprehension about who and where they were allowed to touch, which of their kids they could call their own. 

that brought them here, taking two weeks off work to vacation at the beach. they were four days in and all that remained of the city were the clothes they brought, and even those now smelled like saltwater and sunshine. the sand went soft under their tired feet, horizon a beautiful purple-pink fade at the ocean’s edge, air as fresh as the californian coast itself, not a smudge of smog anywhere. 

rhett put an arm ‘round link, his longtime companion and now, his husband, as he watched link’s wife christy cross down towards lilly. she was absolutely lovely in a pink bikini and sarong, blonde hair twisted into a loose braid. she swayed elegantly in the breeze as she met her daughter and put a hand on her shoulder. lilly looked up from her book, smiling, and rhett felt like a proud papa. 

link shuffled in closer to him then, pushing his face against rhett’s neck. “thank you for bringing us here,” he said, hand trailing down the dip in rhett’s back. 

rhett squeezed him, two kings against the orange sunset, ablaze in love. “it’s my pleasure, baby. a man’s gotta do right by his family, after all.”

below, the waves crashed white against the cliffside, so powerful rhett thought they might be unicorns. he held onto link tight, hand fitting just right at the cut of his waist. jessie called out from behind them that dinner was ready, and as if on cue, four wild boys came sprinting out of the hills. their laughter bubbled over the private beach then disappeared inside the cabana. as christy walked lilly back up the beach, rhett tipped link’s head to face him. he checked his eyes for any sign of fear, discomfort, or worry, yet found none, only peaceful contentment. 

he pressed in and kissed link full on the mouth, enclosing him in his long arms and dipping him back. when they broke, link was pink-faced and smiling, and they headed off to dinner hand in hand, knowing full well that there was nothing, absolutely nothing, better than this. 

and they were right.

How can you love someone so much I wonder? How is it possible that every little part of their being sings to you? That you can’t stop thinking about them all day and wonder every minute of every hour what they are doing. That you wish for their happiness more than your own. That you whisper a quick prayer for their well-being every morning and hope the world treats them kindly and wish that all their dreams come true. Hope that people are kind to them wherever they go and that they might conquer their demons and be all that they can be. That they might grow more as a person every day and that they get all the love they deserve. That is what I wish for you every day, my love. You are never far from my thoughts even though you are so far away. It brings me some comfort to know you are out there; under the same blue sky, under the same full moon, so far away yet so close to my heart. It makes no difference if you love me or not! 


Imagine Brett confessing his feelings for you

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Graduation was always a big deal in Beacon Hills and this year is no exception.

“I’m so excited!” Lydia squeals, still running off her initial excitement when she found out that you had come back to Beacon Hills. “It’s finally graduation day!

Laughing, you lean in to pull her into another hug. "Congrats again,” you say to the group as a whole as you let go of Lydia. Flashing them a thumbs up, you leave to find your seat.

“Are they excited?” Mrs. McCall asks as you sit down next to her. You had been staying at Scott’s place instead of at your house because you had wanted to surprise your parents. Sadly, you were the one surprised when you found out that your parents had gone on vacation.

“Very,” you reply, getting comfortable.

The graduation ceremony flies by quickly, and you soon find yourself finally getting a chance to reminisce with your old friends.

“Remember when you punched Brett?” Scott asks, laughter evident in his voice. “He claimed he was in a fistfight, but he was just embarrassed that it was you.”

You roll your eyes, but can’t help but laugh. “Where is Brett anyway? I haven’t seen him since he walked across the stage.”

“He’s in the corner with his lacrosse buddies,” Stiles says, a cookie half in his mouth as he tilts his chin towards Brett.

“I’m going to go say hi,” you say as you give your glass to Scott to hold. “Be right back.”

With your hands empty, you suddenly feel awkward as you approach Brett. He looks up as you stop in front of him, and recognition flashes through his eyes.

“Y/N!” he says excitedly, jumping up and hugging you. His friends take that as a cue to leave as they walk away to mingle with someone else. “How are you? It’s been years.”

“I’m good,” you say, hugging him back. He holds you for a few more moments that normal before letting you go. You didn’t mind though. Brett and you used to be very close before you moved away and lost contact with him.

“What brings you back?” Brett asks.

“Graduation, ” you say with a laugh. “I couldn’t miss all my best friends’ graduation could I?”

Brett grins. He glances around the packed gym before speaking again. “Would you like to go outside? It’s a bit loud in here.”

You nod and follow him through the double doors that were propped open by two plastic chairs. Outside, it’s bright and perfect, with the cornflower blue sky and the thin, cool breeze that counteracted the bright summer sun.

“What’s new here?” you ask as you sit across from Brett. He squints up at the sun as he answers.

“Nothing much,” he says, looking back down at you. His eyes shift, reflecting an unfamiliar emotion before his eyes flash away. “Do you remember that one time you give me a black eye?”

