under the skin of that self

Gentle eyes soften, melting completely so that she wouldn’t be surprised if the green began to leak out and turn her skin into forests too.

And there’s words now but she can’t answer because she’s choking on her frantic lungs and she’s scared of what blood and guts will come out if she opens her mouth. But then comes her name as a battle cry and there’s only one person who’s ever been able to say her name like that.

And despite herself, despite her anger and her self hatred and her loss, she reaches a hand out of the darkness she’d curled herself under, throwing out a lifeline, the last one she’s got. When fingers find hers, when she feels weight press down beside her, she almost recoils but then there’s the warmth she remembers and she struggles to keep still.

Things dissolve within her, bones crumbling to pieces beneath her skin. But the fingers holding hers are trembling, I bring life. And victory has always stood on the back of sacrifice.

—  ~Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #98

kevin is not one of those assholes i end up growing unironically fond of or wanting to see explored in depth, but closer to an antagonist i enjoy hating. he’s a shallow insufferable jerk but unlike some examples of this archetype he is still actually entertaining to watch bc being god damn obnoxious is the total limit of his actual threat level, literally nobody in the entire cast likes him enough for him to accomplish anything besides that, and he doesn’t seem to even want to. his ego is entirely self-sustained and he is so gleefully self-aware of his douchiness that when someone’s not groaning is frustration in his direction he freaks out.

that’s hilarious. i’m fine with kevin never changing or learning. i hope he wakes up in a cold sweat every night for three weeks straight because he was rejected from his usual position under the skin of even a single person and then fails to learn anything.

I had a nagging feeling out of the blue that this was going to come up again and I was right…

Attn Trans Girl Tumblr: can we pleeeeeeeeease be done with this damn post? I’m begging you.

Every time I see it on my dash I get so fucking dysphoric. I really want to like my hands but every day I look at them and they just look big and veiny and masculine and I think to myself that I can do all I want with makeup and hormones and clothes but people are always gonna be able to clock me by my hands. And I hate that so much. I try to practice so much self love around it but it’s sososo impossibly hard.

And like, I get it. I get the post, I really do. And as a lesbian I really want to join in! But I feel like there’s just a very obvious underlying transmisogyny to the premise that really gets under my skin. And I hate that I feel this way, I feel like I’m derailing the fun and I need to get over it and not take it so personally. But still…

let's discuss: jack zimmermann's stretch marks

bitty kissing jack’s stretch marks, thank u!!!

mmfmfm jack being rly self conscious of his thighs and marks, but trusting bitty enough that he’s okay w being naked w him !!! bitty calling jack beautiful and handsome and every other affectionate term under the sun, whispering and kissing the words against his skin, and jack just melts

(but also: trans bitty being rly self conscious of his surgery scars and jack worshiping his body, whispering sweet things against his skin in both english and french (but mostly the latter), and it makes them both tear up)


                                                  YOU       SIGH       LIKE       YOU       HAVE
                                                  A HURRICANE IN THE BACK OF YOUR THROAT .
                                                  YOU   TOSS   AND   TURN   LIKE   YOU   ARE
                                                  THE                    RESTLESS                  OCEAN .
                                                  YOU                      MOVE                          LIKE           

                                            YOU  HAVE  MOUNTAINS  RISING  UNDER  YOUR  SKIN .

independent and private
angelica  schuyler  church
of Hamilton: An American Musical. penned by Winter.   


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Looked up 'autism self diagnosis tumblr' on Google Images. First image was of Flareon with white text over it saying 'If you wouldn't self diagnose cancer, why would you self diagnose something like autism? /sarcasm/ Because autism, like cancer, can be diagnosed by looking at the person's cells under a microscope! /sarcasm/. NTs like to say that autistics are always 'less intelligent' than 'normal' people, but then they say crap like this and think everybody will go 'oh snap, v good comparison!'

it’s funny bc you’re encouraged to do things like breast and prostate self exams and check your skin for weird looking moles etc. to see if you might have cancer

UPDATED Makeup Product List

This is my updated face makeup mostly for work or going out which I usually do after my self tanning and skin care routine ☺️💕 I switch up my eye makeup pretty often but I included my most used eyeshadow palattes as well for those of you who are curious!

Loreal true match Lumi w4
Marc Jacobs remarkable foundation #26
Becca under eye brightening corrector
Maybelline fit me concealer in fair
Kat Von D tattoo concealer #16 and #22
Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit medium palatte
Laura Mercier translucent powder
Urban decay beached bronzer in Bronzed
Too faced dark chocolate soleil bronzer
Too faced peach bellini baked blush
Becca champagne pop highlighter
Mario bedescu rose water face spray
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz in taupe
Nyx brow gel
Too faced Better than sex mascara
Essence matte black liquid liner
Too faced chocolate semi sweet palatte
Tartelette matte eyeshadow palatte
Kat Von D shade and light eye palatte
Carli Bybel eyeshadow and highlight palatte
Ardel 206 lashes stacked
Spice lip liner from Mac
Kat Von D bow and arrow liquid lipstick

Day Two Hundred Eighty Eight.

