under the infuence


I’ve seen several people in tags saying that Magnus acted OOC in the scene with Izzy, and that he should’ve done something to prevent her from going on search for yin fen. But like… He did what he could? He scared off that Rufus drug dealer away, he approached Izzy as a friend, warned her about how dangerous yin fen is. Yet, in return Izzy, being under the drugs infuence, turned a full “holier-than-thou” Shadowhunter mode on him, and on top of that dropped Aldertree’s name. Obviously, that was the drug talking, rather than Izzy, but what could Magnus do in that situation? It’s his, the downworlder’s, word against the word of a shadowhunter. He had no real proof, save for his hunch. Even Alec might have not believed him. Not to mention that Aldertree tortured Raphael just a few days ago.

The way Magnus says “Apologies” – his whole body language shows subordination. No matter how old, wise and powerful Magnus may be he’s still a downworlder, and Izzy’s a shadowhunter. 

Magi 333 -Spoilers-

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Here it is Magi 333 translation

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Let’s Do It!

Night 333: A gate to the Sacred Palace

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Things about 11x06 "Our Little World" #2

Oh Cas. ;__________; Suffering through flashbacks and painful memories. If you had any doubts left about how his attack-dog-spell-situation was a mirror to Dean under the infuence of the mark, imo this montage of memories places them back to back.

Cas feels guilty for Hannah’s death, he’s afraid to go out there, because he could kill again, so instead he stays in the bunker, the place where Dean seemingly lost to the mark beat him up - still the bunker means “home” to him that was made clear last season already and even if there are bad memories surroundng it, the good ones outweigh the bad ones. And despite that traumatic memory he stays, like he would have stayed by Dean’s side even for centuries of killing and bloodshed, as he made perfectly clear in 10x22 “The Prisoner”. “He wouldn’t let Dean walk out of this room” and now he won’t walk out either, but because he is afraid of himself.

We have seen the exact same thing before with Dean midseason of S10, when he holed up in his room reading, not leaving the bunker for a long stretch of days, because he was afraid of what he could do after what happened with Charlie. Dean buried himself in books, Cas buries himself in tv (and of course hat he watches is very telling - parenting, questions about being a mother/father, questions of responsibility, all those themes have been part of the season underlyingly). That’s what Dean was referring to imo when he said he’s been there and suggests for Cas to get out.

And a little later, when it is revealed that Cas did not leave, but return to the bed and watch more tv, it starts out with a clip of a dog on a skateboard. “A dog who thinks he’s people”, which is not only a direct callback to what Rowena called Cas in the S10 finale and another nod towards the attack dog spell, it is also another dog reference made. And we all now, who the dog references are attached too heaviest: Dean. So it not only connects their arcs, but it may also very subtly allude to Dean sort of “going through the motions” much like Len…