You nod, confused as to why he’d bring up this topic.

“Do you remember why you did?”

You nod again. “You told me I was cute,” you reply sheepishly. “I got mad because you were dating Malia then.”

“The thing is, I wasn’t dating Malia,” he says, toying with the glass in his hand. “We had broken up because she knew how much I liked you.”

This surprises you. You open your mouth to say something, but you are rendered speechless by Brett’s confession.

Brett still hasn’t met your eyes. He runs his fingers across the rim of his glass, as he says, “I still do, Y/N.”

Your cheeks flare up in a happy blush as you join him on his side of the bench. With the outside of your thigh touching his, you lean into his shoulder. Brett finally looks up as you take his hand into yours.

“You’re so stupid,” you inform him as his face stretches into a grin. “Why didn’t you tell me you liked me?”

“I didn’t know if you liked me back or not,” Brett replies.

“Stupid,” you say again. “I was absolutely in love with you. Just ask Lydia .”

“Stupid,” Brett agrees as he kisses you sweetly under the perfect blue sky. “So, so stupid.”

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// if google is right, then a neet is someone who doesn’t have a job and doesn’t attend school?

Going off of that so hopefully it’s all good. Also this is pretty short because i’m rushing requests to get them open as soon as I can!
Whoops (。-ω-)


- It’s not the job bit that bothers him, he can handle the two of you on his income alone– But you have to be more active, it’s bad for your health if you don’t get any sun in a day.

- Besides, he goes for runs a lot so he tries to persuade you to come with him on occasions so he won’t be lonely and you’ll get some fresh air. He doesn’t want you closed in that tiny apartment all the time.


- Doesn’t care at all just because he obviously has the means to be able to take care of the both of you. If you’d like to stay home so be it, he actually sort of prefers it that way.

- As long as you’re healthy and happy he doesn’t really mind you being home all the time. Elizabeth the 3rd keeps you company until he returns.

- Just make sure you see him at work sometimes! He loves your surprise visits and it’s nice to get out and about for once.


- It’s kind of hard because now there’s two people living in his tiny house, he tries to work extra hours at the clinic but he would like it if you could maybe work from home, like Seven does. Not hacking, just something. So you don’t have to go anywhere but still he can pay rent and have a little more for on the side than he does now.

- You do have Lisa at home so he’s not worried about you getting too lonely.

- It’s always nice to come back after a long day of work to you though, he knows you’ll always be there waiting for him at least!!


- Well.. She’s okay with it as long as you don’t get lazy. At least go outside sometimes and enjoy the fresh air, clear your head a little.

- She works a lot so she’s afraid you’ll become lonely at home, considers maybe even getting you a dog to keep you company.

- Her salary is pretty good so rent and such isn’t an issue. She just doesn’t want you to become sick from vitamin D deficiency.


- Honestly.. Same? He has to work though obviously but staying home and devoting your life to becoming hermits isn’t such a bad idea to him

- Actually sort of prefers that lifestyle. With the exception of late night car rides every once in awhile to get some air and have a little fun. Won’t worry about it at all because he loves it, at home being lazy with you 24/7 is the best.


- He can’t see why you’d like to stay locked in a house by yourself all the time? Then again, he was like that for awhile. But he wasn’t happy living like that.

- Loves to take you outside to look at the clouds with him, he can understand you not wanting to go in public places which he respects but please just go on a picnic with him!! Walks too. He feels so at peace when he’s under a pretty blue sky and wants you to feel that peace as well.

Syrin-Beta test

Syrin was sitting on a rock, her teal and cerulean fish tail in the cool water she was letting it sway softly in the water, Syrin was combing her long gorgeous auburn hair and singing beautifully as she gently dragged her golden comb through those lavish copper locks.  The song went like this :

“ Oh, the waves roll low

And the waves roll high

And so it goes

Under the bright blue

Endless Sky

Waves try to measure

The days that we treasure

Wave hello

And wave goodbye”

So @ninemoons42 requested some Stucky as a birthday-present! Here you go, love. Modern-day AU, no powers, bodyguard Steve and scientist Bucky first-meeting fluff. Hope your day was lovely! <3333


“I’m protecting a scientist?” Steve tried not to groan, though not for the usual reasons regarding a bodyguard assignment sent his way by Fury’s Personal Protection and Security Services. He’d tried and failed to make that acronym into anything easier; he kept coming up with only vaguely rude-sounding words. “I’m supposed to be on vacation next week.”

“Like the last time you were supposed to be on vacation, and couldn’t resist diving in to help the Falcon work security at the Veterans’ Rights rally?” Fury gave him the patented I know everything you’ve had for breakfast in the last six months stare. Steve gave it right back, and protested, “It was a good cause, and quit spying on my toast.”

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