under the sea journey of the little mermaid


Any fans of the Incredible Mr. Limpet? Did you know that he has a cameo in the under the sea scene of the Little Mermaid? For those wondering he is also in the ride, so far just confirmed at the Disneyland California Adventure version. If you spot him at the magic kingdom version be sure to let me know! These are the type of Easter eggs I adore! For those that don’t know who Mr. Limpet is he was the star of his own film for the Warner brother studio back in 1964! As for why he was in The little Mermaid I would assume because of Vladimir Tytla. Who was the animation director for the incredible Mr. Limpet, but also a previous Disney employee known for animating Chernbog. I guess the studio decided to give him a little tribute later, who knew it would go all the way to the ride! 


Video of a fire that started on the roof of the little mermaid attraction near the under the sea portion. Needless to say that ride shall be closed for some time now. This is the Magic kingdom version I suspect no one was hurt, hopefully the ride was damaged so they have no choice but to fix it. Edit- No one was hurt at all thankfully, but the ride apparently is a different story more on that later (This is good in the long run folks it means they have to fix it no matter what so they might as well change the show scene up!). This happened tonight at 8pm.

Good news bad news my DCA friends. The little mermaid ride is coming back and has received a make over of sorts to the under the sea room changing it to a traditional black light scene and ariel receiving yet another hair do. Now for the bad news, the ending that was supposed to be reworked with Ursula’s death scene as indeed been cut from this update and is said to be coming at a later time. Perhaps next time the ride does go down for a refurb they will fix more than just the ending? Who knows. 

Scuttle's Speech
Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid
Scuttle's Speech

Scuttle’s Speech - Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid

Bad quality, but Disney’s only released like 15 seconds of this officially. 

Continuing my Fantasyland music day! This is what we hear at Load Two. Every three minutes.


Seriously, we even have a little blue egg in the breakroom and it’s got a little label that says ‘Scuttle’s Egg’. We also have an old McDonalds Sebastian wind-up toy that twerks when you put him on his stomach but whatever