Get under my skin.
Let me in.
Exposed my soul.
Took my self-control.
Brought me to my knees.
Stole my heart, lost the keys.
Tore me apart.
Are the end. Anew I start.

wake up with me sleeping ( s i l e n t ); let  it  sink  under  your  skin, sink  under  your  skin. look at me like it’s a LESSON; i know it to take it all in, take it all in like i’m romanticising every gesture. && love, i thought you knew me better, as i string together every letter – “  i’m not one to make love but i’m down to give a fuck. && i’m ( a l w a y s ) giving up, so i’ll stay frozen under your eyes, stay hidden under DISGUISE. i can’t remember what it feels like to be surprised… i  lay  awake  for  a  while  “.                                                              ——  vérité // gesture.

                                              WRITTEN BY ROXAS.

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*IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!!! Fuhuhuhu!

Hearing the deafening bang of the front door being forced open - no doubt from the heavy boot of a certain fish monster, the skeleton jumped out of his skin, or at least what was currently serving to cover his skeletal frame -  in this case, it was a blanket.

Flailing ineffectively to keep his balance, he tumbled off the couch, nearly banging his skull against the corner of the coffee table on the way down. The blanket that moments before he’d been cocooned in, fluttering down over his face.

While under any normal circumstance, the unexpected and startling entrance would have resulted in a violent flare up of magic and the possible summon of blasters in self defense, the familiar, booming voice of his sister pacified any residual fear that had spurred up in response.

Instead, he simply lay on his back with the blanket half covering him, his legs still propped up on the couch from the position he’d fallen in.

Uncomfortable though he was, he had no intention of moving.

‘undyne.. nice of ya ta’ drop in. heh, wait, no. that’s me.’

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still here would be the phrase i'd use too. somewhere between two and three months clean but my skin is so pale the marks look fresh. i feel loved, though. things seem to be getting better. however, sleeping around can be a form of self harm. i crave closeness and i know that i am looking in the wrong place. the night is more violent but i feel born anew under the moon when i am awake and the static consumes me. - i am my own blurryface



I watch the girl in front of me
With admiration
(Or is it second hand embarrassment?)
When she unties the skirt around her waist
And is left
In classic ballet dress.
Her face is red
And glowing
With an agonizing effort
Her legs are short
But packed with muscle
Though tiger stripes are straining under the pale pale pink of her tights.
She turns to the side
At the soft skin around her ribs
And as I wait for the music to start
I wonder if she’s confident
Or subjecting herself to some sort of
Strange self-confidence penance.
—  reflections on a mirror

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Hi, I’m just writing to let you know that I’m unfollowing you. Not because of anything you did! Your blog actually did a lot for me, so I wanted to say thank you.I wouldn’t say that my BFRB is as bad as some people’s, but it still caused me a lot of grief since I was about 13. Now I’m almost 21, and I’ve learned a lot about skin picking. I’ve learned it’s a thing. I’ve learned personally what some of its roots have been for me. I’ve learned a lot of self-control, and although the urge to

to pick hasn’t gone away, I feel like I have my behavior under control. It’s taken a lot of time and different strategies, but it’s working for me right now!And so, right now I think that dwelling on my urges that I’m doing pretty well to control is less helpful right now, although in the past following your blog gave me a lot of solidarity and made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I just wanted to send this to you as a thank you and as a note of encouragement to others who are struggling. Thank you! Feel free to post this or not.

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to read this. I’m glad that you have felt supported and helped by the BFRB community. I’m also sure that you will inspire and encourage others so thanks again.

I also want to let you know that you can always come back at any time and you will be received with open arms. Take care and good luck in your healing. 

On the bright side today, my skin is clear enough that I feel confident enough to pick my stepbrother up from the train station with only mascara and minimal concealer (aka, just my under eyes because perpetually tired). I didn’t even fill in my eyebrows. 

Yay for growing self-confidence and baby biceps.


Yukine “Yuki” Ohgo

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CC used:

Skin  | Teeth | Eyes  | Blush | Eyebrows

Choker | Sweater | Bracelet | Nail PolishJeans | Shoes

Other Mods:

CAS Lighting Overhaul by LumiaLoverSims

Detailed Feet by Chisimi

Default Lips by Nyloa

My first ‘official’ Sim download is now available on the gallery under user ID carpeomnios.

Only the everyday outfit is CC. Everything else is set to default.

Happy simming!

No fancy foundations today because my skin is giving me hell. I have incredibly sensitive skin now days and it can flare up for reasons I still don’t have answers for sadly. It’s been better this winter but it flared up overnight so I wore just one of my soft cup bras and a pair of high waisted underwear under today’s look. I actually had a co-worker notice my neck today (it was splotchy) and just wanted to share for other sensitive skin ladies who battle with this sort of thing. You aren’t alone. I used to be super self conscious of it but now days I don’t care as much. It’s my skin. It happens. 💗